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A Walk to Forget
Another guy wandered into the alley, and Everett got a little worried. It was getting a little bit busy for such a secluded place. He really hoped no one thought they were a gang of criminals or something. Granted, they didn't look menacing in the slightest, but still, they were a large group of teenagers in a deserted alley.

The newcomer was also from Bayview, Scott was his name, Everett thought. He was carrying some sort of notepad or sketchbook, and he asked if he was interrupting anything.

Laverne answered, and Everett chimed in, "You aren't interrupting anything. I was just headed back to the car when I bumped into Larverne."

He looked Scott over, wondering what the boy was doing here. Hopefully not a drug deal or some sort of crime. That would be really, really bad. Everett got nervous about people breaking rules, whether they were laws or simply social taboos.

He nodded along with Laverne's statement about the essays, and then said to Scott, "So, what brings you to this... interesting area today?"

V4 Characters
Alrighty! More critiques.

I like Petrushka Ivanova because she seems awkward and to still be adjusting to the US. Since her only thread is her first day at Bayview, that is absolutely appropriate and cool. I like how you pepper her speech with Russian, too. She's definitely off to a good start!

Sister Grimm:
Alice Blake is cool because she is an unconventional character. Reading her, I get the feeling that she's acting tough, but isn't quite as implacable as she always seems to be. Her relationship with Victoria is quite well written, too. I like how she has some very definite things that matter to her, first and foremost her friends. Keep up the good work!

Edward Belmont is an interesting character as well. He comes across as rather twofaced, which is good given the context. I'm rather curious about his personality outside of romantic encounters, and look forward to seeing you develop him more. One last bit: I love how he insists Jennifer buckle her seatbelt. That one line adds a whole lot.

Sarah Atwell is interesting because she has a very unique hobby, which fulfills an important role in the school culture. She comes across as an excellent, if occasionally slightly unethical, journalist. One thing I really like is that her personality behind-the-camera is no different from that without it. She's still a little sneaky (getting Chris to accompany her in the hopes of borrowing money from him). It seems that Sarah truly shines in situations where she can be slightly in the background, as an observer of sorts. I am very excited to see where things go between her and Chris, their interactions are interesting and add depth to both of them.

Jason Harris hasn't done much in pregame yet, but what I've seen, I've liked. He seems to be really considerate of his friends, I feel like he's the guy who props up everyone else's flagging self esteem. It's also cool to see a pre-established friendship handled as well as you and Greg have done. I can't wait to see more of Jason.

Teo Weinstock is cool because he isn't a genius, isn't super suave, and is actually vaguely crude. His interactions with Rosa are very amusing, and the tension his girlfriend's presence provides works well. I'm sure Teo will go interesting places.

Peter Siu is without question one of my favorite characters in pregame. Everything about him is interesting and well handled, from his drinking to his private thoughts. Peter is hard to critique, because I can't really think of anything you can do better with him. I greatly look forward to reading everything you write about him.

Tiffany Baker is cool because she is something rare: a genuinely likable and ethical character who is still portrayed realistically and doesn't come across as some sort of shining knight. Her vote in the GODspeed elections is an amazing moment because she votes with her heart, instead of taking the easy option. Even later, when she feels pressured, she doesn't vote for Rachel, instead just sitting the second round out. Tiffany is a very good character, and I am greatly enjoying reading her continuing adventures in the flower shop.

Marybeth Witherspoon is a wonderfully funny character. The idea of writing fanfics about one's classmates is amusing, while being vaguely creepy at the same time. I like that she stirs up trouble when nothing good is going on. I'm curious about what she's like when not, working on fanfics, but am confident that all will be revealed in time. Finally, J3 is priceless.

Corrupt Dropbear:
Ben Powell is a very well-rounded character, which I like. He has a well rounded personality, and his defining trait seems to be that he doesn't take anything too seriously. I like his reaction to the approach of Prom; the thread's title is just right. I also would like to say that you did a wonderful job bringing me into the fencing bought; I know nothing about fencing, but I was able to follow it well.

Sapphire McLeod is another character with a unique hobby. She proves that you don't have to be some sort of super athlete or cheerleader to have a profound impact on the school community. I really like how she seems to focus on her hobby in a productive way, selling jewelery to the other students. I also like how she does have a life outside the jewelery, and talks to other students about normal things too.

