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Webcomic Drafting Game
I will take Goblin Dan from Order of the Stick.

Life is a Game
With his loss of control, Aaron's world crumbled around him. He hadn't meant to shout. He hadn't meant to insult Jacquard, at least, not about her injury. It had just sort of popped out. Still, nothing could be done about it.

Aaron felt almost like he was sitting off to the side, a spectator to the game and the argument. He certainly wasn't registering things very well.

Ivan said something, then left. It sounded like an insult, maybe. Ivan probably wouldn't be coming back. No one ever came back when they walked off like that.

Oh well. Ivan didn't matter. He was a loner. He was nobody. Aaron hadn't known him before today, so he was no big loss. It was alright. It didn't matter. Really. After all, Aaron prided himself on not following trends. Not caring what others thought of him. So, if Ivan hated him, so what? It didn't matter. Not even a little.

Stop lying to yourself. You live for their attention.

No, that wasn't true. Aaron didn't care what people thought about him.

Rein started talking, then. It sounded like he was trying to explain things. Maybe he could patch things up with Jacquard. Aaron didn't really want that, though. Jacquard had messed things up. Everything had been going so well, for once; he was getting along with people; he was making friends, and then she had showed up and ruined everything, for no reason at all.

They're all the same. None of them like you.

A few bits of Rein's speech popped out at Aaron.

"Jacques was just trying to help!"

Like Hell she was. She was trying to mess things up. She was trying to help you, Rein! That isn't fair...

"My god you can't tell me you never whisper a move to someone in a friendly match?"

Of course I don't. Why would I care about other people's matches? Anyways, any help would just teach the opponent my tricks.

Somewhere in the back of his head, though, Aaron was wondering if the reason he never helped people was because he couldn't, because nothing he could say would help.

"If you're talented as you say you should be able to take both of us."

Are you questioning me, Rein? Are you saying I lied to you? You're implying it, aren't you? You think you're so smart, hiding it like that. You're just like everyone else.

Rein was trying to cover his bases, saying nice things about Jacquard, but it didn't look like it was helping. She was looking pretty mad. Aaron wondered if she was going to lunge for him. What could he do then?

Rein offered to meet Aaron later. Aaron didn't say anything. He just looked at the other two, glancing back and forth, back and forth. What was going to happen? Was this all really happening? Maybe they'd all just laugh and get on with life, forget this whole thing. That wouldn't be so bad.

Jacquard then started speaking, keeping things quiet and in control. Her pitch increased a little as she went on, but she didn't yell. She said some things to Aaron insulting his skill, and then turned to Rein, and told him bad things about Aaron. That did it. That was proof. Proof she had it in for him. Proof she was here just to mess up his chances of making friends.

She said something about being crippled, but Aaron wasn't really paying attention.

"Why?" he asked, quietly. "Why are you doing this Jacquard? What did I ever do to you?"

"What did I ever do to you?"

He picked up the chess board and dropped it into his backpack, followed shortly by his book. Chess pieces fell all around, some landing in Aaron's backpack, but most scattering on the ground. A bishop rolled under the table. A rook bounced to the edge of the gazebo. A knight landed upright at Aaron's feet.

"I... I just don't underst... get it at all." he stammered.

Time to stop talking and think. Regroup. Pull yourself together, or you'll look like you're in the wrong. People always do that to you. That's why things go so wrong. You can't let it happen this time.

"...not this time."

Webcomic Drafting Game
May 29 2009, 05:43 AM
May 29 2009, 04:50 AM
I'm going to take the lazy option, and pick Lord Manpower the Temporary, who dies in the second strip.

You know he comes back as a zombie/uncroaked, right?

Oh great. Now I'll actually have to read it this weekend. Serves me right for being lazy.

I'll take the Instruction Manual Hamster. It fits with the semi-meta group I have going.

Be a newbie's buddy?
I'm relatively new too, but I'd be glad to help however I can. All the mods here are great, and will probably respond very nicely to PMs. There's also a chatroom, as discussed here where I've gotten tons of great advice from the veterans. Everyone here is friendly and will probably be glad to help you.

Webcomic Drafting Game
I'm going to take the lazy option, and pick Lord Manpower the Temporary, who dies in the second strip.

Stevans illustrations
I like that one a lot. For some reason it reminds me of the Cheshire Cat from "Alice in Wonderland".

Out of curiosity, do you draw professionally? You certainly could.

