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Lunch on the Lawn
Sarah seemed fine. Well, that was good. She also seemed a little bit embarrassed, but that was only right given the circumstances. After all, she had worried all of them, had sent Ericka off on a pointless (if amusing) mission. It was like a story, in a way, an old fairy tale or fable. You go searching the world for something, when actually it's right at home the whole time. But wait, no, that couldn't be quite right, since Ericka would presumably be returning with water in the end. So then, you went questing for something rare and valuable only to discover it was common and available everywhere? Something like that.

Aileen asked if Sarah had been sleeping well. The answer was no. Small surprise there; half the school was staying up late for finals. Aaron wasn't bothering. He was smart enough to breeze through most of them. Even if they were a bit unfair, and his grades dropped, it was senior year anyways, right? That was expected. Nobody could be a perfect academic machine, resisting the siren call of actual fun as the high school experience drew to a close.

Sarah asked how long ago Ericka had gone, with the intent of catching up. Aaron shrugged, looked around, and said, "I don't know, really. It's been a couple minutes, and I have no idea which vending machine she was going to, so I'd say the odds of catching her are fairly slim."

Besides, it would be so much more interesting seeing how the situation played out if it was left as it was. Would Ericka react poorly? Would Sarah try to wiggle out of it? Hmm... That got his problem-solving side involved, and then he had found a solution.

"You could always hide your water bottle and just act grateful," Aaron suggested. Sure, it wasn't honest, but it was easy and would keep the peace.

((Aaron Hughes continued in V4))

B098 - White, Andrew Bishop
This character has been abandoned at the handler's request. It is eligible for resubmission at any time.

B106 - Beckwith, Charles
This character has been abandoned at the handler's request. It is eligible for resubmission at any time.

I'm too sexy for my shirt... (18+ rating)
Kimberly ducked into the dressing room, and was confronted by an incredibly awkward situation. Apparently, this was some sort of underwear modeling. Kimberly had never heard of the company, never guessed what sort of stuff it would be. Now, Hermione was asking her to... tape something? Well, she'd accomplished her original goal: learning about the lives of models. It seemed quite apparent that they sucked.

Well, whatever. Hermione seemed nice enough, and it wasn't like it would be that bad. Kimberly had absolutely zero interest in girls from a sexual standpoint. Besides, what was the alternative? Leave her here to get the photographer to do it? That actually had a certain creepy, sadistic appeal, but no, she wouldn't do that to her new friend. Hermione was blushing, nervous, and well, that did make Kimberly feel a bit powerful.

She pushed that thought aside. It was sort of creepy, really. Certainly not right given the circumstances. Instead, she accepted the tape, smiled, and quickly, with as little contact as possible, taped the costume down.

"So, you work for this company much?" she asked casually, pretending nothing had happened. That was the best way. It would spare Hermione embarrassment, and that was sure to engender some good will.

She found herself looking over the small dressing room. It would be the perfect setting for a murder. Some sort of supernatural terror could trap a poor model in here, alone and undressed, and tear her to pieces. That was bestseller material, definitely. The kind of scene you could build a career on. She'd have to remember it. Or maybe a poem. She loved writing poems...

Pokemon Mafia: Game Thread
Psst... Moth's vote made 11, so we should be quiet now.

Pokemon Mafia: Game Thread
I'm gonna hold off on voting Rocky for a bit, simply because he's clearly clever and good at mafia, which makes him an asset if town, and, if he's mafia, I can probably catch him out earlier this time.

Josephine Quady

This character has been abandoned by the handler.

V3: Endgame
Awesome. Gonna read it right now.

Edit: Awesome. Great job, guys. Great job.

Josephine Quady
Hi again!

Josephine is temporarily DENIED pending some adjustments.

To start with, I'd love it if she was assigned a weight, to help get a better idea of her appearance.

Also, I'd like you to skip a line between her bio paragraphs.

Next off, there's a little issue with the dates. V4 is set in 2008, so if Josephine was born in 1989 she would be either 18 or 19 (depending on the month) when the game began.

In this sentence: "her biological father had left shortly before her birth, but he proclaimed himself to be *Johnathan Kingsley" when seeing Tallulah." the * should be a ".

I'm a bit worried about the history of abuse suffered by Josephine. Specifically, I'd like to know how it went undetected for as long as it did, why her mother never intervened, etc. This sort of detail is very touchy if not treated with the porper detail and respect in bios, and we want to be sure it's all handled realistically.

This sentence: "Tallulah, Eliza and Josephine went through one particular bout of such money trouble that, for a while, they were practically living off pasta." comes out of nowhere, and is quite confusing. Why did they have money trouble? Why live off pasta?

This: "She and her stepfather developed a fluctuating relationship, though he no longer dared trying physical violence. She bagan to stick up for herself. He shouted, she'd shout back.She well and truly found herself in terms of strength. Not only she would shout, but she would seek vengeance. She would break his possesions or physically defend herself when she was frightened. It got better after she'd started doing so, though at times the chain still snaps." makes no sense, because, if I understand the earlier parts of the bio correctly, Josephine's stepfather left. Again, I want to know why should would resort to revenge instead of simply calling child protective service or reporting things at her school, which would have put the affair to rest much more quickly.

This: "And, after all the crap beforehand, tJosephine and Elliot really did find a hidden friendship." is a bit informal. We'd prefer bios to be written as if by an impartial observer, without stuff like "crap". Again, why is Elliot back?

"indipendant" should be spelled "independent".

I'm also a bit confused about the description of Josephine's living conditions. V4 is drawn from a school in Saint Paul, Minnesota, which is a very large city.

