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Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows...
“You put the gun down, and we’ll make sure you don’t end up on tomorrows list. Now, you’re outflanked, out manned and out gunned. Be sensible here.”

"You don't want to do that. I don't want to hurt anyone..." Bill's voice is loaded with tension as he says that. "...but how do I know you're not going to shoot me as soon as I put it down? Right now? I've got a gun pointed at someone."

Bill thinks for a moment, trying to find a way out of this standoff that doesn't involve him getting shot. Yes, his gun is probably capable of winning this fight unless there's someone behind him with a gun, and he hasn't heard the person behind him cock a weapon, so...

"Do you have ANY idea what you're playing with? The power to take a life!"

"I'm going to back up real slow and get away from you, and nobody's gonna get hurt, alright?" It's not ideal, it's not what he was hoping for, but it sure as hell beats getting shot or something. Dying is something he would prefer to avoid, after all. "I don't want to hurt anyone, but I'm not stupid enough to let you point a gun at me and drop mine." Beat. "Besides, if I wanted to kill you, I'd have shot you as soon as I saw that gun in your hand."

(OOC: Sorry for the delay...was trying to let T-Fox keep order...*sighs* And of course, two of us jump at the same time.)

Carpe Noctum
((David Anderson continued from The Outsider))

He hadn't quite curled up in a ball, but the shooting he witnessed on day 1 had sent David Anderson into hiding after a fashion. Call it "landing on a hot stove", but he'd decided to stay away from groups for a bit. It probably didn't help that he'd royally freaked out even after throwing up at the sight. He'd never had a panic attack, but somehow that seemed like an appropriate occasion.

This had led to him skulking and lurking in the tunnels on and off, hiding in them or near the various entrances. You could usually tell if people were coming and take a measure of them before they got to you, after all. And that had enabled him to stay more or less alone for the last day, with at most passing contact with people.

But David was a "people person", and the boredom got to him quickly enough.

At least I'm not talking to a volleyball. Yet.

The cries of Leila got his attention, and David emerged from some niche or another.

"Need some help?" He raised his hands in front of him to show he didn't mean any harm. "I heard someone...hit their foot?" He thinks that's what he heard, but...echoes being echoes, it's better to ask.

Day of the Dove
((Tyler Franklin continued from Cold, Wet, and TiredCold, Wet, and Tired))

Tyler was getting exhausted. Between trudging from one end of the island to the other, he was burning calories like he never had before, and the few loaves of bread he had were, well, not enough to keep going forever. And even if he won, how long did these shows usually last? Ten days?

I feel like I'm going to starve before this ends. Where's a good pizza when you want one?

Those thoughts get shoved aside when Tyler sees, well, kids. More or less having a good time...

...which of course means people that presumably won't try to kill him. This is good. This is very good. It’s also a decent-sized group...probably not a bad place to spend the evening, perhaps swap for some “real” food (or more likely some junk food).

Slowly emerging from cover, Tyler steps out by the group and offers a smile. “Mind if I join the party, too?”

The Outsider
The other David didn't seem to have much to say; shooting someone had clearly left him...David didn't know what the word was, but 'shocked' would qualify. Shocked...or in shock...or something like that.

As much as David Anderson wanted to, you know, tell him to calm down and all that good stuff, he also didn't want to be near someone who'd fired the first shot here, misunderstanding or not. And he really didn't want to be near that person when they still had a loaded gun.

David sighed and shook his head. "Good luck, man. I'll...catch you around?"

Quietly grabbing his stuff and looking over the (literally) bloody mess they'd all managed to make, David Anderson shook his head again.

Just...get me out of here...

((David Anderson continued in Carpe Noctum))

Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows...
Bill wasn't going to drop the gun...

That's how you end up dead...letting someone else have a clear target at you...

...but he was willing to keep it pointed away from the others. Leaving the safety on, he raised one hand while keeping the gun in another, ready to return fire if things did get ugly. He couldn't return fire immediately as it was (safety being on and not having both hands on the gun meant that wasn't happening), but he figured he'd be quick enough.

"Set the gun down and I will."

You don't think I didn't notice that? You think I don't see the metal gleaming as you got it? I may be paranoid, but it's not like I don't know we're not all going to make it out of here.

He didn't know it was a gun, but he was going to take a wild guess. It was something shiny, at the very least, and he didn't give a damn if it was a knife or a three-ring binder or a golden retriever...let them deny it and go from there.

"Nothing personal, but I have been following the body counts on the announcements, you know?" Not that he knows how many are/aren't dead, but...it's enough. "And I'd rather not be on the next announcement."

Bill slowly made his way a bit closer, walking towards them, trying to balance showing "non-evil" intent and, well, not being a moron. Which, on the island, wasn't exactly an easy task.

Cold, Wet, and Tired
((OOC: Not waiting around to get blown up...))


"Shit." That's probably the mildest thing to come out of Tyler Franklin's mouth at the announcement. No, it's not at anyone getting killed or doing killing...it's that he's in one of the dangerzones now. "Shit...uh, let's do a rain check on the breakfast?"

