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The General SOTF Discussion Thread
I like deaths that are interesting and different. That can be through minimalism, a unique take, a new chain of events, etc. I like deaths where handlers remember that most stuff doesn't kill you right away. I like deaths where the characters are scared, upset, maybe in denial. I am not a big fan of "dignity deaths", that is, deaths where the character dies like a martyr, feeling happy and peaceful and it's all framed like as good a thing as it can be. Unless it's really justified, those make no sense and upset my sense of realism, 'cause these kids don't want to die.

Umm... hmm... I like deaths that actually tie into a character's story, that keep them in character and are not rushed.

That's what I can think of off the top of my head.

(Also, I'll disagree that repeat kill styles are boring. They can be, yes, but if handled well the same physical action can carry very different emotional weight, consequences, etc. Also, shooting someone in the head and in the gut produce rather markedly different results, each traumatic in a very different way for the person being shot and the one doing the shooting. Also also, kids can try to shoot someone and fail and then end up locked in a struggle to the death. Basically, I like unique kills to come about naturally, be that as a result of the character's psychology or through them screwing up their attack or whatever, just not at random.)

B037 - Williams, Ian[/DECEASED]

Name: Ian Williams
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Taekwondo, Krav Maga, Literature, Video Games, Politics, & Religion, the Book Club, and Speech & Debate.

Appearance: Ian Williams is Caucasian, with green eyes, bushy eyebrows, and sandy hair which he keeps in a simple 'bowl' cut. His face is slightly angled, forming an oval, with a nose well proportioned to his face. His thin lips are usually kept expressionless, though he often breaks into a friendly smile around friends and family. His face is clean shaven, with the exception of a faint outline of hair around his upper lip that he's trying to decide whether to grow out or not. Ian leans a little on the thin side for his age, weighing in at 155 lbs and measuring 5'11".

Ian almost always wears sweat pants or jeans. He usually prefers T-shirts, not giving an inch to the cooler Seattle climate until it starts to freeze. Most of these are fairly plain, but he owns a few humorous ones as well. He owns a pair of white tennis shoes with a black streak across either side. These are starting to show signs of wear, and the white has turned slightly grey over the year. He almost always wears a digital wristwatch with a black velcro band and a metallic silver border, taking it off only when absolutely necessary.

On the day of the abduction, Ian was wearing a dark blue t-shirt, listing Chuck Norris jokes in white print, along with a pair of grey sweats, a pair of white tennis shoes, and his wristwatch.

Biography: Ian was the first of four children born to Brandon and Maria Williams in the suburbs of Houston, Texas. He was eventually followed by a sister and two brothers: Nicole, Aaron, and Joseph, who are two, four, and nine years younger respectively. Ian's mother is a native Texan, while his father has lived in a handful of states during his life, originally hailing from Seattle, Washington. Both parents are licensed pharmacists who met during the course of their work, and the family was financially comfortable through Ian's childhood. His family is devoutly Catholic, as both parents had come back to the faith together after a period of agnosticism, and wanted to make sure that their own children never struggled with the doubts they experienced.

By the time of Ian's birth, his parents had already made the major decision for his mother to quit her job in order to homeschool him. They had several reasons behind this, including the ability to better tailor his education towards his needs, and the desire to bond as a family. However, their primary reason was a desire that Ian be given a more solid, rational foundation for his faith than they felt they had been given. Due to this, they had initially looked into the possibility of sending Ian to a Catholic school. However, they were somewhat uncomfortable with the increasing secularization of many such schools, which, along with their other reasons, led them to find an alternative. Instead, they've been using a more orthodox curriculum they found, thanks to a network of fellow Catholic homeschoolers.

Even as a child, Ian was generally a quiet, obedient kid, easy-going and considerate almost to a fault. These traits often led his parents to joke about winning the lottery, although he was hardly without faults. He had a bit of a lazy streak, and often made careless errors when bored. He could be extremely obstinate on occasion, particularly when he felt he had been wronged. This tendancy led to frequent conflict between himself and his younger sister, Nicole, who's aggressive personality often got on Ian's nerves.

Ian was fairly introverted as a child. While not averse to making friends, and often taking part in various games and activities with his siblings, he generally preferred solitary interests. Of these, literature and video games were his favorites, and he would often spend hours on his own eagerly devouring a novel, or playing one of his games. Ian has been an avid book-worm since the day he learned to read, eagerly devouring new books, and often finishing huge novels in a single day. He loved exploring the characters and worlds, imagining the stories as vividly as if he were taking part in them. His parents were supportive of his reading habits, and the family started making the visits to the library regularly, usually once every two weeks. While his mother would try to at least skim through books before letting Ian read them, he was generally given a fair amount of leeway in what he chose to read. He enjoys most genres to some degree, but he's been particularly fond of the epic fantasy genre since he read Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" at the age of nine. Even as a child, Ian was fascinated by Tolkien's complex world, and enjoyed many hours reading and re-reading the series. Other favorites of his include the "Belgariad" and "The Wizard of Yurt" series, as he enjoyed their dry sense of humor.

