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Survivor: Cambodia Mafia SIgn Ups
I'm in!

The Mafia Waiting List
You can go ahead, Yugi. I've got my ideas in a line but am actually sorta vacillating between going as planned and running something weirder. Getting an idea of the size of game we're pulling right now will help me make the call (plus, actually, would love feedback--considering swapping for Paranoia Mafia, which would be a weird, weird setup more akin to Maddie's game than what I normally run. What sounds more interesting to folks?)

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Fallout Thread
I think the balancing here was actually really cool. Somewhat swingy, but that can be fun. I'm a huge fan of eschewing conventional roles, and not having a cop/doctor is a very cool twist. I also love the use of negative utility roles here; Laure/Paige/Randomness really helped level out the playing field. I'd say the only two things I might've recommended changing would be a. possibly give the godfather a bit more zing/give scum some other minor PR (flavor cop or something) just because investigation immunity isn't worth much in a game with only a single one-shot investigation and b. maybe force Frogue and backslash to fight to the death instead of allowing allied victory (as it feels a bit like that was the assumed play pattern and by combining their powers they were able to form a really strong town block with Innocent Child + Mason +two people who know each others' roles are town-aligned). Even with that, I think scum had a fighting chance; we just got super unlucky with Deamon night one and probably should not have shot him again when there were semi-confirmed townies in play.

Also, Laure's jester play was great, and Rugga really took control of the game and had none of my nonsense. Town as a whole played this one quite well. I had a lot of fun.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread

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Did I finally do it right?

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
May 17 2016, 02:30 PM
What if SotF got copyright striked for a song added in the editing so the whole footage is muted and they use terrorists as voice actors?
While a funny idea, it probably wouldn't happen just due to the status of SOTF broadcasts. Basically, hosting SOTF stuff is, in the SOTF-verse, probably more of a no-no than misuse of copyrighted music. Anywhere willing to deal with the former probably won't care about the latter (and the terrorists assuredly have backups of everything as well).

I may be taking this way too seriously. >< If this was a more whimsical request, it might be a good way to kick off a new edition of SOTF What If...?

Eulogy project looks pretty fun!

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
Rorick Skyve
May 15 2016, 03:19 PM
May I remind you of your own words a few days ago, RC? That statement has absolutely no effect on me.

Also, I do find the idea that RC and backslash are in cahoots interesting. She was the one who first voted against boogie immediately after votes were beginning to pile onto RC. Also, I think she has repeadetly spoken in RC's defense in the past, such as saying she thinks he's Town because he thought about how I should use my power after I revealed. Correct me if I'm wrong here.
Not that I don't appreciate the backup, but I think you're attributing some of Frogue's statements to backslash.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
May 15 2016, 03:13 PM
I still have not seen reasons why I would be scum (I act "scummy"? What's scummy about my playing?) and I refuse to share my role with people who don't believe in my statements anyway even though they were true and won't state reasons why I would be scum. It would not make sense and would just help mafia to do so. I see no point in sharing my role. If I share my role, you'd lynch me any way or you don't and mafia knows my role the next night, which would result in no progress being made. I risk it, you risk it. No risk, no reward.
But see, that's not right. There are plenty of undecided people. People pulled off your wagon (and most are now piling back on because of this sort of thing). If you share your role and it's unconvincing, you get lynched but if you don't you also get lynched. If it is convincing, yeah, maybe scum kill you or block you or whatever, but that's some other confirmed townie they're not killing/blocking/whatever, and that in itself is useful--especially when the alternative is town mislynching you. Because I just frankly see no way this ends that's not you getting lynched unless you have some amazing, indisputable claim up your sleeve.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
Rorick Skyve
May 15 2016, 03:10 PM
I get the slight feeling RC is trying to do exactly that, hinder the actual scumhunting, or maybe buy Mafia another day, pulling a sacrifice sort of thing, so we lose a day of potentially lynching another Mafia member tomorrow. This makes me believe that one of us was onto something before and RC is trying to distract from it. I'd say we make him claim today, otherwise his scheme, if that is indeed what he is going for, would succeed.

Yeah. Or just lynch him. Either works.