In this sentence: 'she finds, however, that she is her harshest critique, and finds it easy to become disspirited.", "seh" should be capitalized, and "crtique" should be "critic".

In this bit: "She has always had a keen interest in History, though she isn't to sure of why, and, after choosing Psycology as her GCSE subject," "History" should not be capitalized. Also, what is a GCSE subject? As mentioned before, V4 is set in Minnesota, so characters should adhere to the American educational system.

I am worried about Josephine's "precision of aim" due to archery, because bow use translates poorly to firearm experience. The two are quite different, and skill in one does not imply skill in the other.

"shcool" should be spelled "school".

I want to know why Josephine is distrusting and unwilling to open up, despite being popular and having lots of friends. It seems people would tend to avoid someone who distrusted them and refused to share their feelings.

This: "Josephine has somewhat of an obsession with books/movies/games about blood sport, such as Battle Royale. This, and her daydreaming disorder, cause her to very often plan tactics had such a thing ever happen to her, despite knowing that it wouldn't." is inappropriate for the bio, for several reasons. First off, Battle Royale is something that isn't actually mentioned in SOTF canon. If Josephine is interested in this sort of thing, it would likely be past seasons of SOTF, which were widely broadcast. Moreover, the entire profile feels like you're setting Josephine up with as many advantages as possible, which really isn't the goal of SOTF. We want to see what happens when normal kids get thrown into tough situations, and honestly, Josephine sounds about as prepared as you can possibly be for this sort of thing. She has planned tactics for it, is good at disassociating herself from bad situations, had great aim, good stamina, lots of friends, can read people well but is safely distrustful and private, and is courageous and tough. She also slips into fictional personas, which is kind of a warning sign of someone who's going to flip out.

To put it bluntly, there are absolutely no weaknesses of any sort in Josephine's bio, and she sounds like she's good at everything, which really needs to change.

Also, we do not want any "premade players" in SOTF. That means, we don't want to know if your character is going to participate in the killing just from reading their profile. Stuff like this: "Josephine is in it to win it at the end of the day, despite the importance of her friends, and is conmpletely willing to make sacrifices for her own life." and this: "Josephine will attempt to kill if the situation is suitable" needs to go.

Also, only one of her disadvantages is a real disadvantage at all (the fear of blood) and it come up nowhere in her bio. Please fix that, tone Josephine's aptitudes down a bit, give her some more weaknesses, and then post here, and we'll give her another look. Thanks!

I'm too sexy for my shirt... (18+ rating)
"Interesting?" the man said to Kimberly. "Isn't it, though? The paint is simply bee-yoo-ti-ful!"

Well, that wasn't exactly how she would have put it, but she sure wasn't going to rain on this odd man's parade. It wasn't because she wanted to spare his feelings so much as that she found his enthusiasm somewhat contagious. It simply wasn't possible to respond with cynicism to such an energetic display of pride.

"Say," Kimberly said, a sudden idea striking her, "I don't really know much about photography. Would you mind if I took a look at the camera? I won't touch it or anything."

Richard enthusiastically began showing Kimberly the photography equipment and explaining things to her, and she smiled and nodded along, marveling at everything. Despite his strange demeanor, this man was clearly extremely professional. He was able to answer each of her questions in an exaggerated, funny, and informative manner. He was explaining something about lighting to her, and she was enjoying it even though it was going straight over her head, when Hermione leaned out the door, calling Kimberly over for help adjusting her clothes.

Kimberly had no clue what the reference to hairspray meant, but it sounded like her new friend could definitely use some help. She smiled at Richard and said, "I'll be back in a sec," to which he responded, "Sure, sure, Won-der-ful!" in a cheery voice.

Kimberly made her way over to the door, and said quietly to Hermione, "How can I help?"

Josephine Quady
Hi TakakoChigusa14, and welcome to SOTF! Before we give Josephine a thorough critique, please adjust her profile so it matches this template precisely, including the bolding of categories. Post once you've got that done, and we'll give her a look over. Thanks!

B151 - Lions, Albert[/DECEASED]

Name: Albert "Al" Lions
Gender: Male
Age: Eighteen
Grade: 12th
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Handheld gaming, Conversations with strangers, Rave music

Appearanace: Standing at 5'6", and weighing 137 lbs, Albert is a short, small young man who would be easily lost in a crowd, were it not for his mannerisms. His wavy blonde hair lies in a mess on top of his head, on the rare occasions he holds still long enough for it to settle down. There are streaks of metallic blue mixed in with the gold, which don't quite reach to his scalp. His green eyes, wide with excitement and curiosity, shine brightly. His nose is short, and thin, and ends in a small, rounded point, above a mouth that is almost always open in speech. Almost always stuck in his right ear is a single earphone bud; The left hangs by its cord over the front collar of his t-shirt, swinging as he moves, and sharing its thumping techno beats and high-energy electronic grooves with anyone who can hear it.

The shirt itself is tie-dye, and baggy, to allow a freedom of movement, often enough so that it reveals some of his slender frame beneath. His skin is fair, tanned on his arms and shoulders where it's most often exposed to the sun, though no part of his upper body is ever completely deprived of Vitamin D. The movements of his shirt occasionally give a glimpse of a tattoo, a peace symbol, inked into his left pec. His pants, plain cargo shorts, are secured at the waist by one of several belts he owns. Inside the left pocket will be his wallet (usually empty, save for ID) and his cellphone (dented and scratched from being dropped many times), in his right a Nintendo DS, sharing a similar appearance to the phone, and missing its stylus. Al's legs move freely beneath the fabric, allowing him to continue whatever impromptu dance he's caught up in at the moment.

