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One Night Ultimate Mafia Fallout Thread
I honestly feel like you got dealt a really rough hand there in part because of a lot of bad luck and coincidences. If I hadn't randomly swapped the other scum member a town role, or if there'd been a bit more time for paranoia to play out, I think things could've gone a lot better for you. It was just sort of a confluence of a normally terrible choice happening to land in a decent place and of the site struggling a bit with how to approach activity/the deadlines.

That said, I'd totally love to play one of these again. I like how speedy they are.

One Night Ultimate Mafia Fallout Thread
I liked it a lot. Of course, it's worth noting that a. I made a really silly mistake due to misunderstanding how the game worked and b. I lied a lot after because of that. The end of the game was a pretty tense moment of WIFOM from my point of view, because I thought that it had become pretty clear what I'd done (Penguin laid out all the possibilities and noted I should claim for anything but a traitor swap, but I hemmed and hawed to try to obfuscate that a little).

With Prim swapped to traitor, things became very tricky because she had to guess if the rest of scum would figure it out or not. If they did, they could drag her back to their side (and thus she should lie and point the finger at a townie), but if they did not she had to actually out them. I was trying to keep that conundrum from becoming apparent, both so that Prim would take a town-favorable course of action and so that she wouldn't get screwed by eating a scum vote and being forced onto the losing team anyways.

<DEMO COMPLETE> Possible TV2 Fangame Opt-In/Help Recruiting
A couple quick notes here:

1. It's been almost a week, so if you'd like to put forth your characters and have not yet or would like to chat about the portrayal of your characters and have not yet, please drop me a line ASAP. As mentioned, I can probably add characters beyond the week deadline but most likely they'll be in increasingly minor/sidelined roles, because I'm moving into fairly serious outlining of major game events.

2. The site I have the demo hosted on may not allow me to reupload it after it lapses in a couple days, as it gave me some grief when I tried to post a bugfixed version a couple days ago. I don't plan for the demo to be offline for long, but it may go down for a day or two while I investigate hosting options. If you want it and it's not online at the moment, PM me an email address to send it to and I can just email it to you directly.

One Night Ultimate Mafia Game Thread
Sounds like a plan to me.

Also, in case people need a tl:dr

Prim is town and outed Poly as scum. Please remember to vote for Poly. Treat any last-second revelations or claims otherwise with extreme skepticism, as all info thus far checks out pretty well.

Smoke On Her Face
"That's great," BB said, abandoning her objections about the song's provenance in the face of overwhelming apathy towards musical history. "That sounds like a really great idea. I'll go get that water."

Then she darted up the stairs and out of sight of everything going on in the practice room. She'd done her level best to avert, divert, and subvert the brewing conflict, so now all that there was really left to do was get Coleen her water and hope she blew the song out of the park. It wasn't like BB even had that much reason to think Coleen was going to be excellent. Vanessa's vocals weren't amazing—that much was pretty evident to most anyone who listened to Peyote Coyote—but more pertinently the damage from bringing a newcomer on board had already been done so now it was best to hope for some payoff.

So BB fetched a glass from the cupboard and filled it up with water from a pitcher in the fridge and drank it all down, then rinsed it out and got a new glass and filled that up for Coleen. This all took a little while but she thought it was probably best to stall just a bit because it had sort of looked like Coleen didn't actually know Smoke on the Water. This way, the new girl at least had time to review it. Also, okay, BB was sort of trying to distance herself from some of the stress and conflict going on down below.

But the time came, so she made her way back down the stairs.

"Here's your water," she said, holding it out towards Coleen while glancing around at everyone else. She really hoped this was going to turn out well.

The Second Mistake
BB didn't tell Jeremy that while you might not be able to afford a stripper, you could get at least a bit of sort-of-okay weed for fifty bucks, but she thought it. Instead she said, "Yeah, there's a lot of cool free stuff online.

"Sometimes stuff's worth spending money for, though," she added, holding up her CD. "The good stuff, you know. Food, music, vacations. Gifts for people. Strippers valued higher than fifty bucks."

And then she took the plunge. She really hoped she wouldn't regret this.

"Some of those silly high school memory deals too, like prom and stuff. And, you know, that Sadie Hawkins thing in a couple days. Only I, um, don't exactly have anyone to go with right now. So I was wondering maybe if you're in the same situation. I mean it's not exactly piano-leaning..."