Sorta thinking he's smokescreening for backslash, because the mega-stall started right after I started pushing her hard. Boogie's also a possibility, but I find that less likely since a. RC pushed Boogie randomly throughout the game and b. Boogie's actually pointing out what RC is doing, which is sorta uncharacteristic for him and doesn't gel too well with his scum play. I mean, if RC flips town somehow that'll look way worse, of course.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
May 15 2016, 02:33 PM
The safeclaim thing was a legitimate misunderstanding on my part. It's not a mechanic I'm super familiar with, so it didn't occur to me that a high-profile character like Bianca wouldn't be in the game or that scum would know she wasn't in the game if that was the case.
Just as a note: the whole point of good safeclaims is that they make claiming risky and avoid obvious setup speculation. Like, if there are five main characters, it'd be really common practice to actually leave one for scum as a safeclaim.

I never said Randomness and Slam were outright scummy. I can still go either way with either of them.

So... they're null? So then you lied about other people looking more scummy? Or just didn't bother to name any of them?
Slam's vote felt like less of a bandwagon to me than Prim's did.

Okay. Why?
My point about Prim looking better because other people were making themselves look worse still stands.

Such as...?
On Day 2, not long after I said she was suspicious to me, Laurels started doing his thing. During this phase, pretty much the same thing happened with RC.

That's one person, not multiple people, and you were lukewarm on RC and still pushing Prim for a good while, until it became clear nobody was biting. How does any of that make Prim look less suspect?
Saying that Prim made a better case for voting RC than I did also strikes me as odd, because I mentioned previously that I felt he was being counterproductive and scummy.

No, you actually did not say that. What you said was:
I don't like how RC is baiting Rugga or whatever the hell it is he's doing. It;s not productive.

RC's acting very oddly, it's very counterproductive, and even if he isn't scum at this point he's filling up the thread with nonsense and not helping us get anywhere. Looking back, the way he's kept trying to direct Rorick's actions as watcher are also sketchy.

You have, in fact, never once referred to RC as scummy until this post. You did spend a lot of time on how he was useless even if not scum, though.
re: the boogie thing. That was a goof on my part, I will admit. I got irritated with RC and didn't read closely enough before responding. I can see how that particular thing looks bad, and unfortunately I can't offer any excuse on that front.

See, the thing is, that's all of this. There are tons of things that don't line up. You say you play opportunistically, but the form I'm seeing it take is helping along people's perceptions and cases as they form without bringing much to the table. It's the Boogie style, but hiding behind a veneer of analysis so as to be harder to catch out.
I don't buy any of what's in Toben's post. I don't want to respond to all of it but like, I don't this she was "fishing" for Rorick's investigative abilities as much as trying to glean how it works.

See... here's the issue: Rorick soft-claimed at best, and backslash kept pushing on that specific point, with no attention spent on anything else he said.
I don't find it scummy that she says she agrees with Slam's reasoning in that RC is acting erratic and not contributing anything of value.

But what about Prim's identical post being randomly suspect?

The mistake you're making here, I feel, is assuming that agreeing that something's scummy is a sign of non-scumminess. I think everyone agrees RC is shady as the only tree in the desert at noon. What I'm interested in is seeing what else we can glean, and what I see from backslash is noncommittal, low-effort, hypocritical wiggliness.
I think her position on Laurels was much more flexible than any one else's and decided to go along with it just because there was no better option.

Right, but this is a bad thing.

You're looking at this from your perspective: You knew Laure wasn't scum. The thing is, who else knew that? The only people with any clue were scum, and they didn't care if he got lynched. Frankly, the closer someone comes to lining up with your take on Laure, the worse they look to me because it means they were playing as if in possession of information they shouldn't have had.
RC has yet to full claim. His story has vacillated wildly and he's been particularly acerbic.

Yeah, absolutely agreed. His last post was bbbbaaadddd. But I feel like you're ignoring that backslash is also ridiculously shady because she's backing up your argument here. I'd not be surprised to find her allied scum with RC (the way her pile-on developed has me pretty suspicious since it was a weak as heck reason to hop the wagon and came only when it was clear that Prim wasn't gonna gain traction), or to find her some third party shade of nastiness.

Jokes aside though, that statement just now is basically what I was talking about before. That "It's the best for town"-line alone seems so fishy that I honestly think that no scum would act that suspicious on purpose. This is seriously irritating me so much right now that I cannot even focus on different people in here right now.

