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Pretty Handsome Awkward
((Skipping post order to avoid inactivity.))

Gracie paced restlessly as she waited for the boys to wake up. She was trying hard to keep quiet, they’d been nice enough to let her sleep and she was trying to return the favor. She moved over to see if the shirt she’d washed out earlier was dry, it wasn’t, and she was back to being bored.

Sighing she stepped out onto the porch, now that she thought about it this place was kind of boring. She went back inside to search her pack for the map she’d seen earlier. Gracie frowned as she looked over the map, nothing seemed particularly promising, but she’d decided she was ready to move on. A place with a bed and actual running water was sure to get crowded sooner rather than later. That’s the angel she’d pitch to the boys, that they didn’t want more people snooping around. Decision made she returned the map to her bag and resumed her pacing, ready to set off as soon as the boys woke up.

((Gracie Wainwright continued in Aching Chest and Blurry Sight))

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
Alex rolled her eyes and dropped down on the couch next to Isabel. “Raisins are awesome, you so don’t know what you’re missing,” she couldn’t resist teasing Annaliese back. “Speaking of fruit that sounds wonderful. Any chance of a fruit salad at our potluck? What I wouldn’t give for some kind of fruit. You don’t suppose that the grocery store has any? Even the dried kind?”

“Bedroom would be my guess as well,” she said turning her attention to Ray. “I doubt any of my shirts would fit you, but you’re welcome to try.” She looked from Annaliese to Ray and then back. “Umm, if the plan is that we’re going to go check out the grocery store why are you building a barricade?

Anthem for Doomed Youth
((ditto for me))

Thea glanced at Acacia and noticed that she had her weapon drawn. Not that she didn't appreciate the effort and the threat. It was nice to know that she was finally on the same page with somebody. However, she wasn't sure how good a shot Acacia was. And it was possible with her standing so close to Ricky she'd be hit. With a sigh, she took a step back, her hand dropping into her bag, to support Acacia's statement.

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
Alex broke into a wide smile as she saw Annaliese appear. Just when Alex was sure she didn’t have a friend left on the island, one appeared. Alex laughed as she corrected her movie reference, but before she could formulate a response she’d rushed on. Alex nodded her thanks at her sympathy for Roman.

"Chilling's fine with us. Was just about to turn on the gas grill. I can burn a mean slab of ribs." He smiled, pushed himself off the doorframe to allow a gap."You bring some potato salad, maybe a bag of chips or a 2-Liter of Faygo? This here's a potluck."

"Nice to meet you, Alex," she said somewhat uncertainly, though keeping a smile on her face. "I'm Isabel. And really, Ray's ribs are to die for..."

The sudden shift in conversation and demeanor took Alex by surprise and it took her a second to catch up. She didn’t know the other two people nearly as well as she did Annaliese. There was a small part of her brain was warning her that now was not the time to meet and trust in new people. She couldn’t seem to ignore this new camaraderie that had developed. It was so nice to be around people that were acting normal. For the time being, came the warning from the little voice again. ‘Shut up Roman,’ she silently ordered the voice. She decided that new cautious part of her brain must be her brother and was glad he was still with her.

“A potluck, well then I got here just in time. I’m sure I’ve got some macaroni salad in here at the least,” she said playing along. “Hiya, Isabel, pleased to meet you.”

Alex gratefully stepped through the gap Ray had provided and walked into the house. She took a moment to take in her surroundings. She set her pack on the floor and turned to face them. “Well, what do we do next?”

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
"Hey! You lost?" He called out to Alex.

Alex stopped whistling, which was just as well as she’d almost reached the end of the song, and turned to face the voice that had called out. It took her a moment to find the boy that was standing on the porch of one of the houses.

“I don’t know. Does it count as being lost, if you had no particular destination in mind to begin with,” she called back. She waved and changed directions heading towards the house. “It’s Ray, isn’t it? I’m Alex. Like I said I’m not really looking for any place in particular. I started out looking for my brother Roman and I found him only to lose him again.”

She paused and offered him a smile. “That sounded a little Alice in Wonderland or something didn’t it? Sorry, I’m rambling,” she said pausing to take a breath. “I’ve been on my own for a little over a day now and the one thing I’ve discovered is that I really don’t like it. Do you mind if I come in and hang out for a while?”

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
((Alex Jackson continued from Second Verse Same as the First))

"Stupid island. Stupid, stupid island," Alex muttered. Back at school she'd always had someone to talk to, to keep her company. Here it seemed like everybody had abandoned her. Maybe they were all playing some sick hide and go seek and she was permanently "it". She didn't like being alone. She hadn't had much experience with it before, and now she knew. It sucked. It gave her way to much time to think. Alex much preferred action, doing something to solve a problem. Even if the action was wrong at least she was moving forward. Being stuck in limbo was definitely not her thing.

