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Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Agreed. Also, Zetta is definitely suspicious. I'd like to keep an eye on him, too.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
I'd also like to get Grim's reasoning on some things. Last phase, he voted for Mimi. Before that, he voted for Sunny. Twice. He has not voted along with anyone else at all this whole game, with somewhat shaky reasons. I'd love to get a better explanation of that.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Well, that definitely wasn't good. Unfortunately, until I examine the voting patterns when I'm more awake, I'm a bit out of leads. The Godfather's gone, the Hitman's gone, but who's left? I'm guessing no more than two mafia members, but I can't be sure. Maybe three.

Let the Dance Begin!
Will returned to the group, sparing Everett more embarrassment. He wanted to sigh in relief, but restrained himself. When Will asked how long he was planning to stay, he consulted his watch, as Peter did the same, then said, "Actually, I'm going to be going pretty soon here. I wanted to come just to, you know, be here, but I still need a good night's sleep. And, well, there isn't that much here that interests me."

He listened to Peter's comments about the afterparties, and the inevitable alcohol. Somehow, he couldn't even muster up any disapproval tonight. It was Prom. People were allowed a little indiscretion. Heck, if he wasn't so set in his morals, he might have indulged too. He was a little envious of those who were going to. They would have memorable nights, and here he was, considering bailing after only half an hour or so. He could suck it up for at least another hour. He had to, just for the experience.

Of course, there was no way he'd loosen up enough to actually ask a girl to dance. Especially not after what had happened to Will earlier. That would just be embarrassing. And he didn't really have his eye on any girl in particular, and it was almost the end of the year, and he would probably go to college out of state if he could, so why even bother? Why start something he couldn't possibly take anywhere? It would just end badly. That, and it was a convenient excuse to avoid taking a chance, avoid the all-too-real possibility of failure.

"I hope you have fun at the parties," he said with a smile to Peter and Maddy. I bet there'll be a bunch of good ones to pick from tonight."

Actually, he had no idea how those parties even worked. Were they invite-only? Were there a bunch, or just a few big ones? Everett had never been to the sort of crazy party most of his classmates seemed to revel in, and, much as he occaisionally wished otherwise, he was in no hurry to change that.

The Dance Must go on!
Kimberly didn't really pay too much attention to the remainder of the dance. It wasn't that exciting, the music sucked, and the dress, so awesome at the start, really did get a little cumbersome after awhile. Still, it was, on the whole, a fun evening. She even took pity on a couple desperate Junior boys and danced with them, not that they were any good or even all that cute. It was Prom, though, so there were no strings attached, no expectations of romance or sex or anything, just people goofing around at the dance.

She was tempted to stay until the very last moment, but decided against it. What was the point? It would just make getting out a nightmare. Besides, she could make her way to some afterparty or cruise the town or something. Her grandparents wouldn't give a damn as long as she didn't come home pregnant.

When there was only about half an hour left to Prom, Kimberly cut out, making her way into the night air, still fully awake and ready to find something else to do.

((Kimberly Nguyen continued in Let them eat cake...))

How do you pick where your character goes?
Well, what I've done in Mini is find an area I want the character to go, then concoct a reason for them to be there. It can even be as simple as the area they end up in is on the way to where they're actually going. Naturally, the way they leave the previous topic has an impact. If they're running in a panic, they could end up just about anywhere. If they have a goal, though, their next thread will usually be at their target destination or on the way (unless they get lost).

I hope that helps at least somewhat. Long story short, I think reasons are important, but often you can concoct one to fit. As an example, characters can always go in search of food, water, or shelter, which could take them almost anywhere.

Introduction Thread
Hi Danetix, and welcome to SOTF! If you have any questions, feel free to shoot them to me or another staff member (we're the ones with the colored names). Also, check out the SOTF Chat if you want to get to know other members and pick up writing tips (and goof around). We hope you enjoy your stay!

