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Angelica Miller
Hiya, Rocky! Before we give Angelica a full critique, please be sure her profile adheres exactly to the template. Specifically, please add spaces between the headers and the stuff after them (most are fine, but there's an issue with Name, School, Hobbies and Interests, Appearance, and Biography). Post when you've got that done, and we'll give Angelica a full critique. Thanks!

No One Talks About It
((Steven Salazar continued from Pretend This Thread Title is a Witty Lyrical Reference))

Steven stepped into the journalism room, took one look around, and nearly walked back out.

It was clear, at a glance, that things had gone wrong in a hurry. There was Mara, standing off to the side. There were Claire and Jack, standing up. There was Zubin, the only seated person in the room. Everyone looked angry and confused, and Steven had heard some really harsh tones as he'd approached the room. The tape recorder in his pocket was already running. It wasn't exactly unusual for tensions to run high when it came to Aurora's journalism department; it was a popular program filled with strong personalities and ideas. Half the members were nice enough people but woefully deficient in the art of prose. Steven had to skip articles now and then to keep from rolling his eyes, and he'd said this a time or two. The staff knew how not to take stuff personally, or at least the ones worth their positions did.

So, he was expecting an editor to be reaming someone out for messing up there/their again, or maybe for some of the reporters to be disagreeing on how to spin a story. It looked, however, like this was a little bit more personal than that.

Zubin was probably the source of the chaos, since he was very definitely not a member of the newspaper crew. Steven didn't begrudge him that; Zubin had his fingers in every other pie around school, between his failed bid at class president and his leadership of several teams and clubs. It wasn't unheard of for students to spill into the journalism room during quieter times of day, especially if the computer lab was full or if, like Zubin, they were eating. There weren't usually people around the journalism room to scold people for risking getting food in the keyboards, and as long as the interlopers weren't disrupting actual newspaper business, Steven didn't mind their presence.

That was not a universal point of view. He really, really hoped things weren't about to come to blows. There'd been too much of that of late. All the computers were off, which wasn't a good sign. He had a few theories as to what might've happened, but that was less important than preventing this from spiraling into total chaos. The newspaper room was a room for professional behavior. It was dead fucking serious business, and Steven did have some stuff to work on. More than that, the last thing he wanted was for his compatriots to get a grudge going. That would make the rest of the year a real nightmare. Journalists never forgot wrongs, and while they could handle disagreements when it came to their work, clashes of personality were a little more likely to hurt feelings long-term.

"Someone's gonna have to run me through the Five Ws, 'cause it looks like we're all set to make the headlines, huh?" he said. "I thought I was the only one who liked being a part of the news. Slow week?"

Introduction Thread
Hiya, backslash, and welcome to SOTF!

You should check out the chat, the Mini, and the New Handler's Guide. If you've got any questions, feel free to PM me or any other staffer (we have colored names). We hope you enjoy it here, and find the nice things warranted. :)

Georgia "Geo" Watson
Hiya, Delroy! Before we give Geo a full critique, please be sure her profile matches the template. Specifically, please bold the stuff that needs to be bolded.

Post when you've got that done, and we'll give her a full critique. Thanks!

Kathryn Nguyen
Hiya, Arscapi!

Kathryn's profile looks pretty good, but she is DENIED pending a bit of editing.

First off, I'd really like to see her have at least one more distinct hobby, just to round her out a bit more.

I'd like to know what Kathryn was wearing on the day of the abduction, just so handlers can get a good initial picture of her by reading her profile.

We're trying to phase out quotation marks in profiles, as mentioned here, so ' “her” plate' and “work the inside” should be rephrased somehow to remove the necessity for them.

Does maintaining high grades take a lot of effort for Kathryn? Are there any classes that are harder or more fun for her than the rest?

"Kathryn was the one person in the house who did not have to shares a room." should be "Kathryn was the one person in the house who did not have to share a room."

I'd like a little more information on Kathryn's relationships with each of her family members, as they're not super detailed right now (except her great-grandmother and older brother, who we've got plenty of detail on).

