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RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
Normally when I say I have no clue what to make of game flavor, I'm able to piece stuff together from context/wikis over time. In this case, though, the lingo has me baffled like nothing else. Just sorta throwing that out.

Gonna wait to say anything more concrete for the check-in, but honestly cannot imagine any situation in which Paige is bluffing--it's just way too bizarre a gambit to pull when not true, with zero payoff at this stage of the game and phase.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
VOTE: Prim for following Deamon's vote for not voting with a post without a vote. You thought the danger had passed!

Also role confirmed and stuff.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Sign-Up Thread
I'll give it a go. I'm gonna tell everyone now that my activity (while hopefully acceptable) will be unlikely to hit my usual level. I'm saying this now, before I get my role, so i don't get lynched for making excuses. :p

New V5 Reduced Activity Notices
Quick update:

My computer remains broken. Also, I got a new job that was initially going to be pretty limited hours, but then someone else quit the same day I started and thus I've barely been around and have been super unfocused when I have. Sorry about my general absence.

The Mafia Waiting List
I thought a few people were before me.

That said, I don't have any access to my main computer and started a new job today, so if it's me it'd probably be best to let the next person take a spin; I somewhat doubt my consistency for the next two weeks or so.

Mafia Tournament Voting Thread
Here is the vote for which of our nominees to send to the mafia tournament. I'd respectfully ask that you vote only if you actually play mafia on the site, though the software can't really enforce that. The poll will run for 48 hours; if there's a tie at the end, we'll tie-break via rolls.

Mafia Tournament Opportunity
Alrighty! That's a wrap on nominations. Thread for voting will be up shortly; I'm gonna tie-break to democracy since it was at one point in the lead.

Rooster Teeth Mafia Fallout
Yeah, let the record show I left you alone that time (and still suffered for it)!

Rooster Teeth Mafia Fallout
To be fair, town's only hope by that point anyways was for scum to be taken out and controlled in a very specific order. You and Bik would've both had to survive, which means lynching actual mafia, then blocking the mafia kill (or having me absorb it with bulletproofness), then lynching me and blocking the mafia member, then lynching them. I'm pretty sure any variation from that pattern was instant town loss, given I'd've doused you or Bik in almost any circumstance and then lit the second it was advantageous.

That said, a couple things I noticed in this game:

1. Leading with a vote at LyLo is a super risky idea because of precisely what happened--a faction can dogpile it and instantly end discussion and win the game.

2. There's a very fine line to walk to avoid alienating people, and it's one I think I land on the wrong side of a lot (in part due to my reputation for being tricky). Basically, if you toss suspicion people's ways, more often than not they gun for you in return, but that can easily lead to an endgame scenario where people won't trust you despite you being right because you've not been on their side previously. Each day is an evolution of the last, but also in some ways a reset, but if folks don't treat it like that you can easily end up in huge trouble.

3. Newbiness is in fact not a defense and my radar for folks doing sketch stuff under its guise is in working order; it's just the being too reasonable I should work on. :p (Well, to elaborate more, I honestly backed off in part because I was really didn't wanna get cop scanned; everything was gonna go very bad places if that happened.)

Rooster Teeth Mafia Fallout
Quite curious to see what folks say. I had a lot of fun, but unfortunately made a gamble that didn't pay off (that scum would also shoot Prim, thus leaving a bit more wiggle room). I think losing a townie to inactivity was unfortunate, but this one could've easily gone a number of ways with slightly different actions from folks.

Mafia Tournament Opportunity
Yeah, quick prod: If anyone else wants to be nominated, let's give that another 24 hours or so, and then I'll get the poll set up (unless we get an influx who want it rolled).

Rooster Teeth Mafia Game Thread
Also, as per my rule of not losing sleep over this game, this is my last post/check until tomorrow. Flare, on the 5% chance you're legit town I ask you to drop your vote long enough for us to discuss at least. I'd hate for scum to win off town knee-jerking due to poor math. Grim, you're either scum or survivor so I'm not gonna hold my breath, but if you wanna hand town the win, same deal. You know I claim stupid stuff with gambits all the time. I've claimed SK and swung it. I'd seriously drop all pretense and blackmail you for an insta-win if it'd work for me--I view the odds as greater than getting you to change your mind through logical appeals. Unfortunately, I'm not in that spot. If you are third-party scum, you've been sufficiently outed that you're toast this night phase anyways, and all you get to do is take a shot at deciding whether town or mafia wins. You can do the same during the day, and I'd respectfully request you consider throwing your lot in with town, if for no other reason than that I'm saying please. :)

Also EBWOP it's me who needs to read more carefully; I thought Grim said Bik was not confirmed town and Danny was. Grim, you do realize it's impossible that Bik, Danny, Flare, and you are all town/benign third party, yes? Especially given that RC was dead if I died, letting town potentially win day one off a fluke vote?

Rooster Teeth Mafia Game Thread
As to desperate and hoping something sticks:

Nonsense. If I were, you know what I'd do?

I'd claim scum. Right now. If it really were a situation with me and one other scum member against you and two townies, I'd say this: "Grim, buddy, pal, you're going to vote one of these townies with me, the mafia dude, or else my buddy's gonna shoot you tonight and we lose together. I'm totally petty enough to make sure we both lose if one of us does, and I respect your play thus far enough to offer you a seat at the winner's table otherwise. You flat out said at LyLo you pick the side most likely to end the game quickest."

