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Official V5 Rolling List
1. Juhan Levandi (Maraoone)
2. Paris Ardennes (Ruggahissy)
3. Bianca Howard (Arscapi)
4. Matt Vartoogian (BROseidon)
5. Zoe Leverett (Jonny)
6. Karen Idel (Grim Wolf)
7. Tyler Lucas (Grim Wolf)
8. Ray Gilbert (Kalopsia)
9. Joseph Chaplin (ChainmailleAddict)
10. Natali Greer (backslash)
11. KK Konipaski (Rattlesnake)
12. Mara Montalvo (Ruggahissy)
13. Grace Faraday (Randomness)
14. Ruby Forrester (Fioriboy)
15. Harry Hanley (xylophonefairy)
16. Gray Emerson (Deamon)
17. Ian Valmont (Casey)
18. Marcus Leung (Solomir)
19. Theodore Fletcher (Espional)
20. Miranda Millers (KamiKaze)
21. Virgil Jefferson-Davis (BROseidon)
22. Alda Abbate (Casey)
23. Gavin Hunter (Ghost of Ravenstar)
24. Jacquilyn Locke (LocoBroJoe)
25. Madeline Wilcox (Turtle Tyrant)
26. Leona Van Camp (Outfoxd)
27. Zubin Wadia (Decoy73)
28. Sara Corlett (Turtle Tyrant)
29. Gabriel Lee (Zevon)
30. Iselle Ovaelle-Vandermeer (Betaknight)
31. Stacy Ramsey (Will)
32. Janie Sinneave (Casey)
33. R.J. Roger Jr. (Un-Persona)
34. Rose Matheson (Solitair)
35. Adam Morgan (MurderWeasel)
36. Ami Flynn (Ciel)
37. Joey Grey (Ares)
38. Aileen Abdallah (Bikriki)
39. Carlos Lazaro (Ciel)
40. Katarin Tolstoff (Decoy73)
41. Claire Monaghan (Laurels)
42. Paulo Abbate (Outfoxd)
43. Sunshine 'Sunny' Cho Lee (Namira)
44. Eliza Patton (Skraal)
45. Travis Webster (Delroy)
46. Andi Victorino (Mimi)
47. Rebecca Kiesling (Betaknight)
48. Jack McDonald (Flare)
49. Mirabella Strong (SansaSaver)
50. Cassandra Black (BROseidon)
51. Arthur Wells (Solitair)
52. Kyle Fitzpatrick (Skraal)
53. Cassidy Kant (LocoBroJoe)
54. James Wade (LordB)
55. Matt Masters (Aura Master Fox)
56. Christopher Harlin (Lexi)
57. Yukiko Sakurai (CondorTalon)
58. Kathryn Nguyen (Arscapi)
59. Aria Samuels (jimmydalad)
60. Casey Malkovich (Tagabasa)
61. Logan Cadegon (Arscapi)
62. Cammy Davidson (jimmydalad)
63. Emily Rose (Chase)
64. Garrett Wilde (DocBalance)
65. Deanna Hull (D/N)
66. Phoebe Cho (Mimi)
67. Matthew Young (Rattlesnake)
68. Oscar Trig (Greg The Anti-Viking)
69. Michael Mitchellson (dmboogie)
70. Benjamin Ward (Solomir)
71. Garrett Cobbler (Currently Unassigned)
72. Timothy Abrams (Skraal)
73. Ian Williams (VysePresident)
74. Lana Torres (KamiKaze)
75. Alex King (Slamexo)
76. Sophie McDowell (Laurels)
77. Brianna Battaglia (Shangela)
78. Owen Kay (Pippin)
79. Maynard Francis Hurst (SansaSaver)
80. Sean Mulcahy (MK Kilmarnock)
81. Rachael Langdon (Laurels)
82. Chase Rodriguez (Vyse President)
83. Corey Esposito (CondorTalon)
84. Stephanie Wright (Randomness)
85. Meera Stele (watcher in night)
86. Alice Gilman (dmboogie)
87. Jesse Jennings (D/N)
88. Gwen O’Connor (Espional)
89. Finn Grant (Will)
90. Sharon Austin (Jimmydalad)
91. Jessica Murphy (bacon)
92. Cody Patton (MK Kilmarnock)
93. Veronica McDonald (leAloha)
94. Cyrus White (simpleinsanity)
95. Hansel Williams (NotAFlyingToy)
96. Edgar Tolstoff (swirlythingy)
97. Darren Fox (JamesRenard)
98. Rosemary Michaels (MrMissMrs Random)
99. Jessica Sanders (MK Kilmarnock)
100. Kyran Dean (Psychedelic)
101. Alexander de Gaulle (Firedog)
102. Michelle Wexler (Ruggahissy)
103. Steven Salazar (MurderWeasel)
104. Joe Carrasco (Violent-Medic)
105. Max Sawyer (The Burned Handler)
106. Joachim Lovelace (Bikriki)
107. Summer Simms (Mimi)
108. Megan Emerson (JillSandwich)
109. Jenna Rhodes (Fioriboy)
110. Cooper Komorowski (Betaknight)
111. Kam So’oialo (Namira)
112. Miles Strickland (Psychedelic)
113. Takeshi Yoshikawa (Zabriel)
114. Yuan Stephanie Chan (Rocky)