His feet are clad in sandals, toes open to the air.

Biography: It's an old and tired cliche, the happy-go-lucky guy who is hiding a tragic past behind too-wide smiles and non-stop change, a cliche Al delights to say he defies. His parents were a classic (if gender-flipped) Cinderella story, his wealthy businesswoman mother meeting his grocery store cashier father after the former left her purse in the store. The two became inseparable, and wed soon after.

Al was born the middle child of 3, between his elder brother Camron and his kid sister Jessie. Their parents had disagreements, like all couples do, but their marriage held strong, through all the speedbumps.

Albert showed his energy and unique personality even from an early age, and it cultivated and grew as he got older. He quickly found his niche, and became the comic of the family, keeping everyone in good spirits no matter the situation. School was not particularly easy for Al, whose excitable personality kept him from holding still for long enough for the system to function properly. But, the boy insisted he stay in public schooling, rather than switch to home school, considering a C average a fair price to pay in order to keep in touch with his friends.

High school brought a still-greater sense of fitting in for the young man, where he found a place among the ravers, who introduced him to several genres of music that were undoubtedly "him", though he generally avoided drug usage, preferring his own natural high to the artificial ones the others partook in. At the same time as this "party" expansion, Al also got involved with one of the less-popular clubs, who got him hooked on a rather unexpected hobby, handheld gaming. He filled a one-of-a-kind role, and no one who knew him forgot him.

An interesting habit of Al's began to emerge in the beginning of his freshman year. Most people react to strangers as just that, strange. They may be cordial, or even kind, but few and far between are the people who will take a genuine interest in the lives of people they do not know. Albert Lions is one of the few. Old or young, male or female, black or white, he will talk to anyone who sparks his interest. This can be rather off-putting to some, much like his attitude in general, but the behavior has also made him several good friends.

On the more internal side, Al is very much a people person, and is not comfortable with being alone. Many of his actions, and his forwardness with others seem to be motivated by this need for company and attention, good or bad. The young man does not go to church, which irritates his mother to some degree, but this is motivated less by any opinions on religion, and more that it's simply not in Al's nature to sit still and quiet for an hour and a half. He's much more the type to wander around town looking for friends or interesting strangers to socialize with.

As the end of Al's senior year approaches, and college beyond it, Al is looking into a career as a public speaker, where is energy, and talent for talking in front of people will carry him far, though that's not to say he won't have fun along the way.

Advantages: Al is a very high-energy individual with a great stamina, who is almost constantly moving. His bouncy, upbeat personality tends to rub off on the people around him, especially if they're already the jovial type, and his unflappability keeps him from becoming disappointed by the ones who are not.
Disadvantages: Al's excessive energy and strange mannerisms can be a little off-putting to people meeting him for the first time, and it is particularly difficult for the young man to sit still and be quiet, or to treat serious matters with the proper respect. His dependence on others to define himself bodes poorly for him.

Designated Number: Male student no. 151


Designated Weapon: TOZ-194 (x14 shells provided)
Conclusion: Another one to watch. I don't think he'll last that long, but he at least has the potential to take a few people with him. That inability to stay serious can also make for some darn good viewing. Let's hope he knows how to stage a show.


G121 - Ainsworth, Lily[/DECEASED]

Name: Lily Ainsworth
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Reading, writing and walking.

Appearance: Lily is 5'11" and weighs just less than 120 pounds. She's a slender girl with mousey features, inherited from her father. She has a small nose, pursed lips, slightly buck teeth and big, blue eyes. Her pale skin and light hair have caused others to call her otherworldly. She is frequently seen with an expression that can only be described as a mixture of confused and wonder. Her hair trails down her back, a bushy, blonde mess.

Her choice of clothing can only be described as avant garde. She frequently shops at the local second hand clothing store (she's built up quite the reputation there). Her strange taste in clothing and her peculiar features have caused many to view her as a little odd. Her mannerisms are polite, if a little strained. She gets lost in her own head often enough that most people know she's not ignoring them on purpose. She's quite a flighty character.

Biography: Lily Ainsworth never has, or ever will be a normal girl. She's always been strange, right down to her very bones. She doesn't care about this fact; always more than happy to give a polite smile and converse about why Viking ships were fantastic or how Chairman Mao's son is quite a sad individual. She might even treat you to one of the poems she's written in the past few days.

Lily was born in England. Her father was a historian dealing with 16th century architecture. He was a quiet but stern man with an extremely bent sense of humour, often playing practical jokes and telling false stories to his daughter much to his amusement. Her mother was a tailor who specialized in the restoration of old tapestries. She was a beautiful woman who was full of life, but only held enough love for her husband, never for Lily. Their lovely combination of professions led the couple to accept a job as caretakers for a lesser known castle, just on the outskirts of a quaint little hamlet named Barrowshire. Although Lily loved both her parents very much, they were often too busy and non caring towards her in general. So Lily was one of those lonely little girls who got to pretend she was a princess, but in an actual castle.

They had a small cabin on the castle's property that they stayed in. It was filled to the brim with books on all subjects, from Antimatter to Zoology. It was a near cornucopia of knowledge that sat undisturbed until Lily had gotten over her princess fantasies. Around this time, Lily would have begun school but her parents didn't care much with sending her to a public school. They considered it a waste of money when they could do it themselves (though they ended up giving up on that front). Lily's parents never treated her like their daughter, so she was always desperate to spend time with them. So when her parents sat her down and instilled in her a great love of reading, she began to furiously devour the books in the cabin. They were idealized worlds for her to escape to when she was on her own.

