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This weekend I have a final, followed immediately by my girlfriend's Prom. Don't expect to see much of me between Friday night and mid-afternoon Sunday.

Andrew Mitchell
This character biography has had no alterations for more than two weeks and has been put in the abandoned characters forum. This profile is eligible for resubmission by the handler upon alterations requested from the staff.

Watch the World Burn
I'll see if I can make it once my schedule calms down, but no promises on this one. Most of my internet time is taken up by SOTF.

Problem Sleuth Mafia: Sign ups
In. I've actually read PS, too.

Small Update
Thanks a ton, guys! I'll do my best to live up to all your expectations!

Battle Royale - Reloaded
Just so everyone knows, this has begun! So, if you're in it, come and post!

Ryan Wellesley
Hi DG! Thanks for fixing the template.

Ryan is temporarily DENIED. There's a lot I want to see added before I approve him, mostly in his biography.

Basically, his bio should be much, much longer and more detailed. I want to know more about his upbringing (Was he born in England? Where does his parents' money come from? Why did they move? Does he get along with them? Is he an only child?), his younger years (What was he like as a kid? Where do his interests come from? What social group does he fall into? Was he ever bullied?), his personality (Why does he look down on people? What are his views on life? Does he have any secret dreams or desires?), and his hobbies (everything listed in the Hobbies and Interests section should at least be touched on in his bio).

Another little thing: Bayview was actually founded 56 years before pregame, so it's not recently established. Just a little detail I'd like to see corrected.

My other concerns come from Ryan's advantages and disadvantages. Right now, he's something of a premade player (that is, one who will definitely and willingly take part in the killing once SOTF begins). I don't like being able to tell which way a character will go just from reading their biography. The most interesting villains are those you don't see coming. For example, the biography of J.R. Rizzolo, one of the most infamous killers in V3, contains nothing that points towards him snapping. He was just a normal guy who was overcome by the stress.

Basically, I want some of Ryan's advantages toned down or explained more. I'd like his fencing to be toned down a bit, or at least detailed so I know how good at it he actually is. I also want to understand his attitude towards others better. I'd like you to make clear what exactly his attitude entails, specifically, I don't want to see someone who wouldn't have any problems with killing. We're shooting for realism, and everyone non-sociopathic, even the most self-righteous jerk, is going to have some hard thinking to do if they kill someone else.

I'd also like you give him another couple disadvantages to balance things out.

If you need any help, feel free to PM me or stop into the SOTF Chat. I reccomend, to get an idea of what we're looking for, that you check out this helpful guide and some of our approved characters, such as MK Kilmarnock's Liam Brooks or KamiKaze's Anna Chase.

Post once you've got Ryan edited, and we'll give him another look. Thanks!

Meghan Weinberg
This character biography has had no alterations for more than two weeks and has been put in the abandoned characters forum. This profile is eligible for resubmission by the handler upon alterations requested from the staff.

Ryan Wellesley
Hi DGJono, and welcome to SOTF. PLease adjust Ryan's profile to match the spacing in this template. Post when you've got that done, and we'll give him a look. Thanks!

G020 - GilPatrick, Jeananne
This character has been abandoned by the handler

((Sorry, James. I tried to kill the link in the Student Roster, and it wiped the whole profile))

G020 - GilPatrick, Jeananne
Name: Jeananne Gilpatrick
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: mountain biking, rock climbing, frogs, old movies, drinking, volunteering

Appearance: Jeananne stands at a moderate 5'8 and weighs in at a solid 156lbs, which is held with some poise from her broadish shoulders. Though much of her mass is in muscle, she has a series of healthy curves, a slight pouch at her stomach that hangs maddeningly over the waist of the tightest of her jeans, and buttocks slightly rounder than what she would like. Her well-formed c-cup breasts are a feature she is far more proud of. All of this is wrapped in a perpetually blushing and/or sunburned skin-shell, with few blemishes other than the problem area that lies in the isle between her shoulderblades. Situated much lower than this, though just high enough to avoid the label of "tramp stamp", Kurt Vonnegut’s famous “asterisk” illustration is tattooed in black ink, with the phrase “so it goes.” arching just above it in a typewriter font.