The General SOTF Discussion Thread
Ooh, interesting stuff.

You see, I like to imagine that the narrator is actually a split personality living inside of the character's mind. The narrator has to draw on the emotions and knowledge of the character, though due to the narrator's different personality, she may be able to comment on the character's thought process from time to time. Mentioning the names of people the character does not know would break this "drawing from the character's mind" style.

That's a very interesting method. I tend towards a much more locked narrator/character relationship; what goes through a character's head tends to be what pops up in their narrative, with any cuts/exclusions made as nods towards readability and/or overall story. There are very few times when I break out of what the character knows in the present, and when I do it's either a. a mistake or b. nefarious foreshadowing (as an example, I'd never say "Thinking about it later, James would conclude..." unless I'm positive James will have a later in which to think about it. And in SOTF, that takes some doing!).

As to faces, yeah, I'm awful. Two weeks in, I still don't know the names of everyone in my workshop. Which has six students in it. Counting me. ><

Finally, while we're explaining thread titles, Steven's latest oneshot is of course alluding to the fact that, like Cody Jenson, he is going insane after getting hit in the head with a crowbar. ;)

SotF Murdercast
I'd say it is far more important to read a lot than to write a lot (or even at all) in order to be an interesting podcast guest.

The General SOTF Discussion Thread
I think it's very relevant if it was written under the assumption that people would know (and nine out of ten times, it is). Getting the full context of a post is a pretty big deal; it's why invisitext annoyed some handlers, since it meant they were having to go back and reread to understand things.

Now, if something's designed as an Easter egg, sure, leave it vague. I'm sure other handlers hide stuff (I know I do). If it's alluding to a specific event, though, I like to know which, and there's no real reason not to.

As to names, I feel that that's on each handler to work in. If a character doesn't now another's name, using it anyways involves breaking narrative voice, which can be a huge no no depending on your style (I skew heavy duty third-person limited, and you have to go omniscient to get the name in). The handler of the unknown character should be using their kid's name enough to have it all understood, or else the issue's more with their style.

The General SOTF Discussion Thread
The Paulo and Becca thing? If so, nope! I was just noticing, while rereading old threads, that they'd often be like "James had seen a crazy boy with a blue shirt and glasses on the first day!" and it wouldn't be any use at all because now, three versions later, that description is not iconic. Or, worse, "James heard a rattle of machine gun fire, the first of the game." and of course nobody remembers who was the first to fire a machine gun in V2 or whatever. So I took what would be an impenetrable reference that was super obvious at the time and called it out, drawing some attention to the device.

Introduction Thread
Hiya, Dyna, and welcome to SOTF!

You should take a look at the Mini, the chat, and the New Handler's Guide. If you've got any questions, feel free to PM me or any other staffer (we have purple names).

Right now, Mini has a new game taking registrations, so if you want to get in on the action, that's a good place to start.

We hope you enjoy it here!

The General SOTF Discussion Thread
Yeah, Poor Unfortunate is set on Day Three's night.

Stuff I posted (bolding on the setting bits)
Natali was barely staying upright. She seemed the hardest struck by this, now, despite her initial resilience. It had taken Adam a long while to notice, because he'd been so wrapped up in not thinking. During those times when he had turned his attention outside, it had been with an eye towards keeping them safe from possible ambushes, especially during the night they'd spent on the move. It was almost night again, and they couldn't endure another without real rest. The offices, seemingly so sub-par at first, now felt like they would've been paradise. Returning to them wasn't an option, however. Adam didn't like looking back.

