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Game Summary does have a nice ring to it.

IIRC, way back in ye olde days, mid-game evals were kept up to date (in theory at least) as an ongoing thing--Dodd's is placeheld still, actually--while post-game were the snarky comments. Whenever the process changed, the names just got held out of tradition, but they are now thoroughly irrelevant.

V5 BKA/BDA Voting: July 2014
Alrighty! It's that time again. As a quick reminder, since it will likely be highly relevant here, remember to specify which kill you are voting for if voting for a character who killed multiple times this cycle, since by V4 precedent votes for different scenes are not compiled.

That said, have at.

Kathryn Nguyen, for killing Iselle Ovalle-Vandermeer
Hansel Williams, for killing Marcus Leung
Leona Van Camp, for killing Timothy Abrams
Katarina Konipaski, for killing Deanna Hull
Ami Flynn, for killing Maynard Hurst
Tyler Lucas, for killing Cooper Komorowski
Ami Flynn, for killing Joachim Lovelace
Hansel Williams, for killing Virgil Jefferson-Davis
Hansel Williams, for killing Christopher Harlin
Katarina Konipaski, for killing Claire Monaghan

Betaknight, for the death of Iselle Ovalle-Vandermeer
Un-Persona, for the death of Marcus Leung
Skraal, for the death of Timothy Abrams
D/N, for the death of Deanna Hull
SansaSaver, for the death of Maynard Hurst
Ruggahissy, for the death of Paris Ardennes
Betaknight, for the death of Cooper Komorowski
DocBalance, for the death of Joachim Lovelace
BROseidon, for the death of Virgil Jefferson-Davis
Deamon, for the death of Christopher Harlin
Laurels, for the death of Claire Monaghan

Voting will run for five days. The announcement will come sometime thereafter, though we're trying to get as many outstanding deaths as possible in beforehand and thus there may be a slight delay.

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
I think there are a few sides to it. People tend to become more invested the longer they write characters, as they better come to understand their kids' voices. There's also the feeling that winning/Endgame/whatever may be within sight. At the same time, every roll makes it more likely that your favorite kid is rolled next time, as there are fewer other characters forming a probability buffer.

Oh, and also the site just gets more attached/more likely to read as the numbers dwindle, just because things are more manageable.

V5 Seventeenth Rolls
That's past time for unextended deaths. The contests will be up fairly soon, though probably not tomorrow.

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
THG isn't canon in SOTF. Staff meant to edit that whenever it was first mentioned and somehow never got around to it. It's largely based on timing--THG was published well after V1 in the chronology (and OOC, but that's a whole other story), and there's just no way that sort of thing would get written, much less picked up by a company/published, in light of three years' worth of basically this exact thing happening.

That said, it's definitely an interesting thing to consider as a what-if sort of thing.

V5 Seventeenth Rolls
Twenty hours and forty-two minutes for deaths.

V5 Seventeenth Rolls
Granted, but please be aware that there's a decent chance the contests will open before a week from deadline, in which case you may end up ineligible.

V5 Seventeenth Rolls
Two days, one hour, and forty minutes for deaths.

V5 Seventeenth Rolls
Two days, twenty-two hours, and fifty-four minutes for deaths.

V5 Seventeenth Rolls
Ok I have a killer for Chris but they're pre-booked, so could I have a week extension to make sure this gets done?

Granted (moved it to this thread for posterity; the other one had been bumped above by a death link but wasn't actually the current rolls thread).

Four days, three hours, and thirteen minutes for deaths.

V5 Seventeenth Rolls
Five days and twelve minutes for deaths.

You can get through if you've got an appropriate add-on.

Be warned that these are not always very user-friendly.

Official V5 Rolling List
Here's the typical post-rolls update. This list will be edited for any deaths/inactivities that occur prior to the next set of rolls.

1. Juhan Levandi (Maraoone)
2. Ami Flynn (Ciel)
3. Sean Mulcahy (MK Kilmarnock)
4. Matt Vartoogian (BROseidon)
5. Kathryn Nguyen (Arscapi)
6. Zubin Wadia (Decoy73)
7. Tyler Lucas (Grim Wolf)
8. Travis Webster (Delroy)
9. Michael Mitchellson (dmboogie)
10. Joey Grey (Ares)
11. KK Konipaski (Rattlesnake)
12. Mara Montalvo (Ruggahissy)
13. Leona Van Camp (Outfoxd)
14. Ruby Forrester (Fioriboy)
15. Takeshi Yoshikawa (Zabriel)
16. Gray Emerson (Deamon)
17. Finn Grant (Will)
18. Joe Carrasco (Violent-Medic)
19. Hansel Williams (NotAFlyingToy)
20. Mirabella Strong (SansaSaver)
21. Madeline Wilcox (Turtle Tyrant)

V5 Seventeenth Rolls
That's past time for cards.

Six days, twenty-one hours, and fourteen minutes for deaths.

V5 Seventeenth Rolls
Fifty-eight minutes left for saves. I may not be here to call it on the dot, so noting it now.

V5 Seventeenth Rolls
Four hours and forty-two minutes for cards (bumping this so it's at the top of the section again).

V5 Seventeenth Rolls
Five hours and forty-three minutes for cards.

I can now link match histories!

To celebrate, here's a game with duo mid, featuring Revive/TP Garen. He carried us hard. Technically, Maokai was supposed to duo top with me, but he defected to play support. We basically all roamed and lane swapped constantly, and the enemy team was so confused that they let us roll all over them. Eventually we got a five for nothing and they ffed.

This is why I play with whatever stupid thing TB decides to give me as long as nobody's toxic in champ select. Games like this are my favorite.

V5 Seventeenth Rolls
One day, two hours, and twenty minutes for cards.

V5 Seventeenth Rolls
Two days, one hour, and twenty-eight minutes for cards.