Likewise, video games are one of his oldest friends, starting at the age of five, when Ian's dad let him play on their old SNES system. Ian was quickly hooked, and would often spend hours playing them. His mother tolerated his interest, although she soon limited his time to an hour. He particularly enjoys RPGs, such as the Final Fantasy series, though he likes most types of games. Additionally, he frequently enjoys playing various competitive multi-player games with his younger siblings, which he tends to do well at, thanks to excellent reflexes and greater level of experience.

He's had a healthy relationship with his parents, and was particularly close to his dad, who he looked up to. He respected his father's thoughtful self-control, and tried to emulate him. His father's dry, teasing sense of humor rubbed off on Ian, who learned to respond in kind. This became a problem for a while, as Ian would occasionally go too far teasing his siblings. Ian's mother tends to be stricter, taking a tough but fair approach towards discipline. Despite the occasional tension caused by this, Ian respects her, particularly for her willingness to make sacrifices to allow her children to pursue their interests. Ian's relationship with his siblings has generally been positive. Despite their frequent arguments, Ian and Nicole were fairly close as kids, partly helped by them being nearest in age. Both siblings were naturally competitive, and as a result, they bonded through a friendly, on-going rivalry ranging from video games to homework. His relationship with his brothers was generally quieter. Aaron was the most like Ian out of the four, and the two were usually on good terms. While not quite as competitive as Ian, they shared several interests, and frequently played together as children. Joseph, on the other hand, was extremely extroverted, occasionally causing a bit of awkwardness between him and his older, more reserved brother. Ian had a habit of teasing Joseph for this, although he generally liked his younger brother, and often helped him with his homework.

His early years went by fairly quietly, for the most part. Ian was generally an excellent student, doing fairly well in school with minimal difficulties. He has a logical turn of mind, and tends to do particularly well in math, solving complex problems with relative ease, and occasionally even enjoyment. English, on the other hand, takes a disproportionate amount of effort for merely decent results. He often has trouble organizing and expressing his thoughts, and so he finds it to be a particularly frustrating subject. This wasn't helped by the fact that Ian had a tendancy to make careless errors. Despite these weaknesses, he managed to average from high B's to low A's overall.

In 2005, Ian began to take an interest in martial arts, thanks to a couple of his friends who took Karate. This was encouraged by Ian's father, who had long wanted his kids to learn some form of self-defense, having had the misfortune of growing up in a rough area during his own childhood. Ian's mother agreed with the sentiment, but was uncomfortable with having her kids learning the more dangerous techniques her husband favored. For that reason, they eventually compromised and enrolled their kids in a large, well-established Taekwondo school with a homeschool-friendly schedule shortly before Ian turned twelve. Ian enjoyed the friendly, competitive atmosphere of Taekwondo, and took to it with enthusiasm. While not naturally adept, the competition motivated Ian to put extra effort into his practice, both in class and at home. Although his focus wavered sometimes, the extra training paid off, and Ian generally did very well.

Additionally, the school had recently started branching out shortly before Ian joined, offering a variety of martial arts beyond its specialty. These included Krav Maga, which Ian began to take with his dad after he turned thirteen. Ian was intrigued by the Israeli-based martial art, partly due to his father's preference for more practical forms of self-defense. When the school started offering a promotional discount for the newer classes, Ian took the opportunity to try talking his parents into letting him take Krav. Ian's dad was fairly positive, despite the expense, and even began to take an interest himself. Not surprisingly, Ian's mother was somewhat uncomfortable with this when it was first brought up. However, she let herself be talked into it over time, partly mollified by the instructors' strong emphasis on self-control, as well as the realization that it would help motivate her husband to get back into shape. While he enjoyed the opportunity to bond with his father, Ian didn't put quite as much effort into Krav as Taekwondo, preferring the competitive sport over the more practical Krav. Although he made sure to do well enough to pass the tests, he had a tendancy to coast once he felt comfortable that he could do so. This meant that while he had a decent amount of knowledge, his technique would often get a bit sloppy after testing time. He's currently a first degree black belt in Taekwondo, and a green belt in Krav Maga.

