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Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
So, Rorick's claim is interesting in that it's basically the same thing Prim and Lore claimed. I think, at this point, odds are incredibly high one of the three is lying. Rorick's is also the most verifiable and seemingly least likely to be scum-affiliated--if, say, an investigative role checked Rorick last night and got nothing, that would sink his claim flat out. Then again, if Rorick is scum, he may be assuming that he was not checked due to the lack of someone claiming and sinking him with it. In any event, he's also the only one of the three with a claim that's verifiable in any way, so I trust him the most.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
Goose's info checks out. I believe he has the thing at the least, and assume him more likely town than not based on his choice to divulge his possession of it.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
Jul 30 2016, 03:27 PM
I have flavour claimed.

What have people claimed and who's dead and so? Because the OP is unchanged and there is no graveyard.
Eliminated Town:
Toxie: Joe Anglim, Doctor
Decoy73: Spencer Bledsoe, Tracker
Vyse: Cass McQuillen, Townie

Eliminated Scum/Third Party:
Backslash: Abi-Maria Gomes, Mafia Goon

Claimed Town:
MW: Jeremy Collins
Prim: Jeff Varner, Bulletproof
Lore: (No flavor yet), Bulletproof
Randomness: Unknown, Townie
Paige: Unknown, Townie
RC: Unknown, Townie
Goose: Unknown, Townie

Claimed Scum/Third Party:
Boogie: Stephen Fishbach, Lyncher (Mod verified)
Frogue: Ciera Eastin, Unknown Mafia


Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
Rorick Skyve
Jul 29 2016, 07:19 PM
First of all, on the claims of Randomness and EP: While I was suspicious of EP earlier in the game, I have to say, I am mostly convinced now that both are town. The only scenario in which this wouldn't be the case, is one in which both are scum, but looking through the previous pages, I don't see that being the case. It doesn't make sense for only one of them to be scum either, because

A: Randomness was the first one to announce he had received no flavor, just his role;
and B: Paige claimed the same thing after him, but added more details. Now if she had merely claimed the exact same thing without adding details, I would still consider the possibility of her being a scum member trying to get around the issue of having to fake a flavorclaim, but the way it is, it's highly unlikely. Also, it doesn't make sense for Randomness to be scum and Paige to be town either, since Randomness was the first to proclaim he had received no flavor, which would be an incredibly risky move and there is basically no way he could have known there was another town member without given flavor beforehand.
While I don't think Paige is scum, I do want to caution this line of logic a little. Paige played in SDR mafia, which used exactly the same gimmick, and was a VT in that game. This means she actually had a pretty good idea of how the mechanic works, and as scum could've easily claimed and filled in accurately just by using her PM from the older game. It'd be risky, but only slightly--it's the sort of mechanic unlikely to change too much.

So Randomness, Paige and RC all have the same flavour claim? I find that kind of hard to believe.

It actually is pretty common. We also know someone else who had the same role--Vyse. It's how Yugi runs regular townies to mess with mass claims.

RC gets no town cred for his claim, but also loses none. Actually, on second thought, he gets slight town cred for confirming Randomness as town.

Am kinda on holiday, as posted in away, but yeah, uh, I also have the generic townie claim. I do have a name, but that'll only be revealed if you lynch me. Can kinda understand if there's suspicion of me - I was leaning towards backslash and frogue pre-revelations, am very inactive, have a pisspoor claim, yadayada.

I do have a hidden immunity idol though

Sweet and good to know. To clarify: did you get the idol over the last night phase? What sort of information came with it, if any? There are a few details I forgot to share that can nicely verify you as telling the truth. You get pretty big town points if you are, as scum would have no real reason to share this info.

@Rorick: Can you flavor claim as well, please?

@Lore: At this point, I'd love to hear your flavor as well.

@Bik: Ditto.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
Jul 29 2016, 07:09 PM
I have to choose whether or not to go nightimmune and they are limited.