Mark Little was dead on the ground, apparently fallen from the roller coaster. Adam wasn't sure if that was a good or a bad way to die, given the circumstances and other options here.

The reference to a night spent travelling moves things clearly to Day Three, because the group spent its first night in the offices. It's just that some time got skipped due to a lot of RL stuff and thread slowness and such.

SotF Murdercast
I'll listen to this soon. Very excited, though; I have fond memories of the V4 podcasts.

Also, I'd love to guest in the future if you'll have me. I now can do so without anyone leaning over my shoulder, at almost any time. May need to get a decent mic, though, as all I have is my computer's built-in one.

New League of Legends Thread
My last game was a hilarious mess. Each team had only one player who had even a basic idea of how to play their champion. I got 35 kills as Teemo, but we lost to a Katarina who racked up 45. It was basically the two of us dueling and killing anyone who had the misfortune of wandering into our path on the way.

Unfortunately, they'd pushed earlier, and had enugh of a foothold we just never managed to turn the tide back at all.

I did manage to get a quadrakill when they all charged our base. It was super close to wiping the whole team, but Garen ran away around the second kill and didn't step on any mushrooms on the way out. ><

The General SOTF Discussion Thread
The other reason we didn't go with an immediate "X character(s) become immune to the next rolls" thing is that, unfortunately, such a setup becomes way more powerful as the game goes on. At the start, the odds of being rolled are fairly low, while near Endgame protection form a single roll can almost double a character's chances of hitting Endgame. At the same time, participation in contests always trails off as the game goes on, so once again it'd be putting tons of power in a few hands at the most critical moment of the game.

The General SOTF Discussion Thread
Aug 29 2013, 01:53 PM
Aug 29 2013, 01:31 PM
When a DZ in a certain place is logical, either because of other DZ placements or because of IC actions.
Sudden thought I just had: would it be possible to arrange the DZs in such a way that part of the island could be physically cut off from all other parts?
It would be possible IC, but due to the OOC logistics involved in actually RPing during that we'd never do it. It' difficult enough to keep characters on the same day; necessitating separation into two (or more) zones would be a horrible nightmare. Even accounting for the DZing of the South East Woods during V4 made everything way more annoying for the rest of the game (imagine the island as a bicycle wheel, and suddenly one of the spokes is impassable).

The General SOTF Discussion Thread
We're trying really hard to avoid the "Danya has multiple personalities" thing from V5 out. A large part of the decision to replace Victor Danya, actually, was to get an announcer with a consistent voice. As such, that one would be tough to work, especially since we sometimes tend to close BKA/BDA and then immediately post the announcement.

The General SOTF Discussion Thread
Honestly, I don't care about BDA any more now that there's no prize*. I know the justification was that there was a low rate of participation in the awards, but if anything, the rate of participation in the quote contests has been even lower.

I reckon one sure-fire way to increase participation would be to remove the requirement to give detail on one's vote, which is something not a lot of people are going to have the time or ability to do - I personally find it quite difficult. At the very least, some sort of 'me too' system for upvoting other people's votes might improve the situation.

An idea I had last night for an alternative prize was to allow the winner to choose one of the danger zones in the next day's announcement. Has this been considered?

* For those of us on Zeta Original, a non-existent scrolling quote is effectively "no prize". The first I ever hear about the previous month's award is when I log out to vote on the following month's.

A few things:

1. It's totally cool if you're not interested in BDA for its own sake. Honestly, we'd far rather have nobody give a hoot than people gunning for the awards in awkward ways, which was very much the state of affairs during V4.

There seems to be a common misunderstanding of the motivation behind the contest: it currently exists to celebrate good writing, not to encourage it. If you're gonna write a good scene, it should be because you're invested in your character and their storyline and want to give them a proper sendoff, not to win an award.

2. We will never, ever have an upvote thing. The requirements for voting are very low already, honestly. You explain why you liked a death a lot. Any sort of upvote would require the reasons be visible in advance, and there are very, very good reasons they are not (see: any V4 award outside the last two).

3. DZ selection is an interesting idea, but unfortunately veers between useless and vindictive, with only a small "cool" middle ground. A DZ forces an end on a scene wherever it's put, which makes it a powerful way to mess up someone's day. Staff drops DZs in a few ways:
  • When scenes are dragging and/or days behind IC, to speed them along and restore momentum.
  • When a DZ in a certain place is logical, either because of other DZ placements or because of IC actions.
  • At random

There's a lot more thought that goes into the first two than may be immediately apparent. Handlers would be reduced to the third or to spite-DZing people, and we do not want to see that last one ever under any circumstances.

