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V6 Rolling List
Post first roll update:

  1. Bridgette Sommerfeld (leAloha)
  2. Sabrina Luz (decoy73)
  3. Serena Waters (Seth Crimson)
  4. Lily Caldwell (Violent Medic)
  5. Sanford Bricks (Slam)
  6. Min-jae Parker (backslash)
  7. Jeremiah Fury (MK Kilmarnock)
  8. Jane Madison (Rorick Skyve)
  9. Matthew Moradi (Privyet)
  10. Jaime Schanbacher (decoy73)
  11. Eliza Luz (Grim Wolf)
  12. Bernadette Thomas (Imehal)
  13. Arthur Bernstein (CrossbowPig)
  14. Mia Rose (Pippin)
  15. Keith Bauer (bacon)
  16. Wayne Cox (Iceblock)
  17. Kimiko Kao (Deamon)
  18. Raina Rose (backslash)
  19. Vanessa Stone (Slam)
  20. Asuka Takahara (Zetsumodernista)
  21. Lili Williams (CrossbowPig)
  22. Cass Prince (dmboogie)
  23. Michael Crowe (ToxieTheToxicAvenger)
  24. Hannah Kendrickstone (Dannyrulx)
  25. Noah Whitley (Laurels)
  26. Penelope Fitzgerald (VoltTurtle)
  27. Hazel Jung (SansaSaver)
  28. Benjamin Lichter (Malloon)
  29. Rene Wolfe (Aura)
  30. Caleb Diamond (Ruggahissy)
  31. Bryony Adams (Pippin)
  32. Jasmine King (Yugikun)
  33. Darius Van Dyke (RC)
  34. Natalie Winters (PlatFleece)
  35. Caedyn Miller (Empress Plush)
  36. Bart Cappotelli (Aura)
  37. Tessa Mabel Cole (Frogue)
  38. Travis Lynch (Deamon)
  39. Samuel Howard (leAloha)
  40. Jasmine Reed (Ciel)
  41. Kiziah Saraki (General Goose)
  42. Alex Tarquin (Grim Wolf)
  43. William McKinley (Dannyrulx)
  44. Dorothy Shelley (Lore)
  45. Maxim Kehlenbrink (Rorick Skyve)
  46. Cameron Herrig (Deamon)
  47. Mitch Settles (Brubaker)
  48. Fiyori Senay (Bikriki)
  49. Jeremy Frasier (Yugikun)
  50. Blair Moore (Espi)
  51. Taranis "Tara" Behzad (Grim Wolf)
  52. Ben Fields (Cicada Days)
  53. Tyler Yazzie (Empress Plush)
  54. Jonathan Gulley (ToxieTheToxicAvenger)
  55. Alice Baker (Espi)
  56. Astrid Tate (Pippin)
  57. Lucilly Peterson (Bikriki)
  58. Danny Brooks (Violent Medic)
  59. Johnny McKay (Frogue)
  60. Kaitlyn Greene (D/N)
  61. Scout Pfeiffer (Ciel)
  62. Isabel Ramirez (VoltTurtle)
  63. Toby Andreasson (Namira)
  64. Alvaro Vacanti (Yugikun)
  65. Alessio Rigano (RC)
  66. Jeremiah Larkin (Lore)
  67. Nadia Riva (Laurels)
  68. Candice Banks (Somersault)
  69. Georgia Lee Day (Frogue)
  70. Junko Kurosawa (KamiKaze)
  71. Maria Cucinotta (Dannyrulx)
  72. Coleen Reagan (MK Kilmarnock)
  73. Sandra Dyer (CondorTalon)
  74. Jasper Bustamante (leAloha)
  75. Steve Dobson (Rattlesnake)
  76. Nate Turner (Slamexo)
  77. Henry Spencer (Espi)
  78. Vincenzo/a Gatti (Namira)
  79. Alba Reyes (Laurels)
  80. Brendan Harte (Primrosette)
  81. Nancy Kyle (CondorTalon)
  82. Jordan Green (Randomness)
  83. Aiden Slattery (Rorick Skyve)
  84. Asha Sur (dmboogie)
  85. Bradley Floyd (General Goose)
  86. Emma Luz (KamiKaze)
  87. Olivia Fischer (Maraoone)
  88. Wade Cartwright (shotgunkid)
  89. Clarice Halwood (Violent Medic)
  90. Oskar Pearce (SansaSaver)
  91. Audrey Reyes (kervin555)
  92. Alan Banks (Zetsumodernista)
  93. Jennifer Wallace (KamiKaze)
  94. Irene Djezari (Empress Plush)
  95. Amanda Tan (Randomness)
  96. Melanie Beckett (Iceblock)
  97. Leslie Price (shotgunkid)

Resource Thread
One for the Meanwhile folks:

Wondering what the weather was like in Kingman on a specific day? You can find out! The link hits June 1st, but you can go through basically whenever if you're the sort of person who's nitpicky about that stuff. The week the news hit was pretty hot.