His interest in politics was sparked by the 2008 primaries. While he previously had a peripheral understanding of the current issues, he became fascinated by the tense battle for the nomination in both parties, as well as the variety of viewpoints being advocated. Intrigued, he starting commenting in several discussions on online news articles, often trying to get in a discussion with people with whom he disagreed. This turned into a painful learning process for him, as, due to being rather inexperienced, he often shared his opinion without thinking it all the way through, leading to embarrassment and frustration. Since then, he's made a serious effort to be informed in politics, making sure to research the issues before taking a side. Additionally, this finally motivated him to start working on his ability to express himself, to better defend his views. He tends to be conservative, particularly in the social issues. He doesn't usually bring the subject up himself, but he's willing to discuss his positions respectfully should they come up.

These discussions also led him to take an interest in the logic behind his religion, as well as a mild interest in philosophy. Although he had always been a devout Catholic thanks to his parents influence, he was frustrated to find himself drawing a blank when he was challenged on his faith during one such argument. This motivated him to pick up a handful of his parents' books on apologetics and Christian philosophy, and he soon took an interest in the logic behind them. He was particularly intrigued by the works of C.S. Lewis, who's intellectual case for the Christian faith in his book, "Mere Christianity", inspired a mild interest in philosophy. Not surprisingly, he tended to be most interested in traditional Christian philosophers, such as Thomas Aquinas, and G.K. Chesterton, who he likes to quote on occasion. However, he also looked at works by prominent atheists, though this was more for comparsion than anything else. Ian considers himself firmly Catholic, but treats people of other faiths with respect, enjoying the occasional friendly discussion. When discussing his views, he makes an effort to connect with people through reason and common beliefs.

Ian's life was shaken up when his father's store was closed down in early 2010, due to the chain down-sizing significantly in the Houston & Dallas area. His father was offered a number of options, including a transfer to Seattle. After a long discussion with the rest of the family, his dad chose to accept the transfer, deciding that the accompanying pay raise, along with being near his extended family, outweighed the stress of moving. Despite the raise, his mother also had to return to work, in order for the family to recover from the expense of moving. With homeschooling no longer a practical option for the family due to lack of time and money, Ian's family turned to public school. Although he's tried to be positive for his younger siblings, he hasn't taken the move very well. While it's not as bad as he feared initially, he's unhappy over leaving his friends and decent Tex-Mex behind. Also, without the competition and focus of his martial arts classes to motivate him, Ian slowly began to let his training slide over the next two years, until he was down to a basic training session his dad insisted on. As a result, he's become a bit rusty, although he's still in decent physical shape.

Even so, the transfer to Aurora High School went through fairly well, and Ian adapted to the new schedule without any major problems. His daily life carried on much the same, otherwise. His wide variety of interests and easygoing personality have helped him make some friends over the last two years, and he's joined a couple of the clubs that caught his interest, such as the Book Club, which he joined as part of his effort to improve his ability to express himself, as well as finding others interested in literature. Despite this, he usually prefers to keep quiet and listen to the conversation, interjecting his thoughts every once in awhile, particularly if he wants to argue a point. He joined Speech & Debate as an experiment, as he hoped it would help him learn to organize and articulate his thoughts better when discussing his views. This was partly due to him being slightly depressed by Seattle's strong liberal bent, as very few seem to share or respect his beliefs. However, while he takes his views seriously, he has nothing against making friends with people who disagree with him, and enjoys the occasional friendly discussion. He takes a great deal of care to be respectful to other people, regardless of how he feels about their position, and makes an effort to understand things from their perspective even when he strongly disagrees.

Socially, Ian was able to adapt fairly well to Aurora High School, helped by his wide variety of interests, which allowed him to fit in with most people. Ian is usually somewhat quiet and reserved, but he's amiable to those who talk with him, and has a friendly sense of humor. He takes friendship seriously, and will go well out of his way to help his friends. He has a strong competitive streak and enjoys a friendly challenge, though he never takes the result of these challenges too seriously. Ian isn't easily offended and usually remains calm and clear-headed under pressure. He dislikes conflict, and tries to defuse any tension through compromise or humor, often acting as a mediator between friends. In event that somebody manages to get on his nerves, he reacts with sarcasm, preferring to avoid strong language, and being uncomfortable with actual profanity. He's usually a very rational person, and good at keeping things in perspective. He has yet to decide exactly what he wants to do with his life, beyond the nebulous goal of attending a good college. He's currently looking into computer engineering as a career, but he wants to keep a variety of options open, as he's still unsure what he wants to study. To this end he's kept his grades up, and made an effort to improve his scores in English with some success, as well as taking greater care to avoid careless errors. As a result, he managed to bring his GPA up to a 3.8 during his senior year.