Im iffy on the bda award, if only on the chance that there's no dialogue in a death thread.

It can be anything the character said, and I'm pretty sur every character has now had some dialogue.

Ain't nothing wrong with quoting narrative.

If it's both good and compact, I have no issues with that. I prefer dialogue, by and large, but narrative can be fun too.

The current set of DZs were randomly rolled, or at least I think that's what Rugga said in chat. (Forgive me if I'm misremembering.) I can see there'd be potential for mischief, although I'm more concerned about the possibility of holding up announcements if handlers are slow to choose.

That was a misunderstanding and was only used last announcement. Random rolls are the last choice.

The General SOTF Discussion Thread
I'll give it a look!

Also, you can always PM a staffer directly. It's often quicker, and we still discuss it as a group and give a collective ruling.

V5 Reduced Activity Notices
Plumbing catastrophe means we can't flush the toilet much for the next two days, which means we'll be out of the house a lot. As such, expect me around a bit less.

I'm starting to wonder if I accidentally rolled over a dozen mirrors or something, because this has been an epic run of problematic complications keeping me off the site. ><

V5 Fifth Rolls
Four days sounds reasonable. Granted!

Loretta, My Darling
((Steven Salazar continued from Memory))

Steven had to move quite a ways from where he had encountered Kat and Theo in order to find what he was looking for. It would be worth it, though, he was sure of that. The idea had come out of nowhere during the standoff, and the more he turned it over in his head, the more obvious it seemed. And yet, it was something he'd never heard of being done in Survival of the Fittest before, which gave him a little pause. Was there some reason? Did the terrorists take preventative measures, perhaps?

It was worth a shot, though. As such, he'd made his way towards the more gentrified part of the living site, where doors were still on their hinges and it looked like people might have once enjoyed living.

The first three apartments Steven searched seemed to reinforce the idea that he was going to strike out, turning up nothing of interest. By the time he left the third, slamming the door on his way out, he was almost ready to just throw in the towel and go chasing after Theo without everything he'd wanted. Oh, sure, he had the basics for his secondary objective—three empty glass bottles, liberated from a wine rack and drained down the sink; a flexible, four-foot-long, clear plastic tube, found beside an empty fish tank; a bucket, taken from a bathroom closet; and a handful of washcloths from the same—but that was a small comfort without his main goal.

And then, in the fourth place he searched, a slightly nicer condo with a little garage attachhed to it, Steven was finally successful.

Over in the corner of the garage, propped against the wall next to an old silver car, were two mountain bikes, revealed by the flickering glow of his flashlight. He'd had a pretty good idea that the island had been full of bicycles at some point, what with the trails labeled on the map and the simple fact that everything was within pretty easy biking distance from any given point on the island. It seemed that the evacuation of this place had come pretty suddenly, but mountain bikes were expensive, so Steven imagined most of the people had stowed their investments somewhere safe. Anything outside was likely to be corroded beyond use and/or locked to a lamp post or something, but everything here had been shielded from the elements.

The larger bike was a beautiful dark blue with silver highlights, sleek and professional and adjusted for someone about a foot taller than Steven. The smaller one, more his height, was hot pink, with a basket bolted to the back. It was slightly mud-splattered, and looked like it had seen a lot more use, and in any other circumstances Steven would've taken the time to find tools and adjust the nicer bike as close to his level as he could, maybe even search other buildings for a better option.

His height had never bothered Steven too much, but right about now he really wished he was half a foot taller. These bikes were clearly a pair, and he'd dealt with enough ribbing in his life without riding some guy's wife's bicycle.

But Theo was out there somewhere, along with so many other killers, and they weren't going to wait on Steven's fashion decisions. He was taking a lot of time already, and was going to have to invest more of it, as he saw the tires on both bikes had gone completely flat.

A few minutes later, Steven had located a bike pump and had managed to get the pressure in the tires back up. He wiped his brow, massaged his forearms, which were sore from the pumping. He'd never been too much of a biker. Sure, he'd done it as a kid—up through middle school, really—but the biggest advantage of bicycles had never mattered back in Seattle. Now, though, Steven realized just how convenient it was to have a vehicle with absolutely no reliance on fuel or electricity.

