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V5 BKA/BDA Voting: August/September 2014
You all know the drill by now. We'll leave this running for four days or so. These are the last awards for V5; we'll probably pull exciting quotes from Endgame as it unfolds after this month.

Hansel Williams, for killing Leona Van Kamp
Gray Emerson, for killing Sean Mulcahy
Matt Vartoogian, for killing Tyler Lucas
KK Konipaski, for killing Finn Grant

Outfoxd, for the death of Leona Van Kamp
Munnin, for the death of Takeshi Yoshikawa
Maraoone, for the death of Juhan Levandi
Fioriboy, for the death of Ruby Forrester
MK Kilmarnock, for the death of Sean Mulcahy
Grim Wolf, for the death of Tyler Lucas
Will, for the death of Finn Grant
dmboogie, for the death of Michael Mitchellson

V5 Nineteenth Rolls
If my calculations are correct, midnight tonight is the deadline to make it into BDA.

V6 Concepts Thread
Sep 23 2014, 01:59 PM
Maybe doing that would help you to find a concept, BRO. Do Batman
I'm afraid we'd have to deny that. We don't allow resubmissions of past characters.

V5 Nineteenth Rolls
We can do another three across the board. That pushes the total extensions to a week apiece, though, and that's been our hard limit for a long while, so we're not going to extend beyond that point.

V6 Concepts Thread
A big point here is permission vs. not. Riz and Rugga's crew have generally been either onboard completely and aware of the insertion (Rugga tells a great anecdote about how they all wanted to be players, and Riz actually handled a kid in V4) or distanced enough/disguised enough that there's no chance of them ever being found.

Also, even if you get permission to use someone's real name, please please please think super carefully before doing it. As the guy who has to fix it when they want it removed two years later because it pops up on Google searches run by employers and mentions they like eating kittens or whatever, changing names of long-living characters is a really obnoxious and takes tons of time and work. People will think it's fine and then realize it's not, and it just feels so much simpler to avoid that worry in the first place.

V6 Concepts Thread
Tense times all around. It's where this rule comes from (also purging names can take forever). I suggest, if you're doing anything even close to an insert, that you add a really solid layer of fictionalization. Change details heavily, make them a different gender and replace half their hobbies or whatever, just so you get some deniability. Part of writing for many people is getting inspiration from real life, but generally speaking it's best to not slot in anyone recognizable without their permission, and certainly not in any way they can be found/identified. It just gets really awkward for them.

V5 Nineteenth Rolls
We can do another three days.

V5 Nineteenth Rolls
Extensions granted. That covers everyone, so add four days across the board to the deadline.

Introduction Thread
Heya, Yugikun, and welcome to SOTF! You're actually still in time for V6; pregame hasn't started yet.

While you're getting acquainted with everything, you should check out the Mini, the chat, and the New Handler's Guide. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or any other staffer (we have purple names). We hope you enjoy it here.

One of those is a pretty well-known fanart

If this existed, I might even learn to play him.

V5 Nineteenth Rolls
One day, eighteen hours, and ten minutes for deaths. Please ask for extensions ASAP if you'll need them, and remember we'll be watching very carefully for contest voting purposes; any deaths that are late will be disqualified.

v5 Final Ten Congratulations/Opinions
Congratulations to the final ten! I can't believe how quickly we've arrived at this point.

I just want to take a moment to say how impressed I am with the quality of our top ten overall. There's something I like about every one of the remaining characters, and if someone had told me six months ago that this would be our final ten cast, I'd've said they were being way too optimistic. I'm also pretty stoked that my entire top five is still in the running (even if it's not exactly that big a surprise given I made the call like two months ago ><).

Final Ten writers: If any of you are interested in my feedback and opinion on how your character would do in Endgame/as a winner, feel free to drop me a PM and I'll shoot something your way. I can run a bit long and don't wanna pad out the thread, especially since I also want to discuss some of the reasoning in Decoy's post, which I find very interesting.

First off, I love seeing Watsonian and Doylist used. They're great terms. The following breakdown is Watsonian exclusively; I may provide more Doylist thoughts later, but no promises.

I found the mentions of kills as a metric for advantage/disadvantage interesting, especially because I think most levels can fall neatly into both categories. The big killers are now past the dangers of mid-game, where they are most likely to fall to player hunters/face constant violence from the rest of the student body. They have good armaments, and they often have more experience and are in better shape food-wise, since they're the kids most likely to have not been starving for the past three or four days. On the other hand, they're gonna have a very hard time mustering alliances at the end, and will likely be prioritized over less threatening targets in fights. They also have frequently taken major beatings. It's about how much they can do to avoid getting caught out.

Mid-levels killers tend to not be as large threats in the minds of the rest of the kids, but often there's a reason for that. A lot of the mid-range killers kill mostly from self defense or later turned away from playing, which could actually leave them in a position to be targeted and to not easily/quickly fight back. Their armaments tend to be a mixed bag, and many of them aren't exactly proficient in the use of what they have anyways. It's largely a question of if they can pull themselves together to gun for victory.

