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Mar 15 2012, 11:59 PM
This one's a two-parter.

Right now, the wi fi seems busted, so I'll be less reliable due to leeching off the neighbors. That could last for an hour, or it could last for the next three weeks. No way to know, but I will still be around, albeit sporadically dropping offline and stuff.

Now, for part two!

Handler: MurderWeasel
Dates Away: March 31, 2012 to April 7, 2012
Days Away: Eight
Reason for Away: Packing, flying, settling back in
Characters: Kimberly Nguyen, Adam Morgan, Susan Clarke, anyone else I get approved by then (hopefully another 2-3).

Soo... yeah, gonna be gone about a week, give or take. For sure at least 48 hours for the actual flight. If you've got staff concerns during that time, other staffers are a much better choice.
So, quoting/reminding, as coincidentally the wi fi has broken again and I have to reset the connection every few minutes. Also, it's the 31st. I may be around a tiny bit in the next few days. I may not. After that, I'm back stateside and should be much more active than I have been the past few months.

Oh, also, add Lydia to the list of my characters.

Deconstructing Mafia Play
This is a great idea!

Well, first off, one of my biggest strategies is, no matter what role I am, I play the game in pretty much the same way. I act as a vanilla townie, trying to reason stuff out and catch people out during the day phase.

If I am town, then all is good. I also use any night ability I may have to the town's benefit as much as I can.

If I am third party, I throw in with the town until/unless it becomes advantageous to my win condition not to. Most third party wins best by playing nice with the town.

As a survivor, the key was waiting long enough to roleclaim and not be suspicious, especially while dropping a roleclaim as a bulletproof survivor (which I wasn't). Confusion over a kill-less phase was the perfect time for that.

As a lyncher, my goal was to wait long enough to be able to come out and fake an investigative role without arousing suspicion by doing so. Unfortunately, waiting games in mafia are not safe bets, especially on this sort of thing. Lyncher's one of the toughest roles, because you have to get someone killed without being obvious about it, but at the same time you have to do it before they get nightkilled. If you're doing a good job sowing the seeds for a lynch, a proactive vig will probably just nuke'em anyways.

As a psychopath, my goal was to kill everyone and not die. I lied a lot in that game (Board Mafia V1, still one of my favs), but what saved me was that I was accidentally telling the truth half the time and made an unusual play with the town.

...and, gotta run for a boat. More playstyle stuff to come later, along with more general, less personal analysis.

Introduction Thread
Hiya, and welcome to SOTF!

I'm glad you've enjoyed BR. I'd recommend getting your hands on the novel; it's much more realistic and tonally consistent than the manga, which can be a bit over the top.

Anyways, if you've got any questions, feel free to PM me. I hope you enjoy it here!

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
Ah, rats. The skipped day phase messed me up badly. Good luck to the town!

Introduction Thread
Hi, analane! We've chatted through PMs, so I'll skip the links and just offer you a warm welcome to SOTF. We hope you enjoy it here. :)

Chris MacLeod
Wow, some wires got crossed in my last critique. Apologies about that.

Anyways, "When he was just a baby his biological father died from lung cancer, so he spent the first 5-6 years of his life he was raised by his mother and grandfather in London, England." should be "When he was just a baby, his biological father died from lung cancer, so for the first 5-6 years of his life he was raised by his mother and grandfather in London, England."

Again, I'd like to know a bit about how Chris met his friends. This: "he met a few kids that would later in life become some of his best friends, due to strange and wonderful coincidences." doesn't really tell me much.

Also, once again, here: "To him, split between the teachers who disliked him and the children who avoided him because of that, his family was the most important thing in his life." it is implied that Chris has no friends. Please explain a bit more about his social situation at this point in his life.

I'm still having issues with Chris' gun training. Who is teaching him to shoot? Where? Shooting is not exactly a sport that is great for one physically, so why are his parents cool with him being into guns at such a young age? What sort of movies is he watching where lots of people get shot? What sort of guidelines is he being raised with as far as age-appropriate media goes?

"He wanted to train kendo" should be "He wanted to train in kendo"

"(he hadn't trained anything in years, after all)" should be "(he hadn't trained in a physical fashion in years, after all)"

No line should be skipped between Advantages and Disadvantages.

All the caveats should be removed re: Chris' advantages. I'd like to see only things that are actual advantages, please. Also, I'm not sure how seeing someone take a proper kendo stance would be demoralizing unless the person seeing it understood enough about kendo to realize that it implied Chris was trained.

"This doesn't sound like much of a disadvantages," is commentary that can be removed.