"All of softball and TV posters that adorned her room had to come down" should be "All of the softball and TV posters that adorned her room had to come down"

"finding fault with just about all aspects of Kathryn’s likes, and behaviors." should be "finding fault with just about all aspects of Kathryn’s likes and behaviors."

"He dragged her to see “Galaxy Quest” when she was five and trying to get her involved in the few TV shows that were on." should be "He dragged her to see “Galaxy Quest” when she was five and tried to get her involved in the few TV shows that were on."

I'd like to see a bit more in the way of disadvantages for Kathryn. What sorts of superstitions does she hold, and how could they and her family ties mess her up? I'd also like to see at least one more thing added as a disadvantage. Maybe something to do with her tendency to let anger get the better of her?

Also, if Kathryn's smarter than most (which seems to be implied by her grades), that could probably make a good advantage.

Post when you've got Kathryn edited, and we'll give her another look. Thanks!

Owen Veveris
This character biography has had no alterations for more than two weeks and has been put in the abandoned characters forum. This profile is eligible for resubmission by the handler upon alterations requested from the staff.

Rattle Reads SotF In General
Thanks a ton for the comments and breakdown! It's really cool to get thoughts. For the record, I think all the errors you picked up are totally goof-ups. ><

V4 Read-A-Thon: The Reboot
Here you go!


Slamexo: Maxwell Crowe (V4 Start)

V4 Read-A-Thon: The Reboot
Here you go!


Maraoone: David Matson (V4 Start)

Welcome to New Staff
It is the staff's pleasure to announce the hiring of a few new mods in final preparation for V5. We had many good applicants, and narrowing the pool down was very difficult. At this time, after weighing our need and projected activity, the staff has chosen to hire two new moderators.

Congratulations to Rattlesnake and Violent-Medic, the two newest members of the staff team. They should be treated with all the respect any staffers merits, and have full moderator powers, effective immediately.

To those who were not chosen: This was a really difficult call. We had many good applications, and a lot of fine people applied who may make great staffers in the future. If you would like (and have not already done so), you may PM SOTF_Help for feedback on your test and areas for improvement in the future.

Please do not address questions or comments regarding the test to individual staffers, as doing so is awkward for the staffer and may lead to you being given incorrect information, since no one staffer speaks for the whole team.

Anyways, congratulations to the new mods.

Guilty Gear Fallout Thread
Feb 15 2013, 04:04 PM
For the record, this is the 2nd game where the miller has been notified of their role. leAloha was a known miller in ponies mafia (his claim had a lot of people jump on him until I pointed out that he had the exact win condition for town).
Ah, makes sense. I had trouble following MLP mafia after I got out.

Guilty Gear Fallout Thread
I had a lot of fun with this one. I broke my streak of fake claiming, though. :(

Gees Tobe what did I ever do to you? It's not like I ever got around to my intent to kill you fast.

Once I saw your play relating to Dom, I figured you for scum. You messed with the lynch too much, in a shaky way. I did exactly the same thing, but I knew my rationale (which was to flush all the info I could, with the plan being to NK Dom if we no-lynched).

1) Having played from the position of a known-miller that day 1 claims, I can say I felt the following: People who question a day 1 miller claim seem to be more frequently anti-town.

For the record, I didn't buy your claim super well either, and would've been all over it if I hadn't had the power to test it myself later on. I tend to play mafia very close to the chance and lie a ton, even as town, so here I was withholding information and theories so I could see how things shook out.

Let me just put this out there now: Unless safeclaims are in play, a day 1 miller claim is almost always going to be true. I gave the reasoning for this in game, but I'll restate it here. It's just too risky for someone else to claim miller.

I think a big thing here is this is the first game on SOTF where the Miller was notified of their role, as far as I know. Thus, it was unusual given the precedent and drew a lot of suspicion.

That said, I only really have 1 question about gameplay. MurderWeasel, why the kill on TDS and then the no-kill on the night you were killed?

