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The General SOTF Discussion Thread
I've got a buddy who's a serious martial artist (second degree black belt, been doing it for about ten years). A moron at school tried to choke him once. That fight lasted less than five seconds, and ended without the guy getting seriously hurt because my friend was totally aware of what he was doing and knew exactly how to take someone out of action without making it a problem or dangerous.

That said, his advice on what to do if stopped by a mugger with a gun or a knife is, "Give them your money politely and don't make it an issue."

Martial arts is super useful in the context of stopping someone from messing you up when they're not out to kill or don't have good equipment for doing it. It's moderately useful in other situations, but much, much less so. I think an issue on SOTF, though, is that people who write martial arts are often only loosely familiar with the theory behind it, which reduces it to "his punches hurt more".

But yeah, on the whole it's not gonna save you against a lot of stuff you see on the island, and even trained people make lots of mistakes. And that's not even getting into styles that are more about the sport than the self defense, because from what I'm told those can actually cause issues if, say, you're trained to always pull punches to avoid hurting your sparring opponent; in a pinch, you may well default to muscle memory that says to softball it.

>About to head out for the day
>All kinds of stuff happens
>Consider just leaving it to stew
>It would be so easy
>And yet...
>Justice must be served
>Internet wins over RL again

I appreciate the information offered thus far, but it doesn't quite convince me yet. Some of your arguments adequately address my suspicions, but some of my points remain intact and without comment. I pressure with votes as well, and grant that doing so is a highly valid and useful tactic. That said, I'd like to know the rationale behind keeping the pressure so high for an extended period of time, especially in a case where it really is impossible for penguin to prove anything. It seems suspiciously misguided.

This is especially the case because a few of your tactics were shady. As I said last time:

You accuse penguin of >>putting words into your mouth yet >>reduce her defenses to a strawman ("You're wrong because this is how I've said things are").

If you were simply providing pressure, why the rhetorically unsound tactics? Why the continued focus on only one suspicious target?

I eagerly await your responses so that this face-off may continue.

Posted Image

Moving right along, I would be remiss to continue to pursue a single train of logic after chiding others for that action, which brings me to Bikriki. Honestly, that >>last post really smacks of pushing the bandwagon without any personal commitment. That kind of thing lets you stay in the clear if a lynch flips bad, while at the same time egging it on. If you're not entirely convinced, fine, tell us why. Maybe there's a flaw in the logic here that you can expose and save the town from making a huge mistake. Don't just say, "I'm behind you but not enough to vote"; put up or shut up. As it is, I see a post that tries to be insightful while not really adding anything concrete behind fuel to a fire at which you are not comfortable warming yourself, and that is quite suspicious to me.

>Oh god this took almost a quarter hour
>I have things to do
>Won't be back at a computer for twelve hours probably

The General SOTF Discussion Thread
Yep! It will. Probably pretty soon here, actually; maybe when the application deadline is announced.

Introduction Thread
Hiya, Sky! Welcome back! :)

G061 - Nguyen, Kathryn[/DECEASED]

Name: Kathryn Nguyen
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: softball, watching TV (especially Supernatural), writing fanfiction

Appearance: Nearly everything about Kathryn Nguyen appears delicate. As she stands at 5’1” and weighs 110 pounds, many of her classmates tower over her. Her large, almond-shaped brown eyes, sculpted eyebrows, and bowed lips give her an almost doll-like appearance. Her straight nose is just slightly turned up at the tip, giving her a perky appearance.

True to her Vietnamese heritage, Kathryn has straight, dark brown hair that is styled in uneven layers that fall just past her shoulder blades. It is usually worn down to frame her heart-shaped face. The most distinct layer is the top layer, which begins at the part and ends at her chin and is dyed a light brown. During softball practice and games, she throws it into a ponytail to keep it out of her eyes.

Favoring a casual but athletic style, Kathryn dresses to accentuate her curves. She chooses clothes that make her feel good, and that annoy her great-grandmother. Her favorite outfits include broken in running shoes, very clingy yoga pants, and an Aurora High Softball hoodie. She was wearing a white sleeveless camisole under a baggy, black, three quarter sleeve hoodie and clingy black yoga pants on the day of her abduction.

Biography: Kathryn’s great passion in life is softball. Her father, an avid baseball fan, decided to enroll her older brother in baseball. Kathryn tagged along to every practice and was soon running and training with the older boys. The coach noticed her dedication and love of game and encouraged Kathryn’s father to put her on a softball team. She began playing softball at the age of 7 and has never stopped. Over the years, Kathryn has played on a variety of local teams. Her first coach was a firm believer in letting the girls on his team get a feel of all the positions so they were frequently rotated around the field. Kathryn displayed a knack for pitching and for the last nine years, her parents have paid for private lessons so that she could continue to improve.

Kathryn’s father has also spent a lot of time in the family’s backyard working with her and her brother on their skills. Kathryn joined the freshman team even though she was offered a spot on the varsity team. She was incredibly excited by the offer and nearly accepted. However, her father knew that once Kathryn started on Varsity, she would always have to play at the Varsity level. He demanded that she start her high school career on a team where she’d get the most playing time. He felt if she jumped into the varsity team, she would spend most of the time on the bench in favor of older, more seasoned players. Kathryn was on the junior Varsity team for her sophomore year, before moving up to varsity.

Kathryn is very competitive and has been known to hit players on purpose if they are crowding the plate. She has been warned on this behavior and, for now, is content to deliberately pitch to the inside of the strike zone in order to rattle batters. She gets along with most of her teammates, though her emotions before a game can make her hard to be around. Kathryn is superstitious at the start of her games, having a routine that she changed very little from when she pitched her first winning game. Kathryn is very focused on softball and wants to turn it into a career either playing professionally or coaching.

In school, Kathryn maintains a 4.0 GPA in the hopes that her grades and softball skills will result in a scholarship to a university with a strong softball program. While Kathryn does not struggle with any particular subject; she doesn’t do well with public speaking. Kathryn shies away from public speaking, because it makes her feel self-conscious. She is afraid that she’ll misspeak, or say something that could be made fun of. When she was very small, some of the students teased her about her slight accent, which she has since lost and about the way she pronounced certain phrases. If given a group project she’ll gladly volunteer to do the majority of the work, as long as she can talk as little as possible during the presentation. Kathryn doesn't mind doing much of the work, because that way she ensures that it will be done to her standards. Kathryn has little time for those that do not view school as a priority, but generally gets along well with her classmates. She rarely loses her temper in the classroom, as it comes out when she’s playing sports.

Part of Kathryn’s ability to function well in a group stems from her large extended family. She lives in a large four bedroom house with her two brothers, parents, grandparents, and great-grandmother. Until the arrival of her great-grandmother, Kathryn was the one person in the house who did not have to share a room. However, for the past two years, she has been roommates with her very traditional Vietnamese great-grandmother, Ngoc Minh.

As much as Kathryn loves her great-grandmother, she resents having to share living space with the critical and very traditional old woman. Kathryn values her privacy, and since her grandmother has moved in has been forced to redecorate her room to fit her grandmother’s tastes. All of the softball and TV posters that adorned her room had to come down, and were replaced with an altar to honor their ancestors and shelves that contain porcelain and ceramic figures. As a result, Kathryn has been spending a lot of time at her friends’ houses watching TV or just hanging out. Ngoc Minh is very critical of Kathryn finding fault with just about all aspects of Kathryn’s likes and behaviors.

Kathryn gets along well with the rest of her family. She is closest to her older brother; they share many interests besides athletics. Sam, five years her senior, was eager to share his love of science fiction with his younger sister. He dragged her to see “Galaxy Quest” when she was five and tried to get her involved in the few TV shows that were on. Kathryn pretended to like it at first, to please her older brother. Soon however she developed a love for science fiction all her own. She loved the idea of space travel and the possibilities that it opens up. Kathryn favors optimistic views of the future. The few times that she tried discussing the latest events in a science fiction movie or show with her classmates, she received only blank stares and confused glances. To avoid these stares and having to explain herself Kathryn tends to keep this interest private. Her latest passion has been the TV show Supernatural; she hasn’t missed an episode since the show aired.

Her love for Supernatural has sparked a new interest as well. During the summer break between the first and second seasons, Kathryn found herself wanting more Supernatural stories. Searching the internet, she found fanfiction. She became an avid reader of fanfic enjoying the sense of community and collaboration. She especially loved when fans would fix aspects of the show that they didn't like, like reworking canon to save a character that had been killed off. From the experiences she had in the Supernatural fanfic she broadened her choices to include other fandoms. As she read she began to come up with ideas of her own, though it wasn’t until she was a sophomore that she began to write fanfiction of her own. Her fanfiction is primarily Supernatural slash fic, but she’s recently branched out.

Kathryn and her younger brother have little in common, except a love of sports. Steven, two years her junior, often blows off his schoolwork in favor of partying and hanging out with his friends. As such he is often in trouble at home. Despite having privileges taken away, he still chooses to spend little time on his schoolwork. Kathryn has a hard time understanding this attitude and the two have often fought over his attitude, which Kathryn views as disrespectful to her parents.

