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SotF Handler Appreciation Thread
I meant to do this a bit ago, but I forgot...

Following Face's lead:

Face: You are an incredibly friendly person, and a talented writer. You've truly gone above and beyond several times, most notably when you PMed me to make sure I was alright when my life got funky on Chatzy one night. Also, your username contains one of the most awesome references ever, even if it did confuse me as to your gender for a while. You also greatly helped me with Aaron's character development in the chess thread, so thanks!

Dodd: Through a somewhat convoluted process, your writing is what led me here (I'd glanced over things before, but I saw on TVtropes that Adam Dodd had died, and I just had to see what had happened. Apparently, it was a snake!). You are a great writer, and you are also friendly and welcoming. Finally, you taught me a good many things about online mafia.

Psycho: Dodd's writing was what got me to the site, and yours was what got me to sign up. James Brown is absolutely hilarious! You are an amazing writer, and I really hope you feel better soon.

Choic: You were really the one who woke me up to the importance of reading and thinking things through. Quite frankly, your post shortly after my first one in the V4 concepts thread was a very welcome wakeup call. I give you a lot of the credit for keeping me from sucking. Also, you wrote my favorite death scene thus far, which makes you awesome.

Clu: There really isn't much I can add to what Face and MK have said, but I'll give it a go. You really do a lot for the site and the community here. You keep up with posts well, and you come up with awesome games for all of us to play. Mafia and the WDG were very cool and entertaining. I'm sure they take a good deal of work on your part, so thanks a ton!

Yossarian: You're responsible for my favorite quote in all of V3, Jordan's line to Lenny (the one that scrolled across the top of the site for a couple of months). You're a great writer with a very unique style (and I mean that in a good way). Also, you were a great participant in mafia. I'm sorry I accused you.

Mimi and Zombie: You two are both amazing writers. You took two characters who I was at first rather unfond of, and gave them such depth and character that they are now some of my favorite in pregame. I have no idea at all how you do it, but you both rock! Also, Mimi rocks in chat (and Zombie did the time she was on, too).

Scipher: You're great all around. I highly respect your ability to be assertive and blunt when the need arises, as in the case of , say, Alexia Morgan, while still remaining civil. I wish I could be half as good at it as you are.

banthesun: You're responsible for the launching of the D&D thread, which is great fun. You are also consistently friendly and communicative, and you don't take offense when I send you weirdly worded PMs while trying to figure out simple stuff, that I've just missed somehow.

Landlocked: You maintain the wiki. That's enough to earn you my total respect. You're also great in chat, always friendly and helpful. I'm impressed by your ability to recall every V3 character's death.

MK Kilmarnock: You are a flat out incredible writer. Your characters are amazingly deep, and you managed to write a stinging yet in-character rebuttal from a loner type that flowed so perfectly I can't begin to describe it. I read through your posts trying to pick up tricks to use myself. Also, you are always great in chat, and most understanding.

Solomir: Your posts and comments are part of what inspired me to read through V4's pregame in its entirety. Also, anyone who uses invisible text is automatically cool.

Tythanin: You were the first person I really did any serious RPing with. Phantasmagoria really helped me learn the ropes, and turned Jennifer into my favorite character to write. You helped me build my confidence a lot.

Arch and Beta: You guys are great fun in chat, and you always answer questions, even if they're silly. You are both friendly and helpful. There's not much else I can add without retreading ground covered by Face and MK, so let me just say thanks again!

D/N: I wish I knew how you came up with the sorts of profiles and characters you write. Quite simply, you are one of the most original writers on the site, and I always enjoy reading your work.

Killer_Moth: You are a great writer. I also find it quite amusing how similar our user and character names are. I greatly enjoy reading what you have to write. Keep up the good work! Also, great job on your thread with Greg. It rocks!

Greg: You also belong in the "inspired me to read pregame" category. Morgan, and Storm in a Teacup, are both awesome. You are also great to deal with in chat, and an all-around cool guy.

GameMaker: You have written one of the most interesting and dynamic characters in pregame, and all your posts are great to read. Thanks!

CJanosi: You are very funny in chat, and a very nice person. You also are great to RP with. I really look forward to reading more of your work.

Megami: Without you, this site wouldn't exist. I haven't seen you around much lately, and I truly hope its because you're busy with wonderful things.

And last, but certainly not least, Crash: You are simply amazing. You write well, administrate well, and keep your cool about nearly everything. I remember once in chat, you mentioned some character who had ticked you off, and declared your intent to tear them apart. A half hour later, you posted an incredibly well thought out and articulated explanation of exactly what was wrong and how to fix it. Your patience must be endless. You are also willing to make tough calls and announcements, which is great. You make everyone feel welcome, and rarely do you say anything negative. You are amazing.