I wish I could remember how I phrased this in chat, as I liked it, but since I can't I'll just re-review.

Julian Avery is a truly wonderful character because of his razor sharp wit. His constant internal commentary and nonstop jokes are truly delightful. I like that he's a character who is willing to say what no one else will, and isn't afraid to go out on a limb for a laugh (Adam Tenser: Chosen One?) I hope you post with Julian again soon, because he's awesome!

James Mulzet is a cool character because he's very realistic. He's a smart guy, but he still slacks off somewhat when he can get away with it. He does well in class, but some of the material still gives him trouble. He really feels like an actual high school student, and that's great!

Ariel Calvallini is interesting because she seems mysterious. She's somewhat shy and secretive, which is a nice change. You cover her medical problems only briefly, but I like that. It adds to the intrigue. Ariel also projects an air of sadness in the hospital thread. You are very good at capturing her emotional state and transferring it to the reader. Good job!

You haven't written much about Jessica Pentangeli yet, but I liked her appearance in Fix. Her change in emotions, from irritation, to guilt and a desire to help, is well handled. Just from her brief appearance she seems to be a deep character.


Everyone is doing a great job in pregame so far. The quality of the writing is truly exceptional.

I would like to encourage everyone posting in this thread to review a couple of characters. I know for a fact that I'm not being as in-depth with some of these as they deserve, and multiple opinions are always great.

SOTF Board Mafia - Sign ups
I am, as always, in!

V4 Characters
Alright. As promised, here are more critiques:

Tabi Gweneth is, like all your characters, very well written. She hasn't been in pregame that much, but from what I've seen of her, one thing in particular stands out: her dialog. She has a very distinct speaking style that is always spot on. She uses enough slang to sound different, but not enough to be incomprehensible or unrealistic. Keep up the great work!

Sebastian Decartes is a very interesting character. He comes across as a decent enough person, but with a definite bit of a vengeful streak. I enjoy his interactions with Carly; since neither character is entirely one I can sympathize with it makes the whole thing seem rather tragic. I feel like Sebastian is a bit of an elitist, and I like that trait.

I skimmed all the forums but can't find Petrushka. I remember her, just not her thread.

I like Erik Laurin a lot. He comes across as a genuinely nice guy, lending money to his sister and trying not to be a burden on anyone. I very much enjoyed seeing how the small conflict of accepting Aaron's hospitality played out. I also like his interactions with Chole, particularly his thoughts on her losing weight. That bit was written incredibly well, and is very realistic. Great job!

And now for reviews of people I haven't done before:


To start with, thank you greatly for your insightful review.

Robert Barron is a great character. I like how his conflict is primarily internal; that's something I don't see too much of in pregame, and you handle it artfully. His relationship with Rachel is good too, I can see how they would be friends, but also how much potential for disaster there is. Finally, Robert is just a nice guy. He was the person who did the most as far as actually getting Rosa some help, and without being pushy or obnoxious about it.

Quincy Jones is cool because he's different from a lot of other characters in a crucial way: he's not particularly assertive, and he certainly isn't a leader. He seems willing to do things to help his friends, but he's not afraid to get involved in some slightly shady stuff either. I think his actions towards Felicia in particular are well-written; he comes across as somewhat awkward, but in a genuine and endearing way.

Jennifer Romita is one of the four characters in pregame that I have drastically changed my opinions about. My first impression of her was that she was pretty one dimensional. Then, she was rebooted in Storm in a Teacup, which is one of absolute favorite threads in pregame, and things for her just went uphill from there. I very much like how she has different facets; I definitely get the feeling that she's only herself in one-on-one situations with close friends. I love how you continuously reveal just a bit more about Jennifer, while always keeping the reader interested and feeling like there's so much more to know.

Theo Behr is a great character. In the hands of a less skilled writer, I don't think he would work at all, but you manage to make his problems a character trait that does not completely define him. His budding friendship with Victoria is awesome, because both characters are outsiders of a sort. I like the depth he displays, and his worries about being acceptable yet interesting.