TDS was a hunch. We weren't getting any traction, so I decided to play my hunches some. I'd expressed some suspicion on him earlier for reasons I can't recall. He gave a defense that didn't quite fell right, so I just smiled and nodded with it in the day phase, then handled it at night.

I killed nobody because we were cruising for a Mimi lynch but I didn't think she was scum. I knew she'd probably eat it the next day, and planned to let that happen and take out whoever seemed most suspiciously onboard the lynch. I mostly used the NK to stir discussion by giving us evident, and there was nobody but Mimi to kill for that that night. Since her lynch debate wasn't very useful, I was cool with extending it a bit for more info.

This game actually was well-balanced, I thought, despite a very powerful mafia (mafia role cop is scary). The SK was amazing, especially given such a tough setup. I really approve of an alternate win condition for lynchers, because it sucks to be screwed over on a night kill.

Inactivity sucked. I'm gonna feel a lot better about lynching on inactivity in future games.

Kathryn Nguyen
Hiya, Arscapi!

Really quickly before we give Kathryn a full critique, please be sure her profile conforms exactly to the template. Specifically, an extra line snuck in between her biography and advantages sections, which can mess up formatting on the wiki.

Post when you've got that handled, and we'll give Kathryn a full critique. Thanks!

Three Peaches
"Hey, Fiona," Susan said, accepting the little girl from her mother. Fiona got her hands on Susan's hair right away, which made Susan laugh. Any other kid, and she might have been a bit put out by it, since she'd gotten her hair all nice before heading out. Fiona was Andi's, though, and so she got the princess treatment.

Andi asked Susan about her date. Susan took a moment to draw Fiona into a gentle hug, though she kept the baby's face away from her coat. Going to the dry cleaner's was a hassle, and snot and spit could be tough to work out by hand. It also gave her a little more time to figure out how to frame everything in Fiona-appropriate terms.

"I don't think I'm gonna keep him," Susan said. "Like, you remember the first time you kissed? It's like that again and again but without the part where you pretend it's good 'cause it's new and exciting. He bumped my teeth twice, and we didn't even kiss that much."

She felt a shiver building, but forced it down because Fiona seemed happy and comfortable enough, even if she was still squirming a little bit. Susan raised her hand to Fiona's again, letting the little girl curl her tiny fingers around Susan's pinky. She'd always thought that fingers were the most amazing part of babies, because they didn't look that different from adult fingers except for being so much smaller. The little nails were perfectly formed. The photo album Susan's mom kept had handprints of hers from when she was born, and they were close in size to Fiona's hands.

It was amazing to think that such a tiny person would be in their shoes in sixteen or seventeen years, talking about boys and pondering her future. Susan hoped Fiona had a bit better luck in both departments than she was experiencing at the moment.

If you ain't gettin' drunk, get the fu-
Nobody was calming down. More than that, Susan realized that nobody wanted to calm down, except maybe Mallory. That didn't really help at all, because her friend didn't have the social sense to realize that she was just escalating stuff further. Susan was cool with trying to defuse stuff, cool with trying to help everyone have fun, cool with saying some nice little nothings if she had to, but this was just too much. She came to parties to cut loose, not to be the voice of reason when her ex and one of her friends were about to come to have a spat. She'd tried. It'd been an honest effort, but it'd failed.

Too bad.

"I'm going to go sit down," she said. "I'm feeling a little woozy."

Okay, so she couldn't just walk away without throwing Mallory one last line, one last chance to just stop digging herself into a deeper hole. It took a little fib, but that was alright. She didn't care who it distracted right now. Maybe Mallory would come with her, maybe Travis would change his mind and try to be nice, maybe everyone would ignore her and she could just put her head down for a little and let it blow over. It didn't look like it was going to be anything other than a shouting match. Susan knew that was how Mallory and Travis reacted, and most likely Mallory would be happier ranting to her after it was done than having her hovering around trying to stop the inevitable.

