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Introduction Thread
Welcome to SOTF! I'd give you the spiel with links but am a tad distracted and busy right now, so instead I'll say you've picked a great album for your avatar. :)

Britian's Leap In The Dark
Jun 24 2016, 04:03 AM
Mildly curious as to why this is awful from the people who would actually have studied this while I'm desperately tryharding Basic Life 101? :P

I do lean quite a bit more 'right' in general than most of SotF, and I'm certainly not up to date on the fallout from this move, but to my limited knowledge, Britain was getting kinda screwed from the EU deal.
Interestingly, from what I gather the actual leadership of both political parties (left and right) wanted to stay. It was something like 80% of elected officials.

As to the deal... it's very up for debate, but the numbers thrown around by all sides were total lies according to most observers (with Leave as the worst--they counted the money the UK pays into the EU and left out the money the EU pays into the UK). One of the big things though is that if the UK leaves the EU, they lose all say in EU trade agreements and may be setting themselves up for a kicking when it comes to future dealings with EU states in the form of import/export taxes and the like--potentially a problem because the EU is their biggest trading partner by far, and there's a chance Germany and France decide to make an example over this. There's also the fact that EU citizens have free work and travel between member countries (kinda like moving between states in the US)--someone from France could work in England or Italy without a visa. Depending on how stuff goes, this may isolate the UK and/or screw their citizens who are currently living abroad under the agreement.

The theory behind leaving, to my understanding, was threefold: one camp used fearmongering ideology against Muslim immigrants (who are, ironically... largely unaffected by this decision as they tend not to be EU citizens anyways), one camp was sick to death of the politicians and voted largely on the assumption that anything backed by almost everyone had to be a pack of lies, and one camp believes that the UK will be able to negotiate a better standing for itself freed of the EU's regulations and fees.

Part of the complicating factor, though, is that Scotland and Ireland are both super heavily pro-EU and may leave the UK over this. Scotland actually came fairly close two years ago, and one factor in their remaining in the UK was protecting their spot in the EU. Right now there's a lot of speculation, but at least in the short term the UK's economy has tanked overnight and there are talks of varying degrees of seriousness of chunks of the country leaving.