Liam Brooks is cool because he's so... earnest. I like how he is interested in things that most high school students wouldn't take a second glance at. You do an excellent job of really bringing us into Brook's head and showing us enough about his hobby to keep it interesting without being overwhelming. I like how he is slightly awkward but in a genuine and nice way.

Ivan Kuznetsov is a truly special character because his character is so solid. You have kept him acting in accordance with his personality throughout all sorts of situations where it must have been incredibly difficult. My only advice is to keep doing whatever it is you're doing because it rocks!

I like Felicia Carmichael because she is flat out funny. Her internal monologues are hilarious. She truly showcases your imagination, and I can certainly envision people going through the same thought processes she does. I also like how she acts toward Quincy; she is nice, but not over-the-top enthusiastic. It's a nice change to see someone react in a moderate way.

Craig Hoyle is still pretty new to pregame, but I like what I've seen so far. He seems to be a driven individual who wants to change. His writing definitely has a strong voice to it.


Bounce is absolutely great, because her reactions are so well thought out. Her interactions with her friends and enemies are remarkable because they mesh together so well. She is very easy to get a feel for as a person, and that's a good thing. Also, great job making a character who's into SOTF without being annoyingly meta or over-the-top in your foreshadowing.

Rosa Fiametta is really, really hard for me to critique, because there's so much to say. She presents many different facets of her personality in very subtle ways, and I like that a lot. Her interactions with boys in general are interesting; she's incredibly flirty, but is nice enough even when sex isn't on the table (as in the case of Morgan).

Winston Parry is interesting because, although he's nice and mild-mannered, he isn't a pushover. He stands up to Kent in a decent and civilized way, given the circumstances. I also like how his image as a punk singer contrasts with his personality.

I haven't seen that much of Jessie Anderson yet, but her budding relationship with DK is very good reading. She seems fun, nice, and just a cool person. She is also very realistically handled.

Brock Mason is nice because he's a character who seems to just be trying to get along. His reaction to his accidental contact with Hilary is exactly appropriate for the situation, and his embarrassment about his dyslexia is handled very well. I also like his exit as soon as things start to look awkward at the ice rink.

Violet Druce is fascinating, particularly in her relationship with her father. I can sense her affection for him, but also some exasperation at his immaturity. I think it's very cool to see a character with a better defined relationship with her parents, especially since it goes far beyond typical teenage angst. Keep up the good work!

I very much like how Leila Langford comes across: as a pushy and somewhat insensitive girl. It seems like other characters are treading on eggshells to avoid invoking her ire, which makes things quite interesting. I can't wait to see how she evolves as pregame progresses.

Trent Savage seems to be a born victim. Whether it's Leila's barbs or a lunch lady's chagrin, he seems to be on the receiving end of a lot of negative attention, most unearned. I like how one of his big hopes at lunch with strangers is not to get along with them, but that one of them will do something interesting. Trent comes across as an average high school student who isn't too assertive, and that's a good thing.

Hilary Strand has a very interesting hobby, learning new things. I like her interactions with Brock at the iceskating rink; she has just the right amount of cunning and embarrassment. Her blackmail scheme, and its quick abandonment, both help flesh her out and make her an interesting character. I also enjoyed her reaction to Brock's accidental touching of her, and her thought processes as her opinion of him changes. Great job!

D&D Night
Aaron sighed quietly while the group continued to discuss things. He understood the need to plan, but it didn't make it any easier for him to sit still while others did it. Finally, they seemed to reach a consensus to investigate the middle tunnel. That was too bad; it was the one that actually lead into the dungeon. Still, it would at least keep things moving.

They hadn't exactly announced that they were going in yet, but Aaron was getting a little fidgety, they were going to say they entered soon, and there weren't any traps right in their path anyway, so he just went ahead and pretended they had stated their actions.

"You enter the middle tunnel, Alice in front, Will behind searching for traps, Bounce bringing up the rear. The tunnel is old and dusty, with small drifts of sand in various places on the floor. On the walls are several old murals and paintings."

He rolled some dice, ignored them.

"Will, you realize right before Alice takes a step about twenty five feet in that there is a trap ahead of her. You're able to warn her in time, though.

"Bounce, since you aren't searching for traps, you see something weird about one of the paintings on the wall. The painting shows two men holding a giant chest between them. The chest, however, is three-dimensional; it protrudes about six inches from the wall. It's about a foot by eight inches."