Her face mirrors the boldness that the rest of her body possesses. It forms a near-perfect heart shape formed by a widow's peak, which can only be seen on the rare occasion that she keeps her hair tied back without any sort of hat, and ends in a round and prominent chin. Above this are a pair of almost-too-full and lightly colored lips that are adorned by deep laugh lines and a pair of slight dimples whenever stretched to a smile. These lay over a set of naturally straight and passably white teeth. Her nose is petite, but not without character. There is a small bump directly in the middle of the bridge where the nose takes a sudden dip and comes back to a sharp point, out of which form two wide nostrils that meet the face in bulbs of cartilage. Her pores in this area are noticeably large and something she frets over constantly. Despite its faults, it sways somewhat gracefully into her cheeks, which are situated comfortably away from being too round or too gaunt and fit the rest of her features well enough.

Farther east and west sit a pair of small, round ears with unattached lobes that are usually adorned with studs, but hoops or beaded earrings are not an unusual sight on more daring days. Her eyes are more on the small side and a shade of grayish-green that intensifies in the warmer months. The right one is slightly duller than the other due to the less-than-perfect vision she has suffered in it since birth. The brows above them are intense and finely plucked and sculpted, giving her eyes a more piercing look than they would have otherwise. They are situated on a round brow that leads to a short, dainty forehead. Her dyed-black hair (though its roots sometimes reveal its original honey-brown coloration) parts at the left side and sweeps over in a cut that ends about midway down her neck on all sides. It is given a professionally disheveled look due to its layering and usually curls outward drastically on the ends courtesy of her large collection of beanies, but has a tendency to lie flatter otherwise. The curtain of hair that erupts from her part over the right side of her face is usually swept aside with a clip, but will sometimes be left to hang over her bad eye and brush fitly against her strong jaw.

Most of Jeanie’s wardrobe would fit just as well in the closet of any boy her age. Light hoodies and thermals are a favorite of hers, mostly due to their versatility and her frugality; she hates the idea of wasting money on new clothes every few months and prefers those that can last her year-round. Her large array of flannels and the odd 50’s-inspired blouse are also common items in her closet. Beanies of both the flat and visor variety, as well as a few different flavors of scally cap, are near permanent fixtures atop her head. A pattern of tight jeans and corduroys is broken up only by the occasional pair of tied-ff shorts or boardshorts, usually adorned by studded faux-leather or brightly colored fabric belts. Even rarer is the occasional skirt or dress, though she certainly has a collection of them from various thrift shops and garage sales. Her arsenal of shoes is mostly built for comfort, consisting of high-top skate shoes and the like, and not quite as expansive a collection as some of her more feminine counterparts might possess. She hates flip-flops, but has been known to wear sandals with tube socks on occasion. Equally scarce is make-up; other than a few dabs of concealer, Jeanie avoids caking herself with it, and even leaves her consistently trimmed fingernails unpolished. In a strange display of femininity, Jeanie’s forte lies in accessorizing. She own an intimidating collection of scarves, bracelets, rings, anklets, kerchiefs, bandanas, necklaces, headbands, earrings, and nearly any other type of ornament one could think up. Her favorite pieces are vintage, whether they be authentic or mere imitation. Taken together with the rest of her fashion choices, this creates a style that her friend Aaron jokingly refers to as “indie dyke chic”.

Her on-island attire includes a men’s red plaid flannel button-up shirt, underneath which lies a white tee with “Enjoy Cock” emblazoned across the chest in a parody of the classic Coca-Cola logo. Over these is draped a faded light blue-gray denim jacket with a gray hood sewn on to the collar and a line of small silver studs attached above the left breast pocket. Around her neck is a somewhat bulky gold-bronze chain with an antique-looking one-inch tall model of an anchor hanging from it. Adorning her wrists are an assortment of knick-knacks: on her left wrist, a sleek black digital wristwatch and a tan rope bracelet with a cheap-looking silver anchor charm attached, and on her right a leather cuff with white rope sewn through it in a zig-zagging pattern. A white leather belt decorated with more bronze-gold studs holds up a pair of loose black jeans, whose cuffs are folded up to reveal a pair of scuffed and faded red Converse Lo-Top shoes with dirty white trim and laces, and above the left one rests yet another tan rope anklet, this time with black accents running through it. Atop her head is a slightly-too-large gray scaly cap, and hanging from her ears is a smallish pair of silver hoops. Her personal effects include a small faux-leather laptop bag, which contains her red Dell Inspiron laptop, cherry-red Verizon phone with built-in keyboard, a small collection of paperback books, and a small make-up kit. She also has with her a small black athletic duffel bag, which includes changes of clothing and various other innocuous personal effects.