She was a girl, who for all intents and purposes, was raising herself while her parents continued to bury themselves in their work. All of her morals were shaped by the books she had read and as such she became what some call a genuinely nice person. While growing up she never had TV, or the internet. Just forests and books. She'd spend her days hiking through the woods between the castle and the village, occasionally stopping to spy on anyone she could see. All she really wanted was for her parents to spend more time with her, but she eventually understood she'd never be important enough. She continued her walks and continued to read, falling in love with fantasy. She became a closet idealist. Deep, deep down inside she believed that everyone was good, she knew people did terrible things but she also believed that sometimes there was a good reason for it.

The only thing her parents ever gave her were the clothes on her back and the steady supply of books filtering through the cabin. She had always been a fan of the American authors her parents would supply her with and when she was right around fourteen, she decided to ask her parents for something new. She was flustered when doing so, but they didn't care much either way.. She wanted to go to the states and attend a regular high school. She wanted to start seeing the world she had read about, she wanted to experience life on her own, away from the same little cabin. She was tired of feeling so isolated and felt this was the best bet. Her parents, not necessarily caring, were eager to facilitate her needs (more than eager, really) and they did have relatives living in the US, so that summer she was sent out and thrown out into the world.

She lived with her father's sister, who lived in a lovely little two bedroom apartment. She was an artist who believed in freedom of self and would often spend the night out partying with the artistic elite of their area (it was all quite sad, really). They had an amicable but slightly strained relationship. So once again, Lily was left to teach herself how to function in this new place. At first she was scared, but quickly fell into a routine of not caring. She continued her daily walks. She was often seen sitting in the park, staring up into the trees with a beautiful smile on her face.

In High School she didn't fit in much, she had found her small group of friends though and was more than happy with that. They, like her, were the strange and oft forgotten members of the student population. Lily did try and make friends with everyone she met, but that didn't always work out. She could be charming and interesting, if a little long winded but she was far too trusting of people and was often let down by her own expectations.

She joined the creative writing club in her freshman year and had quickly begun to tear away at paper with pencil, carving her own world into realization. She had spent so many years reading that she had an entire inner world from which to extract. She had won a few awards but was fairly quiet about the fact. It was cathartic for her in many ways. She could write all the things she wanted to show people and let parts of herself be free. She could write all the things nobody would ever see. Her own secrets, for only her to know.

Even though most thought she was a little daft due to her slow, airy way of speaking, she was an accomplished academic. Her teachers adored her for her love of knowledge, which occasionally drew the ire of those around her. Both her best and favourite subjects were always the English centered ones, but she had a way with the other subjects as well. She's the girl whose name you see on the honour roll but you can never remember her in your classes.

Advantages: Thanks to her wide range of knowledge and growing up in the English countryside, Lily knows a thing or two about surviving in the wilderness. To most she seems a little clueless, but she's a quick and abstract thinker, always ready with a new idea. She's also kind and very altruistic.
Disadvantages: She's far too trusting of other people and her altruistic tendencies may cause her to do something stupid to help someone. She's quite afraid of being in a situation like this alone, so she may make some very bad decisions.

Designated Number: Female student no. 121


Designated Weapon: Ingram MAC 10 (x2 clips [capacity 32 9mm rounds])
Conclusion: Hmm... This one will be one to watch. I can see her going somewhere. She's got the right gear, and she's sure to at least be active, if not a willing player. I'll be paying very close attention to you, G121. Make it worth my time.


G120 - Nelson, Megan[/DECEASED]

Name: Megan Alexis Nelson
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 12
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: reading, self-education (mostly languages and psychology), philosophy, talking with friends, martial arts

Appearance: Megan is about 5'7'' tall, and weighs right around 130. She has somewhat longer than average arms and legs for her height, which contribute to her somewhat awkward movements. She is somewhat thin, but not unhealthily so. Her face is soft and forgettable, with thin lips, average nose, jawline, and ears, and round green eyes. Most of her emotional expression is carried in her eyebrows, though is usually subtle enough for most people to not notice. Her hair is evenly cut at a length reaching about the bottom of her ears, and is black. There is very little muscular tone left in her body, the training from her Tae Kwon Do days mostly dissolved away. Overall, there isn't anything much exceptional about her appearance.

As for personal decoration, Megan doesn't give it much thought. She basically just wears whatever she finds lying around her room. Typically this ends up being jeans, a tank-top, and an over-shirt of some kind. Her ears are pierced, but are just simple rings. She also almost always wears a plain, silverish chain around her neck. As for makeup, she usually doesn't bother, at most wearing dark eyeliner and light lipstick. (The departure for the island will likely be a day she just plain forgot to care.)

Biography: Megan was born to Jason and Nancy Nelson, at the sole hospital in Buffalo, Minnesota, the town where she would live most of her life. Jason and Nancy were both from lower-class farm families, and, as first-generation city-dwellers, had not yet established themselves financially. For that reason, Megan was raised in a somewhat unfortunate environment (economically), though her parents were proficient enough in budgeting for it to not greatly effect her upbringing.

When Megan was three years old, her younger brother Matthew was born. Megan considers the first time she met Matthew to be one of the more important moments in her life, and, indeed, remains to be the earliest memory she retained. She spent the next few years of her life absolutely adoring and doting on her brother. Starting then, and throughout her elementary school years, her brother was the most important thing in her life. As both parents were often at work late, sometimes it would fall on Megan to watch her brother. For this purpose, Nancy, who is a nurse by profession, taught Megan some simple medicine in case of emergency. This wasn't anything very complicated, mostly just things like dealing with cuts, sprains, and other minor injuries. Matthew would comment later in life that he sometimes felt Megan was more her mother than Nancy. When in second grade, she once defended her brother from a group of older bullies, her defeat being her original inspiration to learn to fight. While she could not pursue this interest for some time, the feeling of being unable to protect that which mattered most to her hung on her consciousness for some time.