Three sentences about your kid: Critique experiment.
NAFT, you sexy beast, can you critique Shuuya Nanahara from the BR AU?

Three sentences about your kid: Critique experiment.
NAFT, you sexy beast, would you be so kind as to give me your thoughts on Austin White?

Resource Thread
The Burned Handler
Sep 19 2016, 11:58 AM

Anyway, here, a thing for writing injuries.
Looked through this and it would have saved me a lot of research time in past versions. It doesn't have absolutely everything (notably there's nothing specifically on getting shot) but what it does cover it does in quick, clear terms. It's very much worth giving a look now that the game is in motion.

Project: Wiki
As the creator of the original page, I'm totally fine with that. I'm trying to recall what the logic was behind the name, and I think it was that Meanwhile was still a new thing and thus I thought handlers might not understand the page if it were titled "V5 Meanwhile Characters." Now that Meanwhile is well-established and seems like a thoroughly successful experiment, I see no reason not to change the name, though I would love if the old pages were left as redirects as there are certain cases where the current name just sounds more pleasing.

Meanwhile idea
I think that could be fun, especially as it'd offer an opportunity for handlers to come in for the second bit who might not have as much to say at the first one.

Time Takes a Cigarette
You wake up, when so many other people don't.

You wake up, and it's 2015.

You wake up, and you're twenty-four years old, twenty-five in a month and a half.

You wake up, and most of your classmates, your friends, they're all still dead; they died almost seven years ago, died at seventeen and eighteen, for reasons nobody really understands even now.

You wake up, just like you wake up every day, same apartment that's just a bit messier than you'd like, same rumble of traffic outside the window, same things to do and people to talk to, only someone calls and lets you know it's happened again.

You wake up, and you take a shower and get dressed and brush your teeth and have some cereal for breakfast, and it's so normal it almost hurts, just like most normal things still almost hurt when you think about them.

You wake up, and the crying and screams and pain are a day further away, and that fear, that moment-by-moment living, that thought that there are no consequences anymore, that anything could ever occur without consequences, that's a day further away too.

You wake up alone, and you're alone after the call, and you're alone when you make other calls, when you cancel your plans for the foreseeable future.

You wake up, and some part of you is still seventeen, but it feels smaller every time you notice it, or maybe that's not right, maybe not smaller but harder to find, further away, quieter.

You wake up, and you are still angry, and you still hate, you still hate some of the same people you have hated for so long, and some new ones who you thought were kind of okay—who you'd actually thought showed that maybe others had made it through alright—well, some of them are still fine but you now hate some of them too, because they're letting go of who they used to be too, but not before wringing its neck in search of money or fame.

You wake up, and you can't find your glasses for a moment, and you finally figure out you knocked them off your nightstand in your sleep, and you wonder what you were dreaming about because you still almost never remember your dreams.

You wake up, and after you hear about what's happened you think for a little about what to do, consider calling one of the very small number of people who might understand and who you don't hate, but you decide not to.

You wake up, and you remember waking up almost three years ago in Seattle, the cold and fragrant sea air, the clarity or connection you'd failed to find standing across the street looking at a drab, three story, grey-and-brown building that meant nothing to you no matter how you wished it might be otherwise.

You wake up, and you change the message on your answering machine to say you're going to be out of contact for a little while but don't worry, everything's fine, and you shove some clothes into an old backpack and then spend longer picking some CDs because it's going to be a very long drive.

You wake up, and you can still remember the names, but some of the faces are gone now, seven years down the line, and some of the details are gone, and not only of the bad times, but everything before it all went wrong, days laughing in the cafetorium, math homework you pretended to struggle with, sneaking a bottle of beer at a party.

You wake up, and you make your way to your car because it feels right even if you know it probably isn't.

You wake up.