Biography: On November 24th, at 11:27 P.M. in a brightly lit little room in the maternity ward of the JFK Medical Center in Edison, New Jersey, Jeananne Gilpatrick was born to a thoroughly elated Paul Gilpatrick and a thoroughly drugged Dorothy Gilpatrick. From birth she was guaranteed a life of contentment; between Paul’s job as a dispatcher for a fairly large trucking company and Dorothy’s role as a jack-of-all-trades secretary with a constantly changing job title and steadily growing paycheck (despite two maternity leaves), the Gilpatricks were seated comfortably in the lower-middle class. The couple introduced their newborn to a then fourteen-month-old Erika Gilpatrick with little hassle. For a short time, the family lived in relative peace.

Three years later, a friendly neighbor presented the family with a large plastic ride-able Flintstones car that had been used by their own children as toddlers. At first, the gift seemed to be well-received. The girls were delighted by it and shared in riding the new toy, with Erika doing most of the peddling while Jeanie sat in the passenger’s side clapping and laughing. Several hours later, all civility had dissolved. The girls were pushing each other out of the driver’s seat with increasing ferocity. It finally hit its climax when Erika wrestled a panicked Jeanie from the car and pushed her down on the gravel driveway, resulting in several nasty scrapes for the younger and a weeks’ worth of groundation for the older. The seemingly inconsequential mishap would be the start of an unusually intense sibling rivalry between the two girls.

Over the next few years, Jeanie worked towards making herself everything Erika was not. While Erika turned her attention to Barbies, Jeanie focused hers on Legos and Pokémon. Though Erika began donning dresses, Jeanie refused to let her mother dress her in anything but pants or overalls. Even as Erika begged her mother to introduce her to the arcane art of applying make-up and played furtive sessions of dress-up in her mother’s closet, Jeanie avoided all things feminine as if they were diseased by some horrific malady. What the girls were not opposites in, they competed fiercely over. Each was constantly trying to achieve the better grades or play best in their recitals. The tension was so high between the two that Paul and Dorothy finally granted the two separate rooms just to avoid the nightly arguments that occurred between the two. The isolation only heightened the hostility. Each sister constantly plotted the demise of the other and wished they’d been the only child.

The girls aged and the rivalry softened, though it never vanished. By the time Jeanie was in the 6th grade the duo had formed a much friendlier relationship. The atmosphere of the Gilpatrick household followed suit and for the first time in eleven years, peace was restored. However, just as Dorothy managed to catch her breath, Paul announced that he was looking into a major company out west to replace his faltering employer. That summer, the family was whisked to a comfortable little suburb in St. Paul, Minnesota, a short drive away from Paul’s new headquarters in Minneapolis. The girls did not take well to this dramatic change. To ease them in, the parents encouraged their daughters to explore the neighborhood a bit, and supplied them with gifts of matching Barbie-themed bikes to do so with. Jeanie was at first disgusted by the thing’s bubblegum façade, but was easily persuaded by her sister’s taunting. By noon, the two found themselves very lost and at the foot of a very steep unpaved road. Jeanie was desperate to turn around, but the rambunctious Erika challenged her sister to a race and refused to let Jeanie back down. The two peddled frantically up the incline, falling constantly and receiving thorough beatings on their ascent. In the end, Jeanie defeated her sister, and the two found themselves bleeding all over a furious Dorothy’s new carpeting by nightfall. Erika’s bike would be a cobweb-laden relic forgotten in the Gilpatrick garage by next summer, but Jeanie’s would be replaced by a much more capable Trek, and later a far more proficient burnt-orange Kona ad her casual interest in the tool morphed into a passion for mountain biking.

