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'Second Chances' (Interest Check)
Count me in. Tyler Franklin and Bill Davis will be fun to toss in again.

Could you give us some guidelines here as to when we should attribute and how to do so? Broadly speaking, one of the deaths I wrote was modeled on a scene in a favorite novel of mine (though there were sweeping differences in setting, motivations, etc...it was still as such in the broadest outline of how the scene went)...at what point would you want us to put in a footnote/endnote? I'm not jesting, either...if you want to tighten up, I can come pretty close to doing an MLA-style footnote at the end of a post (or towards the end of a thread, if revealing something would spoil how it would go for the reader).

At the same time, how should we handle it if we're using something and specifically working through a character brain fart? To take an example from TV, I think it's pretty safe to say that if Sean had quoted anybody while he was high, he would have at most thought something along the line of "Oh crap, where did that line come from?" I know I've quoted (or misquoted) some movies in conversation not even remembering where the line came from at the time.

Finally, assuming that someone is explicitly playing an X fan, where X could be anything from Star Wars to the Great Gatsby to Greek mythology, does the fact that it is explicitly stated "Johnny is a big fan of X" in his bio and/or in one or more threads count for the whole game? Or do we need to "re-attribute" in every thread (and I will not kid you that such would become quite tiresome, not unlike some RL authors who wind up having to recap half of their universe every novel so as to accommodate newer readers)?

V5 Concepts Thread
Rattlesnake: It's entirely possible to have someone miss a grade early on because of "late blooming"; you can shelve a "lost year" in early on without bending realism too badly (especially if they're in a private school environment at the time). One guy I know was in that position...he's about to become a full-blown math professor.

As far as characters go, I'm wrangling with some possibilities that verge a bit more on the "capable player" side of things. Not a pre-made player type (obviously), but while it's been fun to have more or less blundering idiots in the game, I'd like to have someone at least seriously trying to get through a round (though...presumably not the voluntary mass murdering sort). Something in the vein of Tyler Franklin, but with a bit more of an edge written in (Tyler somewhat pointedly didn't kill anyone...he just beat them up and robbed them). I'll need to work on some research, but I'm thinking a JROTC type (actually inspired by a character mentioned over in TV).

Then again, it might be fun to have a character who genuinely cracks on the island, though having them like that would require a well-developed catalyst in the first day or two. Again, research would be needed, but a proper mental breakdown could be interesting to roll with.