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Another Mafia Tournament Opportunity
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Welcome To New V6 Staff

Mass Effect Mafia Sign Up Thread
I'm in! I'm allergic to being googled easily, though, so can I be Ben for this game? I feel like it's close enough. I'm male.

Aperture Science Mafia Fallout Thread.
Loved the setup, and very well-played by scum. Was especially impressed by Paige's early play (though for the record...) Think I could've been mildly useful had I gotten to share thoughts before getting dayvigged, but realistically a. was 95% gonna go down at that stage and b. wasn't gonna be super active due to external factors.

I think the big take-away for Town from this one is to pay more attention to rules/setup info, because scum should've 100% been dead to rights after the doctor slip, but Town trusted their suspicions over mod-confirmed rules. >< That said, that would've been far less likely without some very fast talking on the part of scum.

Oh, and be active! Inactive first tests hurt my soul.

When a bit more awake, I'll get into the balance some, but the short of it is that I was quite impressed; I at first thought the game was pretty scum-slanted but upon seeing the whole setup I find it very admirably balanced, and both sides had numerous opportunities to spin it to their advantage and turn it into a win.