Kathryn has great respect for her parents and grandparents. They have a close and loving relationship. Kathryn’s grandparents have always been a part of her life and have been there to support her and cheer her on at all her games. Due to this Kathryn is closer to her grandparents than to her parents who are often working. Being raised primarily by her grandparents Kathryn has picked up on some of their superstitions. Kathryn doesn’t wear white ponytail holders or headbands as she believes it is an omen of approaching death. She also avoids walking under ladders as they will bring bad luck.

Kathryn’s mother insisted that her children be read to every night. She also used this opportunity to have some one on one time with her children. Kathryn’s dad and grandparents would often join in this ritual, as the children were far enough apart in age to warrant different books. Trips to the book store were often taken as a reward for good grades or good behavior. For these reasons Kathryn has grown up with a love of books. Kathryn always has a book in her backpack and more often than not it is the latest science fiction title. This love of reading has transferred to school as well; Kathryn’s favorite subject is English.

Kathryn’s grandfather is a jeweler. He fled Vietnam during the war, coming to America to reestablish his shop. Kathryn’s grandmother worked in the shop part-time and raised their children. Kathryn’s grandparents instilled in their children that education was important. The importance of education has been passed down to Kathryn and her siblings. Through hard work the business thrived, and after 10 years the couple was able to buy the house the family currently resides in. Kathryn’s dad followed in his dad’s footsteps and is also a jeweler, taking over much of the day to day operations. Kathryn’s mother is a nurse, and the combined incomes allow the family to live comfortably.

Advantages: Kathryn is in excellent shape and has a very accurate throwing arm. Kathryn has above average intelligence which will help her on the island.
Disadvantages: Kathryn has very strong ties to her family, and would be concerned about how her family would view her actions. Kathryn’s superstitions may inhibit her ability to do whatever is necessary to win. Kathryn is quick to anger, something which may get her into trouble.

Designated Number: Female student No. 061


Designated Weapon: Winchester Model 1897
Conclusion: Anger isn't always a bad thing. Paired with enough stubbornness, it can carry people far. I don't think G061 has what it takes to make it all the way, but maybe her friends will be enough to save her from herself. And who knows? Vietnamese kids have a surprisingly good track record in our game. - Christina Stockton


G058 - Rhodes, Jenna[/DECEASED]

Name: Jenna Rhodes
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Detective Fiction, Law, Politics, Debate, Culinary Arts, Swimming.

Appearance: Standing at around 5'8 and weighing roughly 135 lbs, Jenna sports a notably slim yet reasonably athletic body thanks to her regular swimming exercises. Because of her mixed Ghanaian and Iranian heritage, her smooth skin is light brown in colour, and her large eyes are a deep dark brown. She is considered by most to be moderately attractive, with a slender face, thin eyebrows and reasonably full lips. Her straight black hair is very long, easily reaching her lower back, and usually puts it back using a red hairband.

Whilst she usually avoids wearing the same clothes every day, one of her favoured pieces of clothing is her long orange cardigan, and she is rarely found not wearing it. Apart from that, she tends to wear a variety of brightly coloured dresses, pants, shirts and anything that one would describe as being smart casual. On the day of the trip in particular, she was wearing a pair of black pants, a red spaghetti-strap tank top underneath her cardigan and a pair of brown loathers. Jenna is also rarely found without make-up, which usually consists of some lip gloss and black eyeliner.

Biography: Jenna Rhodes' father, an African-American man named Jonathan Rhodes, is a praised and highly respected member of the Seattle Police Department who's become something of a local hero in Ballard, the neighbourhood where Jenna grew up in. Her Iranian-American mother Sara is a lawyer who originally met Jonathan during the middle of a courtroom trial where she defended him after he was falsely accused of abusing his authority. After proving him of being innocent, Sara and Jonathan agreed to go have coffee afterwards. Five years later, the two ended up getting married, and before long Sara gave birth to Jenna Rhodes on the 13th of May 1994. To this day, her parents have yet to conceive a second child, so as a result Jenna grew up as an only child.

Since she was five, Jenna has always enjoyed solving puzzles. As a child, every inch of her bedroom floor was covered in jigsaw puzzles, much to her parent's annoyance. The reason being that there was something about the challenge of solving a particularly tricky puzzle that excited her, something about the way it got her to stop and think that never failed to keep her entertained, even when she found herself facing puzzles which she couldn't solve. Even to this very day she occasionally loves to just sit down and solve a difficult puzzle, Sudoku being a particular favorite of hers. This, alongside her steadily growing love of reading, eventually led to her growing up to love reading mystery novels. To this very day, there is absolutely nothing Jenna finds more entertaining than a good mystery novel, especially those centred around detectives solving seemingly perfect crimes. Whilst she started out with relatively lighthearted books such as The Boxcar Children series and the work of Donald J. Sobel, when she was 14 she grew to love the work of more famous mystery authors like Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie. Christie in particular is her favorite author, with And Then There Were None and Inspector Poirot being her favorite story and detective respectively, her reason being that the she always found the work of Christie particularly challenging when it came to guessing who the murderer was. She would spend hours at a time reading them, constantly guessing as to who would turn out to be the murderer in the end. And half the time, her guesses would turn out to be correct. Nowadays, she's begun to read grittier hard-boiled detective stories to broaden her interests, and is currently in the middle of reading Raymond Chandler's The Big Sleep.

Part of the reason why she has always loved detective fiction has always been because of her parents' influence. Her father in particular influenced her to specifically seek out detective novels over other types of mystery novels. Whilst most people respected Jonathan Rhodes to some degree, nobody held him with as high regard as his daughter Jenna. Jonathan to her symbolised everything that a truly good human being should strive towards: He was strong, brave, passionate about what he believed in, and never gave up in the face of disaster. These were qualities which Jenna has tried to embrace and emulate over the year, and as a result she has grown up to become a strong willed and assertive person, rarely acquiescing to other people's arguments and often being very forthright about her opinions. The fact that her father was also a kind and supportive man certainly helped, often looking after her whenever her mother was away on business and giving her advice on how to live her life. And whilst he was reasonably strict at times, and occasionally the two did have arguments, for the most part neither of them remained mad at one another for long.

Whilst she had always been interested in detective fiction, and had always greatly respected her father's work, it wasn't until a very memorable event occurred when she was fourteen that she finally realised that she wanted to join the police force herself. She and her family were out having a bite to eat in a nearby cafe when a young hoodlum held the place up at gunpoint, forcing everyone inside to hand over their wallets. Naturally, seeing as this was the first time in her life when she was in actual danger, Jenna was absolutely terrified. For a brief moment in time, she genuinely thought she was going to die. Her father on the other hand was completely calm and in full control of the situation. He could tell that the hoodlum was highly inexperienced, and as a result it was very easy for him to trick the hoodlum into lowering his guard so that he could pin him down, quickly disarming the hoodlum and forcing him into submission whilst the manager called the SPD. After witnessing her father successfully stopping a robbery before her very eyes, not only did she feel more proud of her father than ever before, but she also shocked at just how helpless she had been in the situation.

Given how stressful the incident was, her parents insisted that she had therapy to help her out, which she hesitantly agreed to do over the course of several weeks. Whilst she did initially claim that she wasn't affected by what happened, after visiting a therapist once a week for roughly a month she did admittedly feel much calmer than she was before because of it, not to mention more comfortable with being out alone without her father. Whilst she was in therapy to deal with the stress of the incident, she thought long and hard about what she really wanted to do with her life, eventually coming to the conclusion that she wanted to become a police officer just like her father. Not only so that she could protect the innocent like he did on a daily basis, but so that she could also handle herself better if she was to ever find herself in a similar situation.

To help achieve this goal, Jenna's recently been taking basic self-defense classes at a local dojo in Ballard, giving her a better idea as to how to defend herself should she ever find herself in a dangerous situation again. Whilst these lessons did not teach her how to be a master at karate or some other form of martial arts, they did nevertheless greatly improve both her ability to defend against assailants and her confidence in being able to watch out for herself. She also took the opportunity to convince her father to teach her how to use a gun, and whilst he was hesitant at first to do so he did eventually teach her how to use a pistol, even going as far as taking her to take her to a firing range when she was eighteen. Whilst actually readying a gun was a task she found to be relatively easy, actually hitting anything with one proved to be much more difficult, though this was more due to her inexperience at using firearms than anything else.

