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V3 Read-A-Thon
Eh, why not?

Deal me in, if you will.

V5 Sixth Announcement
Got my plans all solidified! No more PMs are necessary. Thanks to all who sent ideas. This is the best batch of death PMs I've ever had, and I'm sorry I can't do a scene with each one of you. :)

Hey, guys! In an effort to escape Bronze III before the end of the season (my goal being Silver V for S4), I am resolving to play at least one ranked game per week and posting it here so I can't chicken out. I'll try t check in with screenshots/game reports/something, too.

Also, if anyone ever wants to duo, I'd be down, though I can't promise that I won't feed. I'm really not super good. ><

Official V5 Rolling List
Customary post-rolls update, with the usual caveat that it may change if anyone dies unrolled/goes terminal:

1. Juhan Levandi (Maraoone)
2. Paris Ardennes (Ruggahissy)
3. Rosemary Michaels (MrMissMrs Random)
4. Matt Vartoogian (BROseidon)
5. Kathryn Nguyen (Arscapi)
6. Benjamin Ward (Shangela)
7. Tyler Lucas (Grim Wolf)
8. Deanna Hull (D/N)
9. Michael Mitchellson (dmboogie)
10. Maynard Francis Hurst (SansaSaver)
11. KK Konipaski (Rattlesnake)
12. Mara Montalvo (Ruggahissy)
13. Yuan Stephanie Chan (Rocky)
14. Ruby Forrester (Fioriboy)
15. Takeshi Yoshikawa (Zabriel)
16. Gray Emerson (Deamon)
17. Owen Kay (Pippin)
18. Marcus Leung (backslash)
19. Hansel Williams (NotAFlyingToy)
20. Phoebe Cho (Mimi)
21. Virgil Jefferson-Davis (BROseidon)
22. Alda Abbate (DocBalance)
23. Veronica McDonald (leAloha)
24. Timothy Abrams (Skraal)
25. Madeline Wilcox (Turtle Tyrant)
26. Leona Van Camp (Outfoxd)
27. Zubin Wadia (Decoy73)
28. Stephanie Wright (Randomness)
29. Miles Strickland (Psychedelic)
30. Iselle Ovaelle-Vandermeer (Betaknight)
31. Stacy Ramsey (Will)
32. Rachael Langdon (Laurels)
33. Cammy Davidson (jimmydalad)
34. Kam So’oialo (Namira)
35. Sharon Austin (Jimmydalad)
36. Ami Flynn (Ciel)
37. Joey Grey (Ares)
38. Aileen Abdallah (Bikriki)
39. Carlos Lazaro (Ciel)
40. Joe Carrasco (Violent-Medic)
41. Claire Monaghan (Laurels)
42. Cody Patton (MK Kilmarnock)
43. Sean Mulcahy (MK Kilmarnock)
44. Eliza Patton (Skraal)
45. Travis Webster (Delroy)
46. Andi Victorino (Mimi)
47. Rebecca Kiesling (Betaknight)
48. Jessica Murphy (bacon)
49. Mirabella Strong (SansaSaver)
50. Kyran Dean (Psychedelic)
51. Cooper Komorowski (Betaknight)
52. Jenna Rhodes (Fioriboy)
53. Finn Grant (Will)
54. James Wade (LordB)
55. Ian Williams (VysePresident)
56. Christopher Harlin (Deamon)
57. Joachim Lovelace (Bikriki)

V5 Sixth Announcement
That's past time for cards and DZs. Six days, twenty-three hours, and thirty minutes for deaths.

BDA Quote Nomination Thread #6
You know the drill! Nominate your favorite quote from Garrett Wilde.

Nominations will run for three days, followed by three days of voting.

V5 Sixth Announcement
Guys, please be extra sure to get out of DZs on time unless, like, you're rolled and have chatted with staff about killing your character via DZ. I'm pretty sure we still have four or five kids who need to get clear, and we're going to be enforcing this pretty closely.

MW's Loose Impressions of Your Character to Date
Well, got off my rear to do this because I see Doc posted his take and I can't read it until I give mine for fear of tainting my reactions.