BR: remake and related discussion
I haven't seen the BR movie, but I would be interested in seeing a new version. They would have to be very loose in their interpretation of the story, though. I'm pretty unfamiliar with most current directors, but I think the best et would be someone experienced in horror films, preferably the psychological type. The film would also need actors who could bring a lot to their characters in a very short amount of time.

Just passing the time...
"HEY, Everett! How you doin', my man!"

Everett gave a start at the sound, cringing at the loud noise. He was then almost knocked off his feet by a slap on the back. Everett didn't have very good balance, but fortunately the slap hadn't been too hard.

He looked around, and saw two boys from his history class behind him: Ricky Fortino and Aaron Hicks. They were not Everett's favorite classmates. They didn't really do much to influence Everett's time in class, but that wasn't a good thing. They added little to nothing. Everett hadn't seen them do any work at all on the project so far.

He wasn't a bit surprised when they asked him for his notes, to "compare" with their own. It still infuriated him, though.

You think you can just come up to me and get all of my work because you're too lazy to do your own? Well, I have news for you...

You're probably right.

Everett didn't like slackers one bit. Still, he didn't want to get in an argument. He didn't want to make some sort of stand. He knew he didn't really stand a chance. Everett knew he wasn't a strong person. He was susceptible to pressure, and cared a little too much about what people thought of him. The only question was how long it would take before he gave in.

After all, Ricky had been nice to him. It was fake, but, hey, fake friends were better than no friends. It wasn't like Ricky and Aaron getting "C"s in the class would affect Everett's grade, either.

Then, someone else spoke up. It was a girl, Maia or something. Everett was pretty sure she was someone smart, someone who respected school. Someone Everett could respect. She chastised the football players for trying to cheat off of Everett's answers.

Then, Darren spoke up, siding with the girl in Everett's defense.

Oh man, I'm stuck between a rock and a hard spot. No way to win here. If I refuse to help, those jocks'll be mad, but if I give in, I'll be selling out the people who actually care. Everett sighed. This sucked.

He inhaled slowly, and then it came to him. He still had one possible out.

When all else fails, feign ignorance. Sometimes the best way to defeat a lie is to accept it.

"Hey, Ricky, I'm really sorry," Everett said, "but I left all my notes at home, since I'm done and all. I think I can still remember some of the books I used, though. I can help you find them, and you can compare your notes with them. It'll be even better than checking against my notes, since the books are far more complete."

Everett had now made a genuine offer to help. He would give Ricky a push in the right direction, and maybe he'd actually do some work. At the same time, Everett could avoid helping anyone cheat. The real beauty was, Ricky couldn't complain too much without revealing he'd been lying about just checking his notes against Everett's.

Looking for 'Company'
"You been practicing without your helmet Teo? Does this look like a fucking date?"

Oh god, oh my fucking god I am such an idiot.

Of course it wasn't a date. Why on earth would two people on a date not be sitting together? It made no sense; she had jumped to a stupid conclusion. Jennifer felt guilty about probably getting Teo into more trouble with Rosa, but all the same, she was glad the girl's ire was directed at him. Jennifer didn't think she could handle being yelled at, not tonight.

Teo, far from taking offense, turned the whole conversation into a joke. Jennifer laughed nervously at his retort to Rosa. He then walked off, giving his girlfriend's butt a not-so-subtle slap as he did so. Jennifer cringed. That sort of thing was exactly why she was single. She didn't understand how the girl wasn't humiliated by Teo's antics. Of course, maybe she was overreacting. If the girl didn't mind, then why should Jennifer?

Robert came over and said some comforting words to Jennifer. She turned to look at him.

I was right. He is a good guy.

"Thanks Robert," Jennifer said, "And, uh, I'm sorry about my, um mistake, Rosa and Morgan."

Morgan seemed to be feeling just as uncomfortable as Jennifer was. He was staring at his food. Finally, he picked up some fries, and asked how everyone was.

For just a second, Jennifer considered telling the truth.

I'm doing badly, Morgan. Tonight's been one fucking disaster after another.
"I'm doing good, Morgan. It's a, um, nice evening."

My family was fighting, so I took walked through a dangerous part of town just to get some space to think. They're making my life a living hell.
"I wanted to get a little walk, er, a little fresh air, so I took a walk. I'm getting a little me time."

When I finally tried to do something, one little thing for myself, I ended up fucking up your and Rosa's evening, because I'm a fucking inconsiderate idiot. I wish I could do something to make it up to you.
"I'm so glad I ran into you here. I was, um, I'm here to get some dinner."