In comparison, I kinda want prim's ability to be sure to live a hit while I have to guess if I'm going to be attacked
So your ability affects only yourself?

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
Jul 29 2016, 06:51 PM
I will try to participate more, but 37 pages, man. That is a lot to read thoroughly.

I'll be active now, ask away any question.
Would you mind flavor claiming? That's what we're doing at the moment.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
Jul 29 2016, 10:55 AM
@Lore: Still waiting for you to double check your role PM color, please!

It's green #090, the regular green you get when you choose the color.
Me and Pim have the same so this mean maybe that's why we got similar roles?

If yellow are neutral roles (jester dmboogie), blue had pro-town investigation roles (tracker and doctor) then green could be protective roles (my vests and prim's night immune and then, when frogue dies we could know if red (the color of backslash) is the scum color or the killing roles color.

Also, Prim is less scumish in my eyes now because why go such way to get the confirmation of her role like going as far to ask the mod to say it? I can't really trust her but I don't see her as a possible future flip because of that. Unless one day, a lot of deaths start popping around (two a nights) and no vig claims.
On colors: See, I was hoping one of you was blue, because Yugi is unusual in that he usually uses blue for town power roles--that is to say, anything but a normal townie. Had one of you not been green, I'd've put the other down as clear scum; with both of you green, it doesn't mean anything except that the coloration is inconsistent.

I'm not very good at the whole answering question/reads. So please bear with me on this. Can't you guys focus on other people who are doing nothing at all?

See, the issue is you've come off as really scummy. I absolutely want to hear from other people too, but if they don't do anything they're gonna get modkilled anyways. I'm mostly waiting for everyone else to claim flavor at this point. I'm not gonna stop asking questions from you just due to that, though.

Most of the answers give me what I was looking for. Can you explain why you find RC and Danny suspicious, though? Especially Danny.

Lore: Since you've already claimed your role, can you explain how it works? Don't say how many shots you've used if it's limited-shot, but everything else I'd like to know.

@everyone being quiet: Yes, please, what Prim said! Contribution is great. Also, I'd really love flavor claims from everyone yet to give them. Order doesn't really matter anymore--the important ones have already claimed.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
Further questions for Prim, matched to numbers again and following from last time:

1. What makes you think Randomness more likely to be town? What makes you more suspicious of one claim than the other, given that both claimed exactly the same thing?

2. Why were you so trustful of Backslash? What did she do that struck you as townish?

3. What do you make of Frogue's decisions in claiming to me? Not talking about the "Yeah I'm scum" this phase, but rather the private claim that let me catch Frogue out at the end of last phase.

4. No further questions on your claim!

5. If all the people who've been quiet are town, and you're town, and I'm town, and one of Randomness and Paige is town, then who is scum?

6. Why do you think Lore would counter-claim you at this stage? What does scum have to gain from a faked counter-claim at this point in time?


@Lore: Still waiting for you to double check your role PM color, please!

Prim also insinuated that it's only single-shot immunity, which is fairly common and not that powerful.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
And one for Yugi, that this game has reminded me of and has been niggling for like a year: I've gotta know. When I was Nagito Komaeda in SDR Mafia, was I really just a normal townie, or did I have some weird special role going on that I was unaware of?

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
A few questions for Prim (and only Prim):

1. What about Randomness' and Paige's claims strikes you as suspicious? What do you think is their thought process/plan assuming they are scum?
2. Why did you continue to defend Backslash last phase for so long? What about her arguments was convincing to you?
3. What do you make of Frogue's play this phase? What are your thoughts on Frogue's claim to me?
4. What was the thought process behind your claiming role as well as flavor? How did you expect scum to react to your claim?
5. Of those who have not yet claimed in any way (RC, Rorick, Goose, Bik, and Danny) who strikes you as most suspicious, and why? Who strikes you as most likely to be town?
6. What is your read on Lore at present? What is it based on?

