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Hi! I know I'm a bit late on the draw here, and I'm not asking anyone to take anything down or anything (in all honesty, I haven't actually read the meme) but I'd like to request that from here on out my characters not be used for it, please.

Thanks, everyone!

SotF Board Mafia V2 - Fallout Thread
Funnily enough, this was my first time ever getting lynched in mafia on SOTF.

TBH is unable to log in right now, but has asked me to post on his behalf that he will not actually be able to participate due to personal circumstances.

June Mid-Month Rolls
All extensions granted for the requested times.

That aside, I think deadline has passed? Apologies for flaking on the countdown; I've been sick and swamped with homework.

SotF Board Mafia V2 - Fallout Thread
Very interesting. Well done to the others in the mafia, and also to Decoy. I definitely didn't expect a jester there. I'm really looking forward to reading all the role PMs.

Board Mafia V2: Game Thread
I saved my "bah" post for this!


Burn On
It'd been a couple hours, and while Kris might still be fresh wherever she was, Kimberly was starting to feel a bit like she'd been rolled in grease. It was fucking baking, and her head was itching. Her nose was probably sunburned. Just what she needed. She reached her hand to her ear, found the flowers she had picked. They were wilted, wrinkled, dead. Whatever. She tossed them to the ground, looked at them just lying there.

It was hot. She didn't want to come down with heatstroke or inconvenient shit like that, so she took a nice long drink from one of her bottles of water. It was actually something of a process, given that her arm was still fucked up. She couldn't help but take another look at the Molotov in her backpack, since it was right next to the water. It was really, really tempting to just take the thing out, get it started, and set the whole damn mountain on fire. There were lots of dead pine needles accumulated. Fuck, she could burn a lot from here. Maybe flush Kris out, if the girl was hiding. Maybe the fire'd reach all the way to Brook and his shrine of horrors.

Maybe it'd be a really awful idea to burn everything in sight on a whim. No, no maybes about it. She knew it was stupid. Knew it was nothing more than another destructive impulse.

That wasn't what held her back.

No more killing. No more Aislyns. She didn't want to burn some pathetic fuck to death in their sleep. She didn't want to hear her name on the next announcement next to a laundry list of imbeciles who got caught in the blaze. Sure, she might change her mind later, might want to cause some more serious damage, but for now, she was content to repack her bag, adjust herself, and continue sitting. The afternoon was wearing on. Maybe when night fell, she'd prowl again. Maybe she'd finally accomplish her mission.

Altering the Deal

Aaron had let her speak. He'd let her go on, let her build her hopes a bit, let her work up to her heroic sacrifice. He'd let her imagine playing the savior. Better that way, better for her to have her little moment. It would make it easier for Aaron to turn it around, to talk her out of it. If Charlie went, she'd come back and tell them that there really was a rescue. She'd tell him that, and they'd laugh, and they'd go, and they'd get brought home, and Aaron would be institutionalized at best. Realistically, he'd probably be shot first. It couldn't happen like that. Even if he stayed away, if he let the others go, it would drastically reduce his chances. He'd be left alone to face off against the fiends on this island.

Aileen and Charlie were his. They weren't going anywhere.

"Charlie," he said. "I appreciate that. I really do. You can't go, though.

"We've done a lot in our time here. We've made it pretty far, made some pretty good progress. I think we'll have a breakthrough here soon. I'm onto something."

He had to keep it vague, had to pretend like he was still being cautious. Secrecy was his new weapon. All the precautions to keep Danya from listening in could now help him keep the girls confused, keep them from realizing that there was no plan, at least, not for escape.

"I wish we could go check this out. The fact is, though, it's too dangerous. I made a horrible mistake with Milo, Charlie, and it cost him his life. We lost Lily and Richard and Tom, too. No more. We can't lose anyone else. We're a team, Charlie. You're part of this. I need you. We all need each other."

The words came easily. They even contained hints of truth.

He held out his hand.

"So let's make sure no one else gets hurt, okay? We're together. Until the end, right?"

Introduction Thread
Welcome to SOTF, Doc! Feel free to stop by the chat, and also to PM me or any other staffer if you have any questions.

Looking for a Babysitter
Just a quick reminder to post as Away while you are gone, due to the changes in how babysitting interacts with inactivity.

June Mid-Month Rolls
We can give you three days.

Three days, seventeen hours, and thirty-five minutes for deaths.

On a personal note, I may need to request an extension of about four days here. I've had two papers, a presentation, and some small projects in the past few days, and next week I have finals. With luck, I'll stay on schedule, but it may get tricky here.

'Second Chances' (Interest Check)
Good call with the lists.

Everett Taylor and Karl Chalmers are up for grabs, though Karl may need some serious adaptation for a non-Program environment.

Nikki is tentatively claimed.

June Mid-Month Rolls
Four days, nineteen hours, and twenty-three minutes for deaths.

June Mid-Month Rolls
A little early there, actually.

Deadline passed five minutes ago.

Six days, twenty-three hours, and fifty-five minutes for deaths.

Second Chances: Poll
I voted no purely because I think the game would be more interesting if it represented the handlers who are still around, rather than a mishmashed "best of" with all the big names from past versions.

That said, if it is allowed, I vote all subsequent Second Chances games not be allowed to have repeat characters, so that we still get a fair/wide distribution.

June Mid-Month Rolls
One day and thirty minutes to play cards.

So Close
No one. Good. Everything was clear. She'd just have to back off, find a better place, and hold out. Figure out a way to make it out of here. Survive, first and foremost. If there was a chance to escape, another opportunity for rescue, she'd jump on it. For now, though, she'd regroup, lay low, and keep doing what she'd been doing: surviving.

She headed off quickly, intent on avoiding any entanglements with irate players.

((Claire Lambert continued in This Will Eat You Alive))

June Mid-Month Rolls
One day, twenty-three hours, and thirty-eight minutes to play cards.

'Second Chances' (Interest Check)
Copy/pasting myself, so the message Elena refers to is actually here:

I'm not personally interested in this, since I have enough characters to occupy my time and I have a very hard time getting back in character for someone who is dead.

That said, I think this is an awesome idea, and if anyone doesn't have any dead characters or is interested in one of mine for some reason, I'd be totally cool with them being grabbed for this, so long as I'm PMed and double-checked with. Just throwing this out for any new folks or people who've managed to avoid losing anyone so far.

EDIT: Gonna say I'm leaving Jennifer and Samantha be. Everyone else is fair game if anyone is interested.

June Mid-Month Rolls
If anyone feels inclined and has the ability to save Claire, I'd be very grateful. If not, feel free to PM me ideas. I request that people PMing me are quick posters, so stuff is done by deadline. It's going to probably be a little crunched from my end, as I'm going to have to consult with Aaron on this one, and, as such, you may not get replies for a couple days.