During the summer after fifth grade, the Nelson family moved to Saint Paul (the immediate purpose being to shorten Jason's commute). The move was hard on Megan, who was very close with two of her friends. At her new school, she was somewhat distant, often refusing to talk with other students unless first approached. This behavior continued throughout middle school, and high school to a somewhat lesser extent. It was during middle school that her tendency to teach herself things she was interested in first surfaced. Over sixth and seventh grade, she taught herself to speak Spanish (though admittedly not very well), her first independent pursuit. Over time, she would eventually study various languages, as well as linguistic theory, and psychology on her own.

Sometime during the winter of eight grade, she was raped by an older man. Her temperament remained largely unaffected, although there were subtle changes. Around then, she started developing an aversion to being touched. This aversion is not present when the other is given permission, as she is physically close with many of her friends, sharing frequent hugs. She started hanging out with her brother less, grew slightly more outgoing at school, even so far as to invite new friends over to her house (something she would not do previously without knowing someone for at least a month). There were also more subtle changes, such as her apparent unwillingness to be alone with males. This never got to the point of androphobia. Also at this time, her interested in martial arts peaked. For a year or two, she practiced Tae Kwon Do along with her brother, and on her own read up on the theory of several other disciplines. On receiving a back injury in class (by hyper-extension), she was forced to quit actively practicing. Her brother originally offered to quit with her, but Megan insisted he continue.

High school had been more or less uneventful. Megan kept a small group of close friends, but mostly didn't draw attention to herself when unnecessary. The only significant event to occur in this time was Megan coming out as bisexual. While her parents were more or less accepting of this, there was some backlash at school. Nothing too serious happened beyond the occasional snide comment. All in all, Megan feels fortunate that her coming-out was as smooth as it was, and is pleased that she can be open about it with her friends and family. In school, she gets average grades, but does slip up from time to time. She prefers self-study, her more recent topics of interest being Japanese and philosophy. She will enjoy any class where open discussion is common, but absolutely hated physical education, possibly due to having to change.

Her parents expect her to attend college post high school, but Megan is unenthusiastic. She would much rather try to get by as a non-fiction author. This is partly from a desire to get her philosophical views on paper and distributed. Explaining them in brevity would be difficult, but it is the source of her pacifism, and is the second most important thing in her life (after her brother). These views also lead to her pacifism, but how exactly that comes about would be difficult to explain succinctly. In short, she is a pragmatist in all things (or at least all things that are pragmatic to remain pragmatic in), and she believes injuring or killing a person to be damaging whatever potential they have to benefit society overall. Her desire to not so much as even hurt someone emotionally is somewhat related. She believes that all she does should benefit others, and if her actions instead do damage, that is a failure on her part.

Romantically, Megan has had a couple relationships with either sex, but nothing too serious. She doesn't really view such things as important. That, then, brings her up to the present day.

Advantages: Megan has some knowledge of martial arts, due to her time practicing Tae Kwon Do and studying the theory behind Aikido and Eskrima. Even so, she is much more likely to try to argue her way out of a potentially violent situation, which she has been known to do. Due to Nancy being a trained nurse, Megan also has some basic medical skills, though nothing very useful.
Disadvantages: Due to Megan's socio-political and philosophical beliefs, she is very strongly pacifistic. Even causing emotional harm in another, friend or not, leaves her with significant guilt. Her experiences and knowledge of martial arts would probably make her wrongly confident should violence ever occur. Also, she is less comfortable when alone with males than females, which could increase the likelihood of her making mistakes. Lastly, she still has remains of that back injury from a while ago, though it is mostly a nuisance by this point. Long periods of strain could potentially become a problem.

Designated Number: Female student no. 120


Designated Weapon: Tanfoglio Force (.45 ACP) [x3 magazines (8 round capacity)
Conclusion: Damn. Yet another pacifist who would otherwise have had serious potential. What's wrong with the world these days? It's almost like they've actually managed to turn out well-adjusted somehow. Anyways, unless she snaps or something, I think G120 will be an early out. Overconfidence may be killer, and SOTF is hard enough with preexisting injuries.


G119 - Connelly, Sally[/DECEASED]

Name: Sally Connelly
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Fashion, make-up, ice skating and gossip.

Appearance: Sally is a petite girl, standing at 5'4"and weighing 110 lbs. She usually appears taller due to the fact that she almost constantly wears high heeled shoes. Sally is a pretty girl. Her face is heart-shaped and she has a small nose and mouth. She has brown eyes and pale skin. Sally has shoulder length, bleach blonde hair that she has to dye frequently to avoid the appearance of her dark brown roots. Sally diets to keep her small figure because she does little exercise outside of her job. She requires the use of glasses; however she almost always wears contact lenses. Her nails are always done with acrylics and she dyes and shapes her eyebrows to a perfect arch.

Sally likes to dress fashionably and has a taste for designer clothes. Her goal is to always be the best dressed girl wherever she goes. Sally doesn't leave the house without putting on liquid foundation, powder foundation, blush, eye liner, mascara and a tinted gloss. She almost never wears flats, favoring sky-high heels. She dresses almost exclusively in dresses and skirts. On the day of abduction she was wearing a white dress with red polka dots and frilled edges, a pair of red heels and a silver, charm necklace from Tiffany’s.

