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Disney Mafia Game Thread
Vote: Sunny.

Roleclaim time:
To infinity, and beyond! From outer space, the far reaches of the galaxy, and a toy store near you comes Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!

You are no mere toy, and your small size allows you to be perfectly unobtrusive in checking out the scenes of a crime. As the town forensic investigator, you may PM me the name of one dead player each night, and you will receive a (scrambled) list of players that have targetted them since the beginning of the game.

I investigated Killer Moth and got two names back:
D/N and Sunny. Obviously the village doctor didn't do it, and that leaves Sunny. I also investigated Zehk, and he was the only one to have visited Moth.

Disney Mafia Game Thread
Unvote: Dodd
Vote: Zehk

Disney Mafia Game Thread
Vote: Korazon

I think Dodd drew one of the straws this time.