This will be really helpful in my attempt to properly calibrate my read on you. Thanks!

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
Jul 27 2016, 04:20 PM
Alright. I'll go ahead and claim.

I am JEFF VARNER - BULLETPROOF TOWNIE. No one had tried to take a shot at me so far. So I think it can be helpful for one of the night phases. That's all that I have really. I don't have any other information to tell anyone.
Not digging this claim, barring a few specific things coming up to change my mind. Why? Well, for starters:

2. I think we should probably mass-flavor-claim. Claiming actual roles is largely pointless with the knowledge that the game contains vanilla townies, as scum can basically just claim VT and hide behind that while all our power roles out themselves.

A bulletproof townie who scum know is bulletproof is not going to absorb a shot overnight. Claiming bulletproof accurately is almost invariably a bad idea, and doing so when I specifically just asked for flavor is weird. On the other hand, claiming bulletproof as scum/a cover is a pretty good way to explain your not dying and to dissuade town from taking a shot at you to check. Of note, bulletproof townie tends to look in all respects exactly like godfather. It's not a claim that mandates immediate condemnation, but... Prim still lives at the top of my suspect list after this, barring other revelations.

I got to say that you two are being suspicious right now. What are your thoughts, MW?

This also makes me suspect Prim more. It's trying to bury Randomness and Paige for an unconventional claim. As to that claim... we'll see, but I'm inclined to believe it, at least from Randomness. Paige knows Yugi's done this before, and thus could theoretically fall into line with a claim quickly. Given that we just saw a named townie get whacked, I just don't think Randomness is faking the bizarrely specific nature of the claim--it'd take a ton of research. Only way it makes much sense is if it's a concerted plan between Randomness and Paige, and it's being executed despite a townie dying overnight makes no sense, as it'd take only a single counterclaim to sink.

Paige's play also fits pretty well with a vanilla townie role. The only real thing making me look at her was some of he maneuvering done by backslash and Frogue, while her own play gels better with this claim.

So, tentatively, I trust both Randomness and Paige.

But now that Paige and I are now in the same shitty boat, that means there's a really good chance we are on the same side, and if either of us gets lynched, it should prove like 90% that the other is innocent.

If Paige flips town, you're 100% town. Your flip means nothing about Paige, but frankly I think she's town anyways. If one more person claims flavorless townie, it also means you're effectively 100% town (while meaning nothing about Paige or the new claimant) as there's no way this game had five scum and a lyncher aimed at the doctor.

or me, it's prim that's looking suspicious right now because we got similar roles (I'm not bullet proof but bulletproof vests) with the similar color (green) but not the same flavor. It's kinda weird but possible.

I'll wait for my turn for the flavor though because I'd like to see someone to say they are me.

Yyyyeeepppp. I am Jack's complete lack of surprise. Will need further details, but Lore's claim makes tons of sense from a game design perspective. That said, Lore and Prim can you both look at your PMs and confirm the color of your flavor text to me? I know you've both said it's green, but can you check again just to be totally sure for me?

Next in the list is RC, but he's been absent to the point we might be better off skipping him, which would leave Lore, Rorick, Goose, and Bik next up, with order largely a formality (I'm actually generally comfortable with Lore going last of the four, given the rest of the claim we already have).

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
Jul 27 2016, 05:16 AM
I guess I'm okay with claiming. If it can be helpful in some way. Do I need to wait for everyone to say that they would like to claim, MW? Or should I just start right away? I never thought that I would be at the top but okay.
Looks like we've got pretty good buy-in, so go ahead.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
re: Why Frogue is throwing in the towel, it's basically a way to stop town from getting anything of meaning from the discussion. Remaining non-Frogue scum can pile aboard the train (or not) and it doesn't matter or give us anything to work off. I tend to pull similar stuff when cornered, and there's basically no way out of the situation at this stage since I dumped claim info yesterday. There's also potential for some shifty plays when votes pile onto one person, as I discuss below.

