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Could Have Been Worse
Under any other circumstances, Aaron would have completely lost it to Jacquard's barbs. He was smart and self-aware enough to realize he was being goaded, but armed and angry enough not to care. Normally, he'd have screamed her down, threatened her, made her eat her words. Maybe even popped her. If he was going to be announced a killer, it might as well be for taking out two second-rate murderers instead of just one. Or, better than that... oh yes. Yes, that would be perfect. But he spent a half second too long planning, and someone else stepped up to the plate, and for once, Aaron didn't mind a bit.

Aileen laid into Jacquard. Just let her have it. Milo said something, but it didn't matter, so Aaron ignored it. Then, icing on the cake, the new girl started in on Jacquard too. It was everything he'd hoped for back at school, everything that had been building for so long, all the poetic justice the crippled girl so richly deserved. Under any other circumstances, Aaron would have melted down. Now, though, he felt energized, felt like he had a bit of a buzz going. He wasn't going to shout. He wasn't going to be goaded again. He was going to win.

"Stalemate, Jaquard. Maybe next time one of us will prove something."

Words from school. Words from the past. A silly saying, a witty comeback to a string of biting remarks. Now, in retrospect, prophetic.

And so, he spoke. He spoke evenly, confident that no one would interrupt him, ready to blow them off completely if they did. No one else had a gun. No one else was close enough to do anything to him before he could react. The stage was all his.

"Yeah, Jacquard, sounds like you've got my number alright. I'm the leader. And yeah, I've offered to get them out of here. Will we succeed? I don't know. I think we will. I think we'll come out of this one ahead, pull one over on Danya.

"But hey, what if you're right? What if I'm just deluding these people? Say I'm just keeping them around me for kicks or something, keeping them safe to feed my own ego. I mean, clearly I couldn't possibly be doing this because it's the right thing, could I? Clearly I couldn't have good intentions. Clearly I couldn't be trying my damnedest to keep everyone alive and safe from psychopaths and killers like you. Yeah, keeping a group alive since day one, keeping them safe even as people abandon us and die like dogs, keeping them safe even as we're ambushed, even as one of our own sacrifices himself to allow us to escape, to allow us to take a shot at the guy who put us here, that's all clearly immoral and wrong. Better to look to you for an example. Better to go butcher some girl, right? Surely there's nothing wrong with that.

"Let's talk about that girl you killed, Jacquard. Let's talk about how you got her. You can't run too fast, so it had to be a sneak attack. You have no ranged weapon, so you must've got in close. Did you lie to her, Jacquard? Did you maybe try to cash in on what smarts you have, offer her a way out like you say I'm doing? Is that where this theory comes from? Or did you not even give her that chance? Did you slit her throat in her sleep?

"See, Jacquard, there's one little thing you didn't quite take into consideration here, and that's that you're a killer trying to frame as a bad guy someone who's pulled his friends out of the fire more times that you can probably count. And, more than that, you're forgetting that this guy, he happens to be armed. Some people assume there isn't any law here, Jacquard. They probably think the only rules left are the ones we make. Me, though? Along with escaping, I'm trying to bring a spot of civility to this mess. And the way I see it, right now, you're a criminal and I'm the closest damn thing to a cop we've got left. So you wanna debate? By all means stick around, but we're not going to be playing election, we're not going to be playing like we're two politicians trying to slander each other's character.

"We're going to be playing court, because you're a murderer, and I have a gun. We're going to be finding out exactly what went on, in painstaking detail, and then we're going to see that justice is served.

"Alternately, you could fuck off and we'll pretend you never caught up with us again. Sound fair?"

Aaron hoped it sounded intimidating. He hoped it would make her consider things. He hoped she'd really understand just how badly she'd messed up, hoped she'd fume, hoped she'd see that finally, finally things were right again, finally she'd been undone, finally all that she'd built, all that influence she'd exerted over him back at the gazebo on campus, had been turned right back around and rammed down her throat.

But, more than anything else, Aaron hoped Jacquard decided to see if he was bluffing or not.

He flexed his fingers, ready to go for the gun if she tried anything.

No More Heroes Mafia: Game Thread
Yup. Anyways, we're lacking better leads, so I say we go full steam on this one.

No More Heroes Mafia: Game Thread
Yeah, I can buy that.

Unfortunately, we now have both our vig and our cop named, so stuff's gonna get pretty unpleasant here. Doctor, please, please protect one of them, but do not indicate which. Best to make the mafia decide whether they should go for a hit on one of our high profile targets with a 50/50 shot at failure or pick off the unknown quantities.


By the way, if Dom comes up innocent, I'll be looking your way, Inky.

No More Heroes Mafia: Game Thread
Yeah, that's a good reason. We're investigating Acidic.

No More Heroes Mafia: Game Thread
Anyone have objections to me checking Vinny? I mean, I'm 99% sure I'm right, given that we only had two kills and one wasn't me, so it may not be worth the bother. I'm quite amenable to suggestions.

Doesn't Matter, I had sex
The situation was rapidly escalating, getting more and more out of control. Jimmy was no longer just screaming at JJ. He'd turned his ire upon Claire, too. He was clearly deranged. He was insane and violent. Things were not going to end well if JJ just kept going as he had been. There was a good chance that Jimmy would just snap and start shooting at them all. It wasn't really how Clair envisioned her life ending.

And JJ was right there, trying to talk Jimmy down. Trying to talk Claire's way out of this situation. Was he being honest? Was he really fine with dying? No way. He was trying to buy some time and space. If he could keep Jimmy's attention long enough, Claire could get her gun out and turn this from a stickup to a standoff.