Although her love for biking had found her naturally, finding her place in the hierarchy of a new middle school was not so easy. Jeanie was terrified by the alien carnival of grisly girliness that engulfed her peers. She found herself more comfortable as part of the various groups (never “cliques”) of boys around the school, and was quickly pinned as a “tomboy”, a label she did not mind in the least. Her sister was humiliated by her behavior, but again, Jeanie didn’t care; she found the much less refined male portion of the student body much easier to identify with (and they were shocked to find in her the same, the age of cooties having been not so long ago). One boy in particular became a fast friend of hers. Not two months after their introduction, he convinced her to attend the local fair with him, a night the culminated in him winning her a large stuffed frog decked in scuba gear that exclaimed “Sacre bleu, ze water iz cold!” whenever its palm was pressed. It was her first present from a boy, and one that kicked off a small obsession from her. Anything with a frog motif instantly found itself adorning her room. The collection dominated her room even into her senior year.

Aside from an admiration for amphibians, middle school also taught Jeanie the joys of school-organized sports. At the behest of some of her male compatriots after thoroughly beating them at lacrosse, she put her apparent talent for the sport into practice for the school’s female edition of the team. Jeanie proved to be a formidable home and a useful addition to the otherwise talentless lot. However, between the misbehaving parents, harsh coaches, and unreasonable pressure placed on the girls to exceed, she lost her love for the sport. By her freshman year she defected to the much more laid-back rock climbing team. The equipment and gym pass were slightly more expensive, and her ability was not as great on the wall as it was on the field, but she found much more enjoyment in the latter sport and performed fairly well at the meets.

High school also brought two new passions to the forefront of Jeanie’s mind: boys and booze. By midway through her freshman year she noticed boys began to treat her less as one of them and with an odd degree of either shyness or boldness, depending on the individual. At first she was bothered by it, but soon began to enjoy the newfound attention. The second half of her freshman year and the entirety of her sophomore year consisted of a whirlwind of short-lived romances. She became something of a social butterfly, and began hopping parties at every chance she was given. At these she was tempted with the same parade of drugs and indulgences that any teen would face, but her thoroughly Irish blood made alcohol the only real constant comrade. Her parents weren’t entirely oblivious to her escapades, but she managed to keep the worst of it hidden just as well as the assortment of wine coolers and Smirnoff bottles behind the panel in the back of her closet. The dating halted abruptly the summer after her sophomore year when a particularly noxious Bayview boy broke her heart, but the partying always continued. Slipping grades were another issue, but she managed to guilt trip her parents around that issue with accusations of comparing her to her “perfect” elder sister. At the end of her sophomore year, Jeanie had found the perfect solution to rid herself of the brunt of her parents nagging; she began volunteering.

It began as serving food to patients at the nearest hospital once a week. Nothing major, and just enough to please her parents. But Jeanie, to her own surprise, found herself pleased with the work and excited at the prospect of expanding it. Within a few weeks she had devoted Sunday and Monday afternoons to hospital work, was a member of the Red Cross DAT team, and was also being conditioned to co-teach CPR, AED, and First Aid classes. As her sister was preparing herself for a career in business, Jeanie found herself at the opposite side of the spectrum yet again, and began working towards the goal of becoming a nurse.

Her senior year came in a storm of change. Her grades suddenly skyrocketed and she began taking a few extra credits at the local community college in the form of once-weekly night classes. The partying was nearly nonexistent, other than the occasional get-together with friends. She even began re-forming a healthy relationship with Dorothy. Her mother had discovered the joys of torrenting movies, and the two began bonding over Loretta Young and Audrey Hepburn. Jeanie had always fascinated by the grace and charm of these older movies, which her mother had played so often in her youth in place of the more orthodox Disney fares, and their re-introduction was welcome. She also saw in them a much softer side to her mother, whom she’d thought of as a very austere woman for many years. The two became closer than they ever had been through their almost weekly movie nights.

