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Awesome shots! You guys did a great job with this. The wound makeup looks quite realistic.

You Abbreviate Survival of the Fittest As...
I use SOTF. I think I do this because it saw it done that way elsewhere, maybe the wiki.

V3's Winner Will Be...
I like James Brown a lot, and would like to see him win. Granted, I haven't read through all the survivors stories yet, so my opinion may change, but for the moment I'm rooting for James.

A Blank Paper and a Blank Mind
Everett Taylor sat in his chair, staring at the front of the classroom. He was uncomfortable; the desks were designed for people thinner than he was. He was also bored. Mrs. Bishop was late, again.

Everett sighed, and fidgeted with his tie. He was eager for class to start. Another day of class meant another opportunity to do well, another chance to get good grades and bolster his college resume. Another chance to make his parents proud.

Everett looked over the past night's homework again. He had spent an hour and a half on the grammar problems, going over them again and again, striving for perfection. Making a mistake on a basic homework assignment would be a sign of unforgivable laziness.

He tried to focus on the paper in front of him, but couldn't. It was a little bit hot in the room, at least for Everett, who was, as always, wearing a formal suit. It had its drawbacks from time to time, but he was sure it made a good impression on his teachers, who he would need to write his letters of recommendation for his college applications.

Everett tugged at his tie again, and looked around the room. Everyone was here, except some slackers who didn't respect school. Everett didn't really count them as part of the class; it wasn't like they added anything.

Where was Mrs. Bishop?

"I honestly just like helping people with their school work since its one of the few things I'm really good at. But if you don't mind making me some clothes...I think that would be amazing, really," Melissa said.

Jennifer smiled. She would definitely make something for Melissa. It was so nice having a friend who didn't ask anything of her.

Melissa's cell phone rang, and Jennifer heard a loud voice coming through it. She couldn't tell what was being said, but it sounded nasty. Melissa apologized to the person on the other end of the line, apparently her dad.

Jennifer had a sinking feeling that she had gotten Melissa into trouble somehow. It was just her luck. I finally meet someone nice, and I manage to get them into trouble for being nice to me. What's wrong with people? They can be so fucking unfair!

Melissa looked at Jennifer and said, "My...parents really want me to get home right now. Sorry...Oh right, I should give you my cell phone number. It's 635-4772. Call me later, okay?"

"You can count on it," Jennifer said, "And I will make you something. And, I... I'm sorry if I got you in trouble."

As Melissa walked away, Jennifer smiled somewhat sadly. Conflict within families was something Jennifer understood. Silently, she wished Melissa the best of luck.

Then Jennifer turned and started back towards her home. It wasn't that late, but she didn't have anything else to do. Even with its sudden ending, her meeting with Melissa had helped her feel better than any solitary walk ever could have.

(Jennifer Perez continued in Lunch Line)

Pre-Game Senior Prank
In our school, some kids released forty chickens, each wearing a small jersey patterned after the school's. I think the kids got caught and arrested for animal abandonment, or something.

A lot of senior pranks in my area involved animals, for some reason. They are pretty illegal, though.

Melissa offered to help Jennifer with her schoolwork, calling her a friend. Then, she seemed to become some what self conscious, asking Jennifer if she wanted to be friends, though she regained some of her humor, saying, "So how about it? We can be partners of justice, fighting against the cruelties inflicted on us by schoolwork and evil tests."

"I'd love to," Jennifer responded, grinning broadly. Melissa would be a great friend. She was so much more mature than the underclassmen.

"We can go out on patrol sometime. And maybe you can, help me vanquish my history teacher by, um, actually passing her class this year, and in return, I can make you some clothes! Maybe I can even help you make that China Woman costume!"

Jennifer was quickly becoming excited. Today had gone from boring and tiring to great by pure chance. She was so used to doing things for her friends, who always seemed to take, and here Melissa had offered to help her with strings attached. She was so much nicer than anyone Jennifer had met in a long while.

Jennifer laughed along with Melissa. It was so nice to find someone whose sense of humor was actually good.

"We should fight crime together some time," Jennifer said in a stage whisper, "maybe make a team or something. I wonder how many other superheroes there are at Bayview. I think I know some villains we could take on, too. I bet the math teachers are really some sort of evil cult, bent on world domination through excessive homework."