Meanwhile idea
Sep 14 2016, 11:41 PM
Prologue says:
The evening of the disappearance a candlelight vigil was held outside of Cochise High School. Even at the event, nobody voiced the one possibility that made sense.

So there is actually an official confirmation that where was a memorial service of sorts! Unless you're thinking of something else?

I'm interested, and I was thinking something like this, too. It's an idea full of possibilities. O:
My take on it (though get confirmation from Deamon as he wrote it) is that vigils are usually "We're praying for their safety," type things (it's pretty common when people are missing or in trouble). At that point, the students would not be known to be dead, so it'd be a bit different. That said, there's certainly some overlap with the idea of a preemptive memorial (as opposed to, say, one after they know exactly who didn't make it). I'm passing the vigil question along to the lounge--just noting that it has been seen!

Meanwhile idea
I'd certainly be interested! This sounds cool. Also, I think the section is fine, for want of somewhere more appropriate. Post-reveal makes the most sense to me for timeline--probably the most interesting narrative possibilities there, too.

V6 Rolling List
As was the case in V5, V6 rolling logs will be publicly posted. For that to mean anything, the list must be posted too, so here it is! While during V5 we moved characters from the end of the list to fill in empty slots, for V6 the technology has improved so our list will auto-update the numbering to account for the deceased. A new, updated iteration of the list will be posted prior to each set of rolls.

  1. Bridgette Sommerfeld (leAloha)
  2. Sabrina Luz (decoy73)
  3. Serena Waters (Seth Crimson)
  4. Lily Caldwell (Violent Medic)
  5. Sanford Bricks (Slam)
  6. Min-jae Parker (backslash)
  7. Jeremiah Fury (MK Kilmarnock)
  8. Jane Madison (Rorick Skyve)
  9. Matthew Moradi (Privyet)
  10. Jaime Schanbacher (decoy73)
  11. Eliza Luz (Grim Wolf)
  12. Bernadette Thomas (Imehal)
  13. Arthur Bernstein (CrossbowPig)
  14. Mia Rose (Pippin)
  15. Keith Bauer (bacon)
  16. Wayne Cox (Iceblock)
  17. Kimiko Kao (Deamon)
  18. Raina Rose (backslash)
  19. Vanessa Stone (Slam)
  20. Asuka Takahara (Zetsumodernista)
  21. Lili Williams (CrossbowPig)
  22. Joshua Bracewell (SansaSaver)
  23. Cass Prince (dmboogie)
  24. Michael Crowe (ToxieTheToxicAvenger)
  25. Hannah Kendrickstone (Dannyrulx)
  26. Noah Whitley (Laurels)
  27. Penelope Fitzgerald (VoltTurtle)
  28. Hazel Jung (SansaSaver)
  29. Benjamin Lichter (Malloon)
  30. Rene Wolfe (Aura)
  31. Caleb Diamond (Ruggahissy)
  32. Bryony Adams (Pippin)
  33. Jasmine King (Yugikun)
  34. Darius Van Dyke (RC)
  35. Natalie Winters (PlatFleece)
  36. Caedyn Miller (Empress Plush)
  37. Rea Adams (Spinnentier)
  38. Cristo Morales (backslash)
  39. Bart Cappotelli (Aura)
  40. Tessa Mabel Cole (Frogue)
  41. Travis Lynch (Deamon)
  42. Samuel Howard (leAloha)
  43. Jasmine Reed (Ciel)
  44. Kiziah Saraki (General Goose)
  45. Alex Tarquin (Grim Wolf)
  46. William McKinley (Dannyrulx)
  47. Dorothy Shelley (Lore)
  48. Maxim Kehlenbrink (Rorick Skyve)
  49. Cameron Herrig (Deamon)
  50. Mitch Settles (Brubaker)
  51. Fiyori Senay (Bikriki)
  52. Jeremy Frasier (Yugikun)
  53. Blair Moore (Espi)
  54. Taranis "Tara" Behzad (Grim Wolf)
  55. Abigail Floyd (Empress Plush)
  56. Ben Fields (Cicada Days)
  57. Tyler Yazzie (Empress Plush)
  58. Jonathan Gulley (ToxieTheToxicAvenger)
  59. Tina Luz (Cicada Days)
  60. Alice Baker (Espi)
  61. Astrid Tate (Pippin)
  62. Lucilly Peterson (Bikriki)
  63. Danny Brooks (Violent Medic)
  64. Johnny McKay (Frogue)
  65. Kaitlyn Greene (D/N)
  66. Scout Pfeiffer (Ciel)
  67. Isabel Ramirez (VoltTurtle)
  68. Toby Andreasson (Namira)
  69. Alvaro Vacanti (Yugikun)
  70. Alessio Rigano (RC)
  71. Barry Banks (Aura)
  72. Conrad Harrod (RC)
  73. Jeremiah Larkin (Lore)
  74. Nadia Riva (Laurels)
  75. Candice Banks (Somersault)
  76. Georgia Lee Day (Frogue)
  77. Junko Kurosawa (KamiKaze)
  78. Harold Porter (dmboogie)
  79. Maria Cucinotta (Dannyrulx)
  80. Coleen Reagan (MK Kilmarnock)
  81. Sandra Dyer (CondorTalon)
  82. Jasper Bustamante (leAloha)
  83. Steve Dobson (Rattlesnake)
  84. Nate Turner (Slamexo)
  85. Henry Spencer (Espi)
  86. Vincenzo/a Gatti (Namira)
  87. Alba Reyes (Laurels)
  88. Brendan Harte (Primrosette)
  89. Nancy Kyle (CondorTalon)
  90. Jordan Green (Randomness)
  91. Aiden Slattery (Rorick Skyve)
  92. Asha Sur (dmboogie)
  93. Bradley Floyd (General Goose)
  94. Emma Luz (KamiKaze)
  95. Olivia Fischer (Maraoone)
  96. Wade Cartwright (shotgunkid)
  97. Clarice Halwood (Violent Medic)
  98. Oskar Pearce (SansaSaver)
  99. Audrey Reyes (kervin555)
  100. Alan Banks (Zetsumodernista)
  101. Jennifer Wallace (KamiKaze)
  102. Irene Djezari (Cicada Days)
  103. Scarlett McAfee (Primrosette)
  104. Amanda Tan (Randomness)
  105. Melanie Beckett (Iceblock)
  106. Leslie Price (shotgunkid)