RC's really good at sowing confusion and stealing the spotlight. Right now he's drawn us into a state where it's for/against RC, except nobody's actually for him. It makes it very easy for scum to hide.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
May 15 2016, 02:41 PM
I'll hard claim next day.

It's the best move for town.
I don't think that's a good idea at all. I don't think there will be a next phase, and I frankly can't think of any role that's worth that sort of risk on. If you're investigative, scum has to pick between blocking you (and thus leaving Rorick unchecked to catch the blocker out) and blocking Rorick (and thus letting you get off an investigation). No other role gets much from one phase, or at least none I expect might be in the game. The stall is really bad news, and honestly I'm pretty convinced you're scum at this point regardless of what you claim. Only real reason I'm fishing is on the off chance you have something great up your sleeve.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
May 15 2016, 12:29 PM
May 15 2016, 11:19 AM
I had the same reads on boogie.
You were saying that you thought boogie was town up until he voted for you.
Oh ho! Now I can find some of the things that have been rubbing me wrong here.

So, Frogue, we gained nothing from that pronoun thing, did we?

However, now I have to suspect dmboogie for answering questions from other people. If there is a dmboogie-Rorick connection, which I think is not unlikely, it would help.

1. boogie did not bandwagon and his vote was legit and towny

The people from the list I find most suspicious are boogie and Prim. Prim's "pacifistic, no-lynch" thing was really irritating and boogie's votes are triggering me.

Also, I still have no proper explanation why Z is not on the list.

My scumdar senses were activated, turned on; boogie has waved a big sign at me that tells me that he might have scummy intentions. That's the point.

I had the same reads on boogie.

Also, boogie+Prim are my foses and probably both mafia.

So, one slight bit of town cred for Boogie, but otherwise consistent suspicion. This was pretty notable to me because I was backing the boogie suspicion to some extent (though less based on specific play and more based on style--note that in Boogie's giant post above only nine sentences are context from him; the rest are quotes. Boogie always plays a quiet game, and that can make it super difficult to pin him down and has historically let him coast a lot.

But see, what's been setting me off about backslash this game is that she's been way more engaged than typical, but in a very trend-hopping way. So since I have some time, let's do a quick read:

Backslash's first post of consequence casts suspicion on Rorick. Notably, it focuses on the part of Rorick's behavior most suggestive that he might be town; claiming reads that are being withheld/stalling for evidence is effectively crumbing an investigative ability. This:
I also don't like the "I have reads but am withholding them" thing, it feels like a stall. If you have information that would save you from getting lynched, share it instead of holding it over our heads.

is an attempt to flush a role claim. It's also an attempt to avoid taking responsibility for doing so via subtle phrasing--something scum would be pretty keen on given their knowledge that Rorick didn't number among them.

Backslash waffles on Boogie, RC, and Laure--everyone who's been of interest thus far aside from Rorick. Backslash only null or town reads everyone besides Rorick.

Her next post makes the role claim request more explicit without ever saying it.

Later, Rorick calls out backslash for not responding to his replies, and backslash claims she has. She hasn't really, though; she's only offered "I'm not too insistent" (really? Your only content had focused on getting a role claim out of Rorick) and "Lynching is good!"

There's a cute little random reference to the lack of night kills as a reason to definitely lynch that feels out of place to me. I think the no-kill thing is likely to weigh more heavily on the minds of scum than town. This is immediately followed by a claim to not be focusing on Rorick. I'm gonna quote it too:
EBWOP: I don't necessarily want to lynch only Rorick; he's just the most suspicious to me right now. If someone else presents a more compelling case for being scum, then by all means I will switch my vote.

Really? Backslash has said nothing of meaning about anyone else but has been oddly devoted to pushing Rorick the whole time. And now it's "Maybe not, but let someone else talk me out of it"? That's pushing aside all responsibility for everything.

And then backslash just drops it all with a "whoops, guess we're out of luck then after ROrick claims. This hints really strongly to me that she got what she wanted--a claim of an investigative ability--and then chose to back off. Also notable for an attempt to shut down the self-targeting tangent that doesn't include a. asking the mod or b. thoughts about whether it's a good or bad idea. It's just "I don't think you can do that."