Of course, there were other things which Jenna had grown to love beside the SPD. Whilst for the most part she tended to get along with her father a lot more than she got along with her mother, due to the fact that her mother was often away at work for extended periods of time, they still maintained a good relationship partially thanks to her mother introducing her to cooking. Ever since she was seven, Jenna had always enjoyed making cakes and preparing treats with her mother, which in turn has led her to her growing to love cooking meals of all kinds and variations. At first they started with simple sweet treats such as cupcakes and cookies, as she grew older her mother began to teach her how to prepare simple meals like burgers and pasta, her personal favorite being spaghetti carbonara due to it being one of the first proper meals her mother ever taught her. Nowadays she tends to prefer cooking on her own, her reasoning being that she needs to practice cooking for herself for when she eventually moves out, but every so often she still helps her mother out with preparing meals. Whilst she never considered herself to be as good at cooking as her mother was, to this day she still likes to prepare her own meals on occasion.

Whilst she used to not be that fond of most physical sports, she always had a knack for swimming, and as a result she regularly visits the local indoor swimming pool in Ballard in order to keep fit and healthy. For as long as she could remember, she found swimming to be one of the few forms of exercise that was just as relaxing as it was healthy, especially when compared to other more strenuous activities. Whilst she's never swam competitively, she always makes sure to swim a good dozen laps or so whenever she's at the pool. However, ever since she started preparing herself for Police Academy, she's started regularly taking part in more physical activities on a weekly basis to make sure that she will be able to pass the necessary fitness exams. These include jogging, tennis, indoor rock climbing and simple weight lifting. Whilst at first she didn't enjoy any of these activities nearly as much as she enjoyed swimming, she did eventually grow very fond of them because of how healthy she was getting because of them, making her weekly exercise routines feel all the more satisfying. Whilst this has meant that she doesn't go swimming as much as she used to, she does still try to go swimming at least once a fortnight or so.

However, if there was one activity in the world which interests Jenna almost as much as her love for reading detective novels, it would have to be her love for debates. Like with puzzles, there was something about the challenge of convincing other people that her opinion was right, not to mention the fact that because of her opinionated nature she often couldn't help arguing with other people over points-of-views she didn't agree with. After being told by one of her friends that she was good at winning arguments, Jenna joined the Debate Club during ninth grade and earned herself quite the reputation in Aurora High as a particularly opinionated debater, especially when it comes to subjects which she's very knowledgeable about such as law and politics. However, during debates her determination to prove that she is right can sometimes make her come across as being very stubborn, seeing as she very rarely changes her mind once she has an opinion on something. If anything, half the time she wins not because her opponent was successfully convinced that her point-of-view was correct, but because her opponent just couldn't be bothered with debating with her any further. As a result, the only people she ever loses to are those who're just as determined to win the debate as she is.

At Aurora High, Jenna is doing reasonably well grades-wise, getting anything between a C to an A in most of her subjects. This is partly due to her studious nature and determination to do well at school in order to become a police officer, seeing as she intends to study Criminal Justice as Seattle University before applying at the Seattle Police Academy. Naturally, Law happens to be one of her best subjects, with English being a close second thanks to her love for crime novels. She isn't however as good when it comes to science-related subjects such as biology or chemistry, but even then at she'll very rarely get anything less than a C- for those subjects.

Personality wise, for the most part Jenna is a very polite and friendly person. She often approaches situations in a calm and rational manner, very rarely raising her voice or getting angry, even when she finds herself getting into arguments. This makes the very rare occasions wherein she loses her cool come across as very shocking to those who have never seen her act in such a way before. That said, for the most part, she generally tries to get along with most people. And despite her reputation in the debating society, she's generally considered to be a reasonably nice person by most of her classmates, particularly amongst her friends. Whilst she's not exactly the most popular person in Aurora High, she does have a handful of acquaintances whom she hangs out with on occasion, including a small clique of childhood friends consisting of Yukiko Sakurai, Miriam Castille, Chase Rodriguez and Maximillian Sawyer.

What stops her from becoming too popular amongst her peers is the fact some of her opinions can come across as being somewhat polarising. She and her family have been staunch supporters of the Republican Party for as long as she could remember, and she makes little effort to hide the fact that some of her beliefs are somewhat unpopular amongst her more liberal classmates. This, along with the fact that she is a devout and outspoken Catholic, has put some people off liking her based on her beliefs alone. Some of her more polarising opinions include her disapproval of contraception and stem cell research, her distaste for recreational drugs like marijuana, her Pro-Life stance on the subject of abortion and her mixed feelings regarding homosexuality. Whilst she would never describe herself as homophobic, nor does she have any problem with most homosexuals, she nevertheless finds the idea of gay marriage uncomfortable and isn't fond of the idea of gay couples adopting children. Despite this, for the most part she genuinely tries to get along with most people, even those whose lifestyles she generally disapproves of. Also, whilst she has had several crushes in the past, Jenna swore an oath of abstinence when she was sixteen, and to this day has refused to ever get herself romantically involved in anyone until she's older.

Advantages: Jenna is considerably brave and strong willed, and she is unlikely to crack under the pressure. Her determination and refusal to be as helpless as she was in the cafe would motivate her to survive no matter what, and all the exercise she's done to prepare herself for going to Police Academy has led her to becoming a very fit and healthy person. She has knows basic self-defense techniques which could potentially aid her, and knows the basics on how to handle a pistol.
Disadvantages: Jenna is far from the most popular person in her school because of her polarising beliefs, and as a result not all of her classmates would immediately trust her. Her stubborn nature and refusal to admit when she's wrong could easily hinder her in the long run, and her memories of the cafe could potentially come back to haunt her.

Designated Number: Female student No. 058


Designated Weapon: The Great American Challenge (dildo)
Conclusion: Do your nation proud. - Shamino Warhen


B056 - Dean, Kyran[/DECEASED]

Name: Kyran Dean
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Outdoor sports, animal care, mechanics (car and bike), skateboarding, playing guitar, making videos

Appearance: Kyran stands at 6’2” and weighs about 179 pounds. He has an athletic build that is slender and well-toned rather than brawny. He has a healthy, light tan skin tone, a result of the time he spends outside and partially from his Spanish heritage inherited from his mother’s side of the family. He has a good complexion and evenly proportioned facial features down to his chin and jawline. He has an average sized nose centered above slightly full lips. When Kyran is happy, the corners of his mouth may stretch to reveal a warm, lengthy smile and dimples on the side of his face. He also has a few tiny moles dotting down his face, which help complement his features. Kyran’s eyes are hazel colored and his eyebrows are slightly thick. His brown hairstyle is a short, scruffy and tousled beach hair look, sun-kissed with golden brown natural highlighting. Kyran doesn’t grow very much facial hair and whatever appears is promptly removed as he prefers the clean shaven look. Recently, Kyran received a few stitches on his bottom lip after getting into a fight with a classmate. Although they've been removed, his lip is still visibly healing.

When it comes to clothing, Kyran is not picky. As long as the clothes look good and fit comfortably, then it’s good enough for him. At the time of abduction, Kyran was wearing a dark gray, light-weight and sleeveless hoodie vest left open over a navy blue T-shirt, with the Diamond Supply Co. brand, stylized in yellow print on the front. Under that shirt, he wore a tank top, with the Obey brand logo printed across the chest. He also wore dark cargo pants over boxers with the American Eagle brand written across the waistband, black Vans skateboard shoes with red trim, calf-high black socks with thin yellow stripes, and fingerless skateboarding gloves. He wore a white wristwatch on his left arm and on his right arm he wore several small wristbands in an assortment of colors and styles. On his head was a flat-brimmed, navy blue snapback, with a burgundy brim and snap-fastener, along with a white serenity dove on its front. This snapback was worn backwards, slightly rotated, with his scruffy hair visible from underneath. Around Kyran’s neck was a heart necklace, given to him by his mother on the day before the class trip.

Biography: Kyran Dean was born to a middle class family living in the suburbs of Seattle, Washington. He is the son of veterinarian, Angela Dean and school athletic director, Kevin Dean. Kyran grew up as the third son to older brothers, Elijah and Andrew Dean, one and two years his seniors, respectively. Kyran ended up being close to his brothers, due to their similar ages and they got along as friends, with very few sibling spats, aside from the occasional play fight. He also got along and looked up to his parents as role models in his life. Angela would also videotape the happy family for home video memories on her camcorder as Kyran grew up.

From a young age, Kyran’s father, a former college and high school athlete, would train his sons to be physically active people, emphasizing the importance of exercise for a healthy life. He also believed that boys were supposed to be tough and as such, Kyran’s upbringing involved many things associated for boys, such as sports, along with numerous Hot Wheel toys and Tonka trucks. Kyran and his brothers were taught how to ride a bicycle by their father. He had a difficult time at first, crashing numerous times and getting hurt on his hands and knees, when he decided to ride alone on impulse, but he eventually got the hang of it. His father would also bring his sons to the beach or to Centennial Park, a place of which Kyran would frequent to this very day, for outdoor activity. His dad’s influence throughout early childhood would later shape Kyran’s interests and hobbies for the future.

