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Worm Mafia
Basically, CBP's entire play thus far has centered around avoiding responsibility and focus. The initial, seemingly-serious vote? Nope, just a joke that didn't land. But serious enough to leave the vote up! But no, wait, actually Deamon's on the level with good points about Cicada. Gotta take that vote off. Not to put on Cicada, mind, just to not have it in play.

This is coupled with taking accusations oddly seriously, which is always an unbecoming look. There's a lot of odd focus on preempting arguments, and not only that, but calling out that preempting, like "Oh hey, now you can't catch me out on this odd play!" That's not really town behavior.

I also don't like that CBP is enthusiastically pinning responsibility for being convinced on Yugi. Seems like a setup for "Whoops, not my fault! That dastardly Yugi led me astray."

Worm Mafia
I'm vacillating here. I actually feel a good bit worse about CBP than Cicada right now, after reviewing the posts of both. Not totally thrilled with either, but CBP is the one where I'm seeing a more clear scum play logic going.

I'm going to VOTE: CBP. Amenable to Cicada and don't wanna be the reason our lynch dies, but at the same time don't wanna vote the lesser evil I see while ignoring the one I'm most concerned about. Will check back in ~25 minutes before work, may swap my vote then just due to nervousness about our ability to get anything done. Want it very clearly on the record where my big misgivings lie, though.

Worm Mafia
Cicada Days
Jul 30 2017, 12:02 AM
I'm not actually sure what you're seeing here? I'm going to give up on defending myself since I'm legit not sure how I'm supposed to be phrasing things to not give off the signs I'm supposedly giving.
Also, to go back a little, not thrilled with this. Especially coming as it does right after this:

I also am not digging the mode of defense; Cicada's trying really hard to meet and defuse each accusation in a somewhat calculated way that seems to be jerking around to serious really quickly.

So like, basically I go "Cicada keeps reacting super seriously and trying to meet every single objection for what's not a massive case," and Cicada goes "Oh yes silly me I shall stop defending myself so vigorously"--which is, of course, once more reacting super seriously and catering directly to the expressed suspicions.

To be clear, I'm not saying not to defend yourself. The specific vibes in this defense, however, are a little too on-the-nose for what has by my read been a relatively low-pressure case.

Also, gonna be out from ~four hours from now until probably after phase end. It appears I'm still joke voting at present, so I'll do my best to remember to toss something serious out before I go incommunicado.

Worm Mafia
Jul 30 2017, 07:15 PM
In short I was trying to protect in the future against this specific kind of exact words shit but maybe I should just stop being so paranoid. I dunno.
This is something worth keeping an eye on. A preemptive defense is, generally speaking, the goal of someone keeping a close eye on not getting lynched. That's more of a scum mindset than a town one (though it's been seen a lot with newer town players of late, so is not all on its own a thing).

Worm Mafia
Also, quick note: while newbie status can mean much or little, what it does tend to bring is certain assumptions and modes of operation that jump out to folks who've played a lot (like, I don't think an experienced player would've WIFOMed there, for example). There are a number of scum tells that can be plucked from the unwary this way (to use one I call out every single game and thus don't overly mind sacrificing for the sake of example, wringing ones hands after the night phase and going "Oh no, this was the worst phase ever, those dastardly yet charmingly handsome scum have really got us on the ropes, guys!").

Worm Mafia
Jul 29 2017, 06:27 PM
@Murderweasel: Thoughts on Riki's vote? Thoughts on Cicada?
re: Riki, hm, I'm generally chill with the vote. That's not to say I super agree with it, but cutesy humor is a pretty typical scum slip. I like the analysis and basis, and it doesn't seem like a thing scum Bik would fake--if anything, his chiming in this constructively this early is unusual.

re: Cicada, not in love with the response to my question because adding noise to the discourse is not a good thing in most situations. I also am not digging the mode of defense; Cicada's trying really hard to meet and defuse each accusation in a somewhat calculated way that seems to be jerking around to serious really quickly. I suppose the lynch barrier is pretty low this game, but still.

Extra double plus not digging the immediate descent into WIFOM. Like, the original case was kinda meh, but in meeting it so forcefully I'm getting vibes like maybe Cicada got caught for bad reasons and is flailing over that?

Worm Mafia
Jul 29 2017, 10:34 AM
I think my logic at the time accounted for townies who have no power role so they're like 'eh' in terms of trying to sniff things out and so they let others lead the discussion?

Just a reminder for everyone in case they missed it:
14. The game is role madness. There are zero vanilla townies, and zero goons. Everyone has a power role. Power roles may be combined (i.e. a character might be a cop-bulletproof hybrid (this specific role will not appear in the game, for obvious reasons)).

Quick note here, since this torpedoed an angle I was gonna press a bit:

Generally speaking, I prefer questions to corrections with stuff like this because it results in better info. For example, if we asked Cicada "What do you mean by 'no power roles?'" We could confirm whether or not she actually caught that bit in the rules, and potentially extrapolate from there. We could also find out she meant something to the tune of "no active power roles," and not no vanillas. I mean, we can still ask/learn that stuff, but it's now going to be in the context of the clarification having been made and thus deceit eased (so, answer please, Cicada?).

