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New Official V5 Away Thread
Handler: MurderWeasel
Dates Away: December 31, 2013 - January 2, 2014
Days Away: Three
Reason for Away: More family in town; turns out it's gonna be a series of all-day affairs.
Characters: Steven Salazar, Adam Morgan

I bet you could. I play Cait some, and I've had a better track record than any of the ones I've faced. People just don't abuse her range, and they don't really push with her. When I play her, I keep people out of the bushes with traps and then just push for days, poking whenever they get near.

I feel like if you lose a Showdown as Caitlyn when laning against Nunu, you really shouldn't be whining in the post-game screen.

In other news, people are totally afraid of Cait, but I've beaten her every time. I think it's that the people I play against don't know what to do with her, though, because if I'm reaching her something is clearly wrong.

Activity Situation
They should move out of their old ones right away. Otherwise, Help will probably move them in a one-liner, which looks silly.

Crushed Dreams and Broken Hearts
"Nah," Steven said. "Sleeping people are both boring and polite. Don't cause any trouble. I'm more worried about what they do when they wake up."

She had the gun out, but it wasn't pointed at him yet. That was good. It told him he was right, at least for the moment. She was smart enough not to want to be a huge target, smart enough to conserve her resources. He wasn't trying to kill her, so she had no reason to try to kill him. His job now was just giving her reasons to back away from the path overall, to really think hard in a day or two when her food ran out and it was oh-so-tempting to pop some poor moron in the back of his head and steal his remaining three granola bars, or torture someone with a knife in exchange for another catered meal. At the same time, he had to give her reasons to not change her mind and take a shot at him now. It was a thin line between moral argument and threat, and he was ready to fall to whichever side was needed.

"Mostly, I was thinking we could talk about Killer Con 2012. See, me and a few friends aren't really keen on the idea of us all shooting each other up. I mean, we all had math class together and stuff. We're supposed to be on the same side.

"And I get that people have reasons for doing it. Maybe you're scared and stupid, like Theo. But that didn't seem like it to me last time we met. It's why I'm talking to you, and someone else is talking to him."

Was that enough menace and implication? Was he overplaying his hand there? It was good to at least get the idea that he had allies firmly established, especially allies who could follow after a kid who'd done a good deal more killing.

"So I'm thinking, maybe you've really thought about this, which means maybe a little more thinking that proved it wasn't the right way could change your mind."

Carrot first. Imply she's smart. Let her know it's even smarter to stop. Hey, no grudges held here, just a couple reasonable kids shooting the shit and figuring out that murder's not the way to go. Perfect Saturday morning cartoon moral. Everyone goes home happy, or dies with a clean conscience, if being realistic.

BDA Quote Voting Thread #3
Much belated, but you know the drill. Vote your favorite Lauren quote. Poll lasts two days. I added a nomination of my own rather than tack it onto the end of the old thread.

Poor Unfortunate Souls
"We say goodbye," Adam said, "and we keep moving."

Because whatever had happened, whatever doubts he held about how he'd brought them this far, it was what he knew how to do. They'd keep on moving as long as they could, and they wouldn't dwell on this, certainly wouldn't ever come back. No good imagining what Natali would look like in a few days. No good wondering what had become of the newcomer. The announcements had exonerated him of any part in Natali's death, so whatever his problem was, he wasn't Adam's.

He didn't want to dwell. He didn't want to lead right now either, but Maynard wasn't going to step up and Adam had practiced keeping his stage face on. What would Paulo think? Or was he facing challenges of his own? He and Cooper had at least kept their heads down, but what if they were in bad shape right now, dying of head wounds of their own somewhere? The thought madehim want to punch something, but that wouldn't be keeping cool.

"We can find more people. Do better. Not let this happen again."

It was all they could do. No changing the past, so best to influence the future.

Adam considered shrugging out of his coat, walking in and laying it over Natali, but it wouldn't do her any good and then maybe he'd catch his death of cold. Besides, it let him feel cool, just a little cool even after everything that had happened, and he needed that. If he was cool, a chill badass, he could get through this. They could get through this.

Maybe the truly cool thing would've been to light a cigarette and say something wise and touching, but Adam's throat was tight and he was coming up blank on words, so he waited. Let Maynard do what he needed, then move out.

My funniest moment so far was E>Ring a Blitz and then winning two seconds later as he tried to walk out of mini-ignite and blew up at his T2 tower.

I'm currently at two for two in Showdowns where someone tries to build armor against my AP Trist.

Merry Christmas SOTF!
Merry Christmas, everyone!