Kyran’s mother influenced her son in a different way. While his dad helped shape his lifestyle, Dr. Angela Dean, helped educate him and influence his personality. She enrolled him to a Seattle preschool, believing an early education was helpful in getting her children a jump start in their lives. She also taught him to be more nurturing and responsible when she adopted their family’s first puppy, when Kyran was ten years old. Compared to the rest of his brothers, Kyran took particular interest in caring for and raising the small dog. Being a veterinarian, Angela noticed Kyran’s fascination in animals as similar to her own as a child. Kyran would always ask his mother animal related questions, something of which Angela was always happy to answer. After failing to help an injured bird at the park one day due to lack of knowledge, Kyran desired to one day be able to help care for animals himself in the future.

In elementary school, Kyran was considered a relatively bright, but quiet student. In class he wasn’t necessarily the smartest kid, but he did typically well and had consistently decent to above average grades. His favorite subjects were music, the sciences and of course physical education. Kyran was an active kid who enjoyed the class and seemed to always put out the best performances in fitness tests and sports, a fact of which his father was very proud of. Kyran and his brothers were enrolled in elementary school teams and taught early on how to play baseball and football among other sports. Through this physically active lifestyle, Kyran would prove to be quite injury prone throughout his lifetime, often getting hurt in some way, whether it be a simple scrape or something a bit more serious. Some examples of this include several scratches, scrapes, bruises and even sprains while playing simple activities at the park as a child, such as running or swinging and later skateboarding, playing team sports and riding his moped as a teenager. It became a history of bad luck which continued even as he grew up playing team sports during his teenage years.

Aside from recess time and sports, Kyran was actually a quiet kid. He’d play with others, but unlike his more talkative and sociable brothers, Kyran was more reserved and preferred to be alone. Other than that, Kyran was also not as comfortable talking to other kids and did not actively seek out friendships. When speaking, Kyran tended to use very little words and mostly expressed himself with body language such as shoulder shrugs. Most of the friends he met in elementary were from association with his older brothers or those that actively tried to make friends with him.

In middle school, Kyran was a bit of a late bloomer and was smaller than a majority of the other boys his age. He would ride his bicycle to school and would keep to himself most of the time. Other students saw him as an easy target and would sometimes pick on him. On one occasion he was shoved to the ground as a result, receiving a bump on his head and a small bruise as well. His basic reaction was usually not to respond to the harassment and instead bottle up or hide his anger and frustration. When Kyran’s father found out about this from his other sons, he talked to Kyran and insisted his son stand up for himself, believing a man should be tough. He even taught his son how to punch properly, in case anyone decided to push him around again. Kyran took his dad's advice to heart, choosing to fight back against students who tried to harass him, including the same boy who pushed him before. When he finally let loose, his pent up aggression and good physical condition helped him in thoroughly beating back the larger boy, thus effectively stopping many students from bothering him in the future. He was suspended as a result, which disappointed his parents but secretly made his father proud at seeing his son fighting back and winning.

Kyran’s mother made her son attend counseling once every two weeks as suggested by a school counselor, which helped him mellow down a bit. She also told him to keep his cool and just stay out of the way when dealing with troublemakers. His mother was stern with him, stating that he already proved that he could handle himself and that she would not appreciate it if he continued to get into physical conflicts with other students. She encouraged Kyran to spend more time with friends, believing it would be good for his character. Kyran decided to listen to her by trying to keep his temper in check as he didn’t want to upset her anymore.

Skateboarding was a hobby Kyran picked up from one of his closest friends, during middle school. Kyran was already a very active child, so the outdoor activity came naturally for him. He hung around with friends like Gray Emerson, skateboarding around the park and through the neighborhood, simply for the enjoyment, even though he tended to get hurt often while doing it. He would sometimes film his friends skate, as well. They were far from great, but he still had fun posting these videos online after his friend, Claire Monaghan, convinced him to create a YouTube account. One day, Kyran hurt himself while attempting to do a risky trick down a flight of steps on impulse for a video, landing hard and injuring his ankle to the point where he needed to wear a cast and use crutches. He also couldn’t participate in any kind of physical activity for nine months. This left Kyran feeling bored as he wasn’t able to do anything he enjoyed doing, except listening to music or browsing videos on the internet.

To keep occupied during this time, Kyran taught himself how to play a guitar after borrowing one from a friend, by using his free time to practice every day, not because he was aiming for anything in particular, but because it was fun and allowed him to express himself after the accident. He first became inspired to do so after singing along to all sorts of different music, as he watched musicians and even regular people perform music while browsing videos online, believing that he could play an instrument too, if he tried. Overtime, Kyran became a decent guitar player and would sometimes film himself singing and performing covers of his favorite songs, with his mom’s camcorder. His mother, impressed upon discovering her son’s talent on her camera, decided to gift him his very own guitar and camcorder for Christmas.

With these gifts, Kyran continued to film an eclectic variety of music within his bedroom and was even bold enough to post them secretly onto YouTube, from which he has gained a small amount of followers, which has grown steadily over the years. He continues playing the guitar after recovering from his injury, but doesn’t like to show off this talent too often outside of his videos. Being the reserved type, Kyran liked the anonymity and support he felt he had online, where he could let down his silent façade and just be himself easily around people, which eventually translated to real life with his closest friends. He branched off from covers and also began to video-blog thoughts on his YouTube channel, as a sort of therapeutic video-diary and to also keep a collection of everyday memories. He keeps this hobby a secret from most people, choosing only to show his closest friends, because he doesn't want attention from people he might know in real life, or for his parents to keep tabs on him. Kyran would sometimes film short videos together with these friends, as well. This is a side hobby he has done throughout his teenage years, and still continues to do whenever he has free time.

At Aurora High School, Kyran did his best to create a better image for himself. Fortunately, he had both of his brothers there to help guide him. He joined the Aurora High football and baseball teams just like his brothers and made an effort to get closer to the friends he had as suggested by his mother. Right before sophomore year, Kyran experienced a major growth spurt putting him close to his current height. The constant encouragement of exercise from his family made him into a very fit young man who was also very good at his positions as football wide receiver and baseball outfielder. He enjoyed both sports, but got injured on occasion, which included a few sprains and bruises among other minor injuries. Despite his activities in school, he still had more interest in animal care for the future.

When he was old enough, Kyran was allowed by his veterinarian mother to volunteer and help out at the animal clinic after school. His experiences were limited to cleaning, restocking, and observing procedures and surgeries. However, he enjoyed every minute of it even if he wasn’t getting paid. Kyran earned his money by applying to and working part time at the movie theater. He finds it to be a decent job and considers it easy, although monotonous at times.

Kyran’s father and brothers taught him how to drive as soon as he was old enough. They showed him the mechanics of cars and even motorized bicycles, to get him familiar with the parts for the future. It was mostly to keep him self-sufficient when dealing with cars, but Kyran ended up getting interested in car and bike mechanics in the end. When he earned his driver’s license, his family helped him pay for a used, but good conditioned jeep which he worked hard to maintain. On his seventeenth birthday he was gifted a black and grey colored moped which he uses quite often. Kyran needed to wear a cast over his arm for a few months after impulsively trying to perform a stunt on his moped for a video and failing. He tries to be extra careful while using it, since the accident.

Most of Kyran’s closest friends are those he met when he was a child and has stayed close with ever since. Other friends include those by association through his brothers, the sports teams and friends of friends. He even has a few online friends, from his small presence on the internet. When it comes to making friends, he isn't the type to conform to any specific clique in the high school. He tends to be one of the friendliest and down to earth people around, once he opens up to a person. Personality wise, Kyran can be described as a strong and silent type, who can be fun once you get to know him. He’s still quiet and insecure around people he doesn’t know too well. He tries to be a practical person and keep out of problems that are not his own, but may step in impulsively on behalf of a friend, considering his own history with bullies. Although there are still people who bother him, Kyran tries to keep his cool unless he’s feeling particularly stressed. He tends to lose his temper, if he or a friend is physically provoked, which will sometimes cause him to be reckless and fight back.

One such incident occurred in the school's cafeteria during his senior year when he stepped in to diffuse a situation between his former teammate Adonis Alba, his friend Gray Emerson and a few other students. He was shoved into a table of food for his troubles, which caused Kyran to lose his cool. Without adequately thinking it through, Kyran inadvertently started a food-fight and got into a physical confrontation with Adonis, which led to another suspension and a ban from senior prom. Kyran was given a few stitches on his bottom lip afterwards, to help heal the split lip he earned during the conflict.

His grades in Aurora are decent to above average in everything, with a few A’s scattered here and there. His favorite classes remain the music classes, physical education class and the biology classes, especially those that involve animals. Kyran’s current goal for the future is to do work in helping animals, whether it is volunteer work with animal shelters or working as a veterinarian like his mother.

Advantages: Kyran is not easily intimidated and has some untrained fight experience, which could help him against other teenagers. He is generally a kind person who is very down to earth and personable once he gets to know to someone, which might help him with others in the long run. He is a very athletic teenager which may help him out in physical situations.
Disadvantages: Kyran can be impulsive, leading to unwise decisions. If he or a friend is physically provoked, he will become reckless and fight back, due to a need to be tough like he was taught to be. It may prove dangerous for him, especially with weapons involved. Kyran tends to be quite injury-prone. His history of bad luck when it comes to injuries might affect his longevity.