Lunch on the Lawn
"I've got no idea what the sleeping arrangements will be," Aaron said. "I imagine they'll be segregated by gender, though. Anything else would be a recipe for total disaster. I haven't seen a list or anything. Actually, I don't know much about the trip at all."

This was mostly because Aaron hadn't cared enough to ask around. He figured it was a class activity, and after shunning most of them (especially Prom; thank goodness he hadn't been involved in that mess), he thought he might as well have one outing to show school spirit. Or, well, maybe not—he didn't really care for Bayview enough to be patriotic—but to have something in common with his classmates. Something to look back on nostalgically at their 50th anniversary reunion, when they'd all forgotten what really happened and replaced it with moments from movies.

Tuning back into the conversation, Aaron added, "I like bats pretty well. You have to be careful with them, though. They're some of the biggest carriers of rabies, and you don't want to get that. The shots are a nightmare, I hear." That was putting it fairly mildly, but whatever. Aaron had better things to worry about than rabid bats. At least bats would be exciting.

"I don't have any cabin buddies yet," he said to Sarah. "I'll probably try to set something up with Will, though. We can get a big D&D game going at night or something."

That said, Aaron yawned and stretched some. The nice day was, aside from putting him in a good mood, making him a little sleepy. That was okay. He could afford to slack a little. He was smart enough to keep his grades consistent, and the teachers would understand if he stared blankly through the afternoon lectures. Half the others would be doing the same.

Melanie Jacobs
This character biography has had no alterations for more than two weeks and has been put in the abandoned characters forum. This profile is eligible for resubmission by the handler upon alterations requested from the staff.

Leopold Anders
This character biography has had no alterations for more than two weeks and has been put in the abandoned characters forum. This profile is eligible for resubmission by the handler upon alterations requested from the staff.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Also, once it is proven that Solomir is mafia, could I request night protection? I think I'm going to be a pretty appealing target for the mafia.

Introduction Thread
Welcome to SOTF, James! If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or one of the other staff members (with the colored names). Also, check out the SOTF Chat. We hope you enjoy your stay!

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
How about this: I know Solo is mafia. This is not idle speculation. This is based on a pattern, my observations, and, yes, my role. I was roleblocked Night two. Not night one.

I wanted to make sure my information was right. I wanted to make sure I hadn't misunderstood the situation. These actions and posts have confirmed it. He is mafia.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Rattle, you claim there is no "concerted effort" because you don't have the full information. I'm going to throw out, however, that an attempt to roleblock me, one I assume originated with the mafia, was made last night phase. It's consistent with the neutralization pattern I'm seeing.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
It's more than that. You know better than this. You opened up today's voting following a previous suspicion with no evidence. That's not your MO. Slam was the third voter for Senaria yesterday. He pushed t from a small movement to an actual force. You swept up.

So, how is Slam sowing confusion? What has he done that's so difficult to figure out, besides helping nail the mafia? No, what's confusing is a low-evidence vote going into day three, especially when there's far more compelling evidence pointing in other directions. What's suspicious is the concerted effort to knock out the two most active pro-town players: myself and Slam.

I proved myself clean last phase with the Senaria incident. Slam's just next on the list.

Trust me here, everyone. I wouldn't be saying this without pretty good reasons.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Rattle's reasoning is good. (Oh, and Kami's a she). That said, it actually makes far more sense for the mafia to kill someone low profile. They want to whittle down the group bit by bit, making sure to give us as little to catch them on as possible. With Senaria, the hitman, down, they probably can't pierce protection. This means they have to hit people who will be undefended.

Quite simply, people who put themselves out, like Slam and I have, are far more likely to catch a lynch. Slam's been confusing, sure, but he's been confusing in a way that netted us a day one mafia kill. That's big. The mafia's probably panicking right now. I find any concerted effort against Slam incredibly suspicious.

In fact, you know what? It's Solomir. He's mafia. I'm pretty sure of it.


VOTE: Solomir

He's too experienced for this. He knows what he's doing, and he knows how to play on the mafia's side. For him to pull out this sort of reasoning... it's beyond sloppy. It's deliberately misleading. Trust me on this. It is Solomir. I know it.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
EBWOP: Guys, Slam was third to finger Senaria. He pushed that bandwagon. I'm pretty sure lynching him now is a bad move.

