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The First Mistake
"It's alright," BB said, after Jeremy got in his say. "Edible. I've had worse."

She was half tempted to act like it was really delicious and maybe give Jeremy the old Tom Sawyer routine, not even really out of dislike for the food but because he'd gone ahead and pointed out his comparative fortune. But she bit back the impulse and bit into the pizza. No reason to go and make trouble where there was none, especially since Jeremy was still mostly on her good side for catching himself earlier.

"A little salty and a little bland besides that," she clarified. It also featured probably the lamest pepperoni she'd ever encountered, just these sad little circles of meat. It was likely the same ultra-processed pig/chicken/cow intestines that they sold at Targetóthe sort of meat so chemically altered it didn't even require refrigeration. But she'd eaten worse, or at least certainly worse-tasting, things. And besides, she'd worked up an appetite throughout the school day. What was a little pulverized meat product against that?

She took another bite, chewed and swallowed. It really wasn't that awful. It was like those pizzas she'd loved when she was eight, Tony's or whatever, the frozen ones her parents had always told her were only for special occasions so she'd figured they must be really expensive and then when she was a teenager and actually started paying attention in the grocery store she figured out they usually ran about three bucks. This lunch was a lot more palatable framed as a nostalgic experience.

She could still do with some external distraction, though.

"And what's new in the rest of the world?" she asked, gesturing vaguely at her lunch companions.

Your Top Ten
That said, I'd love to see overall Top Tens updated too. The threads do have somewhat different aims (though for some folks the overlap may be nearly total if they've not read widely beyond V5).

<DEMO COMPLETE> Possible TV2 Fangame Opt-In/Help Recruiting
Thanks, Laure!

Further updates:

Played more with the game engine, got dialogue pictures displaying. Am currently placeholding with art plundered from the wiki, and will probably stick to that until I'm a bit more confident in the direction of the plot/major characters, at which point I'll toss up a priority listing for headshots and some direction as to size and possibly facing.

Figured out what Bik was talking about re: variables, so can probably not copy/paste all the maps five times to mark the passage of time.

Speaking of maps, still working on getting those smooth. I found some so-so tilesets online but am super paranoid about intellectual property rights even though in all likelihood only SOTFers will ever play this thing. Unfortunately, the RPG Maker community isn't too good about tagging what is or isn't free to use. I am looking into other options too, though. And the defaults aren't totally terrible, at least.

Hello! I can draw something for you if you'd like
It's super amazing and I love it and second what Slam says. :)

Ryuunosuke Yoshida
This character biography has had no alterations for more than two weeks and has been put in the abandoned characters forum. This profile is eligible for resubmission by the handler upon alterations requested by the staff.

Samuel Howard
Hey, Aloha! Before we give Samuel a full critique, can you get rid of the extra text above the top of the template? Post when you've got that handled, and we'll give him a full look-over. Thanks!

V6 Pregame is Open!
It's the 25th, so you may now submit third characters. Please remember that you can still have only one in the queue at any given time, however.

<DEMO COMPLETE> Possible TV2 Fangame Opt-In/Help Recruiting
May 24 2015, 08:19 PM
I could be up for making some music, if I had a program to do so.
I'm playing a bit with the freeware version of Anvil Studio, recommended by RC. The free version is fully featured for MIDI, and definitely ports to RPG Maker program.

<DEMO COMPLETE> Possible TV2 Fangame Opt-In/Help Recruiting
All currently volunteered character now have sprites. Special mention to Taylor's freaking dress as the most annoying thing to do ever, since I had to manually adjust it to fit his frame at a pixel level. Also, not sure how Yagmur's missing fingers are looking, but I tried.

I decided not to bother with t-shirts for those male characters who wore them because the level of effort involved is huge compared to a minimal payoff (they would actually look worse than the current less accurate outfits).

I went through and made non-costume outfits for every kid, including those who were only in costume beforehand, because it's nice to have a base sprite and it may become relevant in the briefing scene.

These are still subject to change and revision, of course. Also, if any of the twenty characters not currently volunteered for the game get offered, they'll get sprites ASAP too. Once again, no promises that this will mean characters will even show up, but having them done helps my inspiration/creative process by giving me quick options, so yay.