Of course, he was also coming to understand why nobody else in his shoes had ever spent the time to get one working; it was a total pain in the ass, and likely to not be too useful outside of someone with a similar set of goals as he had.

But now he was nearly ready to go. He picked his flashlight up from where he had awkwardly propped it to illuminate his work, turned, walked the bike towards the door, and the stopped.

There was, after all, a car here as well, and one of those was another important part of Steven's plan. He couldn't begin to guess how to hotwire a car, couldn't even say if they would still run. Their batteries would almost certainly have run down in the time since the island had been abandoned, or possibly removed by the terrorists, since they seemed so concerned that the students not have access to any power. Steven didn't plan to drive anywhere, though.

Setting the flashlight on a shelf again, he set the bucket down next to the car and removed the bottles and washcloths and tube he'd been storing in it. He popped open the hatch on the side, unscrewed the gas cap, retrieved his tube.

He'd read about siphoning gas before. It came with the literature he favored, and if Hunter S. Thompson had never mentioned doing it himself, well, plenty of the other subversives of the era had provided tips. Abbie Hoffman would've been proud.

Steven stuck the tube as far into the tank as it would go, then got the bucket on his lap and brought the tube to his mouth. The flashlight cast flickering shadows over absolutely everything, and its light reflected dully off the car, making it hard for Steven to see. Nonetheless, he took a deep breath, then started to suck on the tube.

Things moved faster than he'd been expecting. Steven's first clue that something was wrong was when he got a mouthful of gasoline. He gagged, turned his head, and spat it on the floor, managing to drip some over his shirt and pants in the process. Still, he'd gotten the flow going. It wasn't too quick, but it was enough. The gas spattered into the bucket, the sound almost like that of rain against his window back home.

Once the bucket had been filled about halfway, Steven figured it would be enough and pulled the tube out of the car's tank. He then ripped one of the washcloths into three strips, straining to tear through the fabric, succeeding only because the cloth had been a little threadbare to begin with. He searched the garage again, flashlight in hand, and found a small plastic funnel amidst other assorted tools. Returning to the bottles, Steven held one between his knees, inserted the funnel, and then lifted the bucket. Pouring the gasoline into the funnel was once again not as simple as he'd expected, since the bucket was quite heavy with its load. Some gasoline slopped over the side, further soaking into Steven's pants.

He was able to fill the three bottles, though, with enough gas left to soak the three strips of rag before stuffing them into the bottles' necks and still leave a half inch at the bottom of the bucket. The entire garage reeked with the fumes, and the aftertaste lingered as a coating on Steven's tongue, but it would be worth it.

He didn't know if the gas would even ignite, if he was being honest. He was pretty sure it could go bad if left too long, and this had been left a long time indeed, but he wasn't sure if that would affect its ability to burn or just to power cars safely. It didn't really matter. He had three Molotov cocktails now, and he was the only one who knew there was a solid chance they were duds.

And now, Steven had just one more thing to do. In a corner, he dug around in his pack, removing everything except his provided food and equipment, his cologne, his coat (which he had mercifully not been wearing when he'd spilled gas on himself), and two sets of clothes. He stowed everything else on a table, figuring he could come back for it later if he ever needed it again, then changed into one of the remaining sets of clothing and sprayed himself liberally with the cologne. He was probably fighting a losing battle with Eau de Petrol, but damned if he wasn't going to go down swinging.

He stuck the bike pump in his bag with the spare set of clothes, and squeezed it into the basket. Then he wedged the three Molotovs in next to it, along with the chair leg. The pillowcase he transferred to the left hip pocket of his fresh pants, bulging them out awkwardly. The lighter from the first aid kit went in his right pocket.

Then he wrestled the bike out of the garage, a slightly challenging process because it involved getting it up a couple stairs that he'd barely even noticed on his way in. Steven blinked as he emerged into the light once more. He'd been in the garage and the nearby houses for somewhere around an hour, he estimated, time during which Theo had probably been doing his best to increase the distance between them. It might be tough to find him again, but when he did...

Steven was ready, now. He'd had his baptism of fire, and had come out with a much better idea of what it would take to get the killers to listen. He wouldn't be laughed off again.