Jennifer was having a great time. Her day had become so much better since finding Melissa.

"And don't get me started on the history teachers," she continued, "I'm stuck in eleventh grade history again, but just because the teacher has an evil ploy to sap my will and make me her dark apprentice. She wants me to help her conquer the world with references to the, um, Franco-Russian War or whatever.

"Maybe she can be your nemesis. You control time, and she's a fossil who's stuck in the past."

Melissa complimented Jennifer's clothes, and then commented about potentially purchasing something from her. Jennifer was floored. She felt honored by Melissa's compliment.

Melissa then listed her impressive array of creative hobbies. Jennifer smiled and nodded, wondering how a person could possibly do so much. She wasn't surprised when Melissa commented that she didn't have much free time.

"So what about you, Jennifer?" Melisa asked, "Anything else besides making clothes? Do you have anything fun or interesting? Maybe you're a caped crusader in the night, ridding St. Paul of evil."

"Um, no capes," Jennifer said, chuckling a little at Melissa's joke, "I hang out with some of my friends a lot. Most of them are younger than me, um, sophomores and stuff, and they're usually fun to be around, but they can be so immature.

"I go to movies sometimes too, and sports events, you know, hockey and stuff. It's just nice to be around people. Of course, here I was walking around alone. I guess I'm a little bipolar about spending time with people."

Jennifer smiled, and then added, "Or maybe that's just my excuse. Maybe my alter ego is a huge extrovert, so people assume I'm just sleeping when I'm really patrolling the streets. Maybe I was lying earlier, and I really am some sort of secret superhero."

Jennifer was starting to feel comfortable with Melissa, at least enough to joke around with her. She seemed like a very nice girl. Jennifer found it quite refreshing to have a one-on-one conversation with someone. There was no high school drama here, no arguments to resolve. Just a nice girl out for a walk.

"Of course," Jennifer added deciding to carry the joke a little further, "you're probably the one with super powers, being able to balance all those hobbies and school. Can you slow time down or something?"

"Oh yeah...if you don't mind me asking, what brings you out here? Same reason as me?" Melissa asked, following quickly with, "Although perhaps we should get out of the middle of the street first, huh?" and a chuckle.

"Oh, yeah, probably," Jennifer replied, following Melissa to the wall of the cinema. Jennifer followed Melissa's lead, and set her pack down. Melissa was smiling, which was nice. It made Jennifer feel far more comfortable, and less like she had defied some sort of taboo. Smiling was something she could understand.

"I pretty much walk around to, um, calm down too," Jennifer said, "I was at the mall earlier, um looking at clothes, seeing if there was anything cool that I could replicate. I make clothes," Jennifer said.

Why did I just do that? she thought I meet someone, and the first thing I do is turn the discussion to me.

Jennifer was wearing a reddish-brown ankle-length skirt and a red t-shirt, neither of which was too loud. She hoped they looked alright, and wished she hadn't mentioned that she made clothing.

"What do you do for fun?" Jennifer asked Melissa, "I mean, besides walking around and stuff."

The girl looked irritated for a split second, and Jennifer cringed.

Oh, great, I've screwed up someone else's day. Brilliant.

Then she seemed to relax somewhat. Jennifer was relieved. She hated conflict, and tried her hardest never to stir it up.

The girl introduced herself as Melissa. Jennifer tried to file her name away, hoping that she'd be able to remember it. It was always really embarrassing when she forgot acquaintances' names.

"Uh...do you go to Bayview Secondary?" Melissa asked, "If so, then that's probably where you've seen me."

Jennifer breathed a sigh of relief. She'd been right about seeing Melissa after all.

"Yeah, I'm at Bayview. Um, what brings you out here tonight?" Jennifer said. Now that she'd introduced herself, she found herself floundering a little for things to talk about. Younger students were so much easier to deal with. They'd just start spewing random thoughts, and Jennifer could chime in when she found something she could relate to.

(Jennifer Perez continued from Window Shopping)

Jennifer was walking around town, looking for ways to avoid going home. She was enjoying her time out, and her mom wouldn't care. Jennifer followed rules far too closely to get into any real trouble.

In her wanderings, she realized she had ended up outside the Sunset Cinema. Many of Jennifer's classmates loved going there. They liked keeping up with the latest works of their favorite actors, and living vicariously through the stories told on the screen. Jennifer went along, sometimes, but not because she had any great love for movies.