So Susan didn't even wait this time, just wound her way over to a couch and plopped down on it. She tried to focus on the music. She wondered whether she could surreptitiously turn it up enough to drown out the argument. That'd help the party get its good vibes back.

Opal Lamb
This character biography has had no alterations for more than two weeks and has been put in the abandoned characters forum. This profile is eligible for resubmission by the handler upon alterations requested from the staff.

Timothy Abrams
This character biography has had no alterations for more than two weeks and has been put in the abandoned characters forum. This profile is eligible for resubmission by the handler upon alterations requested from the staff.

SOTF Resolutions
If I may offer a few suggestions:

Chat's culture can be pretty varied. We've had a few incidents where all expression of opinion was reported as "bashing", which led to chat being pretty useless to the site for a while. I think sharing comments where they can be seen is a great idea, but I would say don't worry about refraining from commenting because a handler isn't around, since some never come on chat. Instead, just roll the points up into a wiki comment and put that up later, so they get the benefit and you can engage.

The Alignment thread V5: Welcome to the Hive

Adam Morgan: Neutral Good, but he so very wishes he was CN. He steps in to intervene when Miles is messing with Miriam, and tries to defuse the situation in the auditorium when people are tense there over lunch. He tries to be cool and unpredictable, but at the end of the day he's got a lot more of a core set of values and reasons than he lets on, and his self control is good enough that he really doesn't fit chaos.

Steven Salazar: Chaotic Good, since like Adam he's moved to intervene but unlike Adam he's got some issues with self control in the heat of the moment. Steven lets fights become personal, has next to no patience for people who seem to be picking on the weak, and overall gets worked up pretty easily. He's a bit of a free spirit.

Lydia Robbins: Lawful Neutral, because while she has good intentions she mostly keeps to people directly connected to her and isn't really able to stick her neck out. She likes having her little systems, and needs to sort things out mentally to best approach them in her life. She's not rigid, but she's definitely a bit more of a planner.

Susan Clarke: Chaotic Neutral, because Susan likes to stir the pot when nothing interesting is happening otherwise. She's nice and helpful to her friends, but can be a bit wild, and she isn't out there helping people she doesn't have a reason to help but shes also not going to hurt anyone just to get what she wants.

Emily Nakoa: True Neutral, because while Emily acts very chaotic, with her misbehaving and cheating and stuff, she does so mostly for very lawful reasons (it's calculated to give her a reputation and secure her position in a social hierarchy). I'd almost say she's NE, since she's willing to indulge in light theft and vandalism, but she draws the line at anything that would really hurt people, and has made genuine efforts to avoid doing so in the past even when it would've served her ends, so I say she's on the non-evil side of the line.

The Alignment thread V5: Welcome to the Hive
From the other thread, my definition of alignments:

Here are my (very brief and incomplete) definitions/how I run them in D&D:

Lawful: Ordered, organized, pays attention to structure and society and is likely to, all else being equal, obey the norms or a structure.

Chaotic: Disorganized, more of a free spirit. Doesn't care so very much about tradition or how things have been done. Is likely to, all else being equal, do their own thing without regard to its precedent, and will change that thing day to day.

Neutral: Somewhere between/no strong preference.

Good: Cares about people and humanity as a whole. Very empathetic and acts on it, or does nice stuff for other reasons. Looks out for others, even those they're not specifically close to. All else being equal, will usually try to do the best thing for everyone.

Evil: Cares about themselves more than anyone else. May be empathetic and have friends, but when that's on weighed against their own interests, gotta look out for number one. Ends justify the means. All else being equal, they'll do what's best for them (note killing people is not best for you if it brings down terrible consequences that outweigh any benefits).

Neutral: Somewhere between/no strong preference.

I'll give thoughts on kids/share mine in a little. It is tough to do pregame things.

Also, I vote that, like in V4, it's maximum one character per handler for the chart. That spreads the love nicely.

The listing sounds fun. Also, I don't personally believe alignment changes if root characteristics don't. It's just the expression thereof has the chance to become more extreme in game.