Like sucks to be them, but why kill Vyse instead of MW? One has much more information about Frogue than the other, right?

Why kill Vyse instead of MW?

Frogue in the Mason Chat
I figured killing you night two would just look petty :p

We've been having a nice chat about theory and stuff, after getting over the initial awkwardness.

A few things we should do:

1. We should definitely lynch Frogue, but in a careful way involving intentionally splitting the votes. We should have three very trusted people (I nominate myself, Boogie, and probably Danny) vote for whoever is second most suspicious to Frogue. Everyone else votes Frogue.

The purpose here is so that, if the idol bounced to scum, we don't open up a door for them to idol Frogue and force a lynch on a townie, wasting a phase, killing a townie, and potentially getting back into the game. At three on the second choice, we should force a tie (and thus a runoff vote that we can swing) even if there are three remaining scum and they vote someone en masse.

2. I think we should probably mass-flavor-claim. Claiming actual roles is largely pointless with the knowledge that the game contains vanilla townies, as scum can basically just claim VT and hide behind that while all our power roles out themselves. That said, if power roles have valuable information, then they should use their discretion. However, please don't claim preemptively.

Speaking of, I think we should flavor claim in a very specific order. The order is as follows:

1. Prim
2. Randomness
3. Paige
4. RC
5. Lore*
6. Rorick*
7. Goose*
8. Bik*
9. Danny

Ommitted are Frogue, Boogie, and myself--our flavor is already out in the open.

*order is largely interchangeable

If that looks familiar, it's because it's pretty much my suspicion list. If you're near the top of the list and town, this is actually good for you as it gives you a chance to make your claim look better. If someone claims your fluff, you should hold your counter-claim until your turn to claim comes up unless we're, like, two days or so from phase end. This is to deny potential remaining scum information on what characters are in the game.


Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
Alrighty. I wanna be sure and avoid leaving things to chance, therefore I'm using my Immunity Idol on Danny.

The short of how this works is it cancels all votes already on Danny and bars anyone else from voting for him. As promised, my way now has a majority due to the various circumstances as they played out.

Of course, there is a catch: the idol now "goes back into circulation," whatever that means. I assume some other lucky player will end up with it, and am crossing my fingers they're town.

I can also say with certainty that Frogue and Backslash share an alignment. My actual power allows me a certain level of communication with other players under specific circumstances, though does not reveal their alignments to me. Frogue gave me a full claim over the course of our conversation. I'm leaving out the role because if I'm right and Backslash is scum the details are academic and if I'm wrong and Backslash is somehow town I don't want to shoot Frogue in the foot. That said, the flavor Frogue claimed to me was Ciera Eastin--a member of the Witches Coven and an ally of Abi-Maria's. I was a bad townie and didn't bother researching flavor stuff until earlier today, when trying to piece things together, so basically treated Frogue as confirmed town until that point. Frogue spent ages trying to derail me from the Backslash train in various ways, pointing me at Danny and Lore primarily, with a potential compromise of a Prim lynch (I believe sacrificing a weaker scum player to save a stronger one).

If the pair (Backslash aka Abi-Maria and Frogue aka Ciera) are indeed scum, my money's on Kelley Wentworth and/or Kass McQuillen as remaining mafia.

If Backslash flips scum, Frogue is 100% scum. Prim is 95% scum. If there is a hypothetical fourth member, I rate the suspects from most to least probable as follows:

1. Randomness: Randomness was cozy with Backslash early in the phase, danced away a little, then ended up generally in a townie-feeling spot. Nevertheless, the early behavior/buddying makes her my top suspect for bad news.

2. Paige: Funnily enough, I've come full circle and now think Paige might be scum with Backslash! There have been a few vague hints, in the thread and in my other lines of communication, to rate an eyebrow raise from me, with the possibility that their spat was a contrived scumfight to throw some cover over the whole thing. I still don't find this likely (Balance makes me guess three scum, and if four I think it's more likely Randomness), but, hey, rampant paranoia has seen me this far, so...