However, despite her newfound respect for her mother, Jeanie could not resist an act of defiance. For ages she’d heard rumor of a sleazy tattoo parlor in Minneapolis from the more reckless of her acquaintances, and one day decided to pay a visit to Devilish Designs on Emerson Avenue herself. That very same day, she returned with a tribute to her favorite author, Kurt Vonnegut, in the form of one of his most famous lines and his perhaps more famous minimalistic rendition of an anus. She managed to pass of the sensitivity of the area as a mountain biking injury to her parents, which they bought. Her sister, on the other hand, was much more perceptive and easily caught the real culprit when she returned for Christmas break. She begrudgingly agreed to not reveal Jeanie’s secret, though Jeanie was no less apprehensive whenever her sister was around. Unfortunately, her misbehavior was not to end here.

After her relatively smooth senior year, a last transgression was inevitable by her nature, and she quite outdid herself. In November she was reintroduced to Kurt Walczak, a charming young man who had graduated from Bayview a year before and was currently working at the nearby 3M Company in a grossly overpaid position, courtesy of his father, the plant’s general manager. That day she was teaching a company-mandated CPR and First-Aid class for the unruly crowd of young field sales representatives and a few odd honest-but-grumpy engineers. The two recognized each other immediately from their past year of Spanish class flirtation, and embarrassedly avoided one another for the duration of the class. In a moment of uncanny courage, Jeanie approached him after class, and after an exceedingly awkward conversation they agreed to keep in touch. A week later they were madly in love. Their relationship was one of strange intensity, particularly for Jeanie, and it became a looming worry for her parents. Eventually they became critical of it, a reaction Jeanie did not take kindly to. Arguments over the matter became more and more frequent over the following months. It finally culminated in a particularly rough altercation with her mother, which caused the woman to demand a stricter curfew of eight o’clock from her until prom. Unable to cope with this new restriction, Jeanie instead fled the house and had Kurt rescue her from a parallel street. She slept at his apartment that night. Her fury, still not quelled by a night’s sleep, caused her to hatch a plan of revenge and liberation. She was picked up from school by Kurt that day, where she described her plot to him. Unwilling to evoke her wrath, he agreed to participate. That afternoon, she called her mother. She claimed that she had been called to her counselor’s office. Due to all of the screaming an anonymous neighbor had reported, they suspected child abuse. Her mountain-biking bruises were their proof. She claimed that, of course, she was determined to prove her wrong, but they were insistent that she stay away from the house for the time being. She would be staying with Kurt until prom. Her mother’s reaction was not what she anticipated. She was officially evicted from her family home. The next day she collected her things and, blaming Kurt for her misery, spent the next few days at her best friend’s house. She and Kurt would not speak again until after prom, when she would agree to stay with him again in order to prevent further inconveniencing Aaron. As of the day of the trip she is still living with him, and has yet to contact any member of her family.

Despite her currently dire situation, Jeanie’s future seems much brighter. She has been accepted to and plans to attend the University of Phoenix for their four-year nursing program, after which she plans on escaping the state of Minnesota for good and working towards graduate school elsewhere.

Advantages: Jeanie is an athletic and sturdy individual with admirable stamina. She’s very familiar with CPR and first aid due to her position as a co-teacher. She is a pleasant person, although somewhat stubborn at times.
Disadvantages: She is not always the best judge of what is best for her, as evinced by her behavior through most of her high school years. She has also never made much of an effort towards befriending much of Bayview’s female population, and ruined many of her male relationships through her earlier dating frenzy, leaving her with a fairly small circle of friends.

Designated Number: Female Student no. 20


Designated Weapon: Egyptian Scythe
Conclusion: It seems as if Miss Gilpatrick has all of the tools to be successful... but without the right attitude and the right gun, that will get her nowhere. Here's hoping G020's first-aid skills will keep her standing long enough to balance out all those hippies!

Introduction Thread
Hi Chib! Welcome to the boards! If you have any questions, just shoot them to one of us with the colored names, and we'll help you out.

