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Super Mario Bros Mafia: Game Thread

I'm going to ponder for a bit here before casting a final vote.

Super Mario Bros Mafia: Game Thread
VOTE: Decoy

Simply because he hasn't made a stand of any sort yet. If he votes, for someone or no lynch or whatever, I will gladly withdraw my vote.

Also, yeah, Moth's good at pushing for movement. It's not really suspicious behavior.

The Gully
((Lily is still Away, so I'm the whole team for the moment.))

HQ was talking with Shamino. It sounded like everything was working well. Of the kids that had been in the tunnel, all but Polanski has scattered. It seemed like their show of force had been sufficient. Now it was time for cleanup. Baines and Domino were heading around. They'd be in a good flanking position. They could catch the girl in a pincer, surround her and take her down. As long as they were careful not to catch each other in the crossfire, an overwhelming response seemed most prudent. She was a high school girl, sick and weak and wounded, but she had caused serious problems, and underestimating her would be a very bad mistake.

"Clear," Shamino called to the others.

"Right. Move in," Greynolds replied. Further orders were unnecessary. They already knew the formation, could adjust instantly to the absence of two team members.

Shamino and Richards took point. Shamino held his shotgun. It was the best choice in close quarters like these. A good hit from it would end things on the spot.

Greynolds and Cecily brought up the rear. It wasn't cowardice on their leader's part; his job was in all likelihood the most critical and dangerous. If the girl was planning an ambush, or if someone else came after them, Cecily was the one most likely to land in trouble, and most important to the repair mission. Guarding her was vital.

They started into the tunnels, moving fairly slowly. There weren't many places for the girl to run now.

Christina and Baines were heading down the side tunnel, Christina watching the blips on her GPS scatter. Things were going perfectly, that is, until she saw that one of the students was heading directly for them. It seemed like she was content to let them pass, though. This would be simple. No one fleeing would throw their life away.

And then, it turned out she was wrong.

The flashlight went flying by, blinding her for half a second with the afterimages. She automatically jerked her own light after it. This was probably going to get really ugly really quickly.

But Baines was already on top of things. He'd dropped into a defensive stance at the first sign of trouble. Christina couldn't see what he was doing, couldn't see if the student was going for him, but she could hear him clearly.

"I've got this. Get the girl."

Priority was the little rebel.

"Got it."

Christina took off at a jog, leaving Baines and the student, counting on him to watch her back. She glanced at her GPS.

There was a new dark spot.

The tunnels were deep enough under the mountain that relays were required to route the signals. They kept the collars functioning, and fed data to Christina's GPS. A blank spot meant something had happened to a relay. Polanski was knocking them out. It was a damn shame she'd never realize what she was doing was totally useless. She wasn't freeing students. She was turning random parts of the tunnels into surprise danger zones.

Christina pulled out her radio. Depending on how quickly Polanski worked, she might run out of chances to communicate really quickly.

"Got her position," she said. Shamino was on the other end. They all had their own personal units. No more mistakes like V3, when everyone on the island had managed to lose communication.

She related the information about the girl's location, then hurried on further. She'd get a good way down the tunnel, then circle back. They'd surround Polanski, cut her off.

End this.

and you may say to yourself, "My god, what have I done?"
Rhory's eyes were suddenly unreadable. Almost blank, but with just the hint of something familiar, at the edge of Kimberly's mind. There was no defeat. There was none of the fear Kimberly had hoped for. None of the pain she had anticipated. There was no struggle. No desperate attempt to throw her off. There was just Rhory, pinned under her, breathing and staring. She could feel the girl, could feel the life in her, the rise and fall of her chest, the warmth of her body. She realized that it would take a flick of the wrist to end all of that. One little movement of her hand, and it was game over for this girl, this tormentor. Kimberly now held all the power once again.

And then Rhory took it all away.

Two words: Do it.

Kimberly knew why Rhory's eyes had looked familiar.

"Come on. If you're going to shoot, shoot. Otherwise, let's fucking calm down and talk, but we're classmates, so I'm not having any of this POW bullshit Bridget's taking."

"Well come on, serial killer. Time to get a mark by your name, ward off some of the people who mean business."

Do it.

Do it.

Do it.

"Fuck you."

A smile. She let off with the knife, just the tiniest of bits.

"Why do you want to do this? What the fuck's not worth living for?"

Still the feeling of Rhory, the feeling of the sun beating on her back.

Is that your angle, Best Kill? Assisted suicide? Are you a coward?

But I'm not making the same mistake again.

Never again.

Super Mario Bros Mafia: Game Thread
Getting phases done quickly is not a good thing.

That said, neither is harping on things forever.


V4 BKA/BDA Voting March 2011
So, whoops, left a death and kill off due to forgetting about old extensions. Added Peter and Jessie. If you want to change votes, drop me a PM and it will be done.

Introduction Thread
Hiya! Feel free to bug me with any questions.

and you may say to yourself, "My god, what have I done?"
Rhory got even closer. She was getting worked up now, getting fucking pissed. Kimberly could feel it in the airflow against her ear, the tickling. Its savagery aside, it was almost pleasant. It carried memories from the past, and promises for the future. It told Kimberly she'd won. Whatever happened now, she'd fucked Rhory over good. Rhory was explaining her kill, all wrathful and indignant, just like Kimberly had asked.