And now, the non-specific:

I'm sure I missed a ton of people while making this list. I can even think of a couple now, but my hands are getting a touch sore, so I'll make this quick. Great thanks to:

Everyone in V4 pregame... You all rock! I've read through the entire thing, and I want to thank each and every person who wrote a piece of it. You guys are making something amazing here, and I'm proud and honored to be a part of it. SOTF rock!

...and everyone who has come before. I know there are tons of people who have drifted through SOTF, each making their impact. The quality of writing here is truly impressive, and the site has a great history. I may not have read what you've written yet, but I'm sure it's great. We in V4 truly are "standing on the shoulders of giants".

So thanks everyone. I also apologize for any spelling or grammar mistakes in the above post; it's huge and I'm too tired to subject it to my typical rigorous editing.

V3 Mafia Game Thread
It seems to me like we're in big trouble unless we start whittling the mafia down soon. I agree that harnrave is suspicious, but right now I don't see him getting enough votes. I do think we really should get rid of someone today. If there are two people killed a night, and we have two mafia members and one serial killer left (all speculation on my part, of course) we have to catch someone in the next three day phases.

V3 Mafia Game Thread
I'm going to go ahead and trust Solo here. He put his neck on the line in a major way, and probably wouldn't have done so without reason. If he's leading us astray, we'll be able to deal with him later.

VOTE: Landlocked

Looking for 'Company'
Jennifer's food and water arrived very quickly. She sat listening to Morgan, nodding along and trying to look attentive, even though she didn't really know most of the songs he was talking about. At least she remembered The Nutcracker, though it had never been her favorite. Something about it had always creeped her out, though she had never quite put her finger on what.

It looked like Morgan was nearly done eating. Jennifer glanced around, and saw that Rosa seemed to be having some trouble over at the pool table.

How many drinks did she have? Is she alright?

She considered going over to try to help out, but it looked like things were under control, for the moment at least. They could pretty rapidly head downhill, though, if Teo's girlfriend took offense to the attention Rosa was paying him. Jennifer steeled herself. If it looked like things were going badly, she would go over and try to help. It was the least she could do after almost messing things up for Rosa earlier.

A new person walked into The Varsity, with a guitar slung across his back. Jennifer recognized him as Dustin Royal, one of her schoolmates. She cringed slightly. If Rosa had a bad reputation, Dustin was seen as promiscuity incarnate. He glanced over at her, Please don't come over. Please don't come over, and then walked over to the pool table. Jennifer sighed in relief. Thankfully, Dustin had never really bothered her much.

Robert quickly headed back towards Morgan and Jennifer, and offered them a ride.

"Um, thanks, but, uh, I'm not quite finished, and I like walking," Jennifer said. She smiled. It was a nice offer, but she wanted to stay out as late as she could.

She took a few more bites of her food, and turned to see what happened at the pool table.

D&D Night
((I'm going to go ahead and start the game session. This means this thread is pretty much closed to new characters. Anyone can do whatever they like with the NPC.))

A knock came at the door, and Aaron hurried to it. Outside was Alice Blake, one of Bounce's friends, and the group's fighter. Alice was new to the group, but that was alright: everyone started somewhere. She played a fighter, and lent some much-needed muscle to the party. Aaron really had no idea how she'd handle things today. It would be interesting, and hopefully not too bad.

The more he thought about his plans, the more Aaron felt that he was about to do something really, really stupid. He shook that feeling off, though. He was the dungeon master. His word was law. Worlds quaked if he told them to. Besides, it was just a game.

He lead Alice to the room, showed her the food, and was about to sit down when another knock at the door sounded.

Aaron ran back to it. Waiting outside was the last member of the group, Stephen Norris. Stephen was a junior. He was short and somewhat stocky, with curly blond hair that he never bothered to brush.

Stephen played the group's cleric. He was a very quiet person; Aaron sometimes forgot he was there. Stephen preferred to take a backseat in the game. He never bothered with anything except healing spells, and the occasional whack at monsters that got near him, even though Aaron had explained to him several times that his character should have been as powerful a combatant as anyone else in the group.

Aaron lead him back to the room, showed him the refreshments, and then, finally, sat down himself. He set up the cardboard screen behind which he hid his notes, pulled the adventure out of the book and set it where only he could see it, and placed a handful of dice on the table, within easy reach of everyone.

Then he stretched and began to talk, telling the story.