General Video Game Discussion Thread
Sep 11 2016, 04:22 PM
Replying here so I don't derail the tropes thread:

Oh god, that third BR cover is the worst. There are a lot of things wrong with that edition, though, so maybe not the best tangent for this thread. I really, really love the first BR cover, though. It's incredibly iconic, and the optical illusion that is made super obvious in cover #2 is much more subtle. Never seen cover #4 before, but it's cool too.

Amusingly enough, that's the edition of the novel that I own. It's true that the translation can get pretty wonky at times (more than once, it refers to characters by the wrong name, which is confusing as hell when it happens during fight scenes) but there's also some cool Q&A with the author in the afterward. I have gotten some questions thanks to the cover, though.
Gonna reply anyways. :P

The other thing that's wrong with the edition, from the quick glance I gave it in bookstores, is that it's trying to double down on the Japaneseness of BR and capture the manga audience, with questionable results. It's probably not notable unless you're familiar with the original translation, but, for example, where the original goes "There was blood on her shirt" or "She thought she was a space warrior" the new one goes "There was blood on her sailor suit" or "She thought she was an anime space warrior." It's basically like "Psst! This is Japanese!" all the time where the original translation was not, and it's super distracting to me because it makes a lot of the stuff feel less natural--it adds this layer of observation from the outside that's not like that in the original (though the original translation has tons of its own problems, mostly grammatical).

TV Tropes Page Needs YOUR Help!
Oh god, that third BR cover is the worst. There are a lot of things wrong with that edition, though, so maybe not the best tangent for this thread. I really, really love the first BR cover, though. It's incredibly iconic, and the optical illusion that is made super obvious in cover #2 is much more subtle. Never seen cover #4 before, but it's cool too.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Fallout Thread
I had lots of fun! Tragically, version starts often kill games off. I've not run all the balance thoughts yet, but there was a nice mix of unusual stuff in play and nothing seemed too crazy at a glance. I had fun with my role, and had a nice time with Frogue even though my only recruit was trying to backstab me.