Claire Monaghan

Okie dokie. Claire's story starts with a bunch of Memories threads. This is actually a rocky start because, as I look over stuff from the wiki, on there they're in chronological order by post date rather than by events, and none of the early threads are linked. This actually really illuminates one of the common issues I find in pregame, which is that pregame is great for exploring characters as a writer but pretty mediocre for introducing them to a reader, especially in a straight chronological, all-the-way-through format.

With Claire, her early threads are focused around a group of friends, most of whom actually made it into the game. It's good to see how characters interact in a normal setting. I'm quite a fan of seeing characters as children, too, with a few caveats. There's a tendency, I think, to reduce or stereotype kids, treating them internally as adults see them externally, and some of that is in play here, along with a bit too much wink-wink nudge-nudge foreshadowing for my tastes (see: Claire discussing how she doesn't need glasses and can't imagine wearing them).

This is also where I'm going to discuss a big issue I have with Claire's narrative, because it's present right from the start and never really changes and hugely colors her entire story. The issue is references. Claire's narrative is absolutely packed with references to films and video games and such, but mostly to movies and directors. I'm of the opinion that the really basic litmus test for whether a reference has a place in a post is to ask these questions: Is this reference adding something to the reader's understanding of my character? Does this reference make sense as a reference my character would make? Is understanding this reference necessary to understand the scene/my character's thought process?

If the reference needs to be understood for things to make sense, then it really needs to be explained in at least some degree in the scene, or else it will be alienating to the reader, leaving them to either do research in hopes of comprehending what's going on or to throw their hands up and check out. If the reference doesn't do some pretty substantial legwork in terms of displaying character or adding to scene, it shouldn't be there at all, or should be relegated to the role of Easter egg such that anyone not in the know won't even be distracted by its presence. I mention all of this because the references in Claire's story tend to amount pretty much to her name-checking films and directors and so on in her head, and it doesn't do her any favors. As a reader, I can't follow the references and thus miss whatever nuance they provide, and it also forces a wedge between me and Claire's mental processes, which compounds an issue I'll bring up when we get to the game proper. The issue is, basically, it doesn't tell me anything about Claire beyond that she likes films and thinks about them a ton (which is obvious from her profile and a few posts) and it is actively detrimental to my understanding of the scene (since every time she goes into a reference there's a 75% chance I've got no clue what it's talking about), and it's so overwhelming that it actually overshadows other aspects of her character.

Another issue is that pregame Claire sometimes seems to take a backseat, as a character, to the scenes she's in. A great example of this is at the party, where she decides, apropos of nothing, to play beer pong, then has a super exaggerated reaction to tasting the beer. It's a really active chain of events, but it doesn't sit quite right with me, and I don't follow Claire's logic through any of it. I think part of this is that Claire's narrative makes heavy use of italicized thoughts in such a way that while we may know what she's thinking at any given point in time, we're left guessing as to why these particular thoughts are coming up. Sometimes, it's easy to infer, but sometimes I can't make heads or tails of it, which is a problem when she's acting in ways that don't seem to match what I know of her character otherwise.

There's also a tendency towards use of NPCs for indirect characterization. It's something that can be done really well, but is super risky and in general I'd say is something you don't want to mess with unless you're really good at beating around the bush, because the best way to sell characterization is by implying but never stating it.

That said, one thing that is good about Claire's cadre of relatives and so on is that she really does feel like someone who comes from somewhere. She has family, and she has friends, and we're all set up expecting them to be important to Claire's continuing story. I strongly believe that with any kid, there are a bunch of different stories you can tell. Pregame is good for working out which you're going to focus on, and Claire's does a pretty good job of setting that up.

There also are a few ways in which Claire gets some character traits established in her early threads. She's energetic and a bit scattered, and while this can sometimes come off as exaggerated, she's someone who's actually got attention issues to the point that she's taking medication for them, which goes a way towards justifying their portrayal.