Dakota Bjornsen
This character has been abandoned at the handler's request. It is eligible for resubmission at any time.

<DEMO COMPLETE> Possible TV2 Fangame Opt-In/Help Recruiting
Sprites are complete through Shawn, sans Jewel. I stopped before Taylor because he's probably going to be a lot of work.

<DEMO COMPLETE> Possible TV2 Fangame Opt-In/Help Recruiting
Fine by me! And yeah, if people just grad no more than, oh, let's say three things at a time? Just so everyone can get in on it. And quick reminder that RPGMaker can only take MIDI files.

Also, RC, you should let me know where you think the other song you whipped up would be good. But I'll probably PM you about that too.

Also, no hurry whatsoever on these. I'm still spriting, then need to do area maps, then need to do the actual game bit. This is a looonnngggg way from done.

<DEMO COMPLETE> Possible TV2 Fangame Opt-In/Help Recruiting
Finished through Lucia except Jewel because my systems pitch a fit over the color black and there were some really notable clipping issues. Since she's my kid, I don't have to worry about snubbing anyone by skipping her for later.

Also, a few overall conceptual things:

Right now, I think the game is going to focus on a single character's journey through the game, hopefully with the opportunity to bring in party members but that may end up overly complicated so no promises. For that character, I've tentatively selected Michael Robinson, who's a really interesting character with a wide range of possibilities in his story and a pretty diverse set of motivations. It also helps that most of the Scarlet Panthers are okayed for use here. My ideal plan is for the game to follow Michael's time on the resort, giving him the option to be peaceful, make alliances, or turn player. How in-depth it all goes will depend a lot on the technical limitations that present themselves during the game/my own ability to figure things out. I'm mostly sharing this (still quite tentative) information so that the next bit, on music, will make sense.

The following is something I whipped up last night but neglected to post:

Alrighty, folks. After some musing, Iíve come up with a rough to-do list for music. I am, of course, totally open to discussion on this end if thereís something Iíve missed that you think would improve the game.

By and large, Iím looking at area-keyed music, with a few themes/tunes for specific recurring characters or scenes. Most of the character-keyed themes are TBA until I actually start working on the writing side of things. For area music, Iíd love to see themes land in the 45-seconds-to-three-minutes category. Ideally somewhere in the neighborhood of a minute and a half seems likely to be best. Songs that loop semi-neatly are quite appreciated, but not strictly speaking necessary. Iíve included some extremely loose notes for what sorts of things Iím thinking could be appropriate. Please donít feel obligated to hew too religiously to them; Iím not going to freak out if you canít play a strawberry, as it were.

Area Themes:
  • Casino Theme: Iíd like to see something with some energy to it, but also a hint of the sinister. After all, bad stuff happens here and this area becomes more important as the game goes on.
  • Theatre Theme: Iím thinking something a little dramatic might work well here.
  • Boardwalk/Beach Theme: Something a little towards the quiet end, but with an edge of creepiness or menace? There are a lot of hiding places around here.
  • Cabaret Theme: If you can make something kind of dancey and kind of sleezy, thatíd be perfect.
  • Nature Walk/Orchard Theme: Something a bit more relaxed would be goodóthis will be a large, open area without too many people.
  • Hotel Theme: This can be basically anything. Perhaps a hint of tropical sound?
  • World Oyster Theme: This can be basically anything. Maybe something varied or international in flavor, to match the varied restaurants?
  • Sunshine Tower Theme: This can be basically anything. Maybe something with a lot of up and down variation to fit the height? But not totally crazy, since itís not too exciting an area really.
  • Ice Palace Theme: RC has given me a draft of this!
  • Spa and Salon Theme: This can be basically anything. Maybe a bit luxurious?
  • Tour Guide and Transportation Theme: This can be basically anything.