Backslash then says Rorick's flavor claim is probably good, but doubts the ability claim. That's like, huh? Why would Rorick lie about his ability while claiming correct town-confirming flavor? It makes no sense, and this post looks like an ability to have it both ways, especially as the part that's viewed as legit confirmation is the weaker part.

Then we get into where I started honing in. Backslash is very hesitant to comment on Laure, basically going with "I don't know his style" and "Maybe he's roleplaying" as a reason not to commit or comment in depth. She also fights my breakdown of safe-claims, and that stands out to me. It's notable because it could easily be coming from a scum position--knowing what safe-claims scum has (or doesn't have), it would be easier to misunderstand what I was saying.

She finally hops on the Laure bandwagon with a regurgitation of the points already made and a note that we'd probably not actually accomplish anything anyways. It's a weak pile-on, especially following hot on the heels of the earlier instance of declinging to notably comment on Laure. Suddenly, backslash is citing evidence that before wasn't enough for her to say anything about what was going on as a reason Laure is scummy. This post feels full of reasoning that superficially looks good, but holds little actual insight or meaning.

Backslash starts the next day by trying to fish Rorick's role-blocked message from him. It skeeved me at the time, and it still does. Rorick made it very clear that there was a difference between the nights, so this is just pulling information into the public that can bolster fake claims by scum later/removes a lever of verification. Backslash also goes after Prim on grounds that, to me, feel rather weak. It's coupled with the infamous FoS--I've mentioned before why I hate this and generally find its use to be bad news, but basically it's a tool that accomplishes little beyond pushing a wagon without attaching your name to the official count.

Backslash talks about Masons in some depth which is pretty much useless given the Mason-counterclaim impossibility situation, which she is aware of. Later, she attaches significance to her FoS and again tries to push the Prim train without actually giving anything of note. One of the big things sticking out to me here is that scum can often hide by pretending to be movers but not offering enough for their actions to result in anything. It's a great way to pad your post history and pick up some cred for independent thinking, plus to make every bad lynch you back a "compromise."

Backslash then does go after Prim a bit more, but there are some things that don't line up. She says:
What makes me iffy is not the fact that you didn't vote for anyone, but that you were actively saying we shouldn't lynch when there were a couple people who had been acting suspiciously and we had a good opportunity to try and get a leg up on the mafia thanks to the lack of a nightkill.

Really? This from the same person who pushed two people the day before (Rorick for the roleclaim, and Laure with "I don't really think he's scummy but shrug okay I guess")? It's a super hypocritical point to make, which makes me heavily question its origin. Again, backslash is putting on the hat of the mover, talking the talk, but there is no walk to back it up.

Backslash pushes against RC's behavior but does not deign to vote. Later, she backs off on Prim for no real reason, and votes RC in part on the "bad townies are expendable" theory, which is usually a pro-scum point of view. Notably, backslash claims that Prim looks better because other people look worse, then names three people as scummy (RC, Randomness, and Slam) mostly on the grounds of "I dunno, they feel scummy to me." which is actually a worse case than she had on Prim. To me, it looks like Prim didn't role over as expected and nobody else decided to bite, so it's on to the next attempt, including a convenient, preemptive excuse for if RC flips town. Also notable for a meaningless town read on Boogie.

Backslash claims thatSlam's reason for voting matches hers. Let's find out if that's true:
RC's acting very oddly, it's very counterproductive, and even if he isn't scum at this point he's filling up the thread with nonsense and not helping us get anywhere. Looking back, the way he's kept trying to direct Rorick's actions as watcher are also sketchy.

RC's doing that thing where there's a lot of sound and fury signalling little, which doesn't tend to help. Plus no-one else is doing much to make themselves look hugely suspicious to me, so eff it why not.

Note that these are both super wishy-washy rationales and neither at all commits to RC as scummy. Also note that backslash is suddenly no longer suspicious of Slam when frankly his vote on RC reads to me as the most suspicious thing he's done all game.

Backslash claims Prim's vote on RC sucks. Let's compare:
RC is honestly just making things worse for pretty much just rambling and making themselves look more suspicious. So I'm going with my gut on this one.

Hey, look! It's exactly the same reasoning as backslash and Slam. Except that Prim then actually follows up and engages further.