And of course, there's the usual pregame issue of threads where a lot of posts pass and very little happens, where more time is spent back-and-forthing over minutiae than really showing anything of plot or character importance, but that can be said of basically any character who entered a pregame thread without a purpose. The only special note I'd make is that it is my firm opinion that movie theaters are almost never a good setting for threads because they're an environment all about forcing people to not interact, and unless your kids are gonna be rude and yammer through the movie, we might as well just start after it's over and get their reactions; every standing-in-line-buying-tickets-and-drinks scene ever is pretty much just that, except with an awkward deadline hanging over it because the kids are theoretically on their way to the screening room.

One thing that I feel really mixed about is the summary of Claire's movie work. On the one hand, I like seeing characters' hobbies come into their lives in real ways, but on the other, I'm really not sold on the presentation because it reads more like it's trying to convince me Claire's good at what she does by giving me reactions than by actually showing something cool that she's created. I think I'd rather just get a chunk of movie or screenplay, or just the reactions to her work in isolation, rather than the kind of odd in between that paints a broad overview. It's a thing where I'd rather have a tree than a forest.

A final little pregame note: Claire's and Jack's prom date sort of falls apart offscreen. It's something that sort of feels like it has more meat to it, more of a story or something more that can be done with it, in that it's a really interesting idea, but it just sort of sputters out and gets waved aside. That's not bad per se, but given the way it sort of looms I was hoping to see it matter in some fashion.

On to the island!

Claire's time in the game starts with a camera rant. I'm not a huge fan of these because they're somewhat easy exposition, letting a character directly explain their motivations and actions to the readers under the guise of doing it to the audience. For them to work, there has to be some sort of complicating factor, like maybe the kid lying or withholding or whatever. I do like that Claire brings her family up again; they've been really big in pregame and have to have some presence in game.

The rest of Claire's first thread is fairly typical Day One group finding and the like. My biggest gripes are the same things from pregame: odd use of italicized thoughts and references that don't quite land. Kyle makes an interesting companion in that he doesn't quite trust Claire, and he doesn't quite feel like a trustworthy individual himself. This builds over a few threads, and is pretty good, somewhat understated tension, but it sort of just comes to an end after they part ways with Becca and Paulo. I get that characters can develop, that they can change and get closer to each other or whatever, but in this case I just don't see the inciting event behind it.

This takes me into the biggest, most problematic part of Claire's story for me: the burials. The issue is, burying kids on the island is an extremely tall order. I'd like to give props for the portrayal of that; getting bodies into position and such really does come off as an appropriate challenge. The issue, though, is that there's no real reason for Claire to be doing it. She and Kyle kind of settle on it on a whim and then wholeheartedly devote themselves to pursuing the goal to the exclusion of everything else, and the whole time I'm left wondering why they're bothering, what they're getting out of it, how dealing so directly with such horrible scenes is making them feel. This goes, again, to the emotional issues I find at the core of a lot of my problems with Claire, to the wedge I mentioned in pregame. I just want to be in her head more, to really feel what she feels and get her, and the narrative just doesn't let me do that.

Another thing, which becomes more apparent as the game goes on, is that Claire is a rather self-involved person. It's there in traces in pregame, but it comes more and more clear in almost every scene she's in on the island. She parses everything based on how it relates to her, and only really shows concern for others in this sort of loose, halfhearted way. This makes the burial mission even more baffling. It also makes her as a whole reading experience a little frustrating because Claire's narrative often feels like it's at odds with my read on her, treating her like she's generally doing the right thing.

When she abandons Kyle to his death, she thinks about him a bit, but by the end of the thread he's been morphed into a motivating factor behind her desire for vengeance. There's no real sense of grief or loss, just some vague guilt about what sort of person bailing on him makes her. She also has a really odd set of priorities from here out, taking time to apologize to Owen about the death of his friends instead of worrying that she might die at any second should Hansel get bored of having her as a hostage (when there's nothing she can do about the latter), but ditching him in short order once she does have agency again. Again, there's just this moral disconnect, where it feels like Claire's meant to be our protagonist because she's resisting Hansel, but she's so focused on eventual revenge it's hard for me to read her as morally justified in any way.