Basically, take out everything in the advantages or disadvantages sections that are not likely to directly impact Chris in a real way during his time on the island.

Post when you've got him edited, and we'll give him another look. Thanks!

Jason Meyers
Hi, leAloha!

Before we give Jason a full critique, please make sure his profile exactly matches the template. Specifically, no line should be skipped between Advantages and Disadvantages.

Post when you've got that done, and we'll give him a full critique. Thanks!

Pai-Tong Yuanji
Hi, Sabre!

Before we give Pai-Tong a full critique, please fix her profile so it matches the template. Specifically, the text should directly follow the Appearance header, and there should not be a line skipped between Advantages and Disadvantages.

Happy Birthday Subforum
I have no objection to this idea (it'd take about five minutes of work), but General Discussion is barely used outside birthday threads, the chat thread, and the introduction thread, so I'm not sure if subdiving it will actually have much impact beyond further cluttering the boards.

Hay, all! Sorry for not being around today. I had to get up at 3:30 AM to catch a boat for a job, didn't get home until 8:00 PM and only stayed for thirty minutes before rushing off for dinner, and it's a irthday in the family. I should be more present tomorrow, but may still be recovering, as right now I'm working on four hours' sleep. Just an update for the site, as I know I owe some people stuff.

Debora 'Debbie' Jones
Hi, gamegirl!

First off, I'd like to know a bit more about the origins of the name Cryon. It doesn't really match either parent's ethnicity, and seems quite unusual.

Debbie's profile looks pretty good, but she is DENIED pending a bit of adjustment.

I'd like you to clarify her hair dye situation, please. This: "She chose it because she liked the colour and to stand out a little." makes unclear what part of Debbie's hair is dyed. Are both colors dye, or just the blue?

I've never seen anyone with eyes dark enough for the pupil to be invisible. I'd like that to either be changed or, if Debbie wears colored contacts, for that to be noted (as well as the reason for it).

What is Debbie's normal skin tone? I can't quite tell from the description.

What do you mean when you state that her eyes are slant? If she's received teasing about her mustache, why not pluck it?

Here: "her build" "her" should be capitalized like so: "Her"

This: "Has a birthmark on her left arm in the shape of an eye. She is ambidextrous, but usually writes with, anything nimble and small with her left and everything else with her right. Notable, she holds a gun with her left hand." needs a lot more elaboration. What sort of birthmark, and what do you mean in the shape of an eye? Why would Debbie follow such an unusual pattern of hand usage? How has it inconvenienced her over the years? When has she ever held a gun? Also, the whole thing should be rephrased, as right now the grammar is really questionable.

Why does Debbie force an Australian accent?

NSW should be written out (It's New South Wales, right?), because a lot of the site is not familiar with local abbreviations.

"Mother" should not be capitalized unless it starts a sentence.

Why did Debbie's grandparents dislike her mother? Are they racist? What do you mean when you say she was an immigrant; it sounds like Debbie's father was the one away from home when they met.

I'd like to know more about Debbie's relationship with her great uncle. How did she feel when he died?

Why did Debbie speak in two languages at first? It seems odd, unless her father spoke Tagalog, as otherwise her family would have been unable to understand her.

How did Debbie's tormentors slip entirely under the school's radar? Surely someone would've noticed something at least a bit wrong.

What was Debbie's father's business? Why was America a better fit for it?

What was Debbie's urge to demand the truth? I haven't seen that anywhere in her bio until it's mentioned that she suppresses it.

I'm confused about people having a hard time guessing Debbie's age. I can't think of many 25 year-olds who could be mistaken for twelve, or vise versa. I'd like to see her face described in much more detail in her appearance section, to help this make a bit more sense.

Why did Debbie refuse to wear makeup?

How does she manage to concentrate despite apparently not concentrating?

This: "She doesn’t like lying, and will sulk if she has too." is confusing. What exactly do you mean? Also, how does this mesh with Debbie lying about her harassment in Australia?

Has acting on impulse ever gotten her into trouble? How extreme is this tendency of hers?

A 70% average GPA is actually pretty bad in the US. It's a very low C, just above passing.

Why does Debbie want to be a criminologist?

In fact, what I want is a why for everything. Right now, Debbie's profile is a list of traits. I'd like to see the reasons behind them and how they all weave together to make a cohesive, realistic person. Every time something about Debbie is mentioned, I'd like the reason behind it explained, please.

Debbie's advantages and disadvantages should all be written in complete sentences, not list format (for example, "A fast sprinter and good at most sports." should be "Debbie is a fast sprinter and good at most sports."