The chest was another trap, one Bounce would probably pick up on almost immediately, but maybe they'd linger and check it out.

"What do you do?"

Throughout his description, Aaron ignored Stephen. He couldn't really spare him the attention right now.

High Gloss Highs
((Enter Kimberly Nguyen))

Kimberly Nguyen was ready to party. She wasn't that much of a party person normally, they were so loud and crazy that it was hard to think, but this was a special occasion. This was Justin Corrigan's big party, and probably half of the graduating class was supposed to show up. She couldn't possibly miss something like this.

The only slight difficulty was, Kimberly didn't exactly remember who had invited her. She was sure someone had, otherwise she wouldn't be here, but no matter how much she wracked her brains, she couldn't figure out who. Oh well. There would be so many people here that it didn't really matter. The odds were no one would even notice her.

She had arrived in the neighborhood in one of the least dignified manners possible: the bus, second only to being dropped off by one's parents or legal guardians in terms of humiliation, and, since she didn't usually take the bus, she had alloted too much time and had turned up early.

Way early, by the looks of things.

There were a couple of cars, and some people were heading in the direction of the house that she thought was Justin's, but not nearly enough for an event like this. She shifted the bag she was carrying (it contained a bottle of vodka she'd managed to liberate from her grandparents cabinet; they'd notice, but they wouldn't say anything) and checked her watch. Huh. Yeah, she was a good bit early. Still, better to be early than to stand around outside for ages looking like a dope. Of course, if she had a reason to be outside, then everything would be alright, and she wouldn't look bad at all.

She fished a cigarette out of her purse, lit it, and began to smoke it very slowly. As she did so, she took stock of herself.

She was wearing what she hoped was appropriate party clothing: super tight black jeans, a tight tanktop, cut low but not too low, fishnet gloves that went to her elbows, a hoodie over the whole thing (that would come off before long, though; with as many people as seemed sure to turn up the house would quickly become an oven), her square glasses, and, of course, her favorite fedora, the black one with the checkered band. For footwear, she had opted for standard tennis shoes. Boots would be excruciating after a couple of hours.

She milled around for a bit, finished her cigarette, checked her watch, fidgeted with her purse, checked her watch again, got impatient, and finally just walked up to the door. She thought a couple of people had trickled in. At least one.

Kimberly walked right in the door, not bothering to knock. It wasn't like the party was super private or anything. She glanced around inside, and immediately saw two people: Peter Siu, a nice enough fellow who Kimberly had seen around school a good deal, often eating, and Justin himself, the man in charge of the night's festivities.

Wow, where the heck is everyone?

"Hi Justin!" she said cheerfully, brushing her blond lock of hair out of her eyes (she loved her hairstyle, but that lock always got in her eyes), "I see, uh, that the party's still getting started.

"I brought some vodka. Where d'you want it?"

V4 Characters
There is no way I can critique all these characters tonight, but I'll try to hit at least one of each of yours. I've read all of pregame, so I'll try to get to everyone in time.

Let's get going!

Greg first...

Morgan Leftowitz is awesome. He is one of my favorite characters in pregame. I very much enjoy how he is awkward, but in a nice and earnest way. His relationship with Jennifer Romita is very well developed and adds depth to both characters. Morgan's hobby (online gambling) is unique, and you post enough about it to give us a feel for his circumstances without drowning us in details. I also like that Morgan avoids confrontation (at least with Rosa); it adds an interesting element to his character.

I haven't seen too much of Nathan Choultard, but what I have seen, I like. Again, you provide excellent details about his hobby (running) without overwhelming us. His friendship with his fellow athlete is also quite interesting. I look forward to seeing more of Nathan.

I'll try to do Tabbie later; I'm tired.

Llama next:

Maria Graham is a very interesting character. I greatly enjoy her randomness (my favorite being "tthheeiiiirrrrrr...."). I like how she is energetic, interesting, and genuinely friendly. She provides a nice break from some of the more angsty bits without being flat-out comic relief. The sole bit of constructive criticism I have to offer: beware getting too meta. The reference to Monty's handler and the Bee: Deceased thing were both funny, but coming as close together as they did were a little jolting. Still, she is an excellent character, and one I can't wait to read more of.