Event/Character Themes:
  • Announcement Theme: This should ideally be really obnoxiously cheerful and peppy. Itíll probably be used for the briefing scene too, and since the announcements may end up with quite the amount of text to scroll through, this should probably be on the semi-long end so it doesnít get boring. (On hold--Yugi)
  • Start Menu Theme: Something that gets the feel of the whole shebang. A bit creepy, but with some energy and oomph to it. This doesnít have to be too long because really, how long do you stare at the Start Menu?
  • Game Over Theme: Something sad and failure-emphasizing but not too annoying because youíll probably be hitting this a lot. This does not need to be very long.
  • Credits Theme: This is the absolute lowest possible priority and can easily be recycled music from elsewhere in the game, but if someoneís got tons of time, extra music never hurt.
  • Michael Robinson Theme: Michael is currently pegged as the PoV/main character of the game. As such, he should have some a theme! It doesnít have to be too long, because itíll probably be used mostly for emphasis. Since Yugiís expressed some interest in providing music and he was Michaelís handler, Iím giving him first dibs on this one. (On hold--Yugi)
  • Scarlet Panthers Team Theme: If this could sound a bit like Michaelís theme but with a bit more fleshing out, thatíd be really sweet. Not necessary, though. Again, no need for this to be too long; itíll come up a few times when meeting teammates, but wonít be playing too horribly much. Yugi gets first right of refusal again. (On hold--Yugi)

Iíll probably be asking for some themes for recurring characters later too, mostly probably villainous sorts and groups.

Noah Whitley

<DEMO COMPLETE> Possible TV2 Fangame Opt-In/Help Recruiting
May 23 2015, 02:56 AM
I'm kinda disturbed that the program you used had "playboy bunny" as an option.

You would not believe the stuff it has.

Catgirl? Sure! Fallen angel? Absolutely! T-Shirt for men? What sort of program do you think this is? You want us to break the bank?

Also, added through Gabe and retooled Ashley to be non-ugly using a new process.

<DEMO COMPLETE> Possible TV2 Fangame Opt-In/Help Recruiting
The first twenty characters (everyone through Eden) are up. I jiggered a way around the ethnicity issue using another program. It is a huge unholy pain in the neck, but it works. Any male character supposed to be wearing a t-shirt is currently wearing a sweater. That may change if I can manually adjust it, or they may get swapped to a long-sleeved shirt or sweater as seems appropriate. Un's characters are extra specially un-spriteable--Ashley took a ton of manual adjustment and Davis took creative liberties, because there's no tool for frohawks or jerseys. I went ahead and let his hair be more red to compensate and give him some attitude. Characters are ending up in street clothes in most cases, but I'm doing costumes if it's way more iconic (say, for AnArchy) and alternates for some characters ('cause everyone's done bunny Bunny, so I did too).

Will poke at these more over the next bit and do some areas work soon as well. Music comments forthcoming, possibly tonight but more likely in a few days.

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
I think Slam sums things up succinctly.

Also, this seems to be a point of high emotions for a lot of people (myself included), which I put down to us being a creative lot with pretty solid processes that work for us (and it not feeling great to have people question your processes). I'd just like to throw out a general request that we rein in the rhetoric a bit on both sides and try to avoid taking shots at other people's ways of doing things--expressing dissent or dissatisfaction is fine, but let's try to keep it nice and impersonal. :)

Coleen Reagan

Jasper Bustamante

Coleen Reagan
Heya, Ricky! Coleen's looking way better, but there are a few tiny tweaks left to make.

"pulling the small pot of boiling of water down onto herself." -> "pulling the small pot of boiling water down onto herself." (There's an extra "of" in there)

You state later in Coleen's bio that Ronald is five years younger than her, but when she's injured at three years old, her mother is already pregnant with him. That would make him only four years younger than her. Can this be standardized?

"Coleenís parents were called in to speak with Coleenís teachers and counselors, but could not come up with any solution to Coleenís social problems." -> "Coleenís parents were called in to speak with Coleenís teachers and counselors, who could not come up with any solution to Coleenís social problems." (As phrased right now, it's Coleen's parents who can't come up with the solutions, which is part of what was setting me off the first time, though the intent is much clearer in this draft)

I also feel like Coleen being so easy to push around probably counts as a disadvantage and should be noted as such.

Post when you've got that edited, and I'll give her another look. Thanks!