And then we're back to where we started: the blatantly incorrect statement on RC and Boogie.

So, yeah. I wish I'd done this earlier, because as I've alluded to this has been bothering me, but I find absolutely nothing to suggest that backslash is town and quite a bit heading the other direction. I'm certainly side-eyeing RC and would not object to lynching him one bit, and y'all know that boogie's my go-to policy lynch. That said, backslah looks worse than either to me, and has throughout the game. By my estimates, I will probably be able to check in after work but before the deadline to potentially change my vote, so for now VOTE: BACKSLASH

Rugga, Flare, Rorick: can you give me your thoughts here? Particularly interested in Rorick's opinion on my read on backslash's interaction with him, and on whether this makes Rugga reassess her town read on backslash.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
May 14 2016, 09:56 PM
One thing I'd say is that if RC flips mafia, I'd give Bik and Slam light town cred given that RC was using the lisps to claim that one of them was likely to be mafia.
I give exactly zero credit for having been pushed by RC given that last game RC kinda randomly claimed a cop guilty on his own godfather. He plays pretty fast and loose with his suspicions whether town or scum, and I think it's dangerous to assume RC wouldn't throw shade at other scum if he is scum. If anything, he seems somewhat prone to doing so as diversion.
Is there a reason RC wouldn't reveal his flavor and was so adamant about it?

No clue. Sorta hoping for a full claim from his end, personally.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
Dangit, confused Randomness and Prim. Can you talk to me about Prim, backslash? ><

Also, at this point I think we're pretty much past the initial incident, yes? Rugga's set on that, and I'm pretty set on how the fallout looks. I guess it's standard operating procedure to suggest that RC full claim now just on the unlikely off chance there's something going on that provides incontrovertible proof that he's town, but barring that I think we've got our guy.

Moving past that, though, I'd really like to get some info on other people. People voting for RC, can each of you talk with me a bit about the other people on the train? People not voting for RC, what do you see in the development of the wagon? What are your thoughts based on RC's interactions prior to this phase? If he does happen to flip town, how will they change?

Quick comment again, just sort of weaving thoughts in as they come. Leaving for work in 50 minutes; unlikely to check in again beforehand, but who knows?

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
May 14 2016, 11:05 AM
People who are iffy:
-Randomness: they've been fairly active and I think trying to be helpful but there's some stuff I'm not quite following. Could go either way.
-Slam: Mainly a gut feeling. I'll reread all his posts and see if I can pick anything out that leans one way or the other for me.
Can I get your thoughts on how each voted for RC, specifically the timing and reasoning?

Okay, afk for a while for real now. May be back before work, may be back after. RC is currently at L-2 so if we don't vote for him until like this time tomorrow that'd be great such that we can talk. I will be here before work tomorrow to drop a vote barring fantastic disaster. Just don't wanna waste time given that he's done a very good job of making this phase all about one issue thus far.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
May 14 2016, 02:47 AM
Feel free to find me suspicious, but I need a proper reason. You know, a legitimate scummy thing I did. Not, a "lol you slipped" reason. This would be a legitimate reason if I corrected like, "Oh, you spelled Roxxxxxxy with too many xes, it's actually just 5", and then you can say "How do you know Roxxxxy?" and then you'd get me. But that's not the case. It's Phi Phi O'Hara. I even googled the name before making the joke to make sure that the joke works and Hare is not an alternate correct spelling of the name.


You're going to push a lynch on me, because I watched a MatPat video. If I had not watched it, I would know literally nobody except my guy.

Why would it help me to correct a common name as mafia, Rugga, tell me that? Why should honesty, that I actually know the character Phi Phi, be rewarded with suspicion? Should I have lied to you and acted oblivious and innocent and lied to you that "I know nobody"? I am honest that I knew Phi Phi beforehand and that's a fact that I could have lied about, but did not.

Do I need to justify this further? Because I can, because of how insane this genius slip uncovering is.
the reaction doesn't quite sit right with me, like maybe he's frustrated with being caught out for the wrong thing?

^Just for quick elaboration, this is basically my case at the moment, only like 100 times stronger now.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
Quick thoughts:

1. I have to go to work soon so can't read everything. RC's looking even shadier from what I've seen so I'm down to make that happen but wanna read fully first just in case something changes my mind.

