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Let's Do the Time Warp Again
She shrugged and wound her way through the crowded club, moving quickly to snag a vacant table. "I've actually got a lot on my plate at the moment," she said sitting down. "I'm looking forward to graduation, I've got several applications into different colleges. I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to study, but I've got some time to figure that out. I'm concentrating on getting through my classes, what possessed me to take a full load of academic classes I have no clue. At the moment, I'm working on my prom dress. I'm hoping to win one of the duct tape scholarships, since you know Roman and I will be going at the same time. So I guess the short answer should have been that things are going quickly. How about you?"

Art for Art's Sake
Samaya retrieved her vase and the paints from the supply room, sitting down in time to hear Meghan's question. "I'm trying to get this finished before my mom's birthday," she explained.

Digging through her backpack, she came out with a book on Puerto Rican pottery. Flipping through the book, she finally found the page which had been her inspiration. Propping the book open, she turned her attention to selecting a brush and squeezing the white paint out onto the tray. She dipped the brush into the paint, carefully wiped the excess on the edge of the tray, and then started to paint. She stopped painting as the hem of her shirt caught on the edge of the table. Sighing she looked at Roman. "Do you think I'll get in trouble if I take this off now? I mean it's after school right?"

Shot in the dark
(No problem, I understand)

Marion shrugged. "I'm not all that smart. I have to keep up my grades, otherwise I'm out of dance and jiu-jitsu. I'm sure you're under the same pressure with football. What are your grades like? And to answer you're question, technically, I'm not in trouble. Our faculty advisor decided that I needed to broaden my horizons," she said making little air quotes. "He said that I was a wonderful writer, but he feels that as a reporter I should write about something besides the numorous wastes in the cafetorium. I think he's just pissed that he keeps actually having to deal with the issues I bring up."

Let's Do the Time Warp Again
"Love, I am standing up. I'd love to go and get a pint. "

Alex smiled at his use of "love". She understood it for what it was a usual form of greeting. She'd encountered the phrase before, both from her father and from TV.

"Great," she said. "Although I'll have to skip the pint, unless it's of soda. Not even a fake id can get me anywhere close to 21." With that she turned and headed towards the enterance of the Varsity.

Let's Do the Time Warp Again
Alex made a face as Jason used her full name. Why her parents had decided to name her after an ancient city, she had no idea. Of course she figured she should be grateful they didn't pick something like Corinth or Thebes. And she was, sort of. Alexandria wasn't a bad name, she just much preferred Alex.

"I'm treating myself for not waiting for the last minute," she said in answer to his question. "I'm officially ahead of schedule, so I thought I'd celebrate. And since my choices are here or the mall. I chose here, I'm not really the mall type."

She closed the distance between them, sniffing the air experimentally. After a moment she asked, "Care to join me? If you're not to tired from your run that is?"

Let's Do the Time Warp Again
(Alex Jackson continued from The Modern Classics )

Alex smoothly swung her dark blue 1964 Mustang into one of the vacant spots behind the Varsity. She got out and checked out her parking job, smiling with satisfaction. She pulled the hem of her red shirt. Pleased with herself for actually getting all her homework done ahead of time, and for once practice free, she'd decided to treat herself to a trip to the Varsity. She'd even decided to dress up a little and remembered to wipe the grease off her face. Checking once more on her beloved car she made her way towards the entrance of the Varsity, her heels echoing off the concrete with each step. She was about halfway there when Jason suddenly appeared in her line of vision.

"Hey, Jason," she called raising a hand in greeting the continued. "Where did you come from?"

Art for Art's Sake
"I made it all the way to fourth period," she proclaimed proudly. "Of course I had subs in..." she cut herself off as she heard Meghan and Amanda's voice carry around the corner. She held her finger up to tell Roman that she'd continue in a minute. Then leaned out of the doorframe to eavesdrop on their conversation.

"Well, It's fun for one thing. Besides, with me gone, doesn't that mean you, Char and Abby get the whole bag to yourselves?" Meghan chortled back.

"You don't think I actually smoke that crap do you?" Amanda responded.

'What the hell? Are they actually talking about what I think they are talking about? You know that just cuz we can't see you doesn't mean we can't hear you. Or you know that a teacher could hear you. And you're really just gonna throw that out there. Really? I thought I was being a rebel.'

As they turned silent, she heard their footsteps resume as they headed their way. Grabbing Roman's arm she quickly pulled him into the room and sat them at the nearest table. "Of course I had new subs in two periods and you know Ms. Finch is just out to lunch," she resumed as if she'd never interrupted herself. She just finished explaining as Amanda and Meghan approached them.

She raised her eyes at the grip Amanda seemed to have on Meghan's wrist. "Hey, She's sitting here" Amanda spoke coldly, and matter-of-factly, as she placed Meghan's purse on the table before turning her body and darting out of the classroom.

"Er.. You guys don't mind if I sit here. Right?" Meghan spoke softly and sweetly.

Samaya shrugged. "It's a free country, last time I checked." Then turned back to Roman. "I think that's a tie for my personal best. But what brings you here after school?"

Art for Art's Sake
(Introduction post for Samaya Boen-Hilstrand )

Samaya threw her backpack over her shoulder as she left the classroom, then stopped just outside to adjust her PE shirt. Sighing, she pulled the baggy shirt out from under her straps so that it hung correctly. This wouldn't have been a problem if they'd just have let her keep wear the shirt she'd picked for school this morning. Finally satisfied she set off quickly to make her way across campus.

She had been in the middle of painting her pieces and was excited about putting the finishing touches on them today. She was hoping that she'd be able to get the small vase complete today, so that she could borrow some of the jewelry techniques from earlier in the year to and create flowers. It sounded good in her head and in her sketch, but she wasn't sure exactly how the finished product would turn out. She was still hoping to get it all done in the next two weeks in time for her mother's birthday.

She made it to the classroom to find Roman Jackson lounging in the doorway. "Is it safe to go in," she asked unsuccessfully attempting to peer around him into the room. Hearing the shrieks coming from the room she decided that maybe it was a good thing she'd been forced to change out of her new shirt.

Shot in the dark
"Welcome," Marion said with a smile, accepting the bottle. "But you see you made my point. Very few people actually take the time to know about this stuff, like it's not important or something. But what we're talking about is whether or not our planet can survive."

As she talked she put her backpack down and slipped the aspirin into a side pouch, then pulled out a small tablet to record the basketball information.

"About basketball, that's great, I'll definitly have to pick your brain some more. Although, I think I'll leave out the part about calling the other team a Cinderella story. That kind of puts our team in the," she paused taking a breath and searching for the word. "Role of the ugly step-sisters I guess. Something I'm sure I'll catch flack for. Course that would be a feat for me, to get in trouble for an article I was assigned because I am in trouble."

A Few Administration Issues
Thea quickly jotted down the high points of the meeting, often using her own unique abbreviations. She stopped for a second, assuming that prom issues were closed. Not that they'd done much about them. Max had just delegated assignments to everyone else. Way to lead there Mr. President she thought. By the time her attention wandered back to the matter at hand Brook had brought up the subject of the DJ. Seriously, we're just now getting around to that? Sighing softly she flipped back through her notes. Finding what she was looking for was easy, as on a whim, she'd decided to highlight anything DJ related in bright pink highlighter.

Waiting a moment for anyone else to chime in she began to summarize. "We decided on a DJ before Winter Break. I have here the approval from the principal, with the understanding that he sees the final playlist. I'm assuming he'll okay as long as the DJ plays the 'editted' versions some of the songs. I was thinking the actual playlist was something that our communication and affairs ministers could handle. "