3. RC: I don't know what his game is, and usually I do. Totally random RC is usually not town RC.

4. Almost anyone else: Those I don't find extra suspicious or townie.

5. Danny: My read on this scum team is they're loathe to sacrifice people, and Danny's been pushed so, so hard.

6. Vyse: Vyse just screams town to me.

7. Boogie: Boogie is mod-confirmed victorious, so he's just flat out not scum (how helpful he is... eh, would've preferred a Backslash vote).

If I am wrong and have shot town in our collective foot, whoopsies, mock me endlessly in the post-game chat and apologies all around. There is a chance. I don't think it's the case, but I've been wrong in dumb ways before.

If I sound like I expect to not see the next phase, well, that's 'cause I don't. I have rather thoroughly tipped my hand at this point. Didn't really plan on it, but so it goes.

I leave you all with a clip from a show I've never seen (in fact, this clip is the sum total of my knowledge of it--thanks, Twitch Plays Pokemon) that pretty much encapsulates my play philosophy this game:

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
Jul 23 2016, 07:41 PM
Murder, while I feel okay with you as Town, I'd sort of like you to just use it now and end it please.
Unfortunately, that's not exactly how it works--gotta be to end the phase.

If I'm counting right tentative votes look like:
Backslash 4 (Lore, Randomness, Vyse and Toben)
Prim 1 (Rorick)
Danny 2 (Z, Gianni)

One extra for Danny from Paige.

re: using my thing, I would of course rather not, for a number of reasons, but am absolutely comfortable with any sort of bluff-calling. It's something I can gladly break down in my last post for the phase, which will come right before deadline as I either flip the switch or don't. If Vyse wants the full scoop, I will provide it at that point regardless of usage--I (shudder) solidly trust him as town at the moment. Will also have a few other thoughts.

Time until phase end is here (stolen from Yugi's post yesterday):

Posted Image

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
Jul 23 2016, 07:28 PM
Paraphrased, my role PM says "You made a lot of mistakes during your first season and caught a lot of heat, so you've decided to turn over a new leaf. You're not going to just play nice, though."

That said... well, I've said all I can say. All I can do now is hope you're bluffing about directing the lynch.
Survivor Wiki
Though she attempted to change her personality in Cambodia, she ultimately returned to her old ways as a volatile character.

I really did do my research for once.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
Will be back in ~3.5 hours and can discuss more then. Am pretty certain, though.

Bonus: Due to intricacies of my role, I know there's another Witches Coven member in play, who's been trying very very hard to push me off backslash all phase, from well before she claimed. Mulling my options because outing this person could screw them up if I'm somehow wrong, but... I don't think I am.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
Lunch ends in like three minutes. Would encourage everyone at all convinced by what I've said to vote backslash--would love both to not have to override democracy and to have a nice track record of who was on the right side. I'm 100% gonna active my thing this phase to take her out if she's not voted out without it, though, 'cause otherwise she's just gonna jack it overnight. ;)

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
Beyond that, odds of an ability faking out flavor are nil. It makes zero thematic sense. Abi-Maria as scum makes all the thematic sense. Further, her ability is not a townie sort, given my own knowledge of setup. Could be neutral, but I can't imagine there's third party running around after Boogie.

This is about as open and shut as it comes, to me.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
95% sure backslash is lying and scum.

I am Jeremy Collins. In a shake-up of my usual style, I actually did my flavor homework this time, and I am largely convinced that this game is Jeremy's clique vs. Witches Coven. The Witches Coven group apparently spent a lot of the game in conflict with my group, eventually causing fractures but failing to prevail. All eliminated town players have been part of Team Jeremy's Clique. Boogie, meanwhile, was someone who went off on Team Jeremy's Clique.