Duncan McMahon is another cool one. He seems to act as the straight man to Maria's wild zaniness, and is very effective in this capacity. I look forward to seeing how he and the band do, and how he does in-game.

I'll do Sebastian and Petrushka later...


Jacquard Broughten is a character I am very fond of. She is not a particularly nice person, but she also isn't aggressively jerkish. She keeps her cool, and doesn't tolerate abuse. She seems quite judgmental, but in a calculated manner, which I like a lot. I can't wait to see her on the island, and I want to thank you again for helping make "Life is a Game" work out.

Dominic Stratford is one of the most normal characters in pregame. That, by the way, is a massive compliment. He is realistic and screams "typical high schooler". He get nervous around girls, he eats raspberries, and he's afraid of Monty: all rational and understandable things. I can't think of a single thing that would make Dominic better. Quite simply, he rocks.

I'll do Erik later.

Critiques would be appreciated for (links go to the characters' earliest significant threads)
Aaron Hughes
Jennifer Perez
Everett Taylor

Looking for 'Company'
Rosa turned down Morgan's offer of a cab. It was obvious that no one was going to step in and stop Dustin, and Jennifer was secretly relieved. It would be so much easier to just sit back and let nature take its course.

Is it really natural? Well, sex is an important part of life, I guess...

You're being horrible! You can't just let this happen. You can't just sit by! You have to do something

Morgan was talking more. He mentioned the Senior trip. Jennifer hoped that people would be able to be civil to each other during it. If it wasn't full of drama it had the potential to be really great. And if it was a mess, well, most of them would never see each other again afterwards, so it wasn't even that huge a deal.

Morgan held up a finger and turned around as someone behind him spoke. Jennifer leaned over a little and took a look. It was a short, blue haired, completely-facially-pierced punk girl, someone Jennifer had seen around school before. Her last name was Heart, Jennifer thought, and her first name started with an S. Probably Sara. She wasn't quite sure what grade the girl was in; she looked pretty young even for a Junior.

My, but the Varsity's the place for Bayview students tonight.

Morgan and Ms. Heart seemed to be checking out the TV. Some baseball game was playing. Jennifer didn't know anything about the game or the teams; her only interaction with sports was when her friends dragged her to games. She cheered along with them, while paying as little attention as possible to the actual action.

By this time she had finished her meal, and she was starting to feel a bit like a third wheel. She asked for her check while Morgan was occupied with the other girl, and paid with her debit card.

She then turned to Morgan and said, "Um, unless you guys need anything else, I'd, uh, probably better get going here."

Here's a Dream
Awesome again! Great job. You tell this story in a truly excellent way. Your dreams are amazing!

V3 Mafia - the fallout
I assumed Harry wasn't hunting every night or that he had been "cured" as someone hinted was possible. I also spent a good long while think I was also a roleblocker, as Land's actions coincided with my own. I think Dodd's death tipped me off to the fact that I wasn't.

Kimberly Nguyen
Name: Kimberly Nguyen
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: Senior
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Poetry, guitar, horror novels, the "emo" scene

Appearance: Kimberly is a short (5'4") girl. She is thin, weighing only 125 pounds. Her figure is not particularly feminine; she has few curves due to her lack of body fat. She has shoulder length black hair, a lock of which she has taken to bleaching. She usually brushes her hair so that some of it is in front of her eyes. Kimberly has dark brown eyes, and wears square glasses at all times. She is somewhat nearsighted, but eschews contacts, feeling that they don't match her image.

Kimberly wears almost exclusively black. She prefers tight jeans and bulky sweatshirts, which she uses to draw attention away from her modestly-sized chest. She often includes elements in her wardrobe that are almost costume-like: fedoras, spiked collars, elbow-length fingerless gloves, so forth. She wears large amounts of makeup, principally black eyeshadow, which does not contrast with her tan skin as well as she would like. She has good complexion; on the rare occasions when she does break out, she gets pimples along her hairline, which she hides under hats.

Kimberly is half Vietnamese and it shows, particularly in the shape of her eyes and nose.

Biography: Kimberly is Vietnamese-American. Her maternal grandparents moved to the United States in 1975, fleeing Vietnam because her grandfather, an outspoken proponent of the American intervention, feared reprisal from the new government. Kimberly's mother was born a month after their arrival in their new country, in Saint Paul Minnesota, where the family was able to rent a home and find work.

