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SOTF on TV Tropes
Haha. A good number of us are here through Tropes, Sylizar (myself included, strange as that is to think of now that I'm here a hundred times more often than on Tropes).

Also, be sure to check out The Mini for stuff that'll probably happen before we get to V5.

A White and Soundless Place
Dutchy mumbled something. She didn't hear what. Didn't need to. She saw his hand. Saw the blood. Saw him fall. It clicked into place. The gunshot had missed Kimberly. She'd thought nothing further of it. She'd assumed that everything would be fine. It should've been fine. Dutchy should've been fine. Of everyone she'd met on the island, he was probably the one who most deserved a happy ending. He—fuck, who was she kidding? He wasn't her favorite person she'd spent time with. That dubious honor went to Aislyn or Rhory. He still didn't deserve this, though. Not after they'd come so close.

She ran to him, knelt next to him. It felt weird. Wrong, somehow. What the fuck was up with the world when Kimberly was the only person here to comfort Dutchy? She was the group bitch, the skeptic who abandoned the rest to their fates.

She was the only one here. Sarah and Bridget and Roland were gone.

Kimberly choked back her rage. There would be time for that later. Plenty of it. For the moment, she had amends to make. She put her hand out, touched Dutchy on the shoulder, gave him a little shake.


She didn't know if was going to die. Quite possibly he was. Kimberly's optimism had sustained a mortal wound before she even encountered Dutchy. Didn't matter. He didn't deserve this. That was all that was important.

"Hey, Dutchy," she said, giving him another little shake. She could see the blood leaking from him. "Hey, look at me. Come here."

It was awkward. Kimberly wasn't exactly strong before a week of malnutrition, and she was still using only her right arm. Still, with a couple grunts of effort, she managed to lift Dutchy a bit, to get his head in her lap. She didn't know what she was doing. She had no fucking experience tending the wounded. She hoped Dutchy was going to be a better patient than she had been. There weren't any good rocks around here, at least.

It was hopeless. She didn't know medicine. All she could offer was companionship.

She ran her hand through his hair. It felt strange to touch someone without ulterior motives. Everything felt cold. She was afraid for some reason. She was hurting.

She couldn't do anything about this. She could just sit here and wait to see what happened.

It dimly occurred to her that Dutchy had run off when she'd been shot.

She didn't give a fuck about that, though. Not now.

A White and Soundless Place
((Kimberly Nguyen continued from Bloodgarden))

Kimberly wasn't used to running. Fuck sprinting. Her lungs were burning, her thighs aching. They'd thrown Brook off, it seemed. She wasn't sure how far they'd gotten. They were still in the woods, still somewhere relatively close to the sea. They'd finally stopped. Kimberly immediately released Dutchy's hand. They stood for a brief moment. She wasn't focusing on him, just panting. She could feel her heartbeat slowing, her breathing returning to normal.

There was no time to waste. She had some fucking pressing questions for Dutchy.

"So," she said, taking a couple of breaths, then spitting off to the side, clearing her mouth of excess saliva. "What the fuck happened to land you with a gun in your mouth? Sarah and Bridget give up on their plan to magic up a dragon to whisk us all away? Where are they, anyways?"

That was the important part. Kimberly was going to find them, and she was going to give Dutchy back to them and politely inform them that if they ever ditched a teammate again she'd find them, slash those tendons that they needed to walk, and force them to beg the people they'd left behind to carry them out of a danger zone. That seemed about like justice right now.

It was one thing for Kimberly to walk out on the group. She'd been pretty fucking upfront and honest about that whole thing. She'd never played it any way but straight with them all. She hadn't needed them, and they hadn't needed her. They'd decided they didn't give a shit about her priorities, and she'd felt the same about theirs.

It was different with Dutchy. He couldn't hold together on his own. He was as helpless as they'd treated Kimberly. That he was still alive was something of a miracle.

He hadn't responded to her questions yet. Kimberly glanced over at him.

She froze completely.

Super Mario Bros Mafia: Game Thread
True. I assumed nobody would roleblock Dom, though, since he is helping us.

