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Board Mafia - Game Thread
I have to say that I see no reason to believe Vole's claim...but at the same time no explicit reason to disbelieve it. This would, regrettably, be a very good way for Vole to avoid any suspicion. I have no way to either verify or un-verify his claim...so I'm going to reserve comment on his claim for a day or so.

Pigeon: In order for me to be backstabbing you there would have to be some alliance between us, express or implied. I recall no such arrangement being entered into.

(OOC: Seriously, sorry if this is irking you outside of the game. This round seems to be a bit more stressful than most for reasons that I cannot accurately deduce.)

Board Mafia - Game Thread
Well, it doesn't help that my vote last round seems to have counted for nothing (I did vote but my vote wasn't tallied, so I'm assuming that I'm a hapless victim of some kind).

In related news, I'm going to vote for PigeonArmy based on some of the arguments that went on during the last day. If this vote doesn't get counted, I'll be going on the irritated assumption that I have no vote.

Vote: PigeonArmy