She'd had some more thoughts and caveats and second-guessing, but it seemed wise to maybe hold off on that for the moment. She'd taken the plunge, so now it was time to wait, and to hope that she hadn't made an awful mistake, and also that the rest of the band wouldn't give her tons of shit about this.

<DEMO COMPLETE> Possible TV2 Fangame Opt-In/Help Recruiting
Thanks for the support! <3

I'd love to have you involved in any way you care to be.

One Night Ultimate Mafia Game Thread
P.S. Can you tell us which of the scum roles you had? It'll help with the targeting.

Also, just to clarify (and this may be a surprise), I totally wasn't lying about swapping Prim a town role, so let's not lynch her please.

One Night Ultimate Mafia Game Thread
Yeah, that sounds like a plan to me.

One Night Ultimate Mafia Game Thread
EBWOP for grammar: *You do not

Also I need to sleep here so will be unable to check in for ~8-12 hours depending on morning activities.

One Night Ultimate Mafia Game Thread
Feb 23 2016, 06:54 AM
Mod, don't I get a PM confirming if I got swapped?
You are not. See this post (relevant bit excerpted below):
Yeah, role changes are not informed, which is why the goal of this game is to find out what role you currently are.

One Night Ultimate Mafia Game Thread
Yeah. Not much to say here beyond what I said. Nobody vote for Prim. Prim, on the off chance you were the fool, it's also in your best interests to share that since, again, you're town now and that'll help narrow things down so we can hit scum with the lynch.

One Night Ultimate Mafia Game Thread
...alright. Prim, here's the deal. You're town now. I swapped you a town role last night. I don't want to say more because doing so will actually make things worse for both of us. If you were scum before, you can win by spilling on who the rest of the mafia was so we can lynch one of them. You can tell I'm telling the truth because normally I'd be all over the sort of statement you just made and using it to bolster my case, but honestly I was mostly reaction testing from all parties because I didn't want to tip my hand until I was pretty sure you had useful info.

One Night Ultimate Mafia Game Thread
Might you be willing to claim your role?

One Night Ultimate Mafia Game Thread
Yugi's been slightly more involved and had the weird misunderstanding. That could be scum jumping the gun, but feels a bit strange for me as that.

<DEMO COMPLETE> Possible TV2 Fangame Opt-In/Help Recruiting
Thanks to Espi for instantly finding a soft-lock I missed. It's been fixed. If you downloaded before I posted this, you have a build that will soft lock if you walk down when you first gain movement controls. You may want to download the new version which does not do that. Everyone else: the link leads to the new version now.

<DEMO COMPLETE> Possible TV2 Fangame Opt-In/Help Recruiting
Hey, everyone. It's been almost a year since I posted here. For the bulk of that time, very little got done on this project. RL took up most of my focus, and I lacked the attention or energy to do any work on this.

That said, I have an announcement to make:

Posted Image

Posted Image

The game is still a long ways from done, but you can download the demo here.

You'll need to extract the .rar file to play, but it should just run after that (open the game folder and click on "Game." to make it go). Also, some credits for the demo build: the loading screen art is my mangling of Frogue's amazing art of Michael, and the music is by the super talented and wonderful RC.

The demo covers the prologue of the game. It roughly replaces pregame/sandbox as an introduction to some of the characters and the setting. As mentioned somewhere earlier in this thread, I've chosen Michael Robinson as the perspective character for the game. As such, the prologue covers a snippet of pre-SOTF time in Whittree, Oklahoma.

All Whittree characters I've been approved to use are featured in the prologue, to greater or lesser degrees. The prologue lays out the rough style I intend to use for the whole game: largely decision-based, with some level of branching paths leading in many cases to different results.

When it comes to overall game design, I'm trying to scale my ambitions to a reasonable level. As such, the game will allow you to play through and interact with the TV2 game, but it's not going to give you total freedom at all times. I hope to offer multiple choices for almost every interaction, but their results may end up the same in some circumstances. Characters will be killable, but it won't be all characters and it won't be every time you meet them. I hope to achieve a satisfying level of complexity without driving myself insane. Think Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book instead of, say, Morrowind.

In the interests of open communication, the prologue is basically the sum total of the completed work thus far. It took quite a while—I spent most of my free time over a week writing the script and implementing it in the engine. This means the overall game completion will not be speedy. If it's done in six months, it will be a miracle by any measure. It may take years. It may never be completed. RL has a way of getting in the way of things, and this isn't the center of my life. I do want to keep expectations low.

