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Bayview's Mascot
That is, indeed, quite excellent. Very well done!

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
I'm going to go ahead and let Drop explain himself before hammering.

Introduction Thread
Welcome to SOTF, General and Tiny! If you have any questions, feel free to PM one of us staff members (we have colored names).

Been Away for a While...
Hey, infinity, it's cool you're back!

Remember to resubmit Aston for V4 proper here.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Right, I think Rocky's in the clear. I also think we have at least two mafia members left. Kami's excuse is pretty flimsy, because, as mafia, she could simply have been given an unlikely role to claim by her allies. Still, right now it's better than nothing, which is what Drop and ban have. Drop's most suspicious right now.

So, really, I don't see how Drop could not be mafia. Either way, we need a lynch today. If we can trust Rocky (which is a big if, but a risk I'll take for now) the town has pretty well won. So, yeah, I think the mafia-catching order (barring roleclaims with evidence or something) should be: Drop-ban-Kami-Rocky-Mimi.

So, what's everyone think?

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Alright. In that case, I have a rules question for Elena: Is the order of night actions important? As in, if the mafia hit Slam before he died, would his actions have failed to go through?

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
You know what? I just realized Rocky can prove his innocence. I was roleblocked last night. Given the numbers, I think there is only one roleblocker left. Slam was not roleblocked, which means his action should have gone off fine. That action was an attempt to recruit Rocky into the mason group, which I am a member of.

Now, how Slam's power worked, he could recruit anyone except mafia. If a mafia member was targeted, Slam's info was revealed to them. That's why Joe went after him.

Anyways, Rocky should be a mason by now. That means, this night phase, he can PM me and I can fill him in on the plan and share the identity and contact info of the other mason. Also at that point, the town will have pretty much won, since a double vote will be able to swing things easily to stop the remaining mafia members. Best of all, even if I am roleblocked and killed next night phase, I'll have time to share Rocky's PM with my designated successor, so he'll still be known as innocent.

Now, the rules forbid out-of-game contact if you have not been told otherwise, so if Rocky's mafia, he won't be able to send me a PM. That means we'll have perfect evidence to get a howling mob going next day phase. At that point, we presumably have the mafia down to one, and mathematically we should win. I am slightly suspicious of the double vote, since we do have a group of thugs running around...

So, there you have it. Rocky's allegiance will be known and acted on by the next day phase, and then it's just a matter of figuring out who's left.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Cool. That's enough for me for now.


That said, I want to hear from Drop and Ban. Of course, the mafia has had double-voters in the past, so Rocky isn't completely off the hook either.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Alright. Here are my sources. I'm a mason. Slam and I have been cooperating since night two. On my advice, he tried to recruit Joe. A failed recruitment alerted the mafia (Joe) to his role. Thus, when Joe voted for Slam, it became immediately clear that he was mafia, so I pushed that bandwagon.

I'm going to go ahead and say I believe Rocky, so it's time for me to UNVOTE. I think it's Kami or Drop, but most of the evidence is for Kami, so I'll VOTE: Kami.

A bit more info: We were screwed because I was roleblocked last night. This implies a mafia roleblocker. It also means I may be blocked and killed tonight, but I feel safe enough that I'll be able to set up a plan that can assure our victory even if that happens.

So, yeah. i think the town has this one. And I think Kami and probably Drop are mafia.

V3 Promo Photos.
Fight scenes are always cool, and all of the big fights later on have been cool. Any of them would be awesome, depending on actors/props available.

Well, I'm back in action now. Should be back in chat tonight or tomorrow, and back to speed on mod stuff soon too.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Oh hell. Well, I've got my suspicions, and they're pretty darn set right now. So, I'm going to VOTE: Rocky. I want a roleclaim. Now. Really, though, I think Drop's right. I think it's Rocky and Kami.

Lunch on the Lawn
Aaron laughed a little as the newcomer, Allen from math class, joked that his speech had put Sarah to sleep. Internally, though, he was mildly put off by the comment. After all, there was no way he could really be that boring, right? People were never actually bored to sleep by other people, were they? It was clearly a joke, but still...

Aaron knew he shouldn't take it poorly. He knew Allen was just messing around, having a good time, so he kept his smile, though he was pretty sure it flashed false for half a second. Damn. He'd have to work on that some more.

To cover the awkwardness, he said, "I'm Aaron. Hughes, not Kane, Hicks, or... uh, B." There were more than enough "Aaron"s in Bayview's Senior class, much to Aaron's dismay. Normally, he was glad to have a name that was usual enough to avoid most misspellings, but sometimes it was a pain to be easily confused with other people especially when some of them—he was thinking of that meathead Hicks, here—were distasteful individuals. Aaron B. seemed alright enough, even if his last name was impossible to pronounce. Aaron Kane was somebody Aaron had just barely heard of, and only because of their shared name. Then, of course, there were half a dozen "Aaron"s in the lower grades.

Returning his attention to the others, Aaron noticed that Sarah seemed to be entirely out of it; even when she raised her head at her name, she didn't seem focused. Aaron glanced at her and asked, "Are you alright?"

Then, after a few seconds of thought, he added, "Be sure to drink a lot. You aren't getting heat stroke, are you?" It didn't seem hot enough for that to be a real concern, but it always paid to be safe.

SOTF: Evolution
I'd just like to say that Mini as a whole is awesome, and I'm sure this will be too. We'd love to see everyone with the time/interest.

Bayview's Mascot
Awesome stuff, Renard! That's really cool!

Also, our school had a decent mascot. It was a knight. We had a suit of armor in the entrance hall, which was actually pretty awesome.

Writer's Block
Like others have mentioned, I listen to music or I just force myself to write. I edit my posts before they go up, so I can catch really stupid stuff before it gets too bad, usually. Also, if you aren't afraid of scrapping and restarting, it's easier to just write.

Alright. I banned all usernames starting with "x", so we should be safe now. I also PMed xylophonefairy, to avoid any confusion. We should be safe for now.

v4 Sneak Preview #2
Awesome preview, once again. Also, everyone should join Mini! It's great fun.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Oh, right, since I'm going...

Vote: Sunny

Okay guys, this was mention in the Fun and Games chat topic, but it should be said here too. Some people can't get into the chat, probably due to redirect errors. The new link is this. Update bookmarks and so forth.