Tyler shoves whatever he's got out back into his bag, muttering about his luck this week and all that jazz. His irritation isn't directed in any one direction, but it's clear that it's there as he grabs his stuff. He shoulders his bag after a moment, and takes off after Alex. "Let's go...somewhere else."

And like that, Tyler Franklin goes bounding off to get a safe distance from the Key. He's not sticking around for a first-hand demonstration of his collar...if his collar goes off, it's safe to say that he doesn't want to be anywhere nearby.

((Tyler Franklin continued elsewhere))

Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows...
((Continued from Somewhere That's Green))

The shotgun had some theoretical advantages, such as range if you got into a fight. The shotgun also had at least one major disadvantage, namely not being easy to conceal...it was a clunky thing that was good for killing and not a whole hell of a lot else.

That would be why Bill Davis is obviously carrying a gun as he makes his way across the island: He can't hide it, he sure as hell isn't ditching it, which leaves "obviously packing heat" as his only real option.

“I... I got a big gun in mine. I don’t know how to use one, though and since you’re going to protect me... I mean, if it’s okay... with you, protecting me, that is. You can have it. I trust you."

Shit. I'm not the only one with a gun here. I'm not planning to use mine, but...be careful...


Waving and being nice-and-obvious so he doesn't provoke a panicked attack from sneaking up on someone, Bill hollers to Jackie, Tiffany, and Quincy from a safe distance...enough that he can start shooting from a safe distance if things go wrong, and enough that he's not seen as an immediate threat. After all, the last thing he wants to do is to get into a fight right off...that would be bad, and it would probably make him waste ammo on top of that.

Cold, Wet, and Tired
Tyler raised his hands in surprise at Evelyn's outburst.

“Well, I don’t know about them,” she said in a sickly sweet tone, waving an encompassing arm at the other girls, “But I got to walk all night after watching another person burn to death. So I’m just fan-fucking-tastic.” Evelyn snarled.

“But I don’t know you, and you sure as HELL don’t know me,” she ground out. “So let’s cut the bullshit and how about you just tell me what you want before you make me do something you'll regret?”

"Hey, hold on a minute here! I didn't do anything to you!" Tyler isn't sure whether to be angry or frustrated or...what. "I'm trying to be civil, you know?" Civil? That thing people try to be to one another when they're not killing eachother?

Jessica and Alex are a bit more relaxed, though...not attacking him (well, verbally) right off. "Hey, Jessica, Al...Alex? Yeah...not attacking sounds good. I think we can do that." He smiles (a bit forced, but...what isn't forced these days?) and gestures for them all to sit.

"Not that I'm enjoying this 'game' any more than anyone else. I haven't seen anyone killed, so...I'd rather not think about that for now. 'specially if we're about to, you know, eat.

"So...uh, breakfast, then? For...three? Four?" The question is an indication to Evelyn that the temper flare is...something he'll overlook. He's not going to hold something like that against someone who clearly had a worse first day than he did.

The Outsider
((OOC: Skipping Fullcircle since...well, I'm getting too close to two weeks for comfort))


David saw the blood around the girl who was shot. He'd asked for a drink, and it wasn't because he was trying to be social or something...he felt the world spinning as the insults and attacks came on top of that. "Just...just shut up..."

Putting one hand to his forehead as the girls left, David leaned forward and...


Normally, he wasn't squeamish at the sight of blood. Normally, he could've dealt with it. But when one of his classmates got dropped right before his eyes, and then he got subjected to a barrage of insults for trying to cope the only way he could think of? It was all a bit too much.


The second time didn't produce as much material, but it was still uncomfortable for him. Fortunately, that was the end of it, and David looked down at the floor, closing his eyes and trying to sort out not only what he'd just seen, but also what he was feeling and so forth. Catching his breath rather literally, David Anderson sat down not far from where he'd just barfed all over the floor and collected those thoughts. Looking up at the other David, he couldn't think of much to say, so he just sat in silence for a bit.

"You ok, man?"

Cold, Wet, and Tired
Tyler saw people coming his way. More people.

Ok, it's not just one. I can't take three people at once even if I get the drop on them. Not without a gun or something.

Looking over the group carefully, Tyler assessed them for a long moment before carefully emerging from his cover.

"Uh, hey, guys..."

Tyler made a bit of a gesture brushing the sand off his pants. He didn't sense that he was in any danger. He still had the tire iron visible, but he'd managed to stick it between his belt and his jeans...not an ideal placement, but not horrible: If someone pulled a gun on him, he was dead anyway, and he was confident he could pull it in time if he got into a fight.

That said, he didn't want to say too much, didn't want to give away too much.

A group? Might not be the worst thing in the world. I'd rather be alone, but...having someone else around in a fight? I could work with that, at least for now.

"How're you doing?"

The way he asked the question, Tyler seemed to be questioning the question as much as asking it. He hadn't had a talk with anyone since he'd gotten on the bus...whenever they did. However long ago that was, it'd been a while.

Hey, nobody caught me by surprise...that counts for a lot...