That said, I have narrowed down the arena to a manageable number of areas to be featured, and I have the first phase of the game summarized and planned. I expect the game to include a prologue, seven phases on the resort, and then maybe an epilogue (or ten :P).

A few thoughts:

If you've expressed interest in helping in some fashion, I'd still love to work with you! When I was swamped, I lost track of a lot of things. I've contacted a handful of people since, but I don't think I've gotten to everyone. If I missed you, I swear it's not personal and if you still have any interest in participating I'd love to have you on board in some capacity.

If you are a TV2 handler whose character is featured and something really bugs you about the way I've treated them thus far, this is your one and only chance to get in feedback and help me right things (or to withdraw usage permission, though I'd much rather work with you to make sure everything's satisfactory). I'm making choices, cuts, etc. to fit the overall story and the game medium, but I do want to try to leave folks satisfied. Please drop me a line within a week if you want to address concerns.

If you are a TV2 handler who did not offer your character for usage, but now you would like to, there is absolutely 100% still room. The prologue itself has two open desks still (hidden through crafty camera angles at one point) and adding another row is trivially easy. And that's not even touching the Davison characters, who haven't turned up yet! Because I only have the first phase sketched out, and because even that has not progressed to scripting, it's really easy to fit characters in. Let's say there's a soft one week deadline for this, too; characters can still possibly be added afterwards, but are likely to be shunted into pretty minimal roles or get their stories and arcs tweaked more than they otherwise might. I make no guarantees your character will show up at all if you ask after a week from now.

A character's rough level of screen time/importance is quite likely to roughly mirror what they had in the actual TV2 game. There are absolutely some exceptions, but don't expect too hugely much variation, I guess is what I'm saying. There are a number of reasons for this. It's harder to stay true to a character's concept and feel while fabricating events for them forty deaths after where they kicked it in the actual game. Also, any major branch carries potential ramifications for the entire game from that point forwards, which means if there are multiple potential fates for each character in each phase that echo through each other event, that leaves me with something like a hundred variations for absolutely everything that happens in the game, which again goes back to the "this is not my life and I'm not going insane over it" side of things. I'm mostly trying to keep expectations reasonable with all these caveats.

One feature is not currently and may never be implemented: portraits during dialogue, which I addressed a bit in past comments. I'm sort of torn on it. Basically, the issue is as such: there are a lot of characters featured in the game. We've got over fifty students, plus up to two dozen supporting cast members (currently about ten, with a lot of potential for more to crop up near the end of the project/in epilogues). I might look into using Facemaker to create portraits, since I think having portraits does look better and makes certain dialogue exchanges easier to follow. I need to figure out what the usage permissions for Facemaker are, though. There's also a portrait maker in a different RPG Maker engine, and I do have access to that. I haven't played with it much, but it could also work.

If someone wanted to create art, I'd be super grateful, but there are some catches I feel obligated to mention. Basically, I feel like the game's aesthetic will be best served by being consistent, so I'd really want all portraits done in the same style/by the same person. This, again, runs into the issue that there are like 60-70 characters with speaking roles in this game, which I imagine is a ridiculous amount of work, even if we're talking fairly small square portraits. I'd also want to make sure everything looks decent, so at the very least solid scans would be necessary. Finally, there's zero guarantee this game gets completed to any degree further than where it's at right now, so there could be no payoff for the aforementioned massive effort. If you're interested anyways, PM me and we can talk, but I'm all sorts of iffy here just because of the amount of work and my own track record of being inconsistent.

I think that's the rough overview of where everything is. I'd also love any feedback, comments, things you liked, things you didn't, etc. I hope I'll be able to finish this and make it something cool!

There was at least one other really important thing I wanted to discuss, but I can't remember, so stay tuned. P.S. Seth, check your PMs! I promised RC I'd send you something related to this.

Introduction Thread
Heya, and welcome to SOTF! We've chatted a bit by PM, so I'm just extending an official greeting here! :)

One Night Ultimate Mafia Game Thread
Makes sense to me.

I think we should specifically think about voting Prim out if no information is forthcoming. Prim is less commonly quiet than Imehal and strikes me as most likely to struggle with what to fake claim.

One Night Ultimate Mafia Game Thread
Okay, basically my issue is that if I claim who or what I swapped it'll narrow the options down a good bit. I'd ideally like to hear claims from the no-action crew first, because that'll help me figure out what I should or should not say.