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New General SOTF Discussion Thread
The Burned Handler
Aug 15 2016, 05:15 AM
Someone in v4 or v5 had all the student profiles for that game as their weapon but I can't find who it was on the wiki. Anyone remember or willing to help find it?

EDIT: Jazz Creed in v3. I thought it was far more recent.
IIRC we did away with that come V4 because it presented too many complicated questions about what was IC in profiles and what was OOC, blurring the line between their status as game tool and in-game object.

That's why all of characters are secretly pregnant drug addicts. I just don't mention it in the profile to save staff the headache!

See, funnily this actually ties directly to the last thing I was talking about! With profiles as an IC item, there was way more justification to fudge stuff/take liberties because the character is an unreliable narrator/omit information because "even they don't know it!" Some of that still went down in V4 (generally to unfortunate ends), but by V5 it was largely stamped out.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
Yeah, everyone else should vote Frogue. I really don't wanna randomly misfire on Prim--Prim is only the insurance.

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
Also Virtua (by one). Oddly, the TV1 gender gap is actually a good bit bigger than I recalled--I counted 40 boys to 26 girls. PV1 and Evo both have boys in a slight lead, and the BR AU is of course exactly even.

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
Aug 1 2016, 11:02 AM
Oh yeah, the nature of the V1 and V2 rosters means there might be some numbers missing, since people picked their own instead of numbers being assigned by approval order.
Also, V1 had a super low number of girls, IIRC (and V2 was only slightly better). I'm pretty sure V6 is on track to be the first version ever with more girls than boys (unless you count Mini, where it's actually the more common situation if I'm remembering correctly).

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
Nah, we're gonna have most people vote for Frogue and like three vote for you, ideally. This is only as a backup in case scum immunity idol Frogue and vote as three on someone else. Realistically, they won't do so as it'd make it incredibly easy to catch them out and just vote everyone who voted that way out. I don't want to see you lynched today--that spot belongs to Frogue. I'd like to get some better discussion and more time to figure stuff out. But if we can't have Frogue, you're my second pick as a backup, as I find you most suspicious and a flip on you would give us lots of information while sacrificing little utility.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
EBWOP: Changed my mind. Voting Prim. The behavior is too much, plus the flavor for Prim fits the worst of the three and included no real justification for it. A flip on Prim would give us the ability to look more closely at Rorick and Lore, and really we're 95% not gonna lynch any of them anyways.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
Yep, what Rorick said. Odds of that happening are low but present. Goose said he got the idol later (anything else would make him shady anyways, given our interactions last phase). Barring something else coming up, I will be voting for Lore. This is not to say I 100% want Lore lynched, but Lore's role is the strange one that overlaps with both Prim's claim and Rorick's, and while Prim's behavior in prior phases is shady as the only tree in the desert at high noon, her actions this phase are slightly more reasonable looking. May still vacillate and flip back to Prim--I actually find Prim scummiest except for the claim from Rorick being really, really bizarre in light of Lore's claim. Need to do some flavor research.