Also, I remembered that Rocky was away some of the past phase, so his lack of vote may not be evidence, but my suspicion stands.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Game Thread
Guys, we're looking in the wrong direction here. Who backed Senaria day one, putting Zetta in the lead for votes? Rocky. Who didn't explain himself well when pressed? Rocky. Who didn't vote for Senaria yesterday? Rocky.

In light of that evidence, I'm going to VOTE: Rocky. I mean, it's pretty darn suspicious to me.

B117 - Mitchell, Andrew[/DECEASED]

Name: Andrew Mitchell
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Grade: 12th
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Mild interest in pen and paper games, strategy video games, comedy movies, and running

Appearance: Andrew is a fairly handsome young man who weighs 142 lbs. and stands at 5' 9" with thick auburn hair that's cut short. He has deep green eyes and his skin is tanned slightly from all the time he spends outside on Bayview's sports field. A small smattering of freckles coat his cheeks. Andrew has a thinner and lighter build from normal people, giving him an advantage in his preferred area of sports.

His clothes are a mixture of trendy and boring and he mixes the two depending on what the situation is. For school, however, he tends to wear colorful shirts of white and blue, usually untucked over a pair of blue or black jeans. A lanyard carrying his keys is looped around the belt holes and he can often be seen twirling it between his fingers. On the day of his abduction, Andrew was wearing a white Nike shirt, a pair of blue jeans, running sneakers, and a cloth wristband.

Biography: Born to Jonas and Rita Mitchell, Andrew was the second of three children. His older brother, Raphael, was two years older than him and was already showing signs of being an active young child while his younger sister, Gabriel, was born one year after he was. Andrew himself was a healthy child, showing an excess of energy and curiosity that worried his parents at times. His parents, while spartan in their lifestyle, provided more than enough for their young children and Andrew lived in a pleasant family-oriented environment.

In his younger years, however, a rift developed between his parents. Jonas and Rita began to disagree with each other regarding their children, Rita wanting to move out of Minnesota to give their children better learning opportunities while Jonas (a longtime resident of St. Paul) thought that their current home offered more than enough chances to make something of themselves. It came to a head when Andrew was five and his parents filed for divorce. Thankfully, the process was finished quickly and Andrew remained in Minnesota with his older brother while Gabriel and his mother left to live in New York.

The stress and anxiety of the event, however, stayed with him and combined with his tendency to daydream, began effecting his school life. He became inattentive during class, his thoughts straying towards his mother and sister, and while he showed incredible imagination during the creative portions, his concentration slipped drastically in other areas. He was almost labeled with ADHD until his father explained the divorce to his teacher.

As time passed, most of his scholastic problems disappeared except for his daydreaming and inability to concentrate for large amounts of time. Andrew's mind tended to wander when not being addressed and negatively impacted his studying. He also was more energetic and active than other kids his age, having also developed the bad habit of bouncing a leg up and down when seated.

Despite these disadvantages, Andrew continued to earnestly move forward, trying to make his parents proud. He put his excess energy to work by joining every school's track team from elementary to high school. His thin build allowed him to be a very good sprinter, although he lagged behind when it came to longer distances. He changed his study schedule accordingly, bringing a tape recorder to class to help him in note-taking and studying in only hour increments with short breaks in-between.

He still keeps in touch with his mother and sister in New York either through phone calls or internet programs such as AIM and every month the Mitchell family plans a "family reunion". During these times, the whole family goes to a fancy restaurant or theme park so that they can connect with each other and maintain good relationships.

When enrolled into Bayview Secondary School, he brought along these same habits. He immediately tried out for the Track Team, managing to get accepted in his second year. He also joined the school's (unofficial) roleplaying club after observing one of their meetings and deciding that he could put his overactive imagination to work designing some fun characters to play. Academics wise, Andrew proved to be an above-average student, making up for his mental disabilities through hard work and a strong will.