Biography: Sally was born to Helen, a psychologist, and Aaron, a spinal surgeon, in St. Paul, Minnesota. Her parents were well employed along with being from wealthy families themselves. As a result, Sally grew up very wealthy. Being the only child of her family, she was always very spoiled and was doted on heavily by her father. Though Sally gets along well with both of her parents, she considers herself to be a "daddy's girl." Anything she wanted growing up, he bought for her.

Sally's parents decided that she should be involved in a sport when she was a child and found figure skating to be a respectable, traditionally female sport for her to participate in. Sally would eventually go on to compete in a state competition, but lost to fellow St. Paul resident Reiko Ishida, earning only second place. Since that defeat, she has quit competitive figure skating and becomes very bitter should anyone bring up that competition.

When Sally was seventeen, her father lost his job at the hospital after his department was downsized. Though he could not find another job in the St. Paul area, he and Helen decided that he should stay home for some time and they plan to move once Sally is in college. This meant that the household was cut down to only one source of income. Helen makes a good salary, but this change has shifted the family from being very wealthy to simply middle class. The change put a strain on Sally's love for expensive clothes and outings. To make the money necessary to maintain the lifestyle she was used to, Sally now works at the local skate rink. To anyone who asks, she tells them that she doesn't need the money, but that she is working at the rink to have a job to put on her college applications. She will deny to anyone that she is any less wealthy than she was previously.

Sally is a very sharp girl who earns top grades in all of her classes. She scores especially high in writing and earns high praise from her teachers. To all but her closest friends, Sally comes across as a ditzy blonde. Sally knows that people think of her as a bubbly, dumb blonde and chooses to perpetuate this view so that people think of her as more approachable and underestimate her capabilities.

Sally takes great pleasure in flaunting her pretty clothes and expensive things. She has other girls that she considers friends, but truly she befriends people who she thinks would gain her the most, be that additional friends or material goods. With boys, she selects by how much prestige or material goods can be gained by being with them. Sally is aware that she is a pretty girl and is not above using her body or her pretty face to entice men into doing things for her, but she is a notorious tease. She has decided to remain a virgin until she gets married. Her dream is to become a trophy wife, even though people tell her that she is smart enough to do something more.

Sally loves to tease her classmates. She frequently derides them for their appearance, race and religion, but her favorite targets are poor kids. Though she is now at roughly the same socio-economic level as some of the classmates she looks down on, she still ridicules them. Even with her friends, she enjoys tossing the occasional backhanded compliment.

Advantages: Sally is intelligent and manipulative. She has no problem using people for her own ends. Her experience with skating has made her flexible and agile. She is able to make plans and stick to them.
Disadvantages: She is vain and very proud. Sally hates the outdoors and the wilderness and isn't very strong. Her behavior towards classmates she looks down upon has earned her a good deal of enemies. Sally tends to panic when her plans don't go as expected. Sometimes her emotions tend to win out over her rational side and she behaves erratically. Sally does not do well under extreme duress.

Designated Number: Female student no. 119


Designated Weapon: A Violin
Conclusion: Play me a sad song, G119, because I doubt you planned to pull this for a weapon. Assuming you ever even considered the possibility of starring in our little show, that is. Manipulation can take you a good ways, but at some point you'll have to act for yourself, and when that time comes, I don't think you'll cut it.


G118 - Codreanu, Rose[/DECEASED]

Name: Rose Codreanu
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Rose is an avid music elitist, an amateur (and not very good) writer, and very definitely a reader, with a particular shine to post-cyberpunk sci-fi.

Appearance: Rose is about 5'6" and weighs 120lbs. She has heterochromia due to an eye injury sustained at a young age; one of her eyes is hazel, the other is brown. Rose has wavy dirty-blonde hair that she usually has cut to neck-length. She has a snub nose, a small mouth, thin lips, wide-set eyes, and strongly dimpled cheeks. Her bust is average-sized, at a B cup. As far as her clothing, she typically wears distressed jeans (of the like sold at Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle, et al, although she typically chooses cheaper brands), band T-shirts, and a pair of Emerica Francis skateboard shoes. She also wears glasses; she has two pairs of generic black oval frames.

Biography: Rose Codreanu was born on June 30, 1989 to Konstantin Codreanu and Ioana Macek-Codreanu, both Romanian citizens who had managed to escape Nicolae Ceausescu's totalitarian regime. Konstantin emigrated in 1980 at the age of 18 to Austria, through Hungary, to attain a post-secondary education in mechanical engineering; he then moved to St. Louis and got a job with a local contractor after receiving his degree. Ioana's family emigrated to the United States in 1985, when she was 19. They lived in the same apartment complex in St. Louis for a time, began dating, got married, moved into a significantly nicer house, and had Rose.

Rose's early life was a rather pampered one, as her parents were reasonably affluent. Konstantin and Ioana focused her on intellectual and artistic pursuits at a young age; she was reading a year before any of her peers, and she was doing basic multiplication and division when her peers were doing addition and subtraction. This did not endear her to the aforementioned peers at the time; she was frequently harassed and ostracized, which turned her into a strong cynic over time. The fact that she is rather talkative, combined with her intellect, made her cynicism somewhat of a distinguishing feature for her as she would quite frequently express it.

At the age of six, she fell while going up the stairs in her home and injured her left eye on the rail, damaging her vision in that eye and causing her to develop heterochromia.

Rose took an interest in writing at the age of eight, when she was entered by her parents into a short story competition in the St. Louis area. She wrote a quite execrable speculative fiction story that cribbed ludicrous amounts from Starship Troopers and the Alien film series, and understandably lost; however, she took the loss in stride and kept writing in an attempt to improve her skills. While her current writing is not quite as horrible as her beginnings, it is still not very good, and her sources of "inspiration" have shifted to William Gibson, Neal Stephenson, Masamune Shirow, and Richard K. Morgan.