Designated Number: Male student No. 056


Designated Weapon: Carpenter's Hatchet
Conclusion: You know, I don't see him lasting, but B056 sounds like a decent enough guy, and not the sort who gets murdered for making a bad call on the first day. In fact, his attitude reminds me more than a little of one of our most famous alumni, B077. Who knows? Maybe he'll have what it takes after all. - Christina Stockton


B055 - Abrams, Timothy[/DECEASED]

Name: Timothy Abrams
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: History, Music (School Band), Model Making and Reading (Book Club)

Appearance: At 5’7” and 140 pounds, Timothy’s build is unremarkable for a boy of his age. He has brown eyes, placed high on his rounded face, above an aquiline nose and a small mouth with rather thin lips, as well as rounded glasses. He is quite non-athletic, with no muscle definition to speak of, and is rather pale from his lack of time spent outdoors. He keeps a very clean appearance, with a clean shaven face and shortly cropped black hair, which he keeps trimmed very close to his forehead and with no bangs to speak of. He generally keeps a straight posture, but tends to slouch when he is stressed or upset. On the day of the abduction, Timothy was wearing a camo green T-shirt, blue jeans and black sneakers.

Biography: Timothy was born in Seattle, Washington to Glen and Sandra Abrams, on October 21, 1993. Glen and Sandra, both senior managers at a local insurance firm, worked to maintain a high standard of living for their children. They both met during college, and they got married on June 13, 1984, a year after they both received their diplomas. To many, they seemed to be quite and unlikely couple. Glen had always been a loner, and he only met Sandra by chance while they were both studying in the college's library late at night. Surprisingly, they hit it off quickly and began making arrangements to meet each other more often, eventually transitioning into a romantic relationship.

After Timothy was born, Sandra shifted her hours to work part-time to spend more time with her son. As a result, Timothy has a much closer relationship to his mother than his father, whom, with his own social difficulties, is rather distant towards his family. Both of them have put pressure on Timothy from an early age to succeed in school, since both his brother and his parents were consistently at the top of their classes.

Glen and Sandra constantly tried to make a good impression toward their superiors and coworkers, in hopes of receiving promotions and other accolades at work. Because of this, the majority of their relationships with others were not very open. They suspected that their friends from work would judge them if they showed any family troubles, such as Sandra’s father’s alcoholism, which she has tried to keep hidden from her family. Consequently, they became very worried about appearances, and felt a need to provide an outward appearance of a perfect family. This caused some stress for Timothy, causing him to adopt his parents' pattern of hiding their problems. Since he knew that telling his parents about any problems with school or relationships would just cause them to worry, he preferred not to talk about any emotional problems with anyone, lest they worry or tell his parents. Although no serious problems have developed in his life yet, his academic performance has suffered somewhat, due to his unwillingness to admit his lack of comprehension of some of the material being taught.

Timothy's only sibling, Brandon, who is eight years older than him. Although the gap in their ages has made it a little difficult to relate to each other, their relationship is quite positive overall. While they did make an effort to do things together as a family, after Brandon went to college for an engineering degree, they barely had any contact with each other. Since graduating college, Brandon settled down and married his longtime girlfriend, Christina, and they are now expecting a baby girl. Still, Timothy looks up to his brother, and wishes that they could be closer.

When Timothy was five years old, Brandon had an accident while riding his bicycle, breaking his arm. Timothy doesn’t remember this incident, but his parents do. Although they were judged by nobody but themselves, they became convinced that this, as well as any further accidents, would reflect badly on them as parents. Afterwards, they became very protective of Timothy and his brother, encouraging Timothy to pursue hobbies that carried little risk of injury. During his elementary school years, he spent a large amount of his time reading, preferring the comfort of his books to the loud and rowdy games of the other children. However, this didn't deter him from making friends, so long as they shared his interests.

At Aurora High School, Timothy’s favourite subjects are history and English, with the sciences not far behind. His sheltered upbringing has lead him to feel that everyday life is boring and sterile, causing him to focus his attention on stories that are far removed from modern life, such as science fiction, fantasy or stories concerning events past eras. This obsession has caused him to spend excessive amounts of his time reading. Timothy is fascinated, in particular, with ancient Rome. A large part of his fascination with Roman society is the impressive level of organization that they were able to accomplish, especially in regard to their military. He especially enjoys reading about Roman military campaigns, such as the Punic Wars. As part of this interest, he takes Latin courses at school for his foreign language credits. After he graduates, he plans to study ancient history in college, though he occasionally has nagging thoughts of concern for the lack of job opportunities in that field.

Timothy has few friends in high school due to a lack of social skills developed during his childhood, due to his lack of interaction with many other children. Although he retains few relationships from his time in elementary school, he has made a few friends in high school and enjoys their companionship, as well as the company of those in the various groups and clubs that he has joined at Aurora High School. He has friends both in the book club, and in the school concert band, where he plays the clarinet. Although he doesn’t particularly enjoy playing the clarinet, he picked it up in order to join the band, since many of his few elementary school friends joined it at the beginning of high school. He has great difficulty in forming friendships, and tends to become somewhat possessive of the few friends that he does have, which causes him to stay in the school band in order to get closer with them. His relationship with his family has grown a little more distant over the years, but they still make time to spend with each other regularly.

During high school, Timothy has picked up a new hobby: wargaming. He enjoys making models of imaginary armies, and using them to simulate famous battles at home, as well as against other hobbyists at his local hobby store, Elysium. While his hobby is an expensive one, he manages to finance it with careful budgeting of the money received at Christmas and on his birthday, as well as by doing various odd jobs around his neighbourhood, such as mowing lawns and shovelling snow.

Overall, the main thing that Timothy seeks in his everyday life is safety, and therefore, control. This is, in part, a large part of his fascination with stories and model making. The appeal of having control over his own small little world is a large part of his hobbies. In addition to this, Timothy never really learned how to react to strong outbursts of emotion. Although he has some understanding of how to function in everyday life, his lack of social experience rendered him ignorant of how to deal with less common social experiences, such as outbursts of rage or despair. When faced with such a situation, he tends to become extremely confused and anxious and tries to extricate himself from the situation as soon as possible.

He is very close to his uncle, on his mother's side, David Sheridan. David’s wife died soon after their marriage, and he never remarried. Having no children of his own, he focused his attention on Timothy and Brandon. Timothy took great enjoyment in speaking with his uncle about their favourite books. While Timothy’s uncle holds anti-government views, Timothy is largely apathetic towards current politics, instead focusing on the events of the past. A few summers ago, David took Timothy on a week-long camping trip. Although Timothy did not enjoy himself, due to his dislike of the great outdoors, he enjoyed his time with his uncle. On that trip, his uncle taught him a few things that he had learned while in the Boy Scouts when he was younger. He demonstrated to Timothy how to properly make a campfire and showed him a few edible species of berries and mushrooms. After learning about Timothy's interest in military history, David took him to a shooting range. Again, Timothy did not enjoy the experience, and did not spend much time there.

Advantages: Timothy is familiar with basic gun safety, and has learned several skills that would be useful for extended stays in the wilderness. He has a large store of knowledge due to the vast amount of books that he has read. However, a large amount of what he knows is simply trivia which will not help him on the island.
Disadvantages: His stunted social skills will deter him in making allies, and control-freak nature could potentially alienate any students that he does manage to team up with. He is not a good shot by any means, but his small amount of experience may lead him to overestimate his competence. Timothy has also been extremely sheltered, which has left him unable to effectively deal with interpersonal conflict, causing him to become extremely flustered when it arises.

Designated Number: Male student No. 055


Designated Weapon: Non-Functional Flamethrower Replica
Conclusion: I suspect your knowledge will help you realize just how much trouble you're in, B055. Sheltered kids don't do well in this game, and when all you have to take care of yourself is a hefty and somewhat-intimidating paperweight, you just can't afford to also lack social graces. - Christina Stockton


B054 - Trig, Oscar[/DECEASED]

Name: Oscar Trig
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Art, Foreign Films, Smoking, Walking Around Town

Appearance: Oscar is not tall, standing at a plain 5'6", and weighing in at 124 pounds, with no muscle or fat to speak of. His thin frame makes him look awkward when anyone looks above his shoulders as his head is rather large, made more prominent with by his square face and wide forehead. His face is devoid of any facial hair but there are a few blemishes on his pale forehead and cheeks that he tries to mask up as best as possible either with creams or with a pristine white ball cap. His straight brown hair is kept short and neat and any loose curls or cowlicks are quickly brushed away with a pocket comb. His blue eyes are dull; often looking like he is either incredibly bored or incredibly focused on something in the distance and his nose is like the rest of him, small and unassuming. When he smiles, his teeth are straight, but there is evidence of his smoking that shows slightly yellow teeth and dry, chapped lips.