Those who haven't killed/have only killed once, a long time ago, tend to be in the worst shape in terms of weapons (or at least weapon know-how) and supplies, but often make up for it through the factor of surprise. So late in the game, it's reasonable to imagine some of them have even been totally forgotten by those classmates they haven't met yet on the island. They're also often the freshest remaining kids, having not been in many fights (there are of course exceptions to this, such as Gray). It's about whether they can move into a more active role and bring themselves to do what they have to in order to see home again.

I haven't read past the first post yet, as an aside, 'cause I started typing and then got into a swing. Apologies for any redundancies due to that.

V5 Nineteenth Rolls
Four days, seven hours, and twelve minutes for deaths.

Three sentences about your kid: Critique experiment.
Naft, you sexy beast, can you look at Isaiah Garvey? I adopted him at Reconstitution, so that is probably a better "first thread" despite actually being the technical second of the character.

Official V5 Rolling List
Update of the moment, subject to revision:

1. Madeline Wilcox (Turtle Tyrant)
2. Hansel Williams (NotAFlyingToy)
3. Joe Carrasco (Violent-Medic)
4. Matt Vartoogian (BROseidon)
5. Kathryn Nguyen (Arscapi)
6. Zubin Wadia (Decoy73)
7. Mara Montalvo (Ruggahissy)
8. Gray Emerson (Deamon)
9. KK Konipaski (Rattlesnake)
10. Joey Grey (Ares)

V5 Nineteenth Rolls
That's past time for cards. Six days, nineteen hours, and thirty-four minutes for deaths.

V5 Nineteenth Rolls
Four hours and thirty minutes for cards.

V5 Nineteenth Rolls
Twenty-two hours and fifteen minutes for cards.

V5 Nineteenth Rolls
One day, nineteen hours, and fifty-three minutes for cards.

V5 Nineteenth Rolls
Hey, everyone! With last cycle's deaths out of the way, it's time for a new set of rolls, bringing us to the final ten:

1. Sean Mulcahy (MK Kilmarnock)
2. Finn Grant (Will)
3. Michael Mitchellson (dmboogie)
4. Tyler Lucas (Grim Wolf)


As always, three days for cards and a further seven for deaths.

With that out of the way, there are a few things to address for the next set of rolls and the approaching end of V5. Our next rolls will bring us down to the final four. The most major thing is a reminder of a section of our activity rules:

Endgame is the time during which the final handful of characters face off. In V1-3, it contained four characters, while V4 had five. Inactivity for endgame will be handled a little differently. Specifically, once it becomes a handler's turn to post, they have six days to get a post up. If they fail to do so, their character gets declared terminally inactive and is inactive killed. There are no activity warnings in Endgame. It doesn't matter if an inactive character was supposed to win; inactivity will be enforced. Being Away is still allowed, but will be very closely scrutinized and must be announced at least three days in advance for all incidents except emergencies, as the staff hopes to avoid huge delays caused by handlers being gone for long stretches of time. If a handler will be gone for a very lengthy duration, the staff reserves the right to ask them to select a handler to take responsibility for their character in their absence.

If a handler has no interest in being in endgame, or if they do not feel that they can keep up with the posting regime, they can opt out before the final pre-Endgame rolls by sending Help a PM stating that they are doing so. The staff will count those characters as automatically rolled, then roll down to the final four (or five, or whatever is being done for the version) from whoever remains.

Please note that six days is the absolute maximum. Really, it should take much less time than that. Bookkeeping is going to be very strict on this; handlers can and will get busted if they stray over 144 hours at all.

Finally, there are rules regarding the punctuality of the start of Endgame. Endgame should be a time of excitement and activity. Unfortunately, historically Endgames have sometimes gotten bogged down in the planning stages. There are many reasons for this, and the staff understands the necessity of some planning, but at a certain point things just need to get started. It makes no sense to spend months trying to reach an accord on the winner when everyone really wants to take it to rolls.

As such, there will henceforth be a time limit of one month after the death of the final pre-Endgame character for determining a winner. If a winner is not determined in that time, then the game will go to rolls.

There will also be a deadline for starting the Endgame thread. That deadline will be one week after a winner is determined. This is because activity is not enforced until the thread begins, and it's not really good for the climaxes of games to take ages to get rolling.

For all those who are not rolled, this is the time to do some soul searching about whether you have the interest and ability to maintain activity in Endgame. If you don't, or if you think your character is a poor fit, you should PM Help to opt out prior to the final rolls. Please note that, as we now release logs of rolls, opting out will no longer be kept secret from the rest of the site.

Cards may be used this roll and next roll. If you still have a Hero Card, and you want to send someone to Endgame in your place, that is allowed. As soon as the card deadline for the rolls bringing us to the final four passes, however, all remaining cards may no longer be used. Cards are not held between versions.

As a further note, if you are looking to have your character win V5, please reacquaint yourself with the Epilogue guidelines. Please do take into account whether you will have the time and interest to close out the version.

With that out of the way, have at.