Advantages: Ian does well under pressure, able to act quickly while remaining calm. His talent for mediating between friends has the potential to serve him well should he need to negotiate. Additionally, his experience with martial arts should give him an edge against untrained opponents.
Disadvantages: Due to letting his martial arts training slide, he's become rusty, making him likely to make a mistake in a potentially serious situation. Despite some improvements in this area, his tendency to make careless mistakes when not focusing has the potential to get him into a bad situation. His concern for his friends may cause him to take risks he wouldn't otherwise consider.

Designated Number: Male student No. 037


Designated Weapon: Polaroid Instant Camera With Film (Enough for 8 photographs)
Conclusion: We'll see how this goes. B037 should be fine without a weapon, but I just don't see good things in his future. Call it a gut hunch. - Christina Stockton


B036 - Ward, Benjamin[/DECEASED]

Name: Benjamin Ward
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Football, other sports, student council, bullying other students

Appearance: Standing at 5'10", Ben is a Caucasian man of average height. Weighing in at 207 pounds transforms the average into burly and stocky. His physical training has built up plenty of muscle, more focused in chest and shoulders than in his legs. His dark brown hair is usually cropped short, which he usually doesn't bother styling. Occasionally, he adds some gel to make some menacing looking spikes, but that only happens when he's looking to pick up somebody at a party. His face has a more angular look to it, though not as well defined due to his training. Thin grey eyes are positioned just a touch closer together than average, though not enough to mar attractiveness. Ben is slightly nearsighted, donning a pair of blocky rectangular framed glasses occasionally during class. His long thin nose shows the scar of a hard impact during his junior year. Ben has a fairly big mouth, though not figuratively, which stretches into quite the wide smile, although many of his classmates are more prone to call that smile a sneer.

Around campus, Ben proudly wears his letterman jacket over a light hoodie or long sleeved polo shirt. His preferred shirt is a plain medium grey hoodie, but his wardrobe includes bolder designs and colors. He regularly switches between well-ironed khakis and well-worn jeans, but almost always roams the halls in a pair of white basketball shoes. After school, Ben is often working out with his teammates, during which he switches to a more comfortable pair of loose sweatpants and sleeveless t-shirt. Occasionally, maybe once or twice a month, Ben will attend class with much more formal attire: shirt, tie, and dress shoes. It's on these days that his classmates are more likely to shy away from him, as he's been said to be more easily provoked.

Benjamin Ward was abducted a tight black Hollister t-shirt, a worn pair of blue jeans, and his basketball shoes.

Biography: Benjamin Ward had what most people would consider a normal life. He was in a regular family of four, living the upper middle class life in Seattle. Nothing of extreme excitement or tragedy ever happened in his life: no incidents with the law, no medical emergencies, and no known abductions for Survival of the Fittest.

Ben's father, James, worked his way up the corporate ladder to upper management at the Starbucks Headquarters in order to provide for his family. Understandably, this meant he was, more often than not, working extra hours to get the next promotion, especially early in Ben's adolescence. That didn't stop James from trying to spend as much free time as he could with his son. Free weekends were filled with sports, either out in the park or at home on the television. James introduced Ben to all kinds of sports: basketball, football, soccer, and even golf. Ben came to enjoy all of them, due to the competitive nature of the sports, but the aggressive and physically demanding nature of football drew Ben towards it, a sentiment James encouraged with enthusiasm.

His mother, Mary, did not spend as much time with Ben, preferring to care for his younger sister instead. Working on and off as a real estate agent gave Mary flexible hours, but she just gravitated more toward the younger Elaine. This made sense to Ben: the mother would teach the daughter how to be a lady while the father would teach the son to be a gentleman. To be a gentleman to his sister, Ben grew to be quite protective. Being three years younger than her brother meant that he was rarely around to watch her at all times. This changed once they were both attending Aurora High. Ben already knew most of the boys around, and made quite certain that they all knew what being a suitor would entail.

James' encouragement led to Ben joining Aurora's football team as soon as was possible, which was as soon as he'd enrolled into the school. Ben's natural build made him most suitable for playing on defense, where he served as a veritable battering ram for the team. Ben also joined Aurora's basketball team and soccer team in his freshman and sophomore years, but over time, discovered that his training in football did not leave him with an optimal physical build for those sports. Rather than accept being benched for being unable to perform with the best of his teammates, he instead quit the team to focus more training for his position on the football team.

But his father's words and support didn't stop at that. All through Ben's early life, his father had taught him that the best way to succeed in life was to be on top: to be respected, to be admired, and to be the best he could be. Not only did he teach Ben this, he lived it. James' slow but steady climb through the ranks of the company exemplified everything he taught his son. Every promotion was followed with stories of how James commanded with words, with drive, and with action. Ben took them all to heart.