Jennifer didn't know if she sounded convincingly happy. She hoped so. No point messing up anyone's evening further. Her bad feelings didn't give her a right to bring everyone else down.

Webcomic Drafting Game
I'll take Dr. Schlock from Sluggy Freelance.

Landlocked's Sketchbook!
Wow. That's totally awesome. Both of those look like they could be actual, commercial products. Your entire display is absolutely stunning. Did you make the book cover too?

Just passing the time...
The other boy in the aisle introduced himself to Everett as Darren. This suggested to Everett that Darren didn't know Everett's name; people gave their own names to subtly ask for those of others. Everett had seen him around, and might actually have been able to guess his name, given some time, but didn't know him well at all. He didn't mind Darren introducing himself, though; maybe the boy would be able to help Everett find something worthwhile to do.

"I'm Everett," he said, "I'm here because I don't have anywhere else productive to go. I finished my work, and now I'm trying to figure out what book will be most helpful in LA class, so I can read it, but I'm not having any luck."

He glanced over the shelves again. He couldn't pick anything too long; he wouldn't have time to read a long book and still keep up with all his other work. Something too short wouldn't be worth anything, though, unless it was absolutely jam-packed with meaning and symbolism, and that would make it difficult to understand. Everett sighed. Literature was always a balancing act for him. He had to pick things advanced enough that they sounded good in essays, but simple enough that he could actually understand them.

"Do you have any suggestions?" he asked. Darren was in the library, so he probably took reading at least somewhat seriously. Maybe he would know something good.

Landlocked's Sketchbook!
Wow. That is massively impressive. You're amazing!

What's the story with the New York Times Magazine and the food carton? I'm quite curious about them.

Anyways, great job! I hope you got a great grade.

Webcomic Drafting Game
I will take the Beeman from The Adventures of Dr. McNinja. He dies here.

WDG - Rosters, Trade, and Discussion
So, who here actually has any sort of plan? I've been winging things completely, which is good on one hand, as it means I won't get tripped up, but bad on the other, as I'll have to scramble to pull things together at the last second.

Also, Props to Clu for the amusing categories, and everyone else for interesting picks. I'd never heard of a lot of these comics before.

Looking for 'Company'
"It's okay Jennifer," Rosa said, "just don't do that again alright? It would have been fucking curtains if somebody had overheard."

"Um, yeah, of course, thanks," Jennifer said. She was very relieved that Rosa was taking things so well. Morgan seemed a little ill at ease, which caused Jennifer to worry that she'd upset him somehow.

Oh god, I hope I'm not interrupting a date or something...

Morgan didn't seem the type to be involved with Rosa, but you could never quite tell with her. She didn't really know Morgan, anyways, maybe her view on him was wrong. They weren't sitting together, but that really didn't mean anything. Jennifer thought quickly, trying to figure out some way to salvage the situation if she was interrupting something.

Just then, someone else walked up to the table. It was a tall, well built boy with curly black hair. Jennifer recognized him, but couldn't remember his name. He put a hand on Morgan's shoulder, causing him to jump a bit, and said, "Lefty, I didn't know you were such a hit with the ladies?"

Oh fuck, it is a date. I can't believe this. Just my fucking luck. I'm having a bad day, so I have to go and share it with everyone else. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

"Hey, um, Rosa, um, I'm so so sorry," Jennifer began but before she could complete her thought, yet another classmate walked up to the table. It was Robert something. Jennifer didn't really know him, but what she'd seen of him around school had left her with a good impression. She thought he was part of the Christian club, which seemed to be made up of good people.

He commented on the group, and accepted the invitation of other boy, whose name was apparently Teo. Jennifer wasn't quite sure what he was agreeing to, though, since she'd tuned him out while panicking about interrupting Rosa and Morgan.

Robert offered to buy everyone a drink. Jennifer couldn't keep straight who was drinking alcohol and who wasn't, and didn't want to get anyone in any trouble, so she just smiled and said, "No thank you."

Then she turned back to Rosa and Morgan and said, "Look, I'm, uh, really sorry about interrupting your date and stuff, and I can leave if you want me to. I really didn't mean to bug you guys, I'm sorry, I just didn't know you were..."

She trailed off, feeling like she was making an even bigger mistake.

Stevans illustrations
Your drawings are very cool. I like your style a lot; it is quite unique. Did you draw you avatar?