I also would like Debbie to have some more substantial disadvantages. Swimming is very unlikely to come up in game, and her hands being worse at certain things comes nowhere close to balancing the huge advantage of ambidexterity.

Post when you've got Debbie edits, and we'll give her another look. Thanks!

General SOTF Discussion Thread?
So, I had this idea about a month back, but Kami's idea for a featured character system really brought it back to mind. The one thing the site doesn't seem to have right now is a thread for actually discussing the game. This is kind of baffling to me.

In past versions (V1-3) handlers discussed characters, plotlines, etc. all the time. They ran polls to determine popular winners, pairings, players, all kinds of crazy stuff. They gave affectionate nicknames to characters. Everyone got really involved in all the stories.

That seems to have been lost to some degree in V4. I think part of it is that there was a ton of stuff to read, way more than ever before. Part of it may also have been that discussions had shifted largely to chat, though the game doesn't actually get all that much attention there. I've been thinking, though, why not start a thread, here on the boards, to discuss the game?

The really obvious stumbling block is that we'd have to enforce common courtesy really hard. It's fine to dislike a character, even one otherwise universally acclaimed. It's fine to say why, as long as it's polite. It's not fine to mock or be offensive, and we'd have to guard against that pretty strictly.

But, well, what does everyone else think? Is a general SOTF discussion thread something that would help the board? Is there any interest in it?

Bringing Back COTM... With A Twist!
The idea sounds mostly cool, however, I'm seeing a few possible stumbling blocks.

1. (The minor thing):

Rolling by version and stuff throws the probability way off. In effect, it favors characters from smaller games over those from larger ones. As, say, Evo has the same odds of getting picked as V4, that means the chances for selecting one out of twenty-one characters and the chances of selecting one out of two hundred and seventy-six are the same. It's not even. The alternative is to throw all the characters into one huge list and just roll straight by character. That, however, favors certain versions (Evo will never get picked, then). So... the question is, what's more important here? Wide exposure to versions, or to characters? I don't have an answer; I just want to bring up the math.

2. (The more major thing):

There are some handlers who wish certain characters of theirs would be forgotten, and some characters who... are not going to get a lot of positive feedback. My worry is there's the potential for this to end up as open season on those who are "acceptable targets" (which we definitely do have). I guess this goes with the "Don't be a jerk" rule, but maybe just note that criticism, likes and dislikes, etc. should be phrased constructively and politely? Basically, if you roll, say, Blood Boy, even though he's not so popular these days, I feel like everyone should be encouraged to not get mean about stuff.

3. (The last thing):

I far prefer this as user-run than as staff-run. It's awesome to see the members getting involved in stuff, and I think this works better as an unofficial sort of thing.

That's basically all. You've also given me another idea, but I'll throw it up in a separate thread.

William Tyler Foley
Hi, Cheshire! Before we give Will a full critique, please make sure his profile matches the template exactly. Right now, he seems to be missing a few sections.

Post when the profile's all ready to go, and we'll give him a full critique. Thanks!

Introduction Thread
Hiya, DancesWithBugs, and welcome to SOTF! You've got plenty of time to register still; V5 is still in pregame at the moment. Character registrations are here.

Be sure to check out the chat, the Mini, and the New Handler's Guide. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or any other staffer (we have colored names). We hope you have a great time here!

Introduction Thread
Hi, Havoc! Welcome to SOTF! Did you happen to share a name with a past character?

Anyways, be sure to check out the chat, the Mini, and the New Handler's Guide. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or any other staffer (we have colored names). We hope you enjoy your time here!

Lydia Robbins
I quite appreciate the hardball critique. There's always something that needs fixing. ;)

Anyways, added what you asked for, plus some other stuff it made me think of.

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
Yeah, I'm with Namira and Rugga. Sounds like as close to a plan as we'll get, and, having this hashed out and with the claims on the table, I'm willing to throw in with the masses and VOTE: AuraMasterFox.

However this goes down, we're pretty much sure to nail one member of scum on it, and if we lose a lyncher? Well, small sacrifice and very fair trade in my book.

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread
EBWOP: Not saying give Inky a blank check. Just, uh... yeah, that's for sure a pretty good claim as far as not getting lynched on pain of dire repercussions goes. Best to wait and see if any counter claims step forward or... something. I'm a bit stumped here, to be honest. Wasn't really expecting something like that.

SOTF v4 Mafia, Game Thread

Okay, yeah, you have my attention. Uh, everyone, let's not vote for Inky, yeah? I'm down for plan zap Aura to test now, because if Aura's telling the truth, Inky is scum, but if Inky is telling the truth, really bad things probably do happen if we lynch him. ><