He didn't have the same natural charisma as his father. He lacked the eloquence and experience that enabled his father to lead. So Ben used what he did have: a blunt unashamed attitude and the physical prowess to back it up. He had no problem making it clear to his fellow students if they were not good enough. Ben worked hard for his team; he trained throughout the year to ensure he'd be among the best defensive player in the state. He worked hard for his position in student council; he campaigned with fervor, reaching out to many of the students involved in athletics and tapping into the pool of students that still believed in school spirit. He even worked hard on his grades. It hadn't taken him long to notice that his peers would be more likely to look up to a person of academic prowess, and Ben decided to capitalize on that. He didn't hide how hard he studied. Ben regularly achieved straight As, though someone who looked closely would see that he excelled more in history than in math or science. His strong academics and athletics achievements landed him a spot in the University of Washington's football team and business program, a fact that Ben was sure to boast about to his classmates. Only people who were strong and smart were considered peers. This was his expectation of everybody.

A more practical way to put it: Ben was drawn to the idea of being a leader, but given his arrogant nature, he hated having to deal with people he'd consider as a waste of his time.

For those who didn't meet Ben's expectations, he gave them a model to aspire to. The insulting words and the harsh tone were not meant to hurt, only to encourage. Some people needed to be dealt with in a more hands-on fashion, but Ben never intended to injure. This was the only way he knew to show that he was the better one, and to show them somebody to admire and follow. It wasn't until his sophomore year, the second time somebody got hurt from a forceful shove that Ben got suspended for a day. His parents blamed it on Ben not knowing his own strength. The fourth time, at the beginning of his junior year, was the first time he'd gone far enough to throw a punch, which earned him another couple days suspension and a visit to the principal for a lecture with his parents. After which, James gave Ben another lecture about more delicate and finer ways to handle his schoolmates. By then, he'd made enough of an impression on his classmates to reduce violent incidents to a minimum level that kept him away from any serious punishments. Ben's reputation and presence did most of the work, especially to the underclassmen.

Advantages: Ben is in excellent shape and holds a physical advantage over a great number of his classmates. Not only is he stronger, he has no reservations in using that strength to gain an advantage over others. Ben has some leadership experience, which could be useful in forming and keeping groups together. His reputation and his skill in bullying others will make it easier to intimidate others to his will.
Disadvantages: Ben's high standards have somewhat warped his perception of his peers, leading to some degree of arrogance. His aggressive and confrontational behaviour has likely earned him many enemies. He's a straightforward thinker, more likely to approach dangerous situations head on instead of considering alternate courses of action.

Designated Number: Male student No. 036


Designated Weapon: D&D 3.5 Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide and Monster Manual
Conclusion: Ooh, a slightly arrogant leader? Sounds like a good Dungeon Master to me. I mean, he also sounds like a bit of a dick, so AD&D might have been better. Too bad we didn't throw in a copy of the Tomb of Horrors. - Dennis Lourvey


G028 - Parker, Gabriella "Gabby"[/DECEASED]

Name: Gabriella “Gabby” Parker
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Singing, performing, music, playing the piano, acting (Drama club member), chess (Chess club member)

Appearance: Gabriella has no easy means of blending into a crowd: at 6’2” and 154 lbs with an average build, her height often causes her to tower over most of her peers. She possesses an olive complexion, a result of her Israeli heritage.

Her dark brown wavy hair hangs down to her shoulders in the front and back and is usually kept hanging loose. She has an average sized forehead and thin eyebrows that match her hair in colour. Her hazel eyes are sharp in shape, and her nose protrudes slightly more than usual from her face, possessing a straight bridge as well as thin nostrils. She has a thin, narrow mouth, her lips normally damaged by a chewing habit, though she goes out of her way to hide this with lipstick and lip balm, and she works hard to maintain a white set of teeth. She has a thin jawline, giving her a sharp chin and an overall pointed shape to her face. The few traces of blemishes and acne on her skin are hidden by makeup when necessary.

On the day of the abduction, Gabriella was wearing an apple green short sleeved tunic top and a pair of bootcut dark blue jeans, with a pair of dark brown flat soles on her feet. For jewellery, she was wearing a pair of silver studs in her ears and a trio of silver bracelets on her right arm.

Biography: Jerold Parker and Ayala Parker née Hamutal met in college. Both were architecture students, Ayala an overseas student from Israel, and the two bonded over mutual interests and a shared religion in Conservative Judaism. The two married shortly after graduating, Ayala taking on US citizenship. When the two were in their early thirties, Ayala gave birth to Gabriella Nava Jennifer Parker.

Thanks to the two’s high paying careers, Gabriella grew up in a wealthy household in the suburbs of Seattle. From a young age her parents tried to instill a range of skills in their daughter, as their parents had tried to when they were young, but the only one that stuck with Gabriella was the piano lessons her parents signed her up for when she was five. From a young age Gabriella loved the sound of music, and getting to create it herself became a way for her to immerse herself in it.