"If you remember, last week you all stopped at the foot of a large hill and made camp for the night. The night passes uneventfully, except for the faint howling of wolves in the distance.

"In the morning, the first rays of light reveal the side of the hill. You are able to make out three passages carved into it, in a row, each about twenty feet apart. Each passage looks somewhat clogged with sand.

"What do you do?"

Aaron smiled. This was going well so far. He'd kept things nice and concise, and whatever happened now would be the result of the players' actions.

Just passing the time...
Ricky made a nice comment to Everett, which made him smile. Ricky wasn't a bad guy, just unmotivated when it came to schoolwork. Or maybe it wasn't even that. Maybe he just wasn't that talented in the academic arena. Everett could understand that. Excelling in school took a lot of work.

Everett followed Ricky to the table and began flipping through books, pointing out the most important parts. He worked quickly and relatively efficiently, as he had looked through most of the books before. As he read, he began to realize just how much of his information had come from the missing book. That left him with a really bad feeling: it meant that Ricky would have trouble with his project, and it meant that Everett's research hadn't been as thorough as it usually was.

He paged through a couple more books, and then came to a decision.

It's not cheating if it's justified. Ricky's putting forth an honest effort, and he's a good guy. It's not his fault the book's checked out. This'll have the same result as if he'd just read it himself.

"Hey, Ricky," Everett said quietly, hoping no one else would hear him, "The, uh, the book that I used the most isn't here today. Someone must have it out. If you want, I can send you my notes on it tonight by email or something. You should have enough with all of these ones to support things, but this one was really great. I've got all the quotes and citations and stuff.

"I know it'll be a bit last minute and you'll have to hurry a bit with it, but it beats nothing, right? I'll make sure all the important stuff's easy to access."

Everett wished he hadn't claimed to have left his notes at home. It really tied his hands. Still, he couldn't be caught in a lie. He should be able to help Ricky get a good grade, and he would just find some more sources for himself on the internet, so that what he shared with Ricky wouldn't overlap too much with his own presentation.

Decisions, Decisions
Jennifer Perez wandered into the library to vote for the Prom Royalty. She didn't really care that much about the positions, but she figured she might as well vote for some deserving people. She thought about people she was friendly with, and two immediately stood out, people who never caused Jennifer any trouble, and who she didn't feel stressed by.

She wrote:
Prom King: Aaron Boismier
Prom Queen: Melissa Li


Everett Taylor was voting only because he wanted to see worthwhile people win the Prom titles, instead of popular slackers. It was probably hopeless, and he was most likely throwing his votes away, but it didn't matter. When it all came down to it, the whole thing wasn't such a big deal.

Prom King: Chris Carlson
Prom Queen: Mia Kuiper


Aaron Hughes was on a mission of vengeance. He really, honestly, did not care in the slightest who the Prom King would be. Until a couple of days ago, he hadn't cared about the queen, either. Now, though, he had a perfect opportunity to use this stupid school tradition to get back at someone who had wronged him.

Jacquard had asked for it. She really had. It was all too easy. She wasn't very social. She wasn't very popular. She didn't walk very well, carrying a cane with her a lot of the time. The thought of her trying to dance was absolutely hilarious.

Hell, if she wins, Prom might even be worth attending.

Humiliating her in front of the entire school seemed like an appropriate way to even the score between them. After all, she had humiliated him.

Is it really worth all this? You're getting carried away. Yeah, she's a bitch, but you're taking this way too far. Calm down.

Aaron paused. He was taking things a bit seriously. Yeah, Jacquard had hurt him, but getting revenge wasn't the way to deal with it. It would just cause things to devolve. He realized he was holding up the line, and quickly jotted down the first two names that came into his head: members of his Dungeons and Dragons group. He didn't think either would appreciate his nomination, but neither stood a chance of winning, so they'd never know.

Prom King: William Sears
Prom Queen: Bounce

Aaron didn't even try to remember how to spell the girl's name. If it ended up mattering, someone would figure out who he meant, or they'd just pass it off as a joke vote. Aaron didn't care at all.

It's not like I'll be going to Prom anyways...

WDG - The Results!
Congrats to everyone, and thanks to Clu for running this! It was great fun, and some very amusing stuff was produced!

Prom Dates
Jennifer Perez would probably accept a date from just about anyone, to avoid hurting their feelings, but would certainly not ask anyone.

Everett Taylor would probably go alone, but also would accept an invitation from a girl, as long as she was serious about school.

Aaron Hughes has no use for Prom, but would go if a girl asked him, simply to be on a date.