I guess it's that Claire does the right thing right up until it inconveniences her in any way, and then she does what's best for her without even considering the alternatives. She doesn't leave Owen and Aileen any provisions, despite her role in their losing their own. Then she has her encounter with Stephanie, which is the most frustrating sequence in her story for me. Claire tries to warn Stephanie from allying with her emphasizing her own instability, but says it's Stephanie's choice. It's framed as this big moral moment where Claire's being selfless, but when Stephanie says she knows the risks and accepts, Claire immediately backpedals and ditches Stephanie at the closest shelter. This isn't called out or acknowledged at all; it's really just presented like an obvious progression, and that really does not work for me.

Claire's next, and latest to date, thread has her kill. I'm not a huge fan of accidental kills unless they're framed very specifically. This one is alright in that respect, though it's frustrating that Claire runs off not having noticed the dude she just smacked in the head fell through the pier like five feet away from her. The other gripe I have is that, in this thread, we see more and more of Claire's less than moral nature and it's still being treated like her caring for her friends when she hears the announcements excuses her wishing death on Hansel and her implicitly not caring about strangers dying. I think we really need to get something more, especially now that Claire has killed someone for no reason and is going to have that weighing on her conscience.

I feel like this has been largely griping, so I'd like to take a moment to call out an area Claire's story does pretty well in: It's generally pretty good at scene setting and giving a few interesting physical details per post to latch onto. There are some really strong visuals in play, stuff that leaped out at me more so when going back over her, and I think that's a good take-away for a lot of handlers. It's really rare, when reading Claire, that I have trouble visualizing where she is or what she's doing, but her posts don't get bloated with overly-detailed diagrams of the entire general vicinity. There's just enough to work off of so that everything retains distinctiveness.

Overall, Claire's got an interesting concept and in a few places it's clicking alright (her hyperactivity), but some things are either presented in a reader-unfriendly fashion (the constant barrage of references) or don't feel very intentional/considered (most of her thought processes). What I think I really wanted and didn't get from Claire was just more consistent interiority, something to keep me with her through her actions and decisions, processes instead of solely thoughts.

At this pace, Un can expect a critique around New Year's! :P

(In seriousness, will try to be faster from here out)

V5 Sixth Announcement
One day, one hour, and fifty-seven minutes for cards and DZs.

V5 Sixth Announcement
Two days and thirty-five minutes for cards and DZs.

V5 Sixth Announcement
Also, congrats to DocBalance for winning BDA for Garrett Wilde, which was left out of the initial post because I'm contractually obligated to forget at least one thing per announcement.

Polls will be up shortly.

V5 Sixth Announcement
Heroing Adam for KK. I'd love death ideas. A huge priority is getting things handled fairly quickly; I've been pretty busy with stuff lately and it'd be great to get this out of the way well before deadline.

V5 Sixth Announcement

"Excuse me." Christina Stockton stood in the mess hall, watching the dozen or so members of the AT currently eating there. With the way the game worked, they were all on different schedules, some of the men and women in front of her grabbing a quick dinner, others their breakfast. The cooks kept a rotation of high energy foods going, with options suitable to any time of day. She was pretty sure every time she'd seen Shamino in the room, he'd had waffles on his plate.

"Excuse me," she said again, louder this time. She was standing roughly in the front of the room, holding a clean metal pot and a ladle, borrowed from the kitchen specifically for this purpose. A clipboard was tucked under her arm. She banged the ladle against the pot, the clanging echoing through the chamber, cutting through conversations and rousing the half-conscious from their stupors.

"Excuse me, everyone. I have an important announcement to make."

All eyes turned to her, and she felt a little flutter of excitement. She was the one to break the news. After a long week, this was exactly what they needed to get morale up, get everyone back on track. And, besides, this year she was going to win.

"We just hit the halfway point," she said. She waited a few seconds, for the cheers to subside. Now she had their attention. The veterans, in particular, were excited. "You know what that means."

Christina set down the pot and ladle on the table closest the front of the room, then laid the clipboard next to them.

