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Best Killer Award
Since we're discussing what awards should/shouldn't encourage, one thing which I think I would like to see encouraged is unrolled kills/deaths. As it stands, there's no incentive beyond narrative to have an unrolled death, no matter how appropriate the death/kill might be. A case in point is when I was getting out of v4, I was told in essence that it would be bad form not to use my Hero card in some form.

Over in TV, I've been building toward a character death for a while, and that build will continue...but in essence, I'm waiting for a cue to use that card with Sean. Honestly, I think there needs to be an incentive for more deaths (particularly early on) that aren't strictly roll-induced and for folks to spend some time setting deaths up (one thing I have noticed is that many deaths end up rushed because of the deadlines, etc.).

Best Killer Award
Part of the problem, at least as I see it, is that there's no objective standard to work with. Is the best kill the bloodiest one? The one where the prose is more purple than the body of its victim? Is it a creative or unique death, one that is both well-written and which averts certain conventions? And so on...

With a "best killer" award, you'd run into the same problem: Is the "best" killer the one with the highest body count? The one who is the most ingenious in managing to obtain kills? Or perhaps (and I can see an in-game justification for this) the most sadistic bastard?

V5 Plot Idea/Interest Check
I brought this up in Chat the other night, but since it's a slightly sensitive topic for a number of handlers, I'd rather not discuss it too loudly...hence the warning.

Long story short, the idea was broached of a group suicide in v5. Obviously, this is very much an incubating idea right now, but there was at least some interest in seeing it go forward. Of course, it is one of those things that sort of has to be planned from "go" so it doesn't go horridly wrong: Obviously, I think we all want to avoid it being some sort of grim parody...and I really don't want it to look cultish in any form. Also, given the complexities of a group anything, I suspect that when the time comes in V5, there's going to need to be a bit of extra time punched into scheduling to deal with the fact that threads lock up/stall. Even kept relatively small (say, 4-5 handlers), I know better than to expect everything to go smoothly.

With that said...anyone who is interested, feel free to post here and/or PM me. I know that not everyone interested will ultimately be able to be a part of this plot because of time restrictions, character derailments, inconvenient rolls, etc. (let's face it...this does involve losing a character, probably only a quarter to a third of the way into the round at most, and most likely at a time when you won't have been rolled...though there's always heroing on that front, among other options). Mind you, I've spoken with at least one handler who is interested in running a character who backs out at the last minute...things like that are welcome as well.

(One important point: This will not be ritualistic. Someone asked me that already, so I figured I'd yank that from the table.)