PM me if you're interested.

I'm back. I will be gone from Friday until Sunday, though.

Looking for 'Company'
Jennifer listened to Morgan's recommendations, and decided to go head and order the nachos. Chips weren't her favorite food, but they weren't bad, and it would be good to show that she trusted Morgan. She ordered the next time the waitress came around, also asking for a glass of water.

Morgan said that his friends didn't play poker. Jennifer could understand that. Most of her friends didn't have much in common with her. Her favorite hobby, sewing, was something that none of her friends had any interest in at all. She wondered vaguely what she did have in common with her friends. For the most part, the answer was nothing.

Most of Jennifer's friends were younger than her. Her social group largely consisted of juniors and sophomores. Most of them were always neck deep in drama and conflict with each other. Jennifer did her best to sort things out for them, and was successful more often than not. Of course, it was only a matter of time before the next crisis occurred. Jennifer's friends in her own grade weren't much calmer. Most of them were the sorts of people who needed her help.

They all need you. That's your common ground. They need help, and you can provide it.

But what about me?

You don't need help. You don't get into huge arguments. You do just fine on your own.

Morgan listed some of his other interests, and Jennifer replied with a "Yeah", even though she didn't precisely know what he meant. Music was nice, but classical was so old fashioned, and she'd never been much of a tea drinker.

Jennifer was starting to get a little more comfortable around Morgan, now that she knew something about him. She at least felt like she now had a few things to discuss.

"I like music too. Um, more modern stuff, though. The piano's really nice though. Which, um, songs are you favorites?"

V3 Mafia Game Thread
I believe the 16:3 is coming from Clu's opening post, in which he implied that there are 3 mafia members (Riz turned to two others). I wouldn't count on it, though. I've heard a bunch of ratios floated, and I believe the mafia is typically about 1/4 the population, but the only way we'll know for sure is by getting all of them.

I am going to be gone from tomorrow until Monday the 22nd. I'm going to my stepsister's wedding in Pennsylvania. I do not know if I will have internet access; if I do, I will keep up on posts, but either way I almost certainly will be unable to make it into chat.

V3 Mafia Game Thread
Out of curiosity, what makes anyone think that someone revealing their role will tell the truth? I saw no rule stating that they had to. Am I missing something there?

V3 Mafia Game Thread
I believe that 10 votes are required for a lynch, instead of a straight majority. This is because of some messyness last time. It forces townsfolk to come to a decision. Clu can correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm almost 100% positive a real majority is needed for any killing.

Simple Question List for my Writing Class
Cool! Is there any chance we could see it? I'm really curious about how it turned out.

D&D Night
Aaron heard knocking at the door, and ran over to open it. Standing there was Bounce, who played the party's wizard. If anyone was likely to survive tonight's events, it was Bounce. That was good; Aaron was actually a little scared of Bounce. She was very direct, and wasn't shy about voicing her negative opinions of others. One thing that slightly bothered Aaron was that he couldn't remember Bounce's real name. It was something long and Russian sounding, and Bounce never used it, but he still wished he could remember it.

Pay attention the next time a substitute stumbles over it in class, and you'll at least get an idea.

Bounce had a split lip. Aaron wondered what had happened, but decided against asking. It wasn't worth risking upsetting Bounce. Maybe he could ask at school. The odds were that nobody would know, though, since she mostly kept to herself.

"Come on in!" he said, gesturing Bounce to the table. Will welcomed Bounce as well. It was still a little early, so Aaron just milled around the couch, leaving his notes safely stashed.

"Help yourself to some chips if you'd like," he said to Bounce, "I can go get some Pepsi out of the fridge too. I'm pretty much ready to get started whenever everyone gets here."

He didn't comment about the night's scenario to Bounce, as he had to Will. He thought she was more likely to suspect that something was up, and he didn't want to accidentally warn her. If she figured out what was going on, she would probably be very upset.

((If no one else turns up for a couple of posts, we can bring in a couple of NPC underclassmen to round out the group, alright?))

V3 Mafia Game Thread
I'm all for frivolous voting, guys, but remember it may not be at all in our best interests to kill anyone. If we wait until things are a little clearer, we can actually make educate guesses. I guess what I'm saying is I don't think we should actually kill Genosser.

Also, Dodd, it is quite possible that you are mafia again. I'm not saying you are, but nothing says you aren't, either.

V3 Mafia Game Thread
I'm going to go ahead and vote for Dodd because he stomped all of us last round. He has proven adept at sneakily killing everyone!

V3 Mafia Game Thread
I have received my role.