And now she found herself walking once more. "Yet another reason why this island is stupid," she said. It seemed like all she'd done was walk or run from one end of the island to another. When she'd managed to stop she'd found Roman and lost him.

As the wooden terrain leveled out into flat plain she saw a group of houses huddled together. "Why not," she asked no one in particular.

She couldn't help but whistling the theme to Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, as she walked down the abandoned street. Maybe there'd be a bed, some place she could crash for a while.

Back now...technically was back yesterday, but forgot to post. :)

Going to be out of town from tomorrow until Sunday evening at the earliest.

Anthem for Doomed Youth
"Don't know. I just shot and run. If she's dead, no skin of my chest. If not, I'm probably not going to miss again." Charlie paused, momentarily looking down. "Oh, but, let me guess, you told me ..."

Thea rolled her eyes at Charlie’s description of things. Seriously, you point a weapon at a target you aim to hit it. Of course when her grandfather had drilled that into her head he was talking about archery targets and not people. Had Charlene always been this much of a drama queen. Why is everything about you?

Thea turned towards Ricky as he staggered into the tunnel. At first she was glad to see him, but then the rambling started. Thea stiffened as he mentioned James.

"Ricky, are you high, or have you just completely lost your mind,” Charlene asked, beating Thea to the punch.

Thea stepped over Charlie, deliberately invading Ricky’s space. “Get out of here,” she said her voice low.

Pretty Handsome Awkward
Gracie sighed and thought maybe she shouldn’t have clued the boys in. Maybe she should have continued to play dumb. Although from Teo’s explanation it seemed that he still viewed her that way. He explained to her why Mike had to die, and it was the very thing she wanted to keep him around for. More people around her meant more targets if bullets started flying. If they were going to kill someone why wasn’t it Vivian?

She turned and made her way back inside the room, rolling her eyes as she went. She scanned the cots and avoided the one that had stains on it. It looked like blood, but she wasn’t going to bend down and find out. Whatever it was she wasn’t sleeping on it.

“Don’t forget to wake us up,” she said laying down.

Anthem for Doomed Youth
"Well, hey Acacia. You wouldn't believe the day I've had." Charlene pointed her flashlight so that it was centered on Acacia's body.

Thea stiffened as she heard Charlie’s voice. She was torn now, while she was happy that her best friend was still alive. She hadn’t forgiven Charlie for not siding with her, especially after she found out Alex’s reason for not wanting Hayley harmed. That somehow because he loved Hayley in secret somehow made her more valuable than James.

"That's right. Hayley fucking Kelly. Nothing much happened, though. She threw a knife into my arm, and I shot back. So, yeah, I'm just peachy. How are you doing?"

Thea snorted at Charlene’s statement and crossed her arms over her chest. “Did you kill her,” Thea asked. It wasn’t the most tactful, but she figured it was better than I told you so.

Second Verse Same as the First
((Alex Jackson continued from Classy, Not Classic))
((GMing of Jessica approved by Ciel))

As Alex left the Greens and headed back the way she’d come. Apparently this part of the island was no better than any other part. Why she’d thought it would change she didn’t know. Pulling out the map she looked over her choices, picking a direction she started out. She decided to give indoors a try again. At least in the warehouse people had been civil to each other.

The walk took most of the afternoon and into the night. Alex made the decision as dusk fell that she would push on in hopes that the ranger station would have a bunk or something for her to sleep on. She’d had more than enough of bunking outside.

As she walked her thoughts returned to her brief encounter with Vivien. She hadn’t expected a welcome with open arms from Vivien, but the total brush off had still been a surprise. Alex figured she shouldn’t be surprised anymore, this island was changing everyone. She hadn’t wanted to play this game, but had been forced into the situation several times. She wondered what made the kids do it, and would she herself get desperate enough to kill. She’d been disappointed when she hadn’t heard Acacia’s name among the dead. What kind of person did that make her?

She pushed the thoughts aside as the ranger station finally came into view. It had taken her much longer than she’d anticipated, but reaching it filled her with a sense of accomplishment. She froze as she made out another figure heading towards the ranger station as well. Alex stood and debated her options; so far her dealings with people hadn’t gone so well. Maybe that was part of the reason she was so out of sorts. She was a people person and not having friends or acquaintances to fall back on was seriously disconcerting.