Let the Dance Begin!
Maf coughed into his chest, showing remarkable politeness in avoiding Jennifer's face. She smiled at him. Dancing to the song was somewhat awkward, but not in a bad way. If anything, it was a good kind of awkward, the kind that comes from two people trying something new, something neither of them really knows, and doing their best not to offend or accidentally trip each other up while doing it. The best part, though, was that Maf looked into her eyes the whole time. Nobody ever treated Jennifer like that. She smiled and looked back into his, just admiring them, reflecting on how hard it was to really notice people's eyes, how she never looked people in them this long, how pretty the color of Maf's was.

The silence stretched between them, and it seemed like nothing—absolutely nothing—could break it in a satisfactory way. It was a magical moment, the sort Jennifer almost feared because they always came to an end, always finished in a way that let her down.

Then Maf opened his mouth and paid her the best compliment he possibly could have. He told her he liked her dress.

The magic was preserved.

Jennifer absolutely beamed at him. "Thanks," she said. "I'm glad you like it. I, um... I worked very hard on it."

Mitadake High/Pryce High
Hey, quick question: What do black feathers do? I used one once, and it shot flames or something. I couldn't tell.

A not on emoting: It puts the killer at a bit of a disadvantage. It gives the target time to run or quickly retaliate, and it shows up at the distance that words show up, which makes stealth challenging.

I'm fine with keeping emoting, if people are set on it, but I'd like to propose two rules:

First, you can whisper your emoted attacks. That means people in the hall won't "hear" you smile and draw your knife. If your close enough to attack, your target will hear it.

Second, targets don't react to an attack until they're attacked. This way, emoting doesn't give them a head start.

Those sound fair to everyone? It's pretty hard to win (or even do well) as killer, and I'd love to see fairness ensured without making it more difficult on them.

Andrew Mitchell
Hi Tyth!

Andrew is temporarily DENIED pending some very minor changes. First off, to give a better impression of his build, I'd like to know his weight.

Also, there should be a line skipped between his appearance and biography sections.

Post once you've taken care of those things, and we'll give him another look. Thanks!

M. I. A.
Trevor made some comments, asked some questions, and then buzzed off, which suited Kimberly just fine. At about the same time, out of nowhere, came another girl, one Kimberly recognized as Marcia Gomez. She didn't know much about Marcia, but she was learning quickly; apparently the girl was a goodie two-shoes busybody, come to lecture Kimberly on her smoking. Whatever. She'd heard worse from her peers. At least there was no cancer talk so far.

"Nah," Kimberly said, grinning widely at Marcia. "The things are so expensive these days, I figure I might as well get my money's worth. Besides, this way the poor freshmen can stand downwind and share."

Then she turned back to Eve, pointedly not keeping eye contact with Marcia.

"Yeah," Kimberly said. "He probably just cares about making it to class on time. Whatever. They won't mind if I'm a couple minutes late. We were, uh..." She realized, then, that she couldn't actually remember what they'd been talking about, if anything. That wouldn't do.

"I was just asking if you needed any help getting back into the swing of things, you know, brushing up on school news, that sort of thing."

The whole time she spoke to Eve, Kimberly ignored Marcia completely.

If you don't acknowledge problems, they'll eventually go away.

Then, she realized something. Ignoring the problem and hoping it went away was giving it control of the situation. Fuck that. Marcia wasn't getting the upper hand here, no matter how indirectly. Perhaps what Kimberly was about to d would strike Eve as rude. It would almost certainly seem that way to Marcia. Whatever.

"Well, I actually have class," Kimberly said to Eve. "I'll see you later."

That done, she turned her back on Marcia, without a word, and just walked away.

Damn if that wasn't a satisfying way to start the day.

((Kimberly Nguyen continued in Let them eat cake...))

Daniel Blessing
This character biography has had no alterations for more than two weeks and has been put in the abandoned characters forum. This profile is eligible for resubmission by the handler upon alterations requested from the staff.

G053 - Logan-Price, Lexie "Chugs"
This character has been abandoned at the handler's request. This character is NOT eligible for resubmission.

G045 - Daramour, Katherine
This character has been abandoned at the handler's request. This character is NOT eligible for resubmission.

G035 - Borycki, Bianca
This character has been abandoned at the handler's request. This character is NOT eligible for resubmission.