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Shot in the dark
He shrugged apologetically. "If I could help you with that at all, I'd probably be writing it myself. I'm just tryin' to get through English right now y'know? I'm not so good with words." He took her hand limply and introduced himself. "Jason, you a senior?"

He stretched a little and sat in the bleachers near her. "Practices are boring anyhow. The drills don't mean much to people that don't play. How long is it supposed to be anyhow? Hope it's not too long. There ain't much to say. It'll probably be a boring read anyhow, the only thing worse than that is long and boring..." almost as an afterthought, he added "not that you're boring or anything."

Marion stared at Jason in amazement. Did he even take a breath? For not being good at English or basketball he sure has a lot to say on that subject. she thought. Instead of voicing those opinons however she laughed and said. "Oh, I've never been called boring before. Lots of other things but never boring. Yes, I'm a senior, and if you count the newspaper technically I'm taking two English classes this year. Although, newspaper counts as an elective for me this year. Although right now it doesn't look like that was one of my better choices."

She slid her pencil through the loops of her spiral notebook and set it aside. "To be honest I think this is so sort of punishment cooked up by our advisor. He feels that my articles are too limited and wanted me to branch out. So here I am waiting for a boring practice to start."

She waited a moment as he scratched his head, thinking that he had something more to add to the conversation. When he closed his eyes and let out a small groan she continued. I'm as bad a he is, rambling on and on, she thought. "I assume that the practice is about an hour, but I don't know for sure. That's usually how long my practice sessions run. You feeling okay?"

Shot in the dark
"Naw, I just got bored and felt like shooting a few. Haven't played for the school since junior high, not really fixing to start now y'know?" She watched as he actually made his free throw attempt and smiled back at the look on this face as he tried to figure out who she was when he joined her on the bleachers.

"I figure I should stick to what I do best anyhow. That ain't basketball for sure." Jason paused for a second before pointing and asking his watcher "what's in your notebook anyhow?"

Marion shrugged at his comment. “We can’t all be stars in everything. I’m trying to come up with an introduction form my basketball article,” she explained motioning to the three words she’d managed to jot down.

“I’m Marion by the way,” she said extending her hand. “I’m supposed to be writing an article about how hard the basketball team is preparing for the upcoming finals. I don’t know basketball’s not really my thing, but then again I’m not into sports anyway, well traditional sports. Got any suggestions for an opening? I mean it’s not like I can even open with the roar of the crowd stuff, it’s just a practice.”

Shot in the dark
(Marion Summers continued from Simply Studying )

Marion stepped into the gym and found it surprisingly empty. She was supposed to be here doing some fluff piece on how hard the basketball team was preparing for their semi-final game. She hated these pieces. There were so much more important things to report on, like the fact that the cafeteria still didn’t offer vegetarian choices everyday. She glanced at the watch and discovered that she was a half hour early for practice. Sighing she walked around the gym to the bleachers watching the only other person there shot baskets. He was Jason something a football player. Although, why he was here practicing basketball, she didn’t know.

She found a spot on the bleachers and pulled out a notebook and a pencil. She opened to a clean page and began jotting down ideas that she could use as an opening for this stupid article. She had only written down a couple of ideas when Jason switched to lay-ups and she had to admit he was much better at them. She sat and watched him for a while, knowing she had plenty of time to get the article written. After he switched back to free throws she decided she was bored and called out, “Hey, are you planning on joining the basketball team?”

Simply Studying
Marion lead the way to the science wing and discovered an empty lab they could use. Setting her backpack down she began to rumage through the lab collecting the supplies they would need. She and Everett worked on it the entire period and finally succeeded in making in work right before the bell rang. She let out a curse and began gathering her things and shoving them in her backpack.

"I hope that helps and you can figure it out," she said shoving the last of her things into her backpack. "Are you okay to clean this up? I have an article I want to finish up for the school paper and today is the deadline. I hope you get your jacket back soon," she said flashing him a smile and then disappearing out the door.

(Marion Summers continued elsewhere)