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Let's Do the Time Warp Again
"Wow! I can't … I mean, that's splendid." Jason caught himself before he went into another run-on soliloquy. "So, pick you up at six-thirty?"

"Sure, six-thirty sounds great," Alex said with a smile her thoughts drifting to getting home and telling her mom she'd been asked to prom. Mom would be thrilled for her, but then she'd probably again hear the lecture about her dress choice. Well, maybe she could head off that argument by throwing Roman under the bus. That sounded like a good plan to her, after all what were brothers for.

“Way to go, Jason, my man. Here’s hoping you can handle an American girl. Now, anybody want another drink?” He killed the bottle in his hands, and hoped he had enough in his billfold to make a proper night of this.

"I'll take a soda," she said turning her attention back to Qunicy. "So now that we've exhausted the prom discussion, what should we talk about next? Sports," Alex asked tipping back in her chair.

V4: Ethnicity
Thea Kairos is Greek-American

Alex Jackson is American

Marion Summers is American

Samaya Boen-Hilstrand was born in Puerto Rico, but was adopted by a Nowegian-American family.

Let's Do the Time Warp Again
Alex grinned again as Kale attempted to not pay attention to the conversation in front of him. She decided to draw out the moment taking a sip from her soda before fixing her gaze on Jason again. "Yes, Jason, I'll go to Prom with you," she said and tried to stifle the giggle at his sigh of relief.

"It's safe. No embarrasing scenes," she said to Kale. "I'm sure you'd be much more comfortable if you actually pulled up a chair and joined us."

Let's Do the Time Warp Again
Alex listened to Quincy's complement all the while watching Jason out of the corner of her eye. He looked like he was working up the nerve to do something. "So, Alex. Are you going to prom with anybody?" Jason said suddenly.

He actually asked me. Well, he kind of asked me. If she worked this right, maybe she'd get an invite out of it. Alex was thrilled, her brother had been teasing her lately that she'd be attending the prom dateless. Not that he actually had a date, he just knew it bothered her and decided to rub it in. Alex decided to overlook the secret asking from earlier, thrilled that someone had actually asked. Okay, breathe girl, don't look to eager.

She opened her mouth to answer when Jason's attention seemed to wander. A second later she heard a voice say "Nice spotting."

She looked up and saw Kale walking up to the table, she smiled and nodded her head in greeting. She knew Kale only in passing.

"No, I don't have a date for prom as of yet. Why are you asking," she said with a smile.

Shot in the dark
"I think people should do things that they're good at and know a lot about. When you make people do stuff they don't want to do you just get a half-assed job that nobody is happy with. They should find somebody who's more interested in sports to write about this kind of thing."

"I agree with you up to a point, but how do you know if your good at something unless you've tried it. My mom enrolled me in dance, which I though I'd hate, but now I really enjoy it," Marion commented as they walked down the hall. "Although ballroom dancing isn't as helpful a skill as fixing up cars. I can't even use it at the prom. So is that what you're planning on doing after high school, working in a garage? I'm going on to college to study environmental science, big surprise there right."

Art for Art's Sake
((Roman's reactions, such as they are, was approved by BetaKnight who's allowing me to GodMod Roman since she's computer-less at the moment.))

"And, whoa! Mile per minute with you, eh? I'm basically wearing whatever shows off my legs. I don't have the bust for an elegant dress, so it'll probably be a simple cocktail dress. Tan maybe." Meghan said.

Samaya made a face then quickly schooled her features. Tan, really? It's prom, go crazy, besides me and tan don't go well together. Samaya thought looking down at her own tan skin. I was thinking more along the lines of an aqua or an orange. It was then that she glanced across the table at Roman. She struggled to stiffle a giggle at Roman's expression as Meghan announced that they all go shopping together. She doubted Roman had even accompanied Alex to look for her dress and yet Meghan seemed to think he'd want to go with them. She actually didn't have a problem going with Meghan, she needed a dress and if the girl trusted her maybe she'd accept that ride. Samaya didn't buy for a minute she lived so close to school.

She was going to come up with an excuse to bail both the guys out when Jimmy blurted out his invitation. Samaya's eyes widened and a glance back at Roman showed that he was just as shocked as she was at Jimmy's announcement. She leaned forward, with the pretense of working on her vase, but watched through her eyelashes to see how Meghan would react. Would she actually chose her own good time over Amanda's? It'd be a first.

A Few Administration Issues
Thea absently bit the end of her pen as she thought about the latest question put before them. She thought back to the practice she'd just left. "How about a mural, or maybe just like a painting? Something to go on the outside of the gym, like Bayview with our mascot or something," she offered and then went back to documenting the conversation.

Let's Do the Time Warp Again
"I'm going to the school my dad works at, we're hoping for a break on tuition. I haven't picked a major yet. As for prom, I'm putting the finish touches on my dress. I've got to swing by the Home Depot and pick up some a few more rolls of duct tape. As far as I know I don't have a date for prom. Course that's subject to change if I get asked," Alex said smiling at the both of them.