When it comes to clothing, Oscar tries to keep it loose. Baggy shirts that are one size too big, his reasoning being that it is better to be comfortable than to fit any of the insane fashion rules that he hears bandied about by his classmates in the hallways. His shirts are almost all short sleeved, with a myriad of colours and abstract shapes or decals. He finds himself shying away from brand names, because they are 'boring' with plain backgrounds and only a logo and little else. His jeans are similarly baggy but only in the legs, as he prefers the mobility, and it fits with his comfort over style outlook. His hobbies are also often reflected in his look as well. The only exception to his 'no brand names' rule is his pair of Converse sneakers. Formerly white, they are now painted black, with a multitude of painted on stars of various colours. He got inspiration to do something abstract, so he turned to his shoes for inspiration. Flecks of paint are often found on his clothing or on the tips of his hands. He'd clean his shirts if he wanted to, but Oscar finds it practical to have some 'throwaway clothing' that he uses for art projects.

On the day of his abduction, Oscar was wearing a royal blue shirt with short sleeves. On this shirt is a bleach white Penrose triangle kept off-centre around his heart, bleeding out of it are several streaks and spots of white, blue and cyan stretching out several inches. He is wearing a pair of faded blue boot-cut jeans; spots of white paint are scattered around the waist and knees. He is still wearing the same white hat, and the same Converse shoes that he always wears.

Biography: Oscar Trig was born and raised in Seattle. His parents Rodger and Paula were high school lovers that got married three years after graduation. Paula's family looked down upon the two of them getting married so early, but they were young lovers and they continued regardless of what her family thought. Their lives were briskly paced with the two of them spending summers traveling the world and spending the rest of the time working, Paula as a secretary at a dental office and Rodger working for the Bainbridge Island ferry on the maintenance crew. This abruptly came to an end three years later, when the Trigs found out that Paula was pregnant.

They were conflicted of what to do when they found out. The weight of the new reality that awaited them left them very concerned, and they were very hesitant to give up their very fast paced lifestyle. After continuous discussion with their parents, and months of thought they decided that they would have the baby after all.

Despite all the readings, despite all that their parents had told them, Paula and Rodger were completely unprepared for the amount of time, effort, and money that would be directed to Oscar. Paula was on maternity leave and Rodger, in an attempt to make ends meet, found a second job working as a janitor part-time on the weekends. This left little time for the two of them to spend together and it meant that Oscar spent most of his infancy with his mother. Once Paula was able to rejoin the work force, she did so immediately. That meant that Oscar was babysat by his mothers' side of the family who live in the city. While it was true that Paula's parents wanted her to keep the baby, they were still disappointed in the situation that their daughter had fallen into so when they did come over, it was a distant version of it that usually had Oscar napping or in a playpen while they just watched TV.

Once he was in preschool however, Oscar's dad was able to quit his job as a janitor and spend more time with him. Rodger had always felt bad for not being more involved in Oscar's early development and as such started to spend a lot more time with him, reading with him and watching movies together during the weekends and even occasionally taking him to Bainbridge Island. Paula was often left very tired after work, but always managed to fit time in for her son. The two of them were quite happy with their one child, and knew that it would likely be impossible to just have another one. As such, they lived decently enough, but never too extravagant.

Growing up wasn't always so easy for Oscar; he was fairly shy and as such he did get bullied from time to time by the other kids. He wasn't able to adapt to the class lessons either and struggled in the middle of the pack when it came to his studies. The one area that Oscar found success in, however, was art. It was just simple watered down paints on a thin strip of paper, but Oscar took to it really quickly. And as he grew older, his skills improved and he took to a particular style of painting; landscapes. His parents in particular were proud of his work and were always quick to heap praise and proudly display Oscar's work.

When he was in middle school, Oscar was given a lot more freedom to do whatever he wanted. Paula and Rodger both knew that they were rather carefree in their lifestyle so it didn't bother them if their boy wanted to spend some free time around the city if he wanted, or if he went with his dad to the ferry, he was free to explore Bainbridge Island. Oscar took to this as quick as he did to painting and in the end it was normal for him to just walk wherever, provided he got home by 8:00 PM. He walks on Bainbridge and Seattle as much as he can, because he is able to observe more of his surroundings when doing so. Something that he thinks others don't really do enough.

Of all the places on Bainbridge Island, Oscar spends his time wandering around Gazzam Lake Preserve. He finds that of all the parks, Gazzam Lake Preserve is the most peaceful, and often very inspirational. The most vivid memory he has of the park was a few days after a terrible windstorm had passed through the area. It was there that he saw a fallen tree that had fallen into the lake, but a few of its roots were still desperately clinging to the ground as if resisting its fate. He travels to other parks, such as Battle Point Park, but finds it far too noisy and not as wild and untamed as Gazzam Lake.

It was also in middle school that Oscar started to come out of his shell a little more. Middle school meant more kids, but also more opportunities and a fresh start, something he quite happily rushed towards. He found himself hanging out with many of the artists in the art room and making quick friends with them. These friends would stick with him into high school.

Oscar was introduced to smoking at sixteen, by his father. It was a special father-son bonding moment in which his father gave him to have a cigarette. Rodger's reasoning was that if he hadn't been given a cigarette yet, he would soon be pressured by his peers and figured that it was better to introduce him to it in a responsible manner. Besides, as an avid smoker himself, he saw little harm in his son taking part in a hobby; it was just another thing that Rodger wanted to share with his son, in response to not being there enough in his early years. It was a memorable experience for Oscar. The smell was foul at first, but he found that as it lingered, it was extremely relaxing. After a few more cigarettes, again given to him by his father, he was hooked and has been smoking ever since.

Once hooked, Oscar turned to his dad for cigarettes whenever the urge came to him. His mother wasn't exactly thrilled that Rodger had secretly given their child a cigarette, and had also gotten him addicted. It had led to an argument between the Oscar's parents, but eventually they were able to reconcile. Paula realized that what was done, was done and was happy with Rodger monitoring their son's intake as well as promising to enforce the idea of enjoying something, but not being ruled by it. For his part, Oscar listened to his father and mother, and kept his intake to around three to five cigarettes a day, or about a pack a week. Until he was 18, his father would provide the package of smokes, and would inspect the contents, at Paula's request.

His love of foreign films is a recent development and like many things, it was thanks to his love of walking. One day, he found himself in front of a very small movie theatre that played exclusively foreign films, both old and new. On a whim, Oscar saw the film Curse of the Golden Flower and was blown away by both the scale, quality and the difference between the films he had seen in North America. Because of the unique experience, Oscar ended up going again, and soon it became a regular habit that he would see at least one foreign film a month in the theatre. And when he had the money around, he would buy himself a DVD version if available.

He is the first to admit, that his taste in foreign films is still fairly new so his tastes reflect that. His favourite films have come out in the recent decade. Films such as: Life is Beautiful, Joyeux Noel, The Class and Hero have become staple films that he watches frequently. However, he has found that he has a developing taste in Italian cinema, particularly their sense of drama and appreciation for quiet moments, speak to him. Roberto Benigni and Giuseppe Tornatore in particular are directors that he has become a huge fan of, though he is quick to point out how Benigni's version of Pinocchio is amongst the worst that he has ever seen.

At Aurora, not much has changed for Oscar. School continues to be a struggle for Oscar, as he maintains a 2.25 GPA. He often finds that rules are confining and difficult for him to process, so subjects like Math and Science stymie him. Whereas more creative pursuits, such as Art and English are his better classes, which help bring his average up. He knows that his eyes aren't set on a college of traditional sorts like a Washington or a Gonzaga, instead he is striving to go to an art school to help better perfect his craft. He also continues to wander Bainbridge Island when the weekend rolls around. He keeps a relatively low profile, spending his time hanging out with his small, but strong group of friends. He prefers to let others initiate any conversations, so if people want to talk to him, he'll be ready to listen, but he won't start them. This may give the impression of aloofness, but that's probably the opposite of what he wishes to project. When people do talk to him, they realize that he's actually rather mellow and not prone to angry outbursts, save for when he hasn't smoked for about two days where he becomes easily frustrated and fidgety.

Oscar's number of friendships are small, but strong; his belief in quality trumping over quantity a driving factor of his relationships. Most are relationships from back in his middle school days, artists predominantly. However, because of his new hobby of smoking, he has found that he has a wider range of people that he would consider acquaintances at worst, and good friends at best.

Oscar prefers social smoking as opposed to 'going solo'. He likes the feeling of being around people because while he doesn't directly engage with anyone unless specifically spoken to, he feels like he's connecting with them, based on shared interest alone. Whereas 'going solo' leaves him feeling lonely and isolated. So on principle he tries to join either one or more people in a smoking session where they just hang out. These sessions usually involve the group just talking about whatever is on their mind, emotional troubles, pseudo-philosophy, relationships and school. He's a good listener, at least that's what people tell him.