Now, if you're actually the survivor there's a decent chance that scum's going to turn around and do exactly what I just said, in which case a. I told you so and b. I humbly request you throw your kingmaker vote to town's side to punish scum for stealing my brilliant strategy. But right now, if we're somehow not multiball (which we are), scum/third party unambiguously outnumber town and have zero reason to bother with secrecy unless they think someone isn't gonna play ball.

Rooster Teeth Mafia Game Thread
Grim Wolf
Apr 13 2016, 12:36 AM
The only person not part of your suspicions is Bikriki. So, to summarize: of 5 alive people, you are pointing the finger at everyone except the one confirmed Townie we have, which includes the guy scum gambitted against, the guy one of your strongest townreads townread, and the guy you've been hunting all game, including backing a train on him when another was forming on RC.
Read again. Closely.

Bik is confirmed town. Why? Because he's the only reason RC died. For Bik to be scum, he claimed something stupid to sell out his own partner for no reason. He could've made the exact same claim and said he'd blocked Yugi and been in better shape as scum. He did not. Even Flare thinks Bik's defense is unbeatable. Everyone in the game agrees, except you... who supposedly have no stock in the decision.

Why the rush to a lynch as survivor? Why cut off discussion?

Rooster Teeth Mafia Game Thread
Grim Wolf
Apr 13 2016, 12:36 AM
Two mafias in a twelve-person game? Fairly ridiculous from the outset, especially given that we've consistently seen only one kill a night up until this last round.
So did the vig/JOAT shoot the confirmed cop or the confirmed tracker? Or does one mafia have the power to kill three people in one night phase?

You're totally failing to consider setup, and you're rushing the phase before the person everyone agrees is twon can comment. Why?

Rooster Teeth Mafia Game Thread
Now, what I don't like here is that you're soft-pushing me in a way that lets you ultimately back RC's claim if I'm in hammer range and still buys you towncred when, as you so eloquently put it, RC is going to "end up in bad shape next phase." And in fact you never drop a vote, not even when Yugi reveals how things have gone down.

To quickly address this:

You'll note a few things here. First off, my post is extremely underdeveloped as I note I was busy IRL. Secondly, everything that went down, from Yugi's claim to RC's flaking, occurred with no posts from me. This is because I was AFK. Frankly, otherwise I'd've probably come out in RC's favor until his admission, given he was, to my mind, confirmed town.

Rooster Teeth Mafia Game Thread
I am the other lover. I was told RC was town. If you look at his claim, you'll note he was to die if I did, but the reverse was not true.

This is why I stood by him all game. The reason I didn't out him when he claimed incorrect flavor is that he claimed my flavor. I had no idea what he was doing, but since I knew where he'd gotten the flavor from, I went with it.

I think it's pretty clear on a game design level why I can't be scum given that. It'd let town take out 2/3 of the scum team just by lynching me. In fact, I'm pretty sure my role was a balancing factor edging the game in town's favor, likely to account for whatever killed everyone yesterday.

I probably should have figured RC was scum sooner given the frankly bizarre nature of my role--a lover pair where only one side dies is weird, but I guess it should have tipped me off that for me to win, RC had to die.

But yeah, my role PM confirmed RC as town. That's why I trusted him.

Rooster Teeth Mafia Game Thread
I can prove myself town. Town is screwed if you're legit the survivor, Grim, but that's how the game goes.

I'd ask you to unvote so nobody quickhammers while I type this.

Rooster Teeth Mafia Game Thread
I think Flare/Danny is the most probable pairing here, as both have made assumptions that scum win immediately if we don't lynch a scum member today, and neither felt compelled to examine the night's events in any detail. That lack of surprise and speculation speaks to a certain mentality, especially coupled with a fast push. No townie would ever lead with a vote at LyLo--not before half the game got a chance to speak. It's horrible play and shows a clear lack of interest in discussion or hashing things out. Flare didn't ask who Bik blocked last night (when Bik can potentially exonerate someone due to having blocked them, thus making it clear they lack a killing role). He didn't call for claims. He threw some wishy-washy nonsense while blindly trusting a claim Vyse's dying words were we shouldn't trust.

Ironically, I'm actually somewhat more inclined to trust Grim, but solely because of Flare's play. The total disregard of possible alternatives suggests that none of them are the case. I see a few setups that complicate things a little, but only one fringe case that leaves Flare innocent (and, admittedly, can produce this same situation--if Flare somehow had the world's biggest lapse, forgot that normally three people don't die in one night, and decided to take Grim's claim as gospel because he can't imagine a Grim/Danny multiball scum pairing).

Rooster Teeth Mafia Game Thread
That's an interesting and awfully convenient attempt to come out strong. I find it incredibly interesting that neither Flare nor Danny makes any comment about the fact that we had three deaths last night aside from the inactive kill. What do you think happened there, guys? Also, leading with a vote at this stage of the game, especially doing so trusting Grim's claim with no verification, is negligent beyond belief. If you're legit town, you'd be super hesitant to do so, because it opens the possibility of a mafia quickhammer assuming two remaining scum.

Bik is all but confirmed town. Grim could actually be third party besides survivor. It'd gel with the survivor claim, and given the amount of kills, I'm inclined to say we're looking at something screwy. More thoughts to come. Was a bit unsure who's scum, but now I'm 100% it's Flare/Danny allied or Flare/Grim multiball.