2. Please leave RC at L-2 (that is, needing two votes to hammer) as IIRC he has a history of self-voting to prematurely end phases when scum and that screws town by denying time to discuss. We still have 38 hours and can use at least 24 of those safely. Really want to hear from the quiet folks.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
May 13 2016, 05:43 PM
As for Zarina: she didn't try to stop Laurel's lynch, but she didn't vote for him and asked him for alternatives. If she were mafia, it would benefit them to just let everyone lynch Laurels because they know he's not one of their own. There's very little benefit to Backslash to look at other options besides Laurels as mafia. She could have even safely advocated for his lynching without looking scummy because he was being scummy on purpose.

Slight flaw here: it's often in scum's favor to defend townies, and can especially be good in the early phases. If you're the one voice of opposition on a bad early lynch, then that can buy you a good bit of town cred to coast on.

I'm mostly pointing this out because honestly backslash has been reading the opposite to me--she comes off as very opportunistic.

RC's starting to rub me more wrong as this goes, mostly because his style isn't usually this... aggressive. I dunno, the initial thing I buy (especially since fake claiming dumb stuff is basically RC's trademark in much the same way fake claiming bulletproof is mine), but the reaction doesn't quite sit right with me, like maybe he's frustrated with being caught out for the wrong thing? He's not my top pick, but definitely sitting in the wrong end of the pool here. Then again, I'm honestly totally baffled by the seeming non-reading. It's sort of out of character for RC, but if it's true... man, I dunno. This whole exchange from his end makes zero sense, and normally I feel like I'm pretty good at sorting through the morass.

Flare/Rorick should lead instead.

I don't quite follow.

Right now, my town rankings are Rugga = Flare > Rorick > everyone else. Rugga and Flare both posted stuff that's super easily verifiable. Rorick is in pretty good shape but more likely to be faking than those two by virtue of making non-verifiable claims (at this stage).

Well, Toben's questions aren't important for all of us, just for Toben, since I wouldn't have you asked you these questions. Everybody can scumhunt their own way.

I mean... I think I've laid out like as objectively as one can possibly get in mafia why Rugga's town. The only way she's not is if a. town is misplaying mega hard or b. scum knows a ridiculous amount of setup info (or, I suppose, c. scum has a singularly useless role amongst its ranks).

I had checked both entries and wanted to see, if RC's answers matched up with what was on the sites. In case he was lying, I thought maybe he would slip up somewhere. Phi Phi isn't mentioned on the German entry for the series at all, for example. But his answers did match up, so he is either telling the truth, or did his research before.

I like the attempt at the catch, but I'm gonna say a failure to be caught means nothing, as such research is pretty quick and easy to do and your questions were leading. Or, put another way, I see it as a test of guilt, not of innocence.

I was looking at backslash pretty hard going into this phase, but am operating on low sleep and various strains of misery and I've got no clue what's even going on with my schedule for tomorrow (score, got a call while writing this and I get to sleep in 'cause a coworker wants to swap shifts, so the world is looking brighter. Still not gonna reread tonight, though. :P ), so I'm gonna raincheck that. Not voting because it feels kinda unfair to do so without laying out a case and double-checking my work.

Obvious town:

I feel like I thought they were townie but darn if I can recall why:

Null in a way where like null is a read more than an absence of one:

Sorta scummy:

everyone else, off the top of my head

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
May 13 2016, 11:10 AM
Ah, okay. Thank you for telling me. I'm not the only one who didn't do any voting. I didn't want to jump to any conclusions by voting for Laurels. I would have chosen Laurels because they were being the most suspicious. But I'm glad that I didn't jump onto that wagon to vote for the jester. Also I didn't like the idea of just randomly voting for someone in case they turned out to be town.
I mean, I'm a big advocate of just giving Jesters a lynch assuming that doing so doesn't make anyone else lose. It's a mutually-beneficial arrangement, as the jester wins and town doesn't get screwed by someone playing disruptor. We lose a phase for it, but played properly the jester can do way more damage than that (see: Laure getting into the spotlight yesterday by being super sketch).

@Flare: Yay, now I don't have to waste all game trying to figure you out only to inevitably end up wrong.

Sole masons seem unlikely.