Oscar's style is that of Romanticism and Naturalism. In particular the works of artists such as Thomas Cole and Frederic Edwin Church are of constant admiration. His constant self-guided tours around Seattle and Bainbridge Island have provided him his inspiration, as there are many different subjects to paint, provided that he is attentive. Lakes and temperate rainforests are the subjects that he most enjoys painting as they are often the most flexible subjects for him. In contrast, he finds portraits to be rather tedious to paint due to his belief that they are more rigid and formulaic; often saying that it is merely a head, what of it?

When he is painting, it is as if he suddenly is able to talk ad-nauseum. Though often when he is talking, he's not directing it to anyone in particular. In fact, it is more common that he is talking to himself, as if he needs to confirm that what he's doing is the 'right' way for the painting. His focus becomes sharp, sharper still if he's smoked recently or gone for one of his walks, but he doesn't limit himself to habitually doing those tasks to get in the artistic mood. If he wants to paint, or has to for art class; he'll do it regardless. For Oscar, painting is a release; a way for him to express whatever is holding him back, or keeping him moving out on a canvas. He knows that he isn't particularly great at expressing himself otherwise, so he takes to canvas and just lets whatever happens on the canvas happen. Once finished, he likes to share his art to the people he knows, which they then discuss on either a technical level, philosophical level, or both, depending on who is looking at it. He doesn't know if he would call himself a good artist. He believes that he is a competent one, but believes that he has room to grow, and keep growing.

Advantages: Oscar is, for the most part, calm and collected, which would allow him to act well under pressure. Due to his long history of walking, Oscar is adaptable when it comes to traveling long distances and through difficult terrain. When forming bonds and friendships, Oscar is loyal, willing to stick up for those that he has a connection with.
Disadvantages: He has become dependent on his smoking and as such does become more irrational when he hasn't smoked for a few days. Also, his lack of willingness to actively talk to people can lead to a communication breakdown, with Oscar having trouble expressing his desires with any real conviction. As a result of his smoking, and a lack of participation in sports or gym classes, Oscar's stamina is not very strong, actions such as sprinting or heavy jogging, are liable to tire him out.

Designated Number: Male student No. 054


Designated Weapon: Binoculars
Conclusion: B054 should be able to see people coming and avoid them, but I doubt he'll be able to foresee his impending doom. Weak kids can get far enough if they're sneaky, but at the end of the day, almost everyone has to get their hands a little bit dirty, and I don't think he'll cut it. - Christina Stockton


G057 - Davidson, Camilla "Cammy"[/DECEASED]

Name: Camilla "Cammy" Davidson
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Socializing, Track Team, Video Games and Parties.

Appearance: Cammy stands at a height of 5’4” and weighs in at 135 lbs. He body has reasonable bulk and she has more muscles in her legs when compared to other parts of the body due to her running and being part of the track team. She has a bob cut and light brown hair. She is Caucasian and has pale skin as well as brown eyes. Her face is small and round and her nose is fairly small as well. Her eyes on the other hand are of average size with no really distinct features about them, yet her small features eventuate their size and make them stand out in comparison to the rest of her face.

Cammy believes in a natural look and stays away from make-up, not even bothering to apply foundation. Her clothing can be described as “odd” due to her penchant for wearing hoodies that are too big for her, causing the sleeves to go over her hands. As such, her hands are hidden most of the time and she normally works around this just for fun. Her favorite hoodie to wear is striped grey hoodie and she commonly wears a school t-shirt underneath. She also wears a pair of pale blue jeans and a pair of grey running shoes.

Biography: Camilla was born in Seattle, Washington to Eric and Miranda Davidson, a loving couple who already had a daughter, Suzanne, 3 years before Camilla was born. She grew up in a very caring environment and was encouraged to be a happy and healthy girl. Her parents were both very devoted catholics and tried to impart this belief in their children. This didn't succeed at all as Cammy never really understood religion nor was she keen in taking part in it any time soon.

In elementary school, Cammy’s friendly nature proved to be a very positive thing for her as she quickly began to make friends and converse with the other students in her year. Her infectious positive and fun-loving attitude allowed her to gain popularity in her first year of school and she soon got herself a good group of friends that she enjoyed hanging out with.

During elementary school, she found interest in running and due to being adventurous, she decided to join the track team. She soon grew to fell in love with running, especially 100m sprint and spent most of her free time when not hanging out friends practicing her running as she strove to improve her time by the time she got to middle school.

By middle school, Cammy succeeded in the goal she set out for herself in elementary school and managed to run 100m faster than she did during elementary school. The excitement and exhilaration she felt when she managed to complete her goal encouraged her to continue to practice her sprinting in an effort to see how fast she could get. She balanced this along with hanging out with her friends and school. She continued this throughout middle school, where also started to enjoy jogging during the weekends through encouragement of her P.E teacher. She found that jogging helped calm her down and eventually started to use it as a way to mitigate the stress that came from school.

Cammy started to go to parties organized by peers during middle school as well. She always enjoyed having fun in parties and was usually the first one to dance and get the party started. Though she did frequently go to parties, she swore to her parents that she would never drink or take drugs and therefore, she stays away from those ventures while encouraging people to have fun without getting drunk.

Suzanne introduced Cammy to video games during middle school. Since they had a wii, Suzanne got Cammy to play games such as Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart Wii. Cammy started to enjoy all of these games and her favorite genre has always been party games. Though she plays video games, Cammy has never defined herself as a hardcore gamer and considers herself as more of a casual gamer.

When Cammy was 15, Suzanne graduated from High School and set off for Seattle University. Due to her sister leaving her home, Cammy fell into a state of depression due to her worrying that she would never see her again. Because she didn’t want people to worry about her, she tried her best to hide this by assuring people she was okay and kept on smiling, even though inside she felt terrible. However, her parents saw through her façade after noticing that she didn’t go to parties as much and confronted her. Though she tried to lie to her parents by saying that she was just too tired to go to parties because of school, she eventually caved in and her parents insisted that Suzanne wasn’t going to leave forever and that she will be able to visit from time to time. This helped Cammy get over her depression.

High school proved to be the same thing for her as she continued to maintain a balance between being with friends, grades as well as her commitment to the track team. By this time, she had made a reputation for herself as one of the fastest sprinters in the entire school, but that didn’t stop her from training. She still wanted to see if she could improve her speed and begun to take part in the 200m as well. Her time for the 100m has improved compared to middle school, now timing in at about 11.65 seconds, but she wants to see just how fast she could run. She also set out with another goal in high school, to know every single person in her year. In this endeavor, she is still working on it, but has met and been acquainted with a lot of the students in the school.

Cammy has a very positive outlook on life and generally tries to make sure she is always smiling for someone. This is because she believes that if you always show someone a smile, they will eventually smile back at you. This does lead her to fake smiles even when she feels the opposite, as she doesn’t like making people worry about her and doesn’t like making people feel depressed. She also tries to always maintain a positive outlook even in the worst situations and uses reasoning in order to help her keep this positive look on life.

Cammy firmly thinks that she has to put 110% into everything she does, not matter what. Her family has encouraged this belief and help cement this belief within her. Whenever it comes to doing something, she always does it to the best of her abilities and she doesn’t do anything without putting her full effort into it. This means that sometimes, she takes more than she can chew and can be hesitant about giving up or quitting.

Her relationship with her family is very close. Though her mom and dad are very strict with her when it comes to issues such as drinking, sex and drugs, her parents are also very loving, which Cammy is very appreciative of. Though she loves her parents, she sometimes feels embarrassed because of them, as they tend to nourish her with a lot of care and call her embarrassing names such as “sugar pumpkin” and “sweet pea” in public. Her parents are also religious and frequently dragged Suzanne and Cammy to church, something which they both despise. Cammy felt that church was too boring and often complained that there was no reason for her to be there. Eventually, Suzanne and Cammy got their parents to leave them at home while they go to church. Though her parents are annoyed that their children aren't religious, they still respect their beliefs and don't give them too much hassle about it.

She and her sister, Suzanne, are total opposites and have contrasting personalities. While Suzanne is a very introverted person who preferred staying indoors, Cammy is a very extroverted person and often spent most of her time outside, playing games with other kids in the neighborhood. Suzanne is a very cynical person while Cammy is a person who believed everyone has some good within them. Though one would expect that the two would despise each other, Cammy actually has a very close relationship with her sister and Cammy has the mindset that she could tell her sister anything. This is due to the fact that they shared 3 things. Firstly, both of them are not religious in the slightest with Cammy not understanding it while Suzanne is totally against it. Secondly, they both feel embarrassed by their parents and when not in their parent's presence, enjoy gossiping about her parents as well as their friends in school. Finally, they both love video games and occasionally enjoyed playing together during the weekends before Suzanne left for college. This helped build up their relationship to the strength that it is today.

She manages to attain good grades, with most of her grades consisting of high B’s with a few wandering into low A’s territory. In particular, she enjoys P.E while her least favorite subjects consist of those she finds “boring” and require lots of essays. These include English, History and Economics. Even though she doesn’t like the subjects, she still tries to get the best grade she can. One day, she wants to compete in the Olympics, which she feels that she will be able to reach one day, if she tries hard enough.

