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Rutherford "R.J." Roger Jr.
Sometimes it can take staff a couple days to get to profile critiques, especially since there are a lot of them to get through and they require pretty concerted effort (in some cases, more than actually writing a profile, if there's a lot that needs fixing). We also have a backlog of these things and handle them in a specific order. The order is bottom to top of the page. By bumping your topic, you actually bump yourself to the back of the queue, by putting yourself back on the top.

You should reply to this post when you see it (mods only hit profiles where the last post is a user's). I just wanted to give you a heads up to help you understand the system and prevent you from causing any delays for yourself.

Thanks! :)

V4 Mafia; Sign-ups
I'm pretty sure it's the second. No real need for everyone to reconfirm.

Also, I see that decoy has added three overflow slots, so there's still room for folks to join.

Rutherford "R.J." Roger Jr.
Hi, artstanley!

At SOTF, we actually don't like profiles to be posted before they're complete. Please don't reply to this thread until it's been edited and Rutherford is ready for critiquing. Also, please be sure to follow the template including bolding of headers, and to keep the profile in an objective tone, like an impartial observer would use.

Post when you've got Rutherford complete and set up according to the template, and the staff will give him a full critique. Thanks!

The Mafia Waiting List
After some reconsideration, I'm gonna say TV Mafia will be good for 20-26 players, with maybe a tad of possible overflow wiggle room. So... yeah, more room than before. Also, I'm working on figuring out/balancing stuff now.

V4 Mafia; Sign-ups
I am totally in!

The Mafia Waiting List
Just triple checking: decoy's V4 mafia is next, right? It looks like it's all set up that way, but I just wanna be sure because I am absolutely not at all ready to run one at present, and don't want the confusion about my bumping around on the list to get the mafia stuff bogged down. I am good for the slot after decoy's, with SOTF-TV Mafia.

Survivor Mafia: Fallout Thread
Wow. Keaka, Holly, and Mimi really were all townies? That is a huge surprise to me.

Also, hahaha, I knew going for Elena would be a massive pain in the neck. I tried to figure out the right time to move (the plan was pretty simple and involved fakeclaiming cop), but unfortunately guessed that we'd both last a day longer than happened, and thus had not yet started to move.

Introduction Thread
Right here. You make a topic for your character, titled with their name.

Make sure they match the template exactly. Critiques can take a while, as we've got a pretty big backlog right now.

Introduction Thread
Welcome to SOTF, artstanley! You absolutely still have time to submit your characters for V5 pregame. :)

Be sure to check out the chat, the Mini, and the New Handler's Guide. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or any other staffer (we have colored names). We hope you enjoy your time here!

Survivor Mafia: Game Thread
Side is, for sure, suspicious.

Also, uh, for reference: what did Chib claim as? I forgot.

Survivor Mafia: Game Thread
Oh, I know. I think we can probably get some verifiable stuff, though.

Um... actually, quick question: does anyone left know anything about Survivor? Because the mafia seem to have taken out everyone who had a clue about the flavor.

Woo! 80,000!

These things seem to be coming more and more frequently. I can't believe SOTF is nearing (relatively speaking) 100,000 posts. That is a lot of posting.

Katherine Ayala-Florian
This character has been abandoned at the handler's request. It is eligible for re-submission pending changes requested by the staff.

Melissa Angelicchio

Survivor Mafia: Game Thread
EBWOP: Also, guys who are sitting on the sidelines, today is the day to start being active. We've got a confirmed townie, plus me with a fairly confirmed role. That means there are five unknowns. We should be able to work from there. Is there a cop left? One who can clear even one remaining person? If so, it may be the time to roleclaim. (Cop + person the cop confirms + me + townie = four so we can lynch the other three).

Basically, it's time to toss what we know on the table and get stuff wrapped up.

That said, we may not have a cop. A lot of the roles in this game have been very low powered, so there's a good chance Keaka was it. In that case, we need a strategy beyond hoping that Holly and I pick lucky this phase.

Survivor Mafia: Game Thread
Alright, cool. Just wanted to be sure and make positive the math gelled. Sounds like we're in a precarious but decent spot, then.

Survivor Mafia: Game Thread
Wait a sec. I'm confused by the math there. We think there are two mafia left, or three?

Chris MacLeod
Hiya, Ridler!

Chris' profile is a good start, but he is DENIED pending some adjustment.

First off, he seems pretty old for a high school senior, at 19. Was he held back at some point?

Next up, I need more in his Hobbies and Interests section than just video games. It should give a pretty good idea of what Chris does in his free time, and even the most dedicated gamer has some other interests. I'd like at least 3-4 other things here, and for them to also be expanded upon in the bio, please.

Next off, height and weight, for the sake of standardization, should be in the imperial measurement system (feet, inches, pounds). A helpful calculator for that may be found here.

How long is Chris' hair? Why does he insist on keeping his stubble despite the disapproval of others?

"NOT" should not be in capitals, to keep the profile a bit more formal.

I also want to know more. What shape is Chris' face? What are his distinguishing features?

"His ancestry is convoluted as hell" is a bit too informal. I'd switch it to "His ancestry is convoluted".

You should probably start a new paragraph before delving into the details of Chris' father's death. Also, what type of cancer did he die from? How old was he?

Also, why was Chris given a video game system at such a young age? Were there any limits on his play time set? What was his interaction with other kids like when he was young?

Here: "that would later in live become some of his best friends" "live" should be "life".

I'd also like to know about the circumstances through which he met his friends, and who these friends are (at least, what general sort of people they are).

This: "Even as a kid, Chris wouldn't take crap from anyone." is a bit too informal. I'd also like to know what form Chris' rebellion took. Did he ever get in trouble? How did his parents feel about it?

On a similar note, how did he feel about moving to the US? How did he feel about his stepfather? How has his relationship with them developed?

Why did his parents allow him to practice marksmanship? What were the circumstances surrounding this? Why did he lose interest? Gun use, even in the past, is a pretty serious advantage, and is something we like having detailed very well so that we know it will be handled realistically.

The other words in ALL CAPS should be turned to lowercase.

Why did Chris only feel like he had friends in high school? What was his life like before that? How did he and his parents feel about it?

Next off, all of Chris' advantages and disadvantages should come up in his biography. The sections themselves are also a bit bloated at present.

While video games can certainly help to a small degree with certain very specific types of problem solving and reflexes, the sort of gains and the applicability are such that they probably would not be useful in a game of death. Chris' intelligence should also come up elsewhere in his bio.

Swimming, while potentially circumstantially useful, is unlikely to be a huge advantage in the game. It can still be noted, but the elaboration might fit better in the bio.

Kendo training is probably useless in a real swordfight--while it might give a tiny leg up to someone trained, someone with only the most basic skill (from, say, quickly quitting) will not really have any leg up on anyone else.

" - just TRY being at all hostile with him. I dare you." is informal. Also, I'd like to hear more on Chris' temper elsewhere in his bio.

I'd also like to know more about his friendly nature, especially as it relates to his general inability to hold his tongue.

Post when you've got Chris edited, and we'll give him another look. Thanks!

Survivor Mafia: Game Thread
Interesting. I'm also not surprised at all. I think it's pretty clear that the mafia are voting out the people who are most active and are pro-town.

I've also got a pretty clear idea about what's going on. I'd like to hear other theories before I share, though, as what people say will help me narrow down my own guesses.

Survivor Mafia: Game Thread
Alrighty. Time to wrap this up and save the town some nastiness if Flare's a bomb or whatever.

VOTE: Flare