The only other hobby that Gabriella gained thanks to her parents was chess. Jerold was an avid player of the game and made sure to teach his daughter the rules when she was old enough. She only had her dad to play with, however, and his uncompromising style of play, despite him still trying to make it fun, made for an unappealing opponent. Though she never pursued the game intensely, she would play games against other kids when the opportunity arose, enjoying the competitive nature of the game and getting to outwit opponents.

When she began school, Gabriella did well both academically and socially: she was quick to make new friends and adept at picking up new topics. However, she suffered from a lack of motivation, more interested in playing with her classmates than paying attention in class, her academic skill largely a result of natural intelligence. When her parents became aware of these discipline issues, they cracked down hard on Gabriella, responding to each sign of laziness or disobedience with harsh discipline, namely banning her from her favourite activities for days at a time, be it from watching her favourite cartoons, reading books she was enjoying, playing chess, or going to friends’ parties. However, her punishments never extended to her music lessons, her parents recognising it as more than just a hobby and appreciating how it could benefit her when school applications came around.

As a result of her parents’ strict attitude to her schooling, Gabriella picked up a disciplined work ethic. However, it was one that resulted from a fear of failure rather than a desire to succeed, and her extroverted nature in classes receded from fear of punishment. Whilst her parents were informed of their daughter’s shift in personality by her teacher, they considered it an acceptable compromise for the sake of Gabriella’s education.

As her piano lessons continued, her true passion became evident at the age of seven as she began to sing along with her pieces. Her natural talent at singing was noticed by her teacher and parents and it led to her taking private singing lessons alongside her learning the piano.

Her parents, both committed to their faith, also did their part to teach Gabriella the ways of Judaism. Synagogue was a regular event in the family and Gabriella was enrolled in Hebrew school, and to this day Gabriella considers her faith an important part of her life. However, whilst she makes no efforts to hide her beliefs or how it affects her opinions on matters, she tries to maintain discretion about it to avoid being mistaken for an evangelist.

She regarded her Israeli heritage in a similar way, often learning about her country from her mother as she grew up, and throughout her life she would visit Israel on a number of occasions to meet and spend time with her mother's family. When asked about her background she would happily share her origins, but she would never hide the fact that she is an American.

Towards the end of elementary school when Gabriella was eleven years old, her parents gave birth to her two unplanned fraternal twin siblings, Kenneth Even Lester Parker and Joseph Hagai Charles Parker, the two arriving safely despite Ayala’s relatively older age for childbirth. Gabriella was very jealous of her two new siblings when they first arrived, due to her parents' attention suddenly shifting dramatically away from her after years of being an only child. This continued for a number of years, though she learned to tolerate the two, until her two brothers were old enough to start pursuing the activities her parents had pushed her into when she was a kid. Though she was still the main focus of her parents’ expectations, being the oldest child and therefore closest to college, their attention was now split between her performance and that of her younger brothers’. She greatly appreciated the fact that she was no longer under as much pressure, though her relationship with her younger brothers’ continued to be ambivalent at best.

Going into middle school was the signal for Gabriella’s unpleasant bout of puberty to begin. Already tall for her age in spite of her parent’s average height, the additional growth, in addition to a bad case of greasy skin and a need for braces, made her a merciless target for bullies. As a result, she became a frequent victim of name calling and insults. Whilst she tried to keep the problem to herself, unfaithful that her parents would intervene, Ayala and Jerold soon noticed the effect it had on their daughter as she began coming home close to tears.

Whilst the school was contacted over the issue, the incidents of harassment were never really dealt with. There would be punishment for the obvious bullies, but the fact that name calling could be easily missed by authority figures, combined with Gabriella’s reluctance to identify her aggressors for fear of making the problem worse, led to Gabriella’s status as a victim continuing. Unsure of what action to take, having never been long term victims of bullying themselves, Gabriella’s parents contemplated sending her to a different school. Gabriella, however, did not want to have to adjust to an entirely new school, even if it meant having to put up with her bullies.

Instead, she took matters into her own hands and started insulting her bullies back just as much, at times more. However, these only served to aggravate the bullies, and in response her comebacks became sharper and sharper. Whilst on a few occasions Gabriella was the one in trouble for her insults, instead of her bullies, her parents accepted that it was helping her to cope with her problems, though they still reprimanded her for the marks on her record. Whilst the school continued to try to resolve the issue, Gabriella’s retaliations provoked the bullies further and made the situation less clear as to who was at fault, and so the administration was never able to truly put a stop to things.