The girl of Romanian descent began seriously listening to music at the age of eleven, when she got a few CDs from a friend as a birthday present, most notably The Fragile by Nine Inch Nails, Spiderland by Slint, and Violator by Depeche Mode. She soon began using her allowance (previously devoted to paperback sci-fi novels and the occasional issue of Mother Jones) to buy more music, specifically of the post-rock, alternative rock, and synth-pop bent. Her first concert came shortly after, when she went to see Nine Inch Nails with a few like-minded friends at the Riverport Amphitheater; she greatly enjoyed the experience, although the cost of the experience (the ticket essentially formed her entire Christmas present in 1999) would later turn her off of concerts.

Her middle school years and her early high school years were extremely uneventful; she made more friends in the intellectual/nerdy crowd. One particular person she attempted to reach out to in her early high school years was Joe Rios; she found him interesting and maybe even a bit attractive, although he was always distant towards her. She assumed it was her fault until he reassured her that no, it wasn't any problem with her; he just didn't like making emotional attachments to people because of his history of moving around. While they could never really be described as close friends, they would talk quite a bit, enjoying each other's company and (more importantly) each other's intellect.

At the age of seventeen, Rose got her first car, a black 2000 Audi A4. This car became her prized possession; although she never did any serious work on it, she made absolutely sure it stayed in working condition with frequent oil changes, tune-ups, tire checkups, and the like. She still drives it to this very day.

Rose has never been well-liked by the "popular" crowd; they see her as overly pretentious. In return, she has an open disdain for them, as she sees them as being overly vapid and consumerist.

Advantages: She has a guaranteed ally in Joe Rios, who would (barring exceptionally bizarre circumstances) jump to her aid any time she's in danger. She is also an intelligent, talkative cynic, meaning that she could theoretically quite easily "talk the monster to death," so to speak, in a tight situation.
Disadvantages: She isn't very athletic, choosing to devote her time to political activism and intellectual pursuits instead. If one of the in crowd finds her, she will not last long unless they have an extremely pitiful weapon, such as a corkscrew or (worse) a cork.

Designated Number: Female student no. 118


Designated Weapon: Beretta PX4 Storm Pistol (9mm) (17 shot magazine, x3 magazines)
Conclusion: Well, she stands a chance, but it'll take more than a gun to save G118. An ally is a good thing to have... for a while. In the end, though, all those ties of history and emotion become just another hindrance. Good luck overcoming them, G118. You'll need it.


G117 - Anderson, Jessie[/DECEASED]

Name: Jessie Anderson
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 12th
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Faith, Hockey, Working out.

Appearance: Standing at 5ft 10” and weighing in at 178 lbs, Jessie is considerably taller than most people would expect a girl (especially one of her age) to be. She is red-headed, her hair being straight and chin length, hanging free most of the time. However, if she is doing sports, which is often, Jessie will tie her hair well back to prevent it getting in her way. Jessie's eyes are sky blue in colour, and light up whenever she smiles, which is a lot. Jessie isn't exactly a knock-out so far as her looks go, but she is still fairly attractive. She's built somewhat stockily, with rather broad shoulders and fairly wide hips, lacking a particularly feminine figure. Her bust is in proportion to the rest of her, so that although Jessie has a large chest, it's not too huge because of her own general size. Most of the time, Jessie wears a pair of jeans and a white blouse. Her attire doesn't generally vary too much, since she finds it difficult to shop for her size.

Biography: If there are two things that Jessie has always been, it's on the large side and devoutly religious. Jessie was a big baby when she was born, and she just never levelled out with most other girls her age, remaining much larger than usual throughout her life. Jessie was a little self-concious about her size as she got older, despite the fact seeming overweight was just an effect of her frame. Nevertheless, Jessie always tried to make sure she was in good shape and begun going to the gym as soon as she was old enough, as well as taking up hockey in order to keep fit. Obviously Jessie got no less broad, but she did develop a bit of muscle from her exercising.

Something Jessie has been perpetually surrounded by is religion. Both of her parents are very devout, and this has rubbed off on Jessie. She has a strong Christian faith, which has instilled into her a solid set of morals. Furthermore, she tries always to be a kind person and do the best for other people, as is preached in the New Testament. Still, Jessie isn't a saint by any means: She's nicer than most, certainly, but she finds it difficult to 'turn the other cheek' and loses her temper now and then.

Jessie is part of a very loving family in general. Both her mother and her father try to support Jessie in everything that she does, even if they don't entirely approve of it. Still, Jessie is by no means spoiled, as her parents took care to ensure she wasn't getting her own way all of the time. It helps that Jessie is just a selfless person by nature. It's quite possible that Jessie could simply not have been brought up better.

So far as school goes, Jessie is about average. She isn't really fantastic at any one subject, but nor is she in danger of failing anything. Jessie could probably put in a little more effort than she does, although she doesn't fall asleep in class or anything like that. Where Jessie excels, naturally, is at hockey, since she has played it from such a young age. Still, she doesn't particularly shine at any other sport.

Quite recently, Jessie has begun dating the one and only Daniel Kensrue, and although they haven't worked up to anything serious yet, Jessie was very pleased indeed to accompany DK to the prom. However, while her love life has been picking up, a close friendship of hers has taken something of a hit. A close friend of Imraan Al-Hariq for some quite some time, Jessie has recently found a slight distancing in their relationship, the cause of which she is not entirely certain of.