"Ladies and gentlemen," she said, "bets are open. You know the drill: twenty bucks in the pot, predict the winner, whoever's pick takes it home or gets the closest takes the pot. No duplicate picks. So grab 'em early."

And, right at the top of the sheet, in the very first slot, was written: Domino — Iselle Ovalle-Vandermeer


Once again, Tracen Danya sat in the chair behind the microphone, coffee in hand. It was strange, how what had felt so alien less than a week ago now felt almost routine. The goings-on on the island had similarly lost some of their interest, falling even further into routine than he'd always viewed them. The only thing of note was the degree to which the deaths had tapered off a little bit after the high of the past three days—the result, most likely, of the size of the island compared to the dwindling size of the Aurora High graduating class, and of the loss of some of the game's notable motivators.

They'd come up with a good way to deal with that, though.

"Good morning, kids," he began. "I'm sorry to say that, after a very promising start, you've begun to slow down again. This is especially true given how many of you bumbled your way into stupid ends over the past few days. Surely you want to survive, don't you? Ah, but first let me tell you who won't be joining you in that struggle.

"To start with, Garrett Wilde stabbed Jaquilyn Locke; that one was actually yesterday, and just got missed in the shuffle.

"Gwen O'Connor and Casey Malkovich made undignified exits without the aide of their fellow classmates, though a swan dive off the cliffs and getting stuck in a danger zone, respectively. I'd ask anyone else intent on killing themselves to just get it over with, if you don't mind. It saves us some manpower, and it makes it easier on your friends to not have to hear about someone new giving up every single day.

"Cassidy Kant didn't give up, even in the face of her tragic loss a few days ago. It didn't help her too much, though, when she ended up soaking up Tyler Lucas' bullets. Just goes to show, you should be careful who you ally with. They might have enemies of their own.

"Katarina Konipaski then caught up with Cassandra Black, shooting, chopping—let's just say, making a mess of her.

"Speaking of messes, Oscar Trig made quite the pool on the floor of the mall after he was stabbed by Benjamin Ward. It's another lesson in the dangers of alliances. You never know when you'll find yourself expendable, and not everyone's willing to let you resign with grace.

"And that's not the only lack of manners we saw. Garrett Wilde was right in the middle of a fight when he was stabbed in the back by Andi Victorino. He didn't make it. Probably for the best; three's a crowd.

"Chase Rodriguez became Katarina Konipaski's second victim of the day, in a fairly clean shooting. Eliza Patton managed about the same, bringing down Garrett Cobbler.

"Meanwhile, Sunny Cho Lee tried to lift Joachim Lovelace's bag. He was more than willing to lend her his knife, though not in the way she'd have likely preferred.

"Kids, have you ever wondered why we're called Survival of the Fittest? Well, some just aren't fit to survive. Such was the case with Joseph Chaplin, who managed to run into a bar sticking out of his own impromptu barricade, impaling himself.

"Oh, and I almost forgot—Claire Monaghan smashed Matthew Young in the head with a flashlight, sending him toppling down a ledge to his death, and Alda Abbate strangled Meera Stele to death.

"You may notice that there's just too much space for all of you to run around in. We've noticed that, too. As such, for the remainder of the game, you're all to stick to the north-western, built up section of the island. That means that the Woodlands, the Nuclear Plant, the Nuclear Living Site, the Airstrip, the Golf Course, the Amusement Park, the Homestead, the Northern Coast, and Lighthouse Point are all off limits for the remainder of the game. Additionally, Central Park is restricted only for tomorrow, unless you're Andi Victorino. You impressed us, Ms. Victorino. Head to the park, and you'll get a new weapon, a big basket of fish and chips, and a smoothie.

"I'll check in with everyone left standing tomorrow. Pick up the pace, or we'll have to push you a little closer in.

"Goodbye for now."


Weather: While cool and grey, and still somewhat windy, the bad weather finally shows signs of abating. By mid-afternoon, the clouds are lessening, dissipating entirely by nightfall. Temperatures remain similar to yesterday's, with a high of 61F, 16C at 4pm. Tonight is two nights after the new moon. The seventh announcement will come at 9 AM on June 21.