Kimberly's mother was not a particularly cautious woman, rebelling against her parents' strict rules at every opportunity. She got pregnant in her sophomore year of high school, and continued her schooling, leaving the newborn Kimberly to be raised by her grandparents. They were more than happy to take her, being somewhat disappointed with how their own daughter had turned out. Her mother moved away after high school, and while Kimberly speaks with her often and sees her several times a year she feels much closer to her grandparents, who she lives with full time. Kimberly met her father when she was younger, but he went his own way later on and she has not seen him in years. He still sends some child support money to Kimberly's family, though, and sends her a card every year on her birthday.

Her grandparents raised her very liberally, hoping to avoid the mistakes they made with her mother by teaching her restraint through example rather than punishment. Kimberly was always allowed to voice her opinions, and was rarely disciplined in any way. She grew to expect to be able to do whatever she wanted. This has given her great self-confidence, but it has also made her pushy. She often does not consider the feelings of others, assuming that they'll do what they like and leave her to do the same. She does not understand that her friends often do things her way just to minimize conflict. Though she conforms to her social group in appearance and behavior, she always likes to be in charge of a given situation. When she does have conflicts with others, she tries to convince them of her point of view, but if that fails she simply leaves, walking away in the middle of sentences if she feels the conversation is over.

One downside of Kimberly's upbringing is that her grandparents rarely express any disapproval of her whatsoever. If they don't believe that she is doing something well, they simply don't say anything, letting their silence speak for them. They are not particularly encouraging when Kimberly does things well, either. This, and her distance from her parents, has lead Kimberly to feel somewhat emotionally starved at home. She fell in with the "emo" crowd because she is fascinated with people willing to express their negative emotions and dissatisfaction with the way their lives are going. She writes poetry about the hardships of her own suburban middle-class life, albeit not particularly well. Her true artistic talents lie in music. She learned to play guitar from a friend's father, and has fallen in love with the music of the 1960s and 70s, which she was introduced to in her elementary school music class. She particularly likes Vietnam War protest songs because she feels personally connected to them; she does not realize at all how upsetting this is to her grandfather, who has never explained to her that the songs are hurtful to him.

Kimberly's favorite subject in school is English, and her favorite part of the class is reading Gothic novels. She finds that horrific tales of the supernatural really allow human courage to shine through. She is a fan of H.P. Lovecraft, Robert Chambers, Bram Stoker, Mary Shelley, and Stephen King, and recommends their books to her friends at every opportunity. She does not like realistic literature of any sort, particularly mundane horror, which she finds too frightening.

Kimberly is a fairly good student. She is smart and willing to put some effort into her education, so she mostly gets As and Bs, with the occasional C. She does not call attention to this fact among her friends, though, feeling it would harm her image. Most of her friends are just barely passing, and view school with great disdain. Because of her desire to fit in with her peer group she pretends not to care about school at all, never participating in class unless forced to.

Kimberly's grandparents mostly failed at keeping her behavior more moderate than her mother's; she's just safer about it. She has experimented with drugs and alcohol, along with her friends, and smokes semi-regularly. She has been in a few relationships, three sexual, all relatively short. The one area in which her grandparents did influence her successfully was birth control; Kimberly has taken precautions to avoid ending up in the same situation as her mother.

Advantages: Kimberly is smart, and decently dedicated. She has good self confidence, and is willing to keep at things even when they get hard.
Disadvantages: Kimberly does not work well with other people unless they follow her. She is prone to simply leave a group if it doesn't do things how she likes. She also sometimes alienates people by being overly forceful, something she is completely unaware of.

The Questions Game
I'll take another turn at this.

Sunny D33
Jul 22 2009, 09:07 PM
What would your idea boyfriend/girlfriend be like?

Jennifer Perez: My ideal boyfriend would be someone kind and mature, who didn't get worked up about little things. Someone who never fought with people, and was always willing to listen and be supportive. Someone who truly cared. In other words, probably nobody at Bayview.

Aaron Hughes: My ideal girlfriend would be someone who loved me for who I am: a talented and imaginative individual who doesn't fit in with the idiocy that is typical high school "society". She would have to be someone intelligent, funny, gentle, involved in similar interests as myself, beautiful, loyal, and honest.