The situation lasted until Gabriella reached her stride in her development, her skin clearing up and her teeth corrected, making her height her bullies last remaining favourite target. With only one thing left to pick on, and Gabriella now fighting back hard all the way, the bullies eventually lost interest. To this day she remains very insecure about her height, but she has also learned to mask it with a strong verbal retaliation against anyone who mocks her. She responds in a similar way when she sees others bullying, stepping in and taking on the bully with a slew of insults out of sympathy for the victims.

It was in middle school that Gabriella would have her first taste of performing. Gabriella took part in her school’s talent show, despite insecurities about looking bad that were instilled by her tormentors, and did a piano and vocals cover of Galileo by The Indigo Girls, a personal favourite of hers. Placing well overall, Gabriella loved the praise she received by some her peers for her performance and the satisfaction of coming high in the rankings.

It was also in middle school that Gabriella met her best friend, Cho, a guitar player. Meeting each other in a music class, they bonded over their love of sound and became fast friends. The next year they entered the talent show together and since then they have been almost always playing as a duo.

Working with Cho’s guitar playing, Gabriella switched her own focus from both pianos and vocals to just her voice. Whilst she still took piano lessons until she was fifteen, she eventually dropped them to focus purely on her voice, leaving her piano skills largely for writing her own music. Later, when she was seventeen, she dropped her singing lessons as well, considering herself skilled enough to practice on her own. Her parents were displeased with her dropping two of her routines, but tolerated it as Gabriella continued to work at her music on her own.

As she grew older, Gabriella began to really understand why music was such a passion of hers: the emotions it evoked and the power of the melodies appealed to her greatly. Alone with her music, she could feel things that her parents’ expectations and her problems at school had denied her and finally relax. Singing and playing the piano became an outlet for her frustrations, though she never realised that this was the case, and a way for her to enjoy the feelings of the music personally. Due to this being the cause of her passion, she developed a fondness for songs that possessed strong vocals and powerful rhythms, performing them being a better way to release her pent up anger than if she had chosen a softer song.

In high school, the awkward appearance caused by puberty no longer an issue, Gabriella stopped being a favourite target of bullies and started opening up to others. Though not quite as extroverted as when she was a kid, Gabriella still grew into something of a social butterfly as she made friends with a number of students, most of whom were classmates who shared an interest or were just likeable. The only person she truly opened up to was Cho, however; though another close friend, Joe Carrasco, would become a reserve confidant in times of particular annoyance. Over time she picked up the skills of being a shrewd conversationalist, utilising her fast learning pace and her natural wit, and developed from her withdrawn and cutting adolescent self to a much smoother talker. However, she still retained her venomous tongue for people who get on her bad side and bullies.

She also joined the chess club in her freshman year of high school. After playing most of her matches online in middle school, not wanting to add to her bully’s arsenal by joining her middle school’s club, she enjoyed the opportunity to play face to face again. Her relaxed attitude to the game placed her skills at a good level, but only as a result of her experience. Though she went out of her way to conceal her participation at first, as she grew in confidence she stopped trying to hide that she enjoyed the game, though she still avoids bringing it up herself in conversation.

As she continued working on her and Cho’s performances the thoughts of a music career started to appear in Gabriella’s mind, an idea that Cho was also on board with. As a duo of a guitarist and vocalist, they found folk rock to be the most accessible form of music to them as well as one they both enjoyed. Gabriella used The Indigo Girls as her private inspiration, considering them proof that the music scene didn’t have to be dominated by pop and rock, and the two started working regularly towards their goal through a mixture of covers and their own pieces. Gabriella always pushed the two towards perfection in their work, rather than risk appearing sloppy.

Her parents did not approve. They considered the music industry a frivolous waste of time, one that Gabriella would get into only by luck rather than skill, and started voicing their opinion whenever the topic was brought up. Though they didn’t stop her and Cho from playing together, they insisted that she keep working on her studies rather than her music. Her brothers were too young to really understand what the problem was and the fact that Gabriella maintained a somewhat distant relationship from the two did nothing to help, so the conflict remained between Gabriella and her parents.

As high school progressed, Gabriella grew bored of going home right after school almost every day and decided to join another club in her sophomore year, settling on the drama club. Though she wasn’t a natural actor, only playing supporting characters at best, she enjoyed playing the roles and the presence on stage enough that she stuck with the club. Her constant performances in both drama and music boosted Gabriella’s confidence greatly.

Academically, Gabriella maintained high grades through her inherent smarts and her parents’ pressure, though her general disinterest in most subjects kept her average lower than it could have been. Whilst she performed well generally, her performance in creative subjects often outdid the more logical fields, though she also took to language classes well after spending her childhood learning Hebrew. Her goal was still to join the music industry, but her parents fought it at every turn and went out of their way to make sure she’d have other options available to her through her grades.