Advantages: She is one of the fastest sprinters in the school and can use her speed to her advantage. Her positive personality and outlook on life will help her maintain her sanity to some degree in SOTF and can allow her to form alliances with her fellow classmates easier. Her mentality to do 110% may allow her to get far in the game.
Disadvantages: Due to her being a social person, seeing her friends die may cause more emotional stress than other people usually experience. This may also cause her to be more hesitant to kill someone, even when in mortal peril. Her habit of hiding her feelings behind smiles may cause her to be seen as mistrustful and could cause a few arguments with her classmates while on the island.

Designated Number: Female student No. 057


Designated Weapon: Crossbow
Conclusion: Running is nothing but a stalling measure, and trying to do one's best is nothing but a way to get tangled up in too much trouble. Passable weapon or not, I don't think she has what it takes to survive. She needs a bit more viciousness, a bit more openness. It's the ones who latch onto their feelings who make it. - Christina Stockton


Mar 27 2013, 09:54 PM
Psych says he'll say something 'morrow, so that leaves...


As he also has not confirmed his role, and is not listed as away

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Aura Master Fox
Mar 27 2013, 08:37 PM
Okay, I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed, but Ruff Desperado is clearly Hannibal Lecter.

Now, while Hannibal is not a very honorable character, I am unsure of his affiliation in this game. I believe that there is a significant chance of him being the Serial Killer, but I also doubt that Namira would make such an obvious scum character, so he may be something entirely different.

Does anyone else want to look into this?

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There's no way an alignment would be telegraphed that directly.

Moving on, Turtle, you may want to check out what >>Psych had to say earlier because I think it handles stuff pretty nicely.

>I'm the only one to read stuff people post everywhere

Beyond that, honestly, my vote stays on Slam because he's not really answered my suspicions. Maybe I give too much credit. Maybe not. I've not seen a single reason to find him not suspicious, though, and I've seen many reasons >>to find him sketchy.

Oh look, charts

>It seems we've decided to pursue a single avenue of questiong
>Go back through the thread with an eye to this dispute
>Start to notice some patterns and discrepencies
>Add stuff up
>More suspicious all the time
>Something's not right here
>Yes, someone's pulling a ruse

Allow me to add some more reasons, which are nice and detailed.

At the start, you expressed >>suspicion over penguin's roleclaim. That's fair enough, but the claim is a. easy to disprove, b. not a particularly useful tactic for scum because of a., and c. very useful to the town if true. It's also something that is pretty easy to get people looking at askance, as seen last game.

Scum do not like confirmed townies. They don't even like roleclaimed townies, because that eats into their list of possible targets to push off suspicion on. Miller is, all things considered, a pretty easy claim to toss under the bus, especially in an early phase without much else going on.

Now, it could be a mistake. Townies mess up all the time. What makes me sketchier on this is that penguin is a traditionally highly active and useful player. She's been pushing the discussion along to a greater degree than most others in this run. You've fixated on casting suspicion on her, but have never supplied anything beyond the initial reasons. For some reason, you just won't back down.

And all this does is waste time and draw attention off of any other conflict, for something that, as I have mentioned, we can easily prove and deal with anytime the vig has a spare night phase and enough reason to be suspicious. You >>talk about smokescreens? You've cast one over this whole phase, taking over the dialogue and burying everything else. You accuse penguin of >>putting words into your mouth yet >>reduce her defenses to a strawman ("You're wrong because this is how I've said things are").

No, this does not add up.

As I see it, there are two options:

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You are Thor here. While a defender of justice, you have managed to fumble in a truly stupendous fashion, making a mess of everything and leaving Captain America baffled. You've been useless, but at least your heart was in the right place, even if you managed to bean yourself with Mjolnr.

Posted Image
You're Loki, trying to toss your enemies off a plane.

Either one's a bad case, but, like Loki, I suspect you of being a good actor and a master of disguise. You're not one to badly fumble like this. You tend towards activity, but you usually back off when you're on a sinking ship, and this time that's not happening. So, given that this is far and away the biggest suspicion I have right now, I'm going to call it as Loki.

VOTE: Slamexo

>Reading over the talking points
>Slam mentions Elena last used a miller three years ago
>TFW Elena last hosted a game three years ago period
>Not seeing much validity in anything regarding that argument

But anyways, discussing penguin is fascinating and all, but also is totally useless. I mean, think about it: if a vig cares enough to test her, boom, problem solved at night. Discussing it adds nothing. If a role cop checks her out, then okay, the role cop knows or doesn't, and can maybe later try to tip us off. I can say that hasn't happened yet, though, since we've had no night phases. If we're going to grab a day one lynch, I'd rather we not pick one that is a. super helpful if on the level and b. super easy to deal with if not.

As to Ricky, eh, I don't see much of worry beyond some not-super-useful posts. He's less guilty of that than many others, and honestly I feel this setup encourages people to post a lot since it's fun (unless, say, one has to go through a rather arduous process of picking an appropriately ironic/humorous image and formatting writing in the second person and other such silliness, in which case one might cram as much content into any given post as possible).

As to this:

Plus I believe my original point was that I couldn't see Elena using a miller, not that she never has. Also, you're insisting that there can be a miller in this game because she's used one in the past, so that's basically saying she'd be basing the roles in this game off the ones in the past word for word. No misrep at all.

Okay, why can't you see her using one? More information makes a better argument, as right now we're rather lacking in
Posted Image

As to Dom, I must admit that the thought of him preparing in advance not making him scum did not cross my mind. I suppose I assumed that scum would lie about their restrictions, but it is true that he couldn't have known his role in the time he claims to have been preparing.

Thing is? If he's trolling for kicks that is also sort of an issue for town since it totally obfuscates actual stuff. Now, it's also possible a few people have the same post restriction, or ones so close as to sow confusion. I would, in fact, be surprised if that were not the case. It makes it harder to glean anything from the restrictions.

That said? I would be very, very surprised if restrictions said too much about roles, given that Elena is >>one the record as disliking it when roles are too heavily hinty. I'd expect perhaps some slight thematic correlation at most, but nothing thatw ould let town round up the scum too easily.

The obligatory updated charts and stuff

I still want Dom's explanation, but I'm a tinge less worried. More cogent analysis will be forthcoming tomorrow; it's late and I'm tired now.

re: voting for not doing anything:

Posted Image

Guys, you know how we have no evidence right now?

Guess how much evidence we'll have if we decide to sit around until the end of the day doing nothing.

None. Just like now.

Pushing for not lynching is basically the worst possible idea in any game of mafia ever. Not lynching without a good reason is fine. It's smart! You don't want to go off half-cocked, since that helps scum by adding confusion. But the solution isn't to sit around and do nothing; it's to go and find stuff to pick on, to actually look for scum (yes, even on the first day). Suggesting stalling is making me really suspicious right now because it's totally useless to us and just lets the mafia call the shots at the start of the game.

>Everybody's making bad decisions already
>isn't even the first night phase
>accidentally derailed everything by making considered points

>Get home, late last night
>See that mafia has started
>Receive roll
>Ready to confirm, but want to read first
>Already four pages long
>Decide to do it tomorrow
>Be me, tomorrow
>Like three more pages to sift
>Do it anyways

And I have one thing to say about most of them (pic related):

Posted Image

Moving right along, as I see it right now, we have only a few things to go off of. I find suspicion of penguin pretty suspicious since she's the most on-topic poster in this whole worthless train wreck of an off-topic thread. This is backed up by Facts and Data, both from this game and past ones.

As to the miller claim...

Posted Image

If we get a reason to doubt it, we lynch then. If the vig is suspicious, it takes one action on a slow night to get us some answers. It's not worth pursuing on the first day, because doing so probably wastes our resources and provides very little data; we don't get who is suspicious and who is not, rather, we get who beleives a certain course of action is the right one in a certain situation 100% guaranteed not to recur in the context of this game.

tldr: wasting penguin wastes time

Pressing bravely forward, I can say that at the moment I find Slam mildly suspicious, and also Dom.

>Be me
>Examining statements
>Dom says he's been practicing his post restriction for a week
>Roles have only been out for a day
>Penguin asks about this
>No answer

So, how 'bout an answer, hm?

And moving on, nothing prevents me from offering my customary series of fantastic charts and data regarding the relative merit of contributions, so as always, here it is:


The usual key is in effect: X = contribution, E = edit with content, e = edit that is silly padding or >> a needless clarification, J = jokes without content, P = shameless padding

Everyone got an X for confirming their role.

I'll personally be holding my vote until the next count, as I've lost track and I don't want to get something rolling off of very loose suspicions, especially since I just read this whole thread in a single sitting and it melted my brain.

V4 Read-A-Thon: The Reboot
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V4 Read-A-Thon: The Reboot
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Espional: Chris Davidson (V4 Start)

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