"Quincy what kinds of plans are you making? You and Felicia going to dinner before hand," she asked.

Does Music Help You Learn?
When I studied I always had music on, I don't know if it impoved my grades, but it helped me focus. In fact, I still put on music or something to help me focus when doing work-related tasks. However, both my sister and my mom work better with no noise at all.

female 28+

Art for Art's Sake
"Good point," Samaya said acknowleging Roman's suggestion. She put the paintbrush down for a moment, then stood and pulled the PE shirt lower hoping to cover the majority of her skirt with her oversized shirt. Then smoothing the skirt down as she went, she sat down again, hooking her feet into the bottom rungs of the stool.

She laughed polietly at Meghan's comment not really hearing what she was talking about. Instead, she was wondering how Meghan has made it through the whole school day in a skirt that short. I wonder who her teachers are? Why can't I be in those classes?

"Meh, I'm not too excited about it. I'll go, but being Amanda's wingwoman means I'm walking home. Again. Oyy vey," Meghan said in response to Roman's earlier question. This brought Samaya back to the conversation.

"Wait, let me get this straight," she said turning towards Meghan. "You're going to go to Prom even though you really don't want to, just so Amanda can ditch you? No offense, but she doesn't sound like a very good friend to me. If you really do think that's what's going to happen my dad can probably give you a ride home. So far I'm going stag and my dad's a little overprotective. Have you picked out a dress yet? I totally have to double check the dress code for formal wear. I like to push the boundaries, but I'm really don't want my prom picture to be me in a PE shirt."

What Inspires Your Characters?
My turn!

Let's see Alex and Thea were both taken from different RPGs. Thea was from a BESM game where we were high schoolers with superpowers. I had to tweak her backstory, but the inspiration was early Cordelia Chase from Buffy.

Alex and her twin Roman (who was an NPC) came from a D20 modern game.

Marion started out as a joke this summer. Tre, Jer, and I were discussing the concepts of "Mary Sue"s both in fanfic and in characters that a friend of ours build. So she started out as a joke, but after sitting down and actually writing her, she began to grow on me.

Samaya is my only character even remotely based on anyone in RL. I had a student who suddenly left my room by that name, so her physical characteristics came from her. I started out with the intent was to "eviscerate you in fiction" (to quote one of my favorite lines from A Knight's Tale). Again once I actually sat down and started writing her I decided I was a bigger person than that, maybe not much bigger but...that's how she started anyway. The backstory came in bits and pieces. Her parents working for the radio station came from my father who listens to Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home Companion.

I'd have to say that none of my characters are actually me, although they all have a little bit of my personality in them.

A Few Administration Issues
Looking up from the notes that were quickly becoming illegiable. Succubus, really? Someone's seriously been studying for the SATs. Of course, the only reason Thea knew the answer was that she'd been studying for the SATs herself.

Thea paused and looked back on the notes she'd taken. She made a face at the fact that they were skipping subjects, which meant that she's have to go back and rewrite them. I wonder if I can talk my parents into getting me a laptop.
As she reread the notes she realized that she'd managed to avoid any prom-related responsibilities. Wow and I wasn't even trying. I guess it pays to not get along with the president. It's not like I don't already have enough on my plate. She smirked to herself satisfied. She quickly schooled her features hoping that no one else would notice what she had and then give her an assignment.

Let's Do the Time Warp Again
"I've got nothing much, really. I'm choosing between RPI and Cambridge for university. RPI gives free laptops, but Cambridge is in Britain, where the drinking age is 18. I'm thinking of doing something science-y or engineering related. As for prom, yeah, I'm going. Don't know who I'm going with or even if I'm going with anyone at all. Probably not taking a limo, though. My car is good enough for me. I'm actually installing a remote door opener in there, if you'd believe that."

Wow, for someone with not a lot going on that was a mouthful. Is that really what he’s going to base his college location on? I guess I can’t judge I’m going to a local school, not that I have a lot of choice. What was that about prom? And how did we get from that to doors that open themselves? Never in a million years would she do that to her car. I mean come on it's a classic and that would be something akin to sacrilege. She was about to respond when Quincy walked over to join them, she offered him an easy smile.

She scooted her chair a little closer to Jason to give Quincy room to sit down and as she did so thought she saw Jason mouth ‘Are you going to prom with anyone?’ Did he really just secretly ask me to prom? Secretly? What’s up with that? Is he like ashamed of asking, maybe he’s just shy about asking me in front of Quincy. Why is that, it’s not like Quincy’s going to be asking me anytime soon. Last time I checked he was still dating Felicia. Deciding to let him try again, if he was asking, she pretended that she hadn’t caught his movements, instead turning her attention to Quincy.

“Hey, Quincy, Jason and I were just talking about life at the end of high school. You know prom, college, and all that stuff. What’re you’re plans? Are you and Felicia going together,” Alex asked deciding to show Jason how it was done.