Movies affected Jennifer rather strongly. She hated their melodrama, their unrealistic plots and situations. She felt like a horrible voyeur, sitting in on other people's drama. She had enough drama in the real world. Why would she want to go out of her way to share other people's?

Of course, that was exactly what she did when she got into the middle of her friends arguments.

That's different, though, Jennifer thought, I'm helping them. I'm doing something good for my friends, just like I would want them to do for me.

Jennifer saw another girl near the cinema, looking at it. She thought she recognized the girl from school, but couldn't remember her name. The girl sidestepped a rude kid who almost walked into her.

Jennifer cringed. What was wrong with people? Why was everyone so self centered? Why didn't people ever come out of their own little worlds?

She realized that she had stopped walking as she looked at the cinema, and was standing in the sidewalk, impeding the flow of traffic. She blushed at her own hypocrisy. Here she was, blaming other people for being caught up with themselves, while she stared at some girl and blocked people's ways.

And how is it that I don't know her name? We're seniors. We've been at the same school for four years. What the hell is wrong with me?

Jennifer knew plenty of underclassmen. She really had no excuse for not knowing this girl.

She cautiously walked up to her, and said, "Um... Hi. I'm Jennifer. I think I've seen you around school a few times, and, um... this is embarrassing, but, I was wondering what your name is."

She instantly regretted speaking. It would be just her luck if this girl was from some other high school across town or something. Jennifer had probably just made a huge fool of herself.

V4 Moderators
Congratulations everyone! I'm sure you'll all do wonderful jobs!

Happy birthday! Add me to the "thought you were older" crowd. Anyways, enjoy yourself!

Window Shopping
Jennifer Perez was walking throughout the Promenade's upper level, wandering randomly through department stores, looking at clothes. There were so many many designs, some different from everything she had seen before. Fashion changed so quickly it was impossible to keep up with without being a millionaire.

Jennifer didn't even try to keep up with the current styles. Instead, she made her own. She was looking at the new clothes, trying to find things she liked enough to replicate.

Jennifer was wearing a bright red ankle-length skirt, and an orange tanktop, both of which she had made herself. Jennifer sewed all her own clothing, sometimes following patterns she bought, sometimes making her own. She had started sewing because it gave her something to do when her parents were arguing. Her mother's sewing machine was old and loud, and it could muffle anything short of yelling with its rhythmic clattering.

Jennifer's parents were divorced now; her father didn't even live in Minnesota. Still, her friends found more to bicker about than her parents ever had, and it fell to Jennifer to work things out for them. Sewing, and walking around searching for ideas, formed her escape.

She walked into Macy's, and walked to a display of frilly skirts. They were in dark colors, but with a little work, Jennifer thought she could make something similar, only not so dreary. Not so boring. Not so funereal.

Jennifer continued looking through the store for about half an hour, but then she started to lose interest. She wasn't moving enough, and there was nothing too interesting in the store. Besides, by the time she was ready to work on her next project, the "in" fashions would probably have changed somewhat, and there would be more new things to see.

Jennifer wandered out of the store and the mall, into the open air.

(Jennifer continued in Phantasmagoria)

((OOC: Sorry for starting a thread and then ditching it. No one turned up over a week, so I figured I might as well move Jennifer on. Someone can lock this if they want. I don't know what standard procedure is.))

V4 Character Relationships
Hey everyone! I need some relationships for my characters. Feel free to PM me.

Aaron Hughes: A geek and nonconformist with a superiority complex. He needs some friends who would put up with him being a bit overbearing, and who could handle him without hurting his feelings. Also, maybe a couple people he dislikes.

Jennifer Perez: A friendly peacemaker who needs to help people work out issues. She needs a couple of friends to mediate for and possibly be pushed around by/conform to.

Everett Taylor: An academically obsessed boy with poor self-esteem. Needs academically focused friends to study with.


V4 Teams, Clubs, and Cliques
It would be great if someone could add Jennifer Perez to Drama Club, and Everett Taylor to Academic Decathlon, Math Club, and Biology Club.


Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Happy Saint Patrick's Day! I'm not old enough to drink, but today's the one day I don't get weird looks for wearing lime green Hawaiian shirts.

Happy birthday!

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Hello everyone!