Claire reached for the zipper of her bag, moving slowly, trying not to draw attention to herself. Jimmy was focused on JJ. He was shouting, howling, losing coherency in his quest to dish out pain. The abused turned to the abuser. Perhaps Jimmy Brennan had once been a pitiable individual. Now, though, he was repulsive, worse than those who had wronged him, worse than anyone back in reality could be. He was power-tripping, getting off on this. He was showing his true colors. Turned out, Jimmy was just like those people who messed with him, only he didn't have the strength to back it up. He didn't have that strength until now, that is.

When he started hitting JJ, Claire had her bag halfway unzipped, and was fumbling for the gun. It had to be here somewhere. Right around here. She didn't have too much in the bag. She was furious now, furious at Jimmy for beating JJ, furious at herself for not being quicker. At least Jimmy was predictable. He was having too much fun with his revenge to end it soon. She could send him away as soon as she found the gun. It was right here. It was—

And then there was a sound so loud it left her ears ringing, and blood, and she was pretty sure she screamed ,"JJ!"

V4 BKA/BDA Voting February 2011
Cassidy Wakemore's death accidentally got left off the list, despite being on time. If anyone who voted previously wishes to change their vote to Cassidy, post noting such, along with your rationale and the number of your original post, and we'll get things corrected.

Introduction Thread
Hi, Error! Welcome to SOTF!

Registrations are ongoing on The Mini, so join up there if you want to RP sooner. It's pretty awesome.

V4 BKA/BDA Voting February 2011
Here's this month's BKA/BDA. If you weren't in by the deadline, or by your extension deadline, you've been disqualified. I'm very sorry, but we've been pretty clear and given a running deadline countdown, so we really can't compromise. If there's a mistake, hit up one of the admins/other staffers, 'cause I'm gone for the next 24 hours, mostly.

This will run through whenever on the 1st the announcement goes up.

Anyone with an extension is getting bumped to next month's contest so that we stay on schedule.

That said, here you go:

Best Kill:
Fiona Sparki for killing Staffan Kronwall
Simon Telamon for killing Tyler Franklin
Liam Brooks for killing Colin Falcone
Felecia Carmichael for killing Sebastian Descartes
Maxwell Lombardi for killing Cassidy Wakemore
Quincy Jones for killing Joshua Krakowski
Charlene Norris for killing Kyle Portman
Rhory Anne Broderick for killing William Davis
Nick LeMonde for killing Mike Jeffries
Kimberly Nguyen for killing Aislyn McCreery
Hayley Kelly for killing Andrew Mitchell
Kris Hartmann for killing Janet Claymont
Maxwell Lombardi for killing Kevin Harding

Best Death:
Lord_Shadow for the death of Alexander Seymour
Anderson for the death of Tyler Franklin
T-Fox for the death of Colin Falcone
Super Llama for the death of Sebastian Descartes
Fioriboy for the death of Joshua Krakowski
Ciel for the death of Johnny McDowell
Serpentis.Deteramot for the death of Kyle Portman
Chib for the death of Logan Reynolds
arscapi for the death of Marion Summers
BetaKnight for the death of Aislyn McCreery
Tythanin for the death of Andrew Mitchell
Dom for the death of Courtney Bradley
Slamexo for the death of Janet Claymont
ET.Requiem for the death of Kevin Harding
Solitair for the death of Cassidy Wakemore

No More Heroes Mafia: Game Thread
Wow, yeah, got busy here. Vinny has so many scum tells it's not even funny. Doctor, please protect Slam. I've known he was vig since his first post. Everything adds up very clearly.

February Mid-Month Rolls
Time's up. BKA/BDA will be up presently.

No More Heroes Mafia: Game Thread
I won't need to, if this lynch goes through.

No More Heroes Mafia: Game Thread
EBWOP: We have me and Rocky for Vinny right now. We need seven more. This can't be that hard. Heck, it's a free bandwagon for the mafia, too, and the SK is a threat to them as well.

No More Heroes Mafia: Game Thread
He backpedaled when I pointed out that his first phrasing was scummy. It was also gloating. I pulled the exact same trick when I was SK back in board mafia.

If he'd called townie sooner, I might believe him. This is SK behavior, though. Our necromancer can fix him if I'm wrong. I'm not, though.

No More Heroes Mafia: Game Thread
EBWOP: As I said, backtracking. He got caught out. His first one was way too gloaty. If he's just a townie, he's no loss. If he's the SK, huge gain. There should be no debate. Slamming time.

No More Heroes Mafia: Game Thread
EBWOP: We need nine to lynch. Even the mafia has to be down for axing a serial killer. Can I hear eight more votes, please?

No More Heroes Mafia: Game Thread

I've played serial killer. This:

Lie detectors eh?

I am not mafia

lie detect the shit out of that

^That is an admission of guilt. If he was legit, he'd have said "I am pro-town."

Now he's backtracking. This is the exact behavior of the serial killer. Also, his "role PM" is copy/pasted from the mafiascm descriptions/past games, but is nothing like Holly's writing style. This is so scummy it's not even funny. String him up, and I'll prove myself right tomorrow. We KNOW there is a serial killer 'cause someone ganked me last night.

No More Heroes Mafia: Game Thread
EBWOP: Serial killer. Bulletproof, at least last game. Nail him.

No More Heroes Mafia: Game Thread
Why yes, the Godfather traditionally is bulletproof.

No More Heroes Mafia: Game Thread
Since it doesn't hurt to spill, I don't see any reason to be reluctant, unless you're worried about getting caught out by a lie detector. If you're not mafia, there's no way they're gonna take shots at you right now anyways, and you could avoid wasting the vig's time.