Andrew is also slightly extroverted and is willing to take the first step in introducing himself to others and becoming friends. However, his main problem in socializing with others stems from the fact he overthinks situations and dreams up future scenarios. He imagines what he'll say and what the other person will say in response, dreaming up an entire scenario that usually does not go the way he imagines it. While this has proven useful in his role-playing games, in real life he tends to be shocked and easily unnerved when the situation doesn't conform to what he imagined it to be. Nevertheless, he's a pleasant person once you get to know him and get past his quirks.

Advantages: He knows how to run, although he excels at sprinting across short distances.
Disadvantages: Andrew is flighty and easily distracted, unable to concentrate on one thing for too long. His daydreaming could prove to be deadly in a game like Survival of the Fittest.

Designated Number: Male student no. 117


Designated Weapon: Vektor CP1 (9mm) [x3 magazines (10 round capacity)]
Conclusion: Well, even with a gun, I think B117 is an easy out. Distraction is death, and there are oh so many wonderful distractions in a game like SOTF. "Look! Bullets! Bodies! Water! Announcements! BANG! My own blood! Man, I wish I wasn't dying right now..."

That's my prediction, at least.


B029 - Matson, David[/DECEASED]

Name: David Matson
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: 12th
School: Bayview Secondary
Hobbies and Interests: David's interests include Parkour, reading, and the Technical side of Drama.

Appearance: David stands at about 5' 11”, with a trim 165lb frame. He sports moderately shaggy brown hair- he keeps his bangs swept up out of his eyes, while the back stays a little shorter (because no one likes a mullet). His eyes are a piercing blue, and are one of his most prominent features. He has a boyish face which he attempts to disguise by keeping his facial hair a little on the scruffy side- not quite a full beard, but enough to detract from the youth of his face. Most all of his body is well-tanned; he spends a large amount of time out in the sun (Parkour, yardwork and etc), and takes care to usually be wearing a sleeveless shirt or no shirt at all. He is quite well muscled, not thin but not massive- somewhere between the lithe, speedy build of a track runner and the bearlike muscles of a football player. His voice is smooth, deep and distinctive- he is often told that he should look into a career in voice acting.

On the day of his entry into SoTF, he is wearing a pair of faded blue jeans, a scuffed pair of Adidas Sambas and an untucked, black long-sleeved Oxford shirt (over a plain white tee, of course).

Biography: David was born to a young Lutheran couple- Daniel and Marie Matson- while Daniel was in Seminary, learning to become a pastor. His sister, Lanie, was already 5 years old, and another brother (James) would follow a few years afterward. Spending the formative years of his life on a college campus had a deep influence on David's mental development, especially in his reading habit. David has been quite the avid reader for his entire life, conquering thousand-page epics such as The Lord of the Rings Trilogy while still in primary school. This habit of reading has not only made him a strong creative and critical thinker, but also had a strong influence on his personality. Because of all of his time spent reading and daydreaming, David had few friends (and many bullies) as a young child and formed many of his strong personality traits from his experience in the world of novels. Fortunately for his social life, David shed his antisocial tendencies in the summer before 8th grade, shifting from being a quiet bookworm to an extroverted, laid-back joker nearly overnight (well, over the summer).

Moving from town to town on a moderately regular basis can make for a frustrating childhood. Unfortunately, such is the fate of a Pastor's Kid, and David took to the experience like a duck to water. Quick-witted and fun, he quickly made his way into a circle of friends soon after his family moved to St. Paul, and the 8th grade school year that followed would contain many new experiences for him. He began actually listening to music, developing a particular fondness for a particularly mismatched pair of bands: Motion City Soundtrack and Dream Theater. Unlike the books which had shaped his personality, David's music choices instead reflected it: MCS, for example, appealed to his relaxed outlook on life, while Dream Theater spoke to his more intense, determined side. He often thinks of his 8th grade year as a sort of prologue to
his high school years, and as a foreshadowing of the person he was to become.