Everett Taylor: I, er, don't exactly want a girlfriend right now. I simply don't have time for one.

What is your most prized possession?

V3 Mafia - the fallout
That went surprisingly well. I was really, really surprised that it took as long for me to pick up a vote as it did, because I was trying to act semi-dodgy, the theory being that the mafia would leave me alone if I looked like a good scapegoat. Solomir surviving is the only reason we won, I think.

Here's a Dream
Wow. That is absolutely amazing. You are a truly gifted writer, and it sounds like you dream amazing dreams.

The Next Mafia Game
I assume characters such as Bubba Dover would count too, right? The ones that were obvious trolling?

V3 Mafia Game Thread
Yeah, I'm quite willing to wrap this up.

VOTE: Landlocked

Too bad Face got whacked, though.

A Walk to Forget
Everett was torn between sympathy and mild disdain when Laverne explained what she was doing in the alley. On the one hand, she had to do a lot of hard work. On the other, she was trying to skip out on some of it.

Still, she's doing more than you ever did. When exercise got tough you didn't cut corners, you just quit.

Shut up.

"I was at the mall buying clothes," Everett said, drowning in thoughts under his words, "My old ones were getting a little ratty, and it's important to me to look clean."

He pulled one of the white shirts out of his bag. He had no intention whatsoever of showing Laverne the others; she would probably think he was boring or a freak for buying six identical shirts. He also kept quiet about the other reason he was buying shirts: besides getting a bit threadbare, his old ones were starting to get a bit tight on him. Plenty of denial went with that. His favorite excuse was that they had shrunk a little each time they were washed.

"I don't like the mall parking lot, and I borrowed my mom's car. It'd be really bad if it got stolen or something, so I parked it a ways away. This is the quickest way back."

He paused, a little unsure of what to say. Did he share any common ground with Laverne whatsoever? They both went to Bayview, and they were both here... School seemed a safer bet. They'd exhausted most of the conversation topics about the alley. He took a second and made a snap judgment: she looked like the Language Arts type. Maybe she was even in a class doing the same assignments.

"I'm on my way home to get working on an essay. LA's been giving a lot of them lately. It's on an old Chinese story. I can't wait to get the essay started."

The Next Mafia Game
Board based sounds very amusing. I'd be in for Rejected Mafia too, though. EIther would be awesome.

The Questions Game
Jul 19 2009, 10:14 PM
Where would you go in the city to relax and unwind?

Jennifer Perez: I'd just walk around. Probably the mall, maybe the Cinema, but really just around. For me, it's the movement that helps. I think most clearly when I'm going somewhere.

Aaron Hughes: I would prefer to remain in my own residence. No where in the city is anywhere near as relaxing as the comfort of home.

Everett Taylor: For me it's Bayview, hands down. School is where I can learn things, and where I can really show myself that I'm good at something. I just wish more people took it seriously.

What is your secret dream?

D&D Night
Will left the tunnel, and everyone paused to think about what to do. Stephen was being very quiet, but that was usual, right? Aaron certainly wasn't about to worry about it. Besides, if he felt singled out, well, soon he'd have company in the dead pile, and that would surely make him feel better. At least he'd died a hero.

Bounce's suggestion that they back off made Aaron a little bit nervous. She commented on the difficulty, and shot him a look, but he ignored it. Best to power on. Changing things now would just make everything chaotic and messy, and surely mess things up far more than just going ahead would. He didn't handle change or improvisation well, not at all. He could come up with a plan quickly enough, but not if he was already following a different one.

At this point, he only had a few options. He could attempt to force the group into the dungeon. He could do so directly, telling them to go, but that would ensure rebellion. He could be more subtle, having some overwhelming force attack from the bottom of the hill, but again, that would likely cause them to seek a sneaky way out.

His best bet was just to let them decide to enter on their own. It wasn't a sure thing, but it would circumvent any attempts to derail his plans for the sheer sake of derailing them.

Still, he could help things along a bit...

He rolled a few dice behind the screen, and glanced at them. There was no purpose behind the roll, but with any luck it would keep everyone on edge. Then he sat back to listen to their plans.