And, as usual, we also have rolls:

1. KK Konipaski (Rattlesnake) - Adam Morgan (MurderWeasel, Hero Card used)
2. Deanna Hull (D/N) - Alice Gilman (dmboogie, Hero Card used)
3. Logan Cadegon (Arscapi)
4. Claire Monaghan (Laurels) - Corey Esposito (CondorTalon, Hero Card used)
5. Kam So’oialo (Namira) - R.J. Roger Jr. (Un-Persona, Hero Card used)
6. Sean Mulcahy (MK Kilmarnock) - Jessica Sanders (MK Kilmarnock, Swap Card used)
7. Janie Sinneave (Inky)

As always, three days for cards, and a further seven for deaths.


"Thanks," Adam said to Maynard. There was maybe more he could have added, but it didn't need to be said. It was cool here, out in front of the hotel. The rain drummed against the overhang they sheltered beneath.

He probably wouldn't have had a lot to say to Maynard back at school, really. Wouldn't have been anything personal. Adam wasn't one for talking much to anyone, not if they didn't share his interests. He looked into the distance, eyes unfocused, trying to imagine that this was just a Seattle rain, like this was normal.

He couldn't. He just couldn't bring himself to pretend like that.

He did manage to distract himself enough that he didn't catch the girl approaching until she was basically on top of them, which gave him a jolt. She had, of all things, a bicycle. Maybe she'd been assigned it? Adam didn't know, didn't care. He sort of knew of Sharon, like maybe she had temper issues or something? She wasn't killing, which made her fine by him. She wanted to get dry? She could join the club. She shook him up a bit, just because if she'd been dangerous they'd've been in trouble, but that wasn't her fault.

" 's cool," Adam said. "Wouldn't go inside if I was you. There's a reason we're out here."

He did glance to Maynard, though, just to make sure he wasn't tensing up or displaying signs like this wasn't a thing he wanted to see happen. Adam didn't know Sharon so well, so there was always a chance he was missing something.

Introduction Thread
Hey there! Welcome to SOTF! You should stop in the chat and check out the New Handler's Guide, if you haven't already. If you ever have any questions, or if there's any way we can help you get your RP bearings, feel free to contact me or any other staffer (we have colored names). We hope you enjoy it here!

V5 BKA/BDA Voting: March 2014
That's a wrap (a bit late). Please stay tuned for announcement and results somewhat soon here.

I'd suggest you start with Morgana and Amumu because they're both fairly safe/easy to play and also are very cheap. Never buy champs with RP unless you're rolling in money; it's very inefficient.

Veigar's tons of fun but lacks reliable escapes. He is also super cheap, though, so get him too! All the others are more expensive.

Kassadin just got reworked and the jury's out on if he's still stupidly broken. He requires some pretty solid core knowledge to play well, so probably not a great starter.

Kog dies really hard if your support isn't good, and is tough/frustrating to play if you don't know him really well.

Skarner is useless and got reworked to be even more useless, sadly. :/

Trundle is apparently really good right now. Ricky plays him, but I don't understand him in the slightest.

Twitch and Yorick are both pretty good and quite fun, but both also rely on some pretty decent game understanding to work right; I'd say get them, but later on.

I've never played Zac. He seems good and cool, but i can't really speak to him.

You may also wanna look at Cho Gath; he's cheap, fairly easy to play, and incredibly versatile.

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
A wild Plastic Hammers thread appeared!

V5 Halfway Plastic Hammers
Heya, all! It's that time again: time for Plastic Hammers!

I have taken the liberty of, as dictator for life the first dude to grab 'em, actually overhauling them fairy completely. I've done my best to remove problematic elements of the Hammers while also streamlining them, hopefully making for a slightly more useful and friendly awards experience. A rough summary of and explanation for the changes follows:

Almost all "Most X" awards have been replaced by "Best X" instead. This is because there was a tendency for some awards to sort of end up booby prizes, where getting voted them was not so much a badge of honor, or where something was just flat out objectively true (Why yes, that time when the dude killed and ate literally the entire cheerleading squad was the most violent scene!). That's no fun, so we're going quality rather than quantity.