Called away unexpectedly so not touching backslash vs. Prim 'til sometime later.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
Rorick Skyve
May 12 2016, 04:54 PM
If by 'we' you mean me, the Watcher, then yes.

Jokes aside though, if the Mafia does indeed have a roleblocker, they can potentially just keep doing that to me and render me useless.
This is true. However, the other side of that is that in doing so, they're tying down their roleblocker instead of, say, preventing other valuable town roles from doing stuff. That's a decent enough trade in my book, though where the value lies depends a lot on how the game progresses and what the makeup is (that is to say, if town only has like four or five active, useful PRs then scum's getting a good deal blocking one of them forever instead of flailing around wasting roleblocks on townies without actions. If town has tons of good PRs, then scum is potentially being forced to blow resources shutting down a medium-low utility one).
I don't think there's much point to watching her, though, especially if we announce that we're gonna do so.

I think discussing the possibilities is good, but directing the watcher is bad. If scum have a decent idea what the watcher is going to do, they can play around it (so if, say, Rorick says he's gonna watch Rugga, and scum doesn't plan on messing with her, then they can roleblock someone else safely. If Rorick doesn't say what he's gonna do, they have to keep the block on him or risk his catching something out).

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
May 12 2016, 02:46 AM
About the missing kill. We have three kills from last night. If we assume that there is an SK, a vig (x-shot or otherwise), Rugga as a JOAT and mafia, that'd be four kills for last night. I was arguing it's unlikely that there is both a SK and a vig given that there were three kills last night. Looking back on it though, I guess doctor/bulletproof is also a possible explanation to that, though is it possible that multiple people took shots at Laurels?
It's also possible a vig held their shot. Generally speaking, it's recommended that vigs only fire when they have a pretty decent suspicion they're going to hit scum, because otherwise they can easily end up helping scum rather than hurting them.
STHo I'm willing to take Rorick'sth hypothesthisth that mafffia have a roleblocker. I don't buy that a townie would blow it on him (and ifff you did then sthhame on you), becausthe a sthcaum wouldn't admit to having a power thisth early in the game in the fffirstht place no matter how much presthsthure they were under. Unlesthsth they were bad.

I don't wholly want to discount the doctor-with-roleblock explanation, but I do agree that scum interference is most likely.
I alstho am not immediately becoming BFFFFFFsth with Rugga (great asth sthhe isth). It'sth pretty easthy to retroactively claim you were doing sthtuffffff involving sthomeone'sth role, and a JOAT with only one ability leffft isth a fffairly reasthonable cover fffor not recreating it.

Can you take another look at my conjectures on this point and give me your thoughts there? I feel like the big thing in Rugga's favor is that she claimed enough specifics on the sort of results she got to get counter-claimed by a cop. Also, if she's lying, a cop should counter-claim her, and probably right now.

Why? Well, a cop at this point can probably clear at least one person, maybe two. More than that, while we'd certainly run the risk of losing the cop at some point, we'd force scum's hand fairly hard, because we have a watcher. The watcher could watch the cop, the doctor/bodyguard/whatever (I think it's a safe enough assumption we have at least one protective role) could protect one of the two, and scum would be unable to block the cop even if they have a roleblocker because in doing so they would get caught by the watcher. At the same time, they'd've already lost a member (Rugga) to the counter-claim. Trading one for one is almost always worthwhile as town, and in this marginally unique case where it would actually probably not lead to the instant death/uselessness of the cop, it's an even better deal for town. (Though all that said, theoretical cop, this is in no way a suggestion to claim if you won't be catching Rugga out in a lie--that would just be putting a huge target on yourself for no reason). But yeah, since that all has yet to happen, I think Rugga's basically cleared.

(Actually, to push this further: here's what's so striking and noteworthy about Rugga's claim: Her investigation returned results in the format of Scum/Not Scum. That's super unusual. Typical investigations are either Town/Scum, Town/Scum/Third Party, or Town/Not Town. I default to the latter. Scum/Not Scum, with harmful third party pinging as "Not Scum," is a super strange setup, and all a cop would have to do is look at any result or maybe even their role PM and go "Hey, my results came in the format of Town/Not Town instead!" and Rugga's claim poofs. It's an absurdly risky claim element to fake because it's 100% verifiable as long as we have an alignment cop of any sort.)