And then she was slamming the barrel of the gun into Kimberly's neck. Kimberly coughed, her hand flinching towards her throat, her airway constricting for a couple of seconds as she struggled for breath.


Not like this.

Not fucking suffocation, dying flopping helplessly on the ground as the world slowly faded away.

Better something quick.

Better a gunshot.

Kimberly was able to force her lungs to start working again, to force her breath to come once more, though she was still in pain. Rhory was asking for specifics again. She was demanding details. She was threatening to kill Kimberly.

Strangely enough, this wasn't all that frightening. Everything else that had transpired here had been scary. It had carried elements of insanity and the unknown. Kimberly had been sure for a moment that she was about to star in their version's edition of that scene that had gone around last year, with a vase or something. She'd been terrified that Rhory was going to systematically humiliate and abuse her. But now, all she was up against was death, and she'd been dancing to that tune since she first caught a bullet from Kris' gun.

It was an unusual grace, but right now she'd take whatever she could.

And she finally stopped analyzing everything, stopped thinking, and just acted.

She coughed a couple of times. Forced her hand to her side. Didn't even bother trying to estimate Rhory's reflexes.

"Ah, Rhory," Kimberly monotoned. "I killed her—"

And she ducked backwards, playing the worst game of limbo in the world with the gun, at the same time smashing Rhory in the gut with the palm of her hand. She didn't hear any weapon discharge, and she didn't die, either, so she quickly bobbed back into position and rammed the other girl with her shoulder, knocking her over. Kimberly fell on top of her, hearing the gun clatter to the side, landing hard, the pain jolting up her bad arm, but she didn't give a fuck. Right now, she had exactly one focus, and it was already sliding out of her boot and into position at Rhory's throat.

"—with this knife. By the way, I fucking hate being called 'Kimmy'."

and you may say to yourself, "My god, what have I done?"
Apparently Rhory was all pissy because Kimberly was being a bitch. That was really too damn bad for her. At this point, Kimberly didn't feel inclined to stop being a bitch for anything short of the terminal cessation of her mental functions due to gunshot.

Rhory was fucking fidgety. Kept pacing, moving. The gun just kept fucking moving. That wasn't such a hot decision on Rhory's part. Sooner or later, it'd probably point away. Then Kimberly could smack it out of the way, smash Rhory in the face, and get the fuck clear. Only, problem was, that wasn't very practical since Rhory was playing around on Kimberly's left side, the side with her fucking crippled arm.

Just another mark on your tab, Kris.

There's going to be a fucking reckoning.

Rhory was asking her about her kill. Was invading her personal space again. Kimberly could feel her body temperature rising, could feel her shoulders and lower back starting to sweat. Dammit. This really wasn't what she wanted to talk about right now. She could lie, say she'd hooked Aisyln's guts out or something, but that wouldn't feel right. That'd be letting Rhory force her into a fib, and there was no way she was going to let that happen. She could tell the truth, and solidify her status as a totally helpless weakling. That felt like losing too, though.

She opted for the third solution.

"Nah, I didn't use the hook. Just like I know you didn't shoot your guy with that nice little rifle. So, how'd you do him, Best Kill?"

We can both can play your games, bitch, and I'm better at them.

And A Buck Short
Jennifer and Melissa sat on the roof of the groundskeeper's hut. Jennifer couldn't smell the death up here. She could almost pretend the air was clean again. She could almost pretend that the world was okay. She could find beauty in things. Even in the middle of all this madness, she could find something worth looking at.

The last time she'd stared at the sky, just sat and stared at the stars, she'd been home in Saint Paul, sitting in a park. She'd been out late, and she'd hoped her parents wouldn't be worried. She didn't have to ponder that now, though. Of course they were worried, worried or resigned. Maybe they'd accepted reality just like she had. Surely they knew she wasn't the sort of person who could fight through something like this. She wondered if they were talking again. Maybe this would get them together for a civil conversation, for the first time since the divorce. She tried to pretend she was standing there with them, crying and smiling and hugging them and Monica and Samuel. She wished she could play Tom Sawyer and sit in at her own funeral, see if maybe things were a bit better for her passing.

She blinked away her tears and leaned back, her arms crossed behind her head as a pillow.

Watch the sky.

Last time she'd watched the sky, she'd been interrupted by Dorothy Stoeber.

Dory was one of those annoying popular girls, the sort Jennifer always ended up friends with. Dory was apparently too cool for Senior trips or something. She was back home in Saint Paul.

Jennifer wondered what Dory was doing right this moment. She hoped that Dory was living her life to the fucking fullest, wringing everything possible out of her opportunities, never forgetting for an instant the fate she had barely dodged. She hoped Dory would think of her, maybe, just once. Didn't have to be now. Just someday down the line.

Of course, that was the happy side of her thoughts.

Watch the sky.

Last time she'd watched the sky, she'd been interrupted by Ben Powell.