Super Mario Bros Mafia: Game Thread

My suspect list at the moment is Vinny, ET.Requiem, and Randomness. ET. Roleclaimed fairly convincingly, so... Vinny or Randomness.


VOTE: VinnyMcQ

I'd like to hear explanations/evidence that you are not mafia.

Super Mario Bros Mafia: Game Thread
I'm pretty sure Goose is town, then. We already wasted our nightkill immune mafia member.

Stefan's Triple Give-away Bonanza
Cool. Thanks for the heads up.

I Will Follow You into the Dark




Had she bruised something?

Her legs still weren't working right.


Fuck this all.

Melissa was dead.

Lying on the ground.


You could have saved her.

You should have saved her.

Some superhero.

Deep breaths.

Choke back the tears.

A crash.






Not quite what she'd expected.

He had a gun.

He was angry.

Nick too.

This was supposed to be happy.



They all meet.





It's tense.

She calms them down.

Happy ending.

Fat chance now.

She was afraid.

More than that, though:


This was all wrong.

Too late to stop the fight.

Too late to do anything.

Always too late.

Nick had moved.


The two last people she cared about were going to kill each other.

It didn't matter who won.

No one could win.

One sure thing:

Jennifer would lose.

Stop this.

She started crawling towards her bag.

Stop this.

Stop this now.

Super Mario Bros Mafia: Game Thread
We should also examine everyone's posting habits. Who has decoy tried to divert suspicion from? Who has been suspiciously quiet?

Super Mario Bros Mafia: Game Thread
Ooh, interesting. I'm... not super surprised about T-Fox. Too bad our cop didn't find a way to let us know.

Also, VOTE: Ruggahissy

Dag yo, half the mafia taken out in one day/night.

Boooo Foxy Foxy :( .

How would you know that half the mafia were taken out unless you are one of them? We didn't know how many there were.

Impact. Perfect. She had enough momentum to make Brook feel that one. He gave out a little scream. That had Kimberly grinning nice and wide. Okay, physical pain wasn't her shtick, but some people were just begging to be roughed up a bit. Like most people, Brook couldn't take what he dished out so willingly. Wimp.


Kimberly's thoughts didn't continue much in that vein, though. Brook was whining about their team up, because clearly a girl with a bum arm and a sobbing boy resigned to death were an overwhelming challenge for a quadruple-murderer with a gun. Wuss. It was time to get moving, though. Fuck actually fighting. The mission was a simple extradition.

Kimberly had Dutchy's hand, now, and they were running. It was a damn good thing she hadn't pulled out the knife. The last thing she needed was to be forced to choose between slicing Dutchy's palm open or dragging him along with her bad arm.

They were making it, though. Brook was nice and winded. He couldn't pursue them.

Kimberly heard the shot, and tensed for a second. She hadn't expected the total panic that gripped her in that moment. She'd been near guns since the first day, of course. She'd had them shoved in her face. She'd been ready to die by one. No one had shot at her in that time. No one had forced her back to that beach, to Kris, to lying in the sand and screaming and crying and hoping she wouldn't die and wishing she hadn't been so stupid.

She didn't die. The shot hadn't touched her. She was only slowed for a second.

She was biting her cheek. With a conscious effort, she stopped. Fuck this noise. She had what she'd come for.

And, like that, they were gone.

((Kimberly Nguyen continued in A White and Soundless Place))

I Will Follow You into the Dark
Nick gave a quick explanation of the purpose of his device, then asked if they were in, if they wanted to be involved in his plan. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Freedom. the possibility of escape, of a future beyond this island. They just had to trust him. Time was of the essence. They had seconds to respond.

Looking back, Jennifer could never determine which answer she wished she had been about to give.

Part of her wanted to believe she had enough common sense to stop things in their tracks. It'd have been a simple matter to laugh like it was a joke. After all, it was clear that Nick wasn't sure it was going to work. Had he been, he would have tested it on himself, or maybe on Jennifer. Laughter would have been cruel, hurtful. It would have been another blow against a boy she cared about. It would have been entirely out of character for her, but what wasn't these days?