Jessie is relatively popular around Bayview, simply because she has a heart of gold. She does her best to help out other people - although not to the point where she allows herself to be taken advantage of - and is in general a kindly person. Jessie would be the first to approach somebody looking a bit down and ask them what was wrong, although she is capable of minding her own business. Jessie's only real problem is that it will normally take her a couple of attempts to grasp that people might not want her help, or that she is incapable of resolving a problem. Sometimes, people need to resolve their own problems.

Advantages: Jessie is in shape and physically quite powerful, which will help her if she ever gets into a fight. Furthermore, she has a fair number of friends due to her helpful and kind nature, meaning Jessie probably wouldn't have too much trouble with making a group. In addition, Jessie has the experience of the odd scrap here and there from hockey.
Disadvantages: Jessie has never used a weapon in her life, and wouldn't have the first idea how to use a gun or even something more archaic. It also isn't in her nature to be actively aggressive, and would have trouble playing the game to win. In fact, she's against violence except as a last resort, and would be far more likely to try and talk things through than fight them out.

Designated Number: Female student no. 117


Designated Weapon: People Magazine
Conclusion: Well, it's a good thing G117 knows how to talk, 'cause she sure won't be fighting with that "weapon". She'll be an interesting one; the religious type always is. Somehow, though, I don't see her lasting too long. Faith is so rarely rewarded in the SOTF program, and peaceful natures even less often.


I'm too sexy for my shirt... (18+ rating)
Kimberly chose not to comment about the reference to "The Shining", even though she knew that it was little more complicated than simply a Stephen King project involving Jack Nicholson. Hell, King hadn't even really liked the movie. No point educating Hermione on the minutiae of horror writing, though. It was a bit of a pleasant surprise that she could connect the author's name to a story at all.

Inside, the building was nowhere near as attractive as its exterior had lead Kimberly to believe. She'd been hoping for a dreary, shabby, Neo-Gothic appearance of some sort, but instead it was blindingly modern. The walls looked like Jackson Pollock had vomited partially-digested rainbows over them or something. It could have been an acid trip made real. The man who greeted them did nothing to alleviate that feeling; his accent was all the more pronounced in reality, and he was dressed in the height of fashion, with an insane hairdo that made Kimberly miss a beat trying to figure out whether it could possibly be real. The worst of it was, somehow it all worked together, even if not in the slightest to her tastes.

And then the guy was fawning over her, too, and Hermione was introducing her. Kimberly smiled and said, "Yup. I'm Kimberly Nguyen, but you can just call me Kimberly." It was a little bit of an odd phrasing, but what the hell, certainly no weirder than this atmosphere. Besides, she did not like being called Kim, not at all. "Ms. Nguyen" wouldn't do, either, since so few people could even pronounce her surname.

"See you soon," Kimberly said to Hermione as the girl hurried off to get changed. What sort of outfit would it be? Impossible to say in a place like this. Kimberly wouldn't have been overly surprised if Hermione returned in full Victorian evening dress, complete with a top hat. Actually, that would be sort of cool. Classy, certainly.

This Richard guy was all over Kimberly a second later, examining her as if through a microscope. Whatever. Wasn't like she had issues with people getting in her bubble; whenever her friends got too touchy-feely, she would just step away, and if it bugged them, tough luck. He inquired about her shampoo, and Kimberly had to think for a second. What the hell was she using these days? She told him the name of the brand she was pretty sure she had, something new and not too established yet. It worked, though.

"Interesting place you've got here," Kimberly said, looking around again. Well, her goal of learning about a new way of life was certainly being met. She would never have imagined this, just feet from where she sometimes snuck off to smoke.

Lunch on the Lawn
At Aaron's suggestion, Ericka took off, going to get water for Sarah. Probably a good thing. Plus, it felt good to be taken seriously, to be the one who knew what was going on in a situation. It was like leading a D&D game, only without the slight adversarial nature that always entailed. Aileen suggested dumping the water on Sarah's head if she didn't need to drink it, and Aaron chuckled. That was an interesting mental image. It would certainly make the lunch period more exciting.

As Aileen shook Sarah, the girl perked up, mumbling, then apologizing to the group. Then she pulled a water bottle out of her pack and took a drink. Aaron couldn't retrain himself, and burst out laughing. He quickly clamped down on it, quieting to a snicker, then nothing, and finally said, "We were afraid you might've had heat stroke, so Ericka ran to get you a water bottle."

Then, realizing that sounded a little weird, he added, "It's just funny that she ran off, when none of us even considered that you might have one of your own."

It still seemed a little flat. Too bad. He continued, "And you didn't really miss anything interesting, anyways."

Let the Dance Begin!
Will talked to Everett, encouraging the boy even more. He was actually starting to warm up to the idea of this party thing. Sure, there wouldn't be much to do, but at least there would be interesting people around. Will seemed to be thinking along similar lines, which was good. The only problem now, as Will pointed out, was what to do with the remaining time at the actual dance. Everett considered that. What on earth could they do?

"Well," he said, "we could always try finding people to dance with." He laughed quietly at that. No, that was one thing that was off the menu tonight. Everett had no intention of complicating his life like that. Besides, he was sure to be a terrible dancer. "Seriously, though," he added, "if you see someone you want to ask, go for it. I don't mind hanging out alone for a bit. Otherwise, I guess we could try to find some more cool people to chat with, or something. I don't know... I've never been much for school dances."

That was the polite way of saying he'd never been to something like this before, had come planning to be bored, and couldn't see too much of a way out of it. Whatever. It was two hours or so. There were always worse things to do than nothing. Of course, there were better ones too. He continued to think, watching the dance floor. Some people seemed to really be getting into the spirit of things. Some a little bit more than was exactly... proper. It was Prom, though, so he couldn't bring himself to disapprove too much.