He pulled himself onto the bike, and after a half second or so, tugged the rock-filled pillowcase from his pocket and dropped it on the ground. Anything messing up his leg mobility would be a huge liability. He was about to get rolling, but something felt wrong. He paused for a few seconds, considered, then leaned the bike against the wall of the house and ducked back inside.

Three minutes later, Steven was back, a dark blue bike helmet strapped to his head. Much better, especially since it fit well enough that he'd been able to give the matching pink helmet a pass.

Then he pushed off. It was wobbly at first, with the load in the bike's basket shaking his balance at first, but it was true what everyone said: there were some things you really never did forget.

A few minutes later, Steven was making fast progress, skimming along as he searched for troublemakers.

((Steven Salazar continued in Memories of the City))

"Whoa, whoa, hey," Steven said, some because it sounded okay for a lead-in but mostly because stuff had just escalated and changed a whole lot faster than he'd been expecting and a little verbal filler gave his mind a few moments to catch up. "How about if the guy's backing off? Like I said, I think we're all on the same side here. No reason to wreck each other when everyone else is gonna try. And besides, you don't know what I've got up my sleeve. Shoot me, maybe I die but maybe I spend the rest of my life trying to make sure you do too."

It was taking a lot of work to not blow his lid and scream at Kat, explain that, no, he was pretty much trying to keep Theo from being panicked, at least until he could get the guy alone. He wanted to scream at her, call her an idiot for killing and break down exactly why it was not only an immoral choice but also a stupid one. She was ruining everything, making it likely he'd lose out on both fronts.

He'd hoped to separate the two when he'd arrived, but had been more interested in ending up with Theo. Two on one was a fight he couldn't win. Him against a gun was a fight he couldn't win, not when it was pointed and ready and Steven only had a chair leg and a pillowcase full of rocks. Him against Theo, though, now there was a fight he was starting to suspect he could carry.

Something had obviously gone seriously wrong for the boy. The announcements had said he'd killed Xavier with his own gun the day before. That was interesting, since he'd already had a gun prior to that, had shot both of his initial victims. So why had he needed Xavier's gun, and where was it now?

And the answer of course was that it wasn't anywhere, because Theo hadn't been carrying a bag. He'd looked roughed up. Something had happened, and now, now he was likely desperate. All the calm walking off into the sunset in the world couldn't hide it from someone who'd paid enough attention to know the score, but the infuriating thing was that Steven couldn't do anything about it if he got gunned down here. He had a real chance to accomplish something. Maybe he could make progress with Kat instead, but her demeanor made him doubt it. No, this was a battle he'd need some decent weaponry for. He'd had some ideas as to how to overcome that issue before, but they wouldn't be half as believable now that he was on the spot.

He took a few steps backwards, keeping his eyes on Kat, his hand hovering near his pocket. It was about posturing, now, sowing just enough doubt too keep her from making any rash decisions. Kat was still semi-rational, it seemed, and that meant she was killing to survive. Threaten that outcome, she lost all reason to bite. And Steven needed to get away.

It wasn't even that he was afraid to die, for that was still the inevitable endpoint of this mission. Losing out before trying would be humiliating, but hubris had no place in doing what was right. No, he had to get away because he knew which direction Theo had gone. If the boy just kept on walking, catching him would be no problem, but his rapid departure made Steven suspect he'd change directions or go to ground once he was out of sight. That was alright. Steven had another stop in mind first anyways, and now he could roughly isolate which quadrant of the island Theo was in.

Steven was realizing that searching was going to take a lot of his energy, and he'd need to be fast to comb the place in a reasonable time frame. An idea was brewing to minimize both those problems.

So he kept moving, slowly and cautiously distancing himself from Kat, all the time half expecting she'd open fire anyways. As soon as he made it to an alley, Steven ducked down it to break the line of fire. Then he quickly sprinted to the other end, made his way out, and began to circle through the area, keeping away from where he'd seen Kat and keeping track of which way Theo had gone. At the same time, he kept his eyes open for what he was searching for. He'd know it when he saw it.

((Steven Salazar continued in Loretta, My Darling))
((Passive GMing of Kat not shooting Steven and letting him bail approved))

V5 Fifth Rolls
One day and seven minutes for deaths.

V5 Fifth Rolls
Extensions granted.

One day, twenty hours, and fifty-four minutes for deaths. Please request any required extensions promptly, and please remember that BKA/BDA is gonna start pretty promptly once the main deadline passes, so if you want to be eligible it will behoove you to get done really soon.