Vyse, the plan there was (if I'm remembering right--it's been a bit) to basically partial-claim, trot out a bunch of logic on why I can't be scum, then demand a fullclaim in return. Any hesitation would result in my explaining my other recruit and a partially-accurate overview of their powers (of note: this was before I'd fully figured Frogue out). Basically, I had "I'm a Mason Recruiter with undisclosed immunities and a cop in my back pocket, claim now," as my plan and was then gonna take whatever claim came and figure out based on other evidence/play if it was true or not. It's a bit more complicated, and got jettisoned basically as soon as you started in on Backslash because that let me see where you stood pretty easily in itself.

TV Tropes Page Needs YOUR Help!
Yeah, in that case that sounds pretty solid to me.

TV Tropes Page Needs YOUR Help!
There's also the little issue of using characters for something semi-official without seeming exclusionary. Like, TVTropes is emphatically "whatever goes" territory to me, but for the wiki...

Eh, okay, I guess it's history time. See, in ye olde days, the site actually had a custom theme which used pictures of Dodd, Hawley, Madeleine, and Cassandra Roivas (whose full-size image never got posted to a wiki and is thus unrecovered) for its buttons. While this was interesting and certainly unique to SOTF, it also had issues. A large number of members had no idea who these characters were meant to be. Of those who did, opinion was a bit split. It's really cool to have your character/work featured as one of the iconic faces of SOTF. That said, it doesn't feel great to not be featured. Since SOTF, in terms of both characters and handlers, is impossibly huge, far more would by necessity be excluded than included. Any sort of line of selection would likely be arbitrary (not really fun for anyone), voting-driven (turns what's already gonna to some extent risk feeling exclusionary into a popularity contest), or focused on "importance" to a version/the overall story (which doesn't feel good because one of our big ideas is that characters matter and are worthwhile whether they win or die on day two).

I dunno. I may be overthinking this, and I really, really love art of SOTF from our numerous incredibly talented handlers. I just also don't want something that should be a really positive celebration of the site to turn negative in any fashion.

TV Tropes Page Needs YOUR Help!
Don't have a ton to say on TVTropes, but image-wise I've got somewhat mixed feelings about alignment charts. What I really like about them is that they celebrate a wide range of characters, and I don't really like the idea of putting forth winners/survivors/the most murderous villains or whoever as the brand representatives of SOTF, as it were. All of those sorts of characters are interesting and important, but the real beauty of our story is its ensemble nature, the way characters who die before the halfway point without a kill to their name can be fondly remembered and have just as deep and key and interesting stories as the dude who kills twenty-seven people and goes home to become a nuclear physicist or whatever. The V4 alignment chart does a great job of that... except that a. it's V4-only and b. it's an alignment chart.

What I don't like about alignment charts (and what pains me and leads me to often be less than constructive in discussions about alignment overall) is that alignment represents a massive moral simplification with a side order of personality quiz heaped on top. Alignment springs from very specific quirks of a particular style of fantasy world, one where "evil" is not only an identifier one may objectively hold, but also one that many aspire to. There are, like, evil clubs for the evil and so on, and while it's not exactly black and white, much of that comes either from the system not surviving contact with actual play (given that most people enjoy at least a tiny bit of moral ambiguity), or from diving fully into the bizarre nature of such a world and playing it to the hilt, or from ignoring or lampooning it and using it in name only. Part of the joy of SOTF is its myriad shades of grey. Even our very concept stems from characters being thrown into a situation where conventional ideas of morality don't cleanly or easily apply (the reason one handler years ago famously insisted that SOTF in fact belonged to the post-apocalypse genre). Alignment charts are catchy, fun, and popular online, but I just feel they simplify something in a way that does the game a fundamental disservice if it's the first line of advertisement.

That's, of course, not to say I hate alignment charts as a fun thing to be made and shared. I think they're really cool in that context (which is the context that Little created the V4 chart in; it was pressed into service on the TVTropes page, iirc, because it existed and looked nice, rather than being created for it). I'd love to see more, for versions, for the game overall, whatever. If we're looking to specifically replace, though, I have a few thoughts.

What I do love so much about the current image is how it captures the variety of roles (it features two survivors, three characters who died before the halfway point, killers [including the version's biggest], pacifists, player-hunters). I love the way each character is given a little spotlight through a quote encapsulating their personality. If there were some way to have something like that covering the whole span of the story, and in some way stripped of the whole alignment shebang, I think that might come closest to capturing the spirit of SOTF accurately.

Really just musings, though. I dunno. I don't hate charts. If we're aiming specifically for an upgrade, though, I'd love to see it be the best it can be, and this is mostly a ramble about that.