David carried the same group of friends and activities with him into High School- particularly the two sports he participated in, Track and Soccer. Unfortunately, his lax attitude did not mesh well with the competitive edge of high school athletics, and he quickly found himself booted from both sports after missing far too many practices. It was at this point that he was introduced to the activities which would quickly become two of his three passions- Drama and Parkour. He was introduced to Parkour shortly after his removal from team athletics, and he instantly fell in love. Its non-scheduled style and focus on fluidity greatly appealed to him, and he found himself out in the town practicing more often than he was at home. It was through Parkour that he gained his current physique, formerly being more on the chubby side of fit. His introduction to Drama came from his need to take a Fine Arts class to graduate. Sick of taking awful art classes every year since kindergarten, he signed himself up for Drama on the grounds that it couldn't possibly suck worse than learning how to draw circles for the 9th straight year in a row. Much to his surprise, he discovered that he didn't just tolerate the class, but enjoyed it- particularly the aspects involving set design/building. He would take Drama classes from that year onward, acting when he had to and contributing his ever-increasing construction skills to the sets of their productions whenever he could. Because of this, he's quite familiar with most of the students involved in Drama.

David's third and most important passion came in the form of his girlfriend, Grace Coleman. David enjoyed the attentions of a good number of the fairer sex during his freshman year- his good looks, relaxed personality and sharp wit drew more than one unrequited crush (These experiences also made him much more comfortable around females than males). However, a few short-lived relationships notwithstanding, he remained more of a flirt and didn't seem particularly interested in a committed relationship. However, he changed his tune upon meeting Grace. She was a year below him, and absolutely charming in every way- clever, mildly sarcastic and attractive to boot. After a month or two of “friendship”, the two began “officially” dating and have remained so ever since. David is fantastically happy with Grace, and is absolutely loyal. He cares for her to a fault, and is quite willing to do most anything to see her happy.

David has an excellent relationship with his parents. Although his father tends to be disappointed with his son's merely average performance in school (he feels that David has far more potential than that, and he is absolutely right), they are both proud of their son's accomplishments and social aptitude, as well as the generally good person he has become (David doesn't smoke or drink, and has never once gotten into any sort of major trouble). David's religion is a particularly large influence upon his personality- however, like most teenagers, he has a marked tendency to “forget” the rules.

In summary, David is particularly laid-back individual, possessing a strong creative mind and an body. He acutely remembers the time where he had no friends and is therefore quite loyal to those that he has now. He gets along much better with girls than he does with boys, although he possesses some close friends in each sex. He is also very mildly claustrophobic, and requires extreme concentration to keep his head in tight spaces (air ducts and the like). There is no traumatic event in his childhood or or other outside factor that caused it- he has simply always been uncomfortable in tight spaces, whatever the reason.

Advantages: David is fast and capable of performing fairly impressive feats of movements due to his experience with Parkour. This would include vaulting over small-medium (shoulder height, tops) obstacles, landing jumps/falls from high places (maximum second story window, and that unlikely), scaling walls (with sufficient hand/footholds), trees and etcetera. He is fairly strong, and also a creative thinker who works well under pressure. He also has a moderate amount of construction experience, and gets along quite well with women.
Disadvantages: As a vestige of his “nerdy” years, David is insecure and has a bad habit of second-guessing himself, although he always keeps a confident facade. He is also very uncomfortable in spaces tighter than a small closet- while not quite a phobia, it does require a great amount of concentration for him to think straight in such situations. Finally, David recently sustained a back injury after a nasty fall- although he's visited a doctor, he sometimes experiences a resurgence of near-paralyzing pain, especially when engaging in rigorous physical activity.

Designated Number: Male student no. 029


Designated Weapon: Colt Anaconda (.45) (6 shot cylinder, x30 bullets)
Conclusion: Hm... this one could go either way. I think, though, that that injury may ultimately doom B029. That, and second-guesses get you killed. Still, he has a good gun, and may just be able to do something with it. I can't wait to see how this one does.