Redundant awards have been eliminated. You no longer need to select your favorite scene and thread, for example. On a similar note, the scene and death categories asked the exact same questions for, well, scene and death. Usually each handler left half of them empty/put the same answers for both scene and death. Thus, I just rolled the things together officially. If you have both a scene and a death you wish to give a shout out to, feel free to just list both.

A quick reminder: the hammers are to celebrate the good stuff, by and large. There are a few places where we ask for criticism and the like, usually about the story/site/game as a whole. That's fine! Just don't take shots at specific handlers/characters here. There are tons of appropriate avenues for expressing criticism and disagreeing with others' opinions and such, so use one of them instead.

If you feel like linking, we love seeing links! If not, don't sweat it. Try to fill the form out as much as possible, but don't worry too much if you get stuck on a question or two. There's no shame in leaving a blank spot once in a while.

That said, have at, and have fun!

The New and Improved Plastic Hammer Awards (fortified with nine essential vitamins and minerals)!

The Basics

Handler Name:

Your Trademark Character:

Current Status of Trademark Character:

Favorite Character:

Favorite Weapon:

Favorite Scene:

Favorite Death:

Favorite Quote:

Favorite Post:

Favorite Location:


Best Character Development: What character development has kept you intrigued?

Best Game Impact: Which character do you feel has brought the most positive development to the game as a whole, outside their specific storyline?

Best Innovation: Which character has been a breath of fresh air for you?

Best Realism: Which character is really grounded in reality in a way you find appealing?

Best Heroic Character: Which good guy has you solidly on their side?

Best Villainous Character: Who is your favorite ne'er-do-well?

Best Tragic Character: Whose sad and inevitable fate have you most enjoyed lamenting?

Best Humorous Character: Which character made you laugh the most? (And I will smack you if it's someone doing it "unintentionally". Be nice in the hammer. >:C)

Best Tactics: Through elimination of the competition or a solid plan for survival, who's kept you interested in their struggle to make it back home?

The Sympathy Award: Which character did you feel the most for, and most want good things for?

The Empathy Award: Which character could you most easily put yourself in the shoes of?

The Gone-Too-Soon Award: Which deceased character should have stuck around a little longer?

The He-Had-It-Coming Award: Who best earned their (possibly still forthcoming) demise?

Scenes and Deaths

Best Tragedy: Which scene or death made you the most teary eyed?

The Stomach-Churner: Which scene or death has most effectively played with the gory/violent/overall disturbing side of the game?

Best Impact: Which scene or death do you think best played a positive role in changing the course of the game?

Best Comedy: Which scene or death served as the best comic relief?

The Sunglasses-and-Explosions Award: Which scene or death had the best action going on?

Best Feeling-Inducer: Which scene or death provoked the best emotional reaction from you?

Best Drama: Which scene or death had you on the edge of your seat in the way of conflict, suspense, and drama?

Best Surprise: Which scene or death caught you most off guard in a pleasant way, either through its unpredictable nature or its unique execution?

Predictions, Preferences, and Positions

If you could change ANYTHING that has happened thus far, what would you change?

V5 Final Four: List them! This can either be an ideal list, or IC or OOC predictions.

Who of the surviving characters are you cheering on to win V5?

How do you predict the ending of V5 is going to turn out?

How much did you enjoy/not enjoy V5?

What do you like the most about V5?

What do you think could have been better about the version?

How do you feel about V5 compared to prior versions?

What do you think of the overall 'SOTF' story?

How do you think V6 will differ from/compare to V5 and prior versions?

Talk About Yourself

What has been your favorite thing to write in V5?

Which of your V5 characters was your favorite to write?

What are you proudest of in V5?

What do you wish you could improve?

What is your favorite V5 memory?

What else would you like to share? Anything goes!


Credit where it's due, Morde actually facechecked the bush our whole team was in and gave first blood before ragequitting. :p