Ben was that Australian boy, well, one of a few at Bayview. He was nice and funny and smiled. He didn't get along so well with Dory. He'd been friends with Reiko's whole clique. He'd fenced.

Jennifer didn't wonder what Ben was doing. She knew. He was decomposing, bloating and breaking down as bacteria and insects and various scavengers consumed his body. He was about twenty feet out from her, and perhaps a dozen below.

He was just a thing now, maybe.

That wasn't so easy to believe at the moment.

She blinked away her tears, but there were always more.

The wind ruffled her skirt, ran chilly fingers through her hair, which had fallen a bit flat in the past week, what with her not having any time to style it.

She breathed out slowly, just enjoying how it felt to deeply exhale. Breathing was nice. Pity she wouldn't get to do that much more of it.

V4 BKA/BDA Voting March 2011
Here's this month's BKA/BDA. If you weren't in by the deadline, or by your extension deadline, you've been disqualified. I'm very sorry, but we've been pretty clear and given a running deadline countdown, so we really can't compromise. If there's a mistake, drop a staffer a PM.

This will run through whenever on the 1st the announcement goes up (or later, if there is any delay).

Anyone with an extension is getting bumped to next month's contest so that we stay on schedule.

That said, here you go:

Best Kill:
Ericka Bradley for killing Jamie Li
Liam Brooks for killing Vivien Morin
Alex White for killing WIlliam Hearst and Rena Peters
Ericka Bradley for killing Remy Kim
Alice Boucher for killing Sarah Atwell
George Leidman for killing Gloria Benson
Nick Reid for killing Marty Lovett
Brendan Wallace for killing Steven Hunt
Naoko Raidon for killing Roland Harte
Janet Binachi for killing David Matson
George Leidman for killing Dustin Royal
Ilario Fiametta for killing Kevin Warick
Peter Siu for killing Jessie Anderson

Best Death:
Dr. Nic for the death of William Hearst
Casey for the death of Rena Peters
Zabriel for the death of Stacy Hart
Kami for the death of Remy Kim
Fanatic for the death of Sarah Atwell
Rattlesnake for the death of Kari Nichols
Fior for the death of Marty Lovett
Hollyquin for the death of Vivien Morin
Nadir for the death of Steven Hunt
Little Boy for the death of Roland Harte
nowave for the death of David Matson
Stark for the death of RJ Lowe
faceinabook for the death of Winsome Clark
Clubelle for the death of Jessie Anderson
SOTF_Help for the death of Dustin Royal

Super Mario Bros Mafia: Game Thread
Oh, my worry isn't "Why not?", it's that he pushed someone to three votes on that reasoning that early in the joke voting stage. Drop was 25% of the way to being lynched after Fior's vote, and it was a good faux-innocent tone to take while at the same time getting a bandwagon rolling.

Super Mario Bros Mafia: Game Thread
Mar 28 2011, 11:44 AM
Aaaaahhhh Toben. Always trying to drum up suspicion and intrigue. Mind if I call your bluff here? :3
Go right ahead. I do believe my suspicions here are justified, following as they do from an odd choice in "random" votes. I'd love to hear the rationale behind Fior's choice.

Super Mario Bros Mafia: Game Thread
Vote: Fior because "Why not?" becomes sketchier when you're the third person thinking that way.

and you may say to yourself, "My god, what have I done?"
Rhory just had to keep fucking around with the gun while she talked. It was absolutely the most distracting thing possible, especially because it hadn't warmed up one fucking bit. It was inching up Kimberly's stomach, edging her shirt and hoodie up. She listened, despite the fear and anger this provoked, trying to assess and analyze, trying to figure out if Rhory was telling the truth. Trying to play games to distract herself from the degree to which she was at this girl's mercy.

Fuck you, Rhory. We'll have words before this is through.

Suddenly, Rhory stopped playing with the gun, stopped lifting her shirt. It was a damn good thing, too. She was a tease, kept pushing Kimberly right to the edge of her patience, right to the point where she'd let her rage beat out her self interest and rationality. No, though, that was bad. She was on the wrong end of a shotgun or something. It would take exactly one twitch of the finger to kill her. Rhory didn't want her dead, but she wouldn't stand for getting jumped, either.

And Rhory asked if she could ask a question, and Kimberly just had to go and fucking antagonize her.

"I guess you just did, Best Kill. Guess you don't really give a fuck about permission anyways, so it doesn't mean jack shit if I give my consent."

Kimberly made sure to give her a nice little smile with that one. If she was gonna die without swinging at her foe, might as well be for being insolent. Might as well be before things got worse. And if Rhory wasn't gonna be goaded, well... Kimberly guessed they were both in for the long haul here.

March Mid-Month Rolls
Deaths without extensions are now late.

March Mid-Month Rolls
Forty-seven minutes for deaths, unless you have requested an extension with a valid reason.

I get it as well. Since I get those things everywhere, I assumed it just me. But yeah, no bad effects.

No More Heroes Mafia: Fallout Thread
Yeah, night one Taga protected me, resulting in my targeter getting killed instead, I believe.

Introduction Thread
Hiya Lupine! My normal spiel's already been given, so I'll just say feel free to drop me a PM if you've got any questions.