Part of her wanted to believe that she'd been about to step forward and volunteer herself. Then, perhaps, fate could have rolled along as it was meant to, and Jennifer could have died before Melissa. She could have been spared the pain of watching her—well, no use dancing around the issue, Melissa was by this point fairly well her best friend, after all they had been through together—best friend die in front of her. Maybe Melissa could have kept going. Could have survived. Could have gone home.

The reality, though, the one Jennifer would never quite be able to fully believe, was that she just wasn't quick enough on the uptake to have any action in mind. Everything was too sudden, too shocking. She didn't do anything. She just stood and watched as Nick waved his device over Melissa's collar.

Nothing happened.

He did it again.

Nothing happened.

Jennifer let out her breath.

It was all going to be fine.

She shifted her foot.

Nick did it a third time.

Things were different.

Jennifer watched Melissa die.

There was no comprehension.

No recognition.

No emotion.


For about two seconds.

Then she screamed.

Then she started backwards.

Then she tipped over.

Her legs were still asleep.

Then she landed on the ground.

A patch of grass stopped it from being too bad.

She didn't scrape her hands.

Then she realized that her icepick wasn't in her skirt.

It was still in her bag.

Against the tree.

Behind Nick.

Too far.

So she just started crying again.

V4's Final 100
Congrats to the final 100. It's really incredible how far they've all come, and pretty amazing to think of the fact that 176 characters have died so far. Here's hoping we've got a good run for the rest of V4!

V4 BKA/BDA Voting: April 2011
Once again, here's this month's BKA/BDA. If you weren't in by the deadline, or by your extension deadline, you've been disqualified, per procedure. If there's a mistake, drop a staffer a PM and we'll get things fixed ASAP.

This will run through whenever on the 1st the announcement goes up (or later, if there is any delay).

Anyone with an extension is getting bumped to next month's contest so that we stay on schedule.

That said, here you go:

Best Kill:
Ema Ryan for killing Sapphire MacLeod
Felicia Carmichael for killing Tiffany Chanders
Josie Vernon for killing Sierra Manning
Teo Weinstock for killing Maxwell Crowe
Harun Kemal for killing Rashid Hassan
George Leidman for killing Timothy Questiare
Alice Blake for killing Ash Morrison
Peter Siu for killing Jacquard Broughten
Joe Rios for killing Mike Maszer and Alan Rickhall
Aileen Borden for killing Milo Taylor

Best Death:
decoy73 for the death of Tiffany Chanders
storyspoiler for the death of Liz Polanski (While Liz's death was fairly late, this was entirely due to staff delays. story had the deathpost completed before she even played her hero card, so she's still eligible for this round's BDA)
laZardo for the death of Rashid Hassan
Grim Wolf for the death of Mirabelle Nesa
zombiexcreame for the death of Timothy Questiare
ET.Requiem for the death of Ash Morrison
T-Fox for the death of Jacquard Broughten
Limisios for the death of Alan Rickhall
Grim Wolf for the death of David Meramac
Sean for the death of Milo Taylor

April Mid-Month Rolls
We are past time by a good bit now. If you requested an extension, you're going into next month's BDA instead, since this month's will be up momentarily.

I Will Follow You into the Dark
Jennifer felt pretty fucking embarrassed as Nick ignored her proffered respite and instead just went straight to the explanation. As it turned out, it had been self defense. Maybe it was Nick's fault in some strange way, since he'd most likely been attacked by someone seeking revenge or to protect a friend. Nick did have a reputation, after all. His very presence could appear a threat, especially without Jennifer and Melissa there to mediate and help defuse any situations.

That wasn't important, though. It was close enough to self defense for Jennifer to accept it. Not like it. Not respect it. She could live with it, though, and it seemed Melissa could too. The group was whole again, the tension smoothed over. Nick was already moving on, already focused on something else. He was doing something in his bag, something more complicated than just re-wrapping his arm. Jennifer wasn't concerned. If Nick wanted to kill them, there really wasn't anything she could do to stop him. If he'd wanted that, though, he'd have already done it. He knew their armament, or lack thereof, since the closest they had to a weapon was still Jennifer's icepick. He'd noticed them before they saw him. He'd had plenty of opportunity, but he'd called attention to himself.