Also, you post images like this:
[IMG] (picture address) [/IMG]

Simple Question List for my Writing Class
Alrighty. Here goes.

1. I think Battle Royale takes place on an island because it offers the most realistic opportunity for diverse environments. An island can contain varied elevation and levels of development, for example, in Battle Royale, the island contains an old settlement, a farm, a mountain, and a reef, all in an area under four square kilometers.

I think isolation plays a part in it too, though. It is mentioned that the Program is always conducted in isolated areas, though not always on islands. I believe a mountain is the other example. Isolation allows the students some psychological distance from everyone else. I suspect that the killing of the students' teacher is also part of this; it removes them from their comfort zone, and deprives them of authority figures, leaving them to fend for themselves.

2. I think the island has a large effect on the characters' psyches. From the island, they can see the mainland, which prevents them from forgetting their goal. The island is also incredibly small, which means any gunfire on it can be heard pretty much anywhere on the island. This is one of the big differences I've noticed between BR and SOTF. In BR, the island is less than 2 square kilometers (or about 1.5 square miles). It's 1.25 miles across. This creates an atmosphere of claustrophobia and paranoia.

3. I don't know if the characters' actions would be different, but I do find it interesting that in BR, the characters mostly avoid the residential area, except when they have peaceful purposes. Half the residential area becomes a dangerzone quickly, but the other half does not. I believe only Mitsuko kills in the residential area. All the students seem drawn to houses, but only ones that are set apart from the main area. While this does have practical defensive purposes, it also seems somewhat symbolic. The characters could be in their comfort zone, in civilization of a sort, but isolated from the wider community, and thus free of its mores.

4. I don't think the game would function with civilians. The students would have to play much more cautiously to avoid hurting them, and think far more about their actions. There would be less of an opportunity for paranoia. I think that if any civilian could take on the role of an authority figure, it would completely disrupt things, as the students would follow them. The students are trained by the dictatorship to obey authority. I actually think this may be part of why Noriko and Shuya stick with Shogo as they do; he presents himself as an authority figure.

Bonus: I think you definitely have something here. I would check out the bit of BR where they discuss the other locations of the program (I tried to find it, but skimming 1a 600 page book is not very easy). Also, at one point in his opening speech, Sakamochi expressly points out the lack of people on the island: "We had the residents evacuate the island. So there is absolutely no one else here. So..." (59). That may be worth noting.

I'd love to see the paper when you're done. Good luck. I'm sorry if I've been annoyingly long winded or anything.

Webcomic Drafting Game
I'm going to go ahead and assume that makes it my turn, since I haven't seen Clu in chat to ask. If not, terribly sorry.

I don't really know any new webcomics either, but I decided to just grab a random character from the only one I've seen lately. So, my pick is the narrator (the guy who talks in yellow) from Deckmaster's Webcomic!

...Yes, I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel. No, I haven't read anything except the first and last page of the comic. I'll wing it.

Just passing the time...
((Everett Taylor continued from What Goes Up...))

Everett wandered into the library, without a clue as to what to do. Normally, he spent this hour in history class. Today, though, the teacher had told them to go work on their projects. Each student in the class had been preparing a presentation for the past week, and they were going to share in two days.

Everett had been done for a day. He had all his research completed, and just needed to rehearse, something he vastly preferred doing at home, where no other students would overhear him. Everett was not confident about his speaking abilities. When he had told his teacher that he was done, and asked what to do, he had been told to go to the library to work on something else.

Everett didn't really have any homework. He had already finished everything he could at school. He wasn't comfortable with the idea of just screwing around during the class, though. That would have made him feel like a slacker. The other students were in the classroom reading and spread throughout the school, practicing, some in groups. Everett never worked in groups; he always ended up doing all the work. He saw no reason someone else should benefit from his efforts.

Everett looked around the library. There were books everywhere, of course. Mrs. Collins was walking around, sorting them. Everett decided not to disturb her; she kept the library in impeccable condition, which Everett greatly appreciated. Clealiness and organization were very important to him.

Maybe I can get a jump on our next reading assignment in English...

Everett had no clue what they would read next, but that was alright. Speculating would at least give him something to do that didn't feel like slacking. He entered one of the rows, and saw a tall boy looking through the books. Everett didn't recognize him, although he was pretty sure the boy was in his grade.

Everett ignored him, and started glancing over the books, hoping something would pop out at him.