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Board Mafia - Game Thread
After reading Pigeon's last post (made while I was making mine)...not to mention after unsuccessfully fighting with the text color code (I can't get the text to go red), Pigeon has me rather sold.

Unvote: R-S-Lee
Vote: KillerVole

...and I think I finally got the coding right.

Board Mafia - Game Thread
No, I haven't exactly been Mr. Active. Yes, I've triggered as a lurker. Partially blame that on the fact that my system is in the annoying habit of dropping me in here without asking (and without me noticing), explaining the random log-ons onto the site...they happen every time I do a system restart. Partly blame that on me actually forgetting that the game was going on during the first "joke vote" day (not kidding on that part...I actually missed part of the last night round because I was on a day trip to New York and had forgotten the game). Finally, partly blame that on the often-erratic activity in the thread which means that more than once when I've actually glanced at the thread, there's been no more than one or two new (relevant) post(s).

As to activity issues, Arch and Janosi have been less active, post-count, than I have as of this posting. If you're going to vote based on activity, Janosi would be the one to vote for. On top of that, we've got more than a small handful who are

As to the lack of votes, Vole, I do generally prefer to cast a vote and get it over with rather than voting-unvoting-revoting. My name isn't John Kerry, and notwithstanding the volley of "joke votes" (which had all of the logic of a drunk Romulan, not to mention all the accuracy of an Imperial Stormtrooper) I do prefer to vote in order to nail a mafiosi, not just for the hell of it. Sorry, Clu.

For what it's worth, I'm going to cast my vote for Lee since everyone's whining for a vote. I'm in the crowd that's never heard of a pro-town double-voter before this game. It's possible he's one, but based on what I've seen and heard, he's the most likely suspect I can come up with.

Vote R-S Lee

Board Mafia - Game Thread
File me as pointing an FoS at R-S-Lee for the apparent ability to double vote. Given more information one way or another I'll make a decision whether I want to hop on this bandwagon, but I'm looking at Lee a bit askance.

Board Mafia - Game Thread
Role received. No vote (for now, at least).