Besides, Jennifer just couldn't believe Nick would intentionally hurt her. That meant he wouldn't hurt Melissa, either, not with how much the other girl meant to Jennifer.

He finished whatever it was and called them over. Melissa got up and walked to him. Jennifer moved to follow suit, letting her packs fall to the ground first. She was stiff, so she didn't hurry too much. Even with Nick's encouragement, she was still a few seconds and steps behind Melissa.

Something about Nick's words struck her as odd. She'd always been a little bit off put by people speaking about themselves in the third person.

Her slightly delayed arrival was fine. This wasn't a race. Nick was going to show them something. Maybe some trick to cheer them up. That would fit with the odd speech pattern from before. He could just be affecting the mannerisms of a stage magician or something.

"Um, yeah," Jennifer said, trying to catch a glimpse of what he had. "What have you, um, got there?"

Fuck. Her feet had fallen asleep while she had been sitting, and now her legs had that awful pins and needles feeling. She really hoped Nick had something to take her mind off of that.

April Mid-Month Rolls
Four hours for deaths, unless you've requested an extension. If you do need one, be sure to let us know in this thread so you aren't disqualified from BDA.

'Away' Protocol Amendments
There is a new thread with some rules adjustments that will hopefully make Away notices easier on the staff to track. Also, there are now formal babysitting rules. This is very important to read if you plan on spending time Away and not getting slammed for inactivity.

All current Away messages will be honored, but all new ones must comply with the new system.

This should close some of the loopholes/issues we've been having.

There is a new thread with some rules adjustments that will hopefully make Away notices easier on the staff to track. Also, there are now formal babysitting rules. This is very important to read if you plan on spending time Away and not getting slammed for inactivity.

All current Away messages will be honored, but all new ones must comply with the new system.

This should close some of the loopholes/issues we've been having.

Hello, everyone! If you're going to be spending some time away from the site, this is the thread to let us know in. To keep things easy on the staff, and to make tracking inactivity simpler, we ask that everyone follow the template below when posting away. If you do not do so, your away post will be considered a courtesy notice but not an actual away message, and you will not receive any extra time against inactivity.

Handler: Your name goes here. Use your forum handle, so we can easily find you in the list.
Dates Away: Post the dates you are away for here (January 5 2011-February 7 2011, say). Please spell out the months, so we can tell what you mean; dd/mm/yy is not the standard in every country. Do not leave this open-ended; if you have to, estimate high and return early or renew as required.
Days Away: The total number of days away goes here. This saves you from staff math errors late at night.
Reason for Away: Here is where you say why you're gone.
Characters: List your characters here.

After this, feel free to put whatever you want, but you must have this template completely filled out to be counted as away.

Here's the code version:
Dates Away:
Days Away:
Reason for Away:

Next, a note on babysitting. This has become an increasingly common practice on the boards. It is also a nightmare to track. From here out, having someone babysit your characters has no effect at all on their inactivity. You post yourself away for however long you are away for, and your inactivity dates are adjusted based on that. If you have a babysitter, that's fine, but it is only to keep up your characters' momentum/keep things going with their threadmates. You are still responsible for posting with them by their adjusted inactivity date, and failure to do so will bear the usual results.

Finally, do not edit any away posts in this thread. Do not post a warning and then edit it into a legitimate away message. Do not change your dates away. If there's any issue, repost, or we won't find your changes and you may run into inactivity troubles. If you need to extend your away for whatever reason, that is totally fine. Just repost to cover the new dates (and only the new dates) that you will be away.

Also, please note the following rules with regards to inactivity:

* If a handler has not posted 'away' for the entirety of one month, then they must post at least once per character in said month to be considered active.

* One day inactivity notices do not count towards the inactivity timer, as they are not considered to be significant enough to prevent posting.

* Any given handler cannot post as 'away' for more then four weeks of any six week period, barring severe real life extenuating circumstances (being in the hospital or another country without internet access, not being busy with schoolwork). Away notices exceeding this cap will be ignored and the inactivity timer will continue.

* Posting on the general boards, or spending a lot of time in chat, will be considered violation of an away notice and the timer will start again. If you have time to shoot the breeze in chat or mess around on the board, then you have time to dash off a post.