Crushed Dreams and Broken Hearts
"It's Steven," he called, because the lies he planned to tell would be more likely to be received if he led with truth. Her voice gave him an approximate distance and direction. That was good. His left hand held the Molotov. He did not have the lighter in his right, though. This was a negotiation, not a fight. He couldn't win a fight. Kat had a gun, and she presumably had the will to use it. She had a scythe. She was going to be calling the shots at first.

"We met in town. By now you know I didn't actually kill anybody. I was hoping we could talk."

He paced further into the area, watching for movement. He wasn't sticking to cover or shadows. If she opened fire right away, he was hosed. The key was making sure she didn't feel like she had to do that.

"You don't want to, fine. I think it's important, though."

It was a bit of a gamble, that, but he thought Kat would want to talk. After all, he'd followed her. It should be obvious he'd tracked her in some fashion, and she was smart enough not to ignore that. Theo, Theo might've needed brute force. With Kat, subtlety would be a more useful tool. Let her intelligence do the heavy lifting for him.

Spoiler: click to toggle

The moral of this story is, don't get too confident when you're fighting a support just 'cause they aren't farming so well.

General Video Game Discussion Thread
Dec 22 2013, 02:07 PM
I'm on the hand-me-down that my brother got at launch.

Are you guys leaving them on the carpet?
My brother's is still going strong from launch as well. A friend of ours, on the other hand, has been through at least two.

The General Music Thread
Ooh, been waiting for someone to ask.

Mine, at the moment, is Julia With Blue Jeans On by Moonface. It's a solo piano album that's really cool and distinct from everything else I've found this year, and the thing that's had me most excited.

Runner-up to Daft Punk for Random Access Memories. Lots of pretty good stuff this year, though little of it really grabbed me to the point of wanting to specially mention it.

Vampire Weekend's a weird one for me. I don't find them offensive, but they also make almost no impression on me whatsoever. I think it may be that I grew listening almost exclusively to Paul Simon, who they emulate in a lot of ways, which makes their music not as new and exciting to me as to others. At the same time, I'm really fond of Paul Simon's voice, which they don't have.

Also, anyone had a song of the year? I have a few that come close, but what's really been standing out there is Invisible off the frustratingly uneven new Dismemberment Plan album.

Showdowns as AP Sion: ~25
Showdowns cursed at while playing AP Sion: 0
Showdowns as Cait: 1
Showdowns cursed at while playing Cait: 1

Apparently, winning by turret rather than sitting around at give Lux another chance at spellspamming me was rage-inducing, never mind that we were each less than ten minions from winning. It's almost like I didn't go back despite being at under 300 hp for a reason.

I'm 9/6 on showdown as AP Sion right now. That said, I blame one of my losses on my item sets (Doran's for showdown is different from regular Doran's, so I assumed it didn't exist and started boots my first game and got roflstomped by ZIlean) and two of the others on making very silly decisions and diving people. Nothing like losing a one on one by execute. ><

New V5 Reduced Activity Notices
For the next two weeks, I'll have family in town. I should still be present with posts/staff stuff, but it may mean less of me in chat/other things.

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
Staff has basically stopped giving bows out because of how unrealistically they've been handled. I far prefer crossbows because they're just more practical to the average untrained user. Bows take specific skill and practice to use even semi-reliably at close range. Unfortunately, they're typically taken as a license to go all Hunger Games/Lord of the Rings.

So, I just read about Stackplank.

How it works is, you're Gangplank and rush Sword of the Occult (and, optionally, Mejai's). Then, every time it looks like another lane is going to get a kill, you ult the fight for free stacks. The basic goal is to snowball your lane without any real effort by not dying and just farming assists elsewhere on the map, getting good gold efficiency off the stack items.

I kinda wanna learn Gangplank now, just because it seems like all the really trolly builds are for him. I mean, there's this and Critplank, and then I guess there used to be Bankplank and Denyplank.

Poor Unfortunate Souls
That one word, his own name, told Adam everything. It made him believe, in a way the announcements never could have. A thousand dry repetitions had nothing on one expression of emotion.

Natali was dead. He had barely known her, but he'd felt like they'd become friends. They'd been together, watching out for each other, traveling and surviving, and now she was gone and it was over something stupid. He should have caught it. Like, fuck, people didn't just drop dead. There'd been signs. She'd stumbled, and she'd complained about headaches, and had their been blood trickling from her ears? Had Adam carried her when she couldn't walk?

No, it had just been her stumbling. It had just been the rubbing of her head. And Adam, he'd stumbled and rubbed his head sometimes too, because they were tired. Maybe they should've rested sooner. Maybe this endless march was a bad idea. Maybe Natali would've been dead either way. When had it even happened?

Adam took a deep breath. He wouldn't cry. He couldn't cry. Maynard was going to cry, so Adam couldn't. He had his role, and he would play it. He took a moment, tried to keep his voice level. Even he could hear the waver.

One word. One emotion.