I'm also going to toss a slight :( Randomness' way over this, mostly on account of my understanding of Randomness' scum playstyle being a fairly conciliatory/smooth-stuff-over one. This is pretty light spoonfeeding, and not enough to draw a vote from me, but it's notable enough I want it, well, noted.

Meanwhile: V6 Documentary
A question: if someone has a character with, say, connections to some of the dead V6 students but who is not an actual family member, would that also be acceptable for use?

This sounds like an awesome project, and I'm stoked to see the outcome.

Worm Mafia
Hey, Yugi, why the unvote?

Frogue: Welcome! Any thoughts so far?

Worm Mafia
Cicada: you say that certain choices could lead to further information. Do you see these factors in play here? And if so, do they provide such information?

Worm Mafia
Obligatory suddenly-serious-yet-fairly-minor points:

1. Don't like self votes (Hi, Cicada!). Self-voting in joke vote stage lets you "play along" with the joke while avoiding leaving any sort of trail. I think I've hashed this out a lot of times in past games, but I really like seeing folks commit (even if just to a stupid joke).

2. Crossbow's post comes off as weird to me because everyone's screwing around but the post seems to take stuff seriously. Crossbow, how serious is your vote?

Worm Mafia
Can I double vote Yugi because the board is closed? I literally can't post there so obviously he's framing me not gonna talk potential Meanwhiles I may or may not owe, though.

Worm Mafia
I have my role!

Also, VOTE: Yugi for posting before he had his PM. What's more suspicious than someone who posts before even they know if they're Town? 0_o

Official SOTF Mini Update Thread (Current: PV3 Prologue Live, SC2 is ongoing)
Heya, SOTF! Long ago, it was announced that a thread keeping members of Main up to speed on the happenings of Mini would soon be posted. Then we forgot to post it/debated who would do it/whatever for three years. But now, the time has come. This thread will compile information regarding Mini and will be updated, bumped, etc. periodically.

At present, the pending Mini is Second Chances Version Two. SC2 allows for characters who perished in past versions, both Main and Mini, to have another run. You can use your own deceased characters or (with explicit permission from their original handlers) those of others. We're looking towards a launch in the next few weeks, but there's absolutely still time to get involved.

Mini's rules have also been totally overhauled and streamlined. If you're unfamiliar with Mini, it's easier than ever to check it out and get a feel for how it differs from Main.

Finally, handler-run AUs, a concept abandoned for a variety of reasons in years past, have been reintroduced. If you have any interest in running or participating in AUs, we welcome you to check out the new program.

Looking to the future, the third version of The Program is next in line among the primary Minis. More information will be forthcoming as that time gets nearer.

Feel free to ask any questions here, or to pop over to Mini and do so there.

Worm Mafia Sign-ups
Jul 20 2017, 09:58 PM
I'm gonna have no access July 24-August 4. If this ends up conflicting with the game, I should probably bow out.
Honestly, that's only missing like one day and night phase at typical SOTF paces, which is unfortunate but not totally terrible. Might be a punk to read through everything upon return, though.

Suggestion: increasing the character cap per handler
re: Crossbow's point, I actually agree that that is the best case scenario, and one that has historically played out alongside the stuff that makes me worry. Sometimes it's too easy for me to get caught up in the frustrations of the less-happy results and to forget the cool stuff that can also come about. I still think super mega huge games aren't great, of course, but just seeing this post sorta threw me back to my own processes years ago, and it's a point with merit worthy of consideration.

v7+ concepts
Juliette Sargent is a nice girl who's always there to listen and eager to help a friend in need. She also aspires to capture the role of class president, and to this end has turned to active campaigning for much of the year, making an attempt to leverage her generally good reputation and her interpersonal skills towards her ends.

Taking Requests for Character Art
<3 Thanks a ton, Ryuki! I dig your style, and BB looks wonderful. I will definitely be back to bother you for more art (assuming that's okay) once I've dragged appearances kicking and screaming out of my V7 characters. You rock for making all of these.

Taking Requests for Character Art
Heya, Ryuki! These are really, really cool. Some folks tipped me off to your DA gallery when you joined, and I went and poked through the art there. You're great at capturing characters in iconic ways (and I knew a dude in high school who wore exactly the same Green Day shirt Cristobal has).

I'm terrible at appearances and tend to do them last of all when creating characters, and I sadly didn't have it together enough to play in V6, but I was wondering if you might be willing to add someone who was left behind to your list (and no worries at all if not; I don't take offense :) ). Barbara Gunnerson played in a band and her boyfriend got shot and stuff. Here's her appearance:

BB Gunnerson

I'll draw your character when I'm bored

Jewel looks super duper wonderful and amazing. I love all the little details you put into her clothing and hair. I just want to say again that it's super cool of you to volunteer your time and very considerable talent making art for folks. You are totally awesome. :)

Also, since you've indicated willingness to let folks add more to your endless pile, could I request Jennifer Perez? Her appearance section is extracted below with a couple notes because V4-era profile standards were terrible looser.

Jennifer's appearance plus a couple notes

Feel totally free to ignore, skip, etc. as you will. That you've done the amount of art you have already makes you a hero to the community, and I don't want to add untoward work if you're not down. Once more, you rock!