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“Hey Jackson,” Aislyn called, nodding her head briefly in acknowledgment. “Your coach know you’re playing on the big kids’ board now?”

Alex smiled proudly and raised her voice. "Cool, isn't it. I just got permission to start up here. Coach says that if I want a real chance to make a college diving team I should start practicing on their heights." She flashed a brilliant smile and then turned her stepped to the edge of the platform. She took a moment to center herself, then pushed off. She tucked her body into the mandatory somersault and then straightened as she hit the water at a near perfect angle. Once in the water, she twisted again, pushing towards the surface. Using strong, sure strokes she swam over to where Aislyn and Paige were talking.

"That is such a rush," she said grinning widly.

The Dance Must go on!
Thea smiled up innocently at him and then snuggled into James’ embrace. She wrapped her arm around his shoulders as he pulled her towards the refreshment table.

"Alright then!" James agreed, pulling his date over to the refreshment table. "Do you know where the rest of the cheerleading squad is? I hope that they're sticking close together!"

Thea looked around and was surprised, now that James had pointed it out, that the vast majority of the cheerleading squad wasn’t in attendance. She frowned and said, “Actually there’s only a few of us here. Those girls better be able to fit into their uniforms for competition.”

“Although how you have room for any more food after appetizers, dinner, and dessert at Applebee’s is beyond me.”

“In my family, food equals love. And food is almost always the answer to any problem. So I’m used to eating larger portions,” she said as they made their way across the room.

“Nah, punch can’t be spiked. At least one person here would be dancing with their shirt off, all alone and in the corner, if the punch was spiked. Which would make for a much more…memorable evening, don’t you think?”

“Nope,” Samaya said with a laugh. “Just a normal evening at the Varsity. Well, almost any evening I’ve been there. I think this evening’s in a class by itself. Course it would give us more to talk about then fashion Monday. As it is there’s been a whole lot of people wandering in and out of the bathroom. I thought that was something we did in school, to get out of class.”


Jason just thought about it for a second. He extended his other hand to Alex. He motioned over to the dance floor. "Shall we?"

Alex laughed and took Jason’s hand. “We shall, although I have to warn you I’m not very good at this kind of thing,” she said. “Most of my time is spent lying on the floor under cars, not dancing on them, but then I'll try anything once." She hesitated then finding the beat in the music began to sway in time with it.

((Alex continued in Closing Time))

Shot in the dark
"I had something, then I lost it. Don't you hate when that happens? Like you forget something you thought of like three seconds ago? So annoying..." he thought a bit more, hoping it would come back. "Nope. Completely lost my thoughts."

Marion laughed and tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear. "I do. In my family we've taken to calling them Dory moments. You know after the fish in Finding Nemo. Unfortunately, it doesn't really make good conversation. My Mom always says it helps to go back and think about your previous conversation in the hopes that it will trigger the same memory." She paused and then started ticking off their previous conversation. "Sports, free time activities, college. Ringing any bells?"

Art for Art's Sake
“I think someone taught Jimmy that ladies like spontaneity, which I’ve found does not pay off as well as doing some homework and getting the lay of the land first. Hence, our stare down o’ awkwardness.” He nodded his head towards the other teens.

“I think you’ll need to do bright colors to replicate that pattern accurately. And flowers might give it more of an indigenous people feel. What about you? You got plans for prom?”

Samaya stopped to consider his advice and then picked up the brush dipping it into a bright blue. She applied the brush to the vase for a moment. "Not everything spontanious is romantic," she said returning to their previous conversation. "A burp for instance, totally not romantic. I'm going to prom, by myself right now. Although hey now that I think about it, we could totally go together. That'd get both of our parents off our backs. What'd you think?"

((Alex continued from Let's do the Time Warp Again ))

Alex practically bounced into the locker room. She couldn't seem to help herself, she'd been excited all day. She actually had a date to prom, which was totally awesome in her book. Made even better by the fact that after her mom had squeeled with her and promised that they'd spend all weekend working on her hair and make-up, she'd then turned her attention to Roman. Alex had made no effort to hide her amusement as her brother was lectured about not having a date for prom.

So, she'd decided to work off some extra energy and get in some practice as well. She changed quickly, and strolled into the pool area. She was surprised to see that she had company. "Hey, guys," she said waving as she walked over to the 10m platform.

Let's Do the Time Warp Again
Alex thanked Quincy for the soda when he returned and spent the better part of an hour chatting with the boys. Her phone chirped and she smiled as she pulled her phone out checking the text message. Glancing at the time, her eyes widened.

"Wow, would you look at the time. Sorry, guys, I gotta go, curfew. See you later," she said and with a smile and a wave headed back to her car.

((Alex Jackson continued in Splashdown!))

The Dance Must go on!
“Duct tape. She made her dress out of duct tape. Well, she made most of the dress but I helped with the striped part,” he explained. “But enough about my sister. You asked about man code. You have an older brother. He’s never pulled man code on you?”

Samaya was impressed at the fact that the twins had made the dress that Alex now wore. Then she thought about what he'd asked and made a face. "Not really, unless you count stay out of my business as part of the man code." She paused and thought for another moment. "He is my biggest critic. I mean about the clothes, I chose. So yeah, I guess he does initiate the man code. I guess I'm glad Dev isn't old enough yet to try and pull that yet, but I should probably warn Lien about that."

She paused and took a breath, "Hey, now that I've dragged you all over want to go check out what we have in way of snacks?"


"Ahh... S-So. What now?" He asked her, wanting to know her opinion of what to do next.

"Well, we could make another pass around and see if anyone else has arrived. But I think I'd prefer stopping by the refreshment table and sitting for a while," she suggested looping her arm around James' waist. She pulled herself closer to him and as the left the dance floor her hand slipped down to rest on his butt, squeezing it lightly as they walked.