She squinted into the morning light and realized that the person entering the station was in fact a friend. Alex jogged towards the station so that she wouldn’t have to yell.

“Hey Jess, great minds think alike,” she said as she approached her friend. “Have you been inside yet?”

((Since Ciel is away and I don't feel like talking to myself to avoid inactivity Alex Jackson is continued in The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.))

Pretty Handsome Awkward
Gracie gave Teo a quizzical look, she’d missed something she was sure of it. Before she could ask Teo to explain himself, Nick reappeared. She studied Nick carefully and then noticed that Mike wasn’t with him. Her eyes widened as she figured out what probably happened. She wasn’t happy about it; Mike had been a potential ally. If he was going to get rid of someone it should have been Vivian Morin. Mike was on their side at least for the time being. She crossed her arms over her chest and frowned at them.

“You didn’t really kill him did you? I mean, he was an ally. At least that's what he seemed to be. What were you thinking, the both of you,” Gracie asked as she stepped back to allow Nick into the room.

Classy, Not Classic
Alex's eyes widened and she stepped back dropping her hand. "Umm, okay. So totally not a problem," Alex said stepping back. "Just thought it might be nice to actually talk to someone decent, but apparently you no longer fall into that category. So I'll go and leave you to your mood." Alex turned on her heel and retreated back the way that she'd come, shaking her head in amazement at what these last few days had done to her friends.

((Alex Jackson continued in Second Verse Same as the First))

Classy, Not Classic
((Alex Jackson continued from Where House?))

Alex walked and walked and walked across the island. She’d decided that she’d had enough of the northern part of the island. She moved slowly still trying to adjust to the fact that she was now alone in the world. It had always been the two of them, and now here she was wandering this island alone. It was a weird feeling and she wondered for a few minutes what it was like for her classmates who hadn’t had someone to share school with. She and Roman hadn’t been in the same class very many times, but they’d still always been learning the same things at the same time. What was it like, she wondered, to have an older sibling to compete with or a younger one that looked up to you? What was it like being the only one to get your parents attention? There had never been a time when she hadn’t had to share with Roman. Which for the most part was a good thing, especially on birthdays before their relatives had figured them out.

Alex came to a stop as the dirt trail that she’d been following suddenly turned into a green lawn. At one time it must have been perfectly manicured and Alex spared a moment to wonder who would take the time to build and maintain something like this and then leave it behind. Was there some plague or something here? Movement ahead of her snapped her out of her musings, as she saw one of her classmates fall over. She walked towards him and realized that it was Vivien Morin.

“Hey, Viv, you okay? What happened,” Alex asked offering him genuine smile and a hand up. Alex and Vivien had shared a few classes together and they’d always been on friendly terms. Alex figured it was because they both tended to operate outside of everyone’s expectations. Regardless, it was nice to see someone she considered a friend out here.

Pretty Handsome Awkward
Gracie’s next step after washing her face, was to rinse out her hair. She wondered what was taking Nick and Mike so long, but decided that she was going to use every minute of the time they gave her. Especially since Teo, didn’t seem to be objecting. She wet her hair and then dug the brush and comb out of her bag. She went to work on her hair. After several minutes she’s managed to get it to lay smooth. Gracie wasn’t thrilled with her but it beat wandering around looking like she’d stuck her finger in an outlet. A headband from her bag finished off her look.

She glanced at her bag and saw the makeup which lay to one side. She stood looking at herself in the mirror deciding whether or not she had time to reapply it or not. She turned and walked to the door. Sticking her head out she called, “Guys, how long does it take to inspect the outside of a building? Where are you?”

Anthem for Doomed Youth
"Or we could have a bit of fun tormenting him?" she suggested, raising her eyebrows and cocking her head to one side.

Thea gave Acacia a wide smile. “I like the way you think.”

"What've you got, anyway? I figure if he gets irritating we should wave scary guns and things at him until he fucks off back to whatever hole he crawled out of," she said.

“I can definitely help you out there,” Thea said turning towards the opening of the tunnel.

"Oh for fuck's sake," he muttered under his breath. "Actually, nevermind, I think I'll be leaving you girls alone," he said, more loudly, trying desperately to hide his current feelings.

Thea frowned at the sudden loss of diversion. “Well, that didn’t go at all the way I wanted it too. What a loser, he can’t even hang around long enough to distract us,” Thea let out a huge sigh and kicked the dirt at her feet, sending rocks skittering after the boy.

“Well, now what,” she asked and then answered her own question by reaching for her bag and starting to dig through it. “Guess I should eat some of these horrible carbs too. What I wouldn’t give for some proteins or some veggies.”