Gabriella was never a physically fit girl. As a sensible eater, she was able to maintain her slender figure, but a natural awkwardness, exacerbated by her height, as well as a consistent disinterest in anything physical kept her from ever working on keeping in shape. As a result she possesses little in the way of strength or stamina.

Although she has a wide circle of friends, Gabriella has never been in an intimate relationship, nor does she have any interest in entering one. Whilst she can appreciate why some people go for a relationship, she is simply not inclined towards pursuing a romance and never has been.

Now nearing the end of high school, Gabriella possesses a range of friends and a good GPA to get by on. However, her interest in joining the music industry has not waned and her parents have lost their patience, as they’ve started threatening to cut her off if she does not go to college. Worried about her ability to support herself, never having had a job in her life, she has begun to apply for language courses at different schools to satisfy her parents. Though she knows she can pursue music on the side whilst still learning, she’d much rather make it her main focus and play every day with Cho.

Advantages: Gabriella is a skilled conversationalist who is able to easily talk to most people, which could enable her to negotiate her way out of trouble, and her wide range of friends gives her many potential allies to fall back on. Her high intellect could also help her to survive if she can outsmart any dangers. Her experience in the drama club may prove useful should she try to deceive anyone.
Disadvantages: Gabriella is in poor physical shape, so she would have difficulty keeping pace on the island. Living a life of comfort and dependence on her parents also means that supporting herself in the harsh island conditions may prove overwhelming. Her venomous tongue may cause her trouble if she’s properly provoked, as it could earn her dangerous enemies.

Designated Number: Female student No. 028


Designated Weapon: Single-Headed Meteor Hammer
Conclusion: Another girl who'll coast for a ways on her social skills only to realize that in the end she's only been stalling for time. I doubt G028 has the charm to coax anyone into dying for her, and she'd be more likely to hurt herself than anyone else with that weapon. - Christina Stockton


G027 - Montalvo, Amaranta "Mara"
Name: Amaranta "Mara" Montalvo
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Competing in pageants, debate club, student council, school newspaper, fire performance arts, shopping

Appearance: Amaranta is the picture of polished perfection and exotic beauty. She stands at 5’5’’ and weighs a slim 120 pounds, maintained by obsessive dieting. She has dark, reddish brown skin and almond shaped eyes punctuated by dark irises that are such dark brown they appear to be black. She has glossy, jet black hair that falls to her shoulders and, though she works to be thin, she still has a natural curvaceous build with rounded hips. Her nose is small and the only part of her appearance that irks her is that her lips are thinner than she’d like. She's quite skilled with make up and applies it with a light enough hand most days that it isn't noticeable on first glance, though she hates lipsticks because it draws attention to her lips.

In dress Amaranta is fashionable and her style is expensive clothes with close-to-the-body tailoring and favors monochromatic outfits, only occasionally pulling out bright colors. On the day of abduction she was wearing an H&M black button down shirt with accentuated puffs on the shoulders, a straight mini skirt with black and white horizontal stripes, black mary jane shoes with a silver buckle, and white frilled ankle socks.

Biography: Amaranta was born to Anthony and Lidia in Seattle, Washington. She has one sister, Rebeca, who is one year her junior. Her father is CEO of a large pharmaceutical company and though her mother has a degree in art history, she married Anthony straight out of college and has never had a real career of her own. Her father is of Mexican and Spanish decent which gives the sisters their dark complexions. The girls grew up exceedingly wealthy and have lived all their lives in Madison Park.

Amaranta and Rebeca were not particularly close growing up. Amaranta was outgoing, stubborn and outspoken while Rebeca was quieter and deeply interested in art, hoping one day to become a fashion designer. Their mother always favored Amaranta while their father favored the shyer, artistic Rebeca. This has always been a point of annoyance for Amaranta, who valued her father’s opinion more than her mothers because in her eyes, he is the more powerful role model who earns the money and has the more important role in society.

It became very important to her to win his approval. She entered into pageants at a age 6, helped by her mother, who had been in pageants as a young woman. Amaranta is very successful with her exotic looks and her strange talent. Amaranta can’t much act or sing, so at age twelve she started in fire performing arts. She became fascinated with the idea after watching the movie Miss Congeniality and her parents obliged, enrolling her in a fire poi class at a gym that specialized in circus arts. For the first two years of her classes she was only taught the routines and once she was deemed skilled enough, fire was introduced at age 14. Mara is skilled in her routines, but never deviates from her tried and true practiced sets. She does not improvise or create routines on her own and practices three days a week She pulls out acts such as spinning flaming batons, hula hooping with fire hula hoops, fire twirling and other fire acts earning her the nickname “Spitfire,” not just for the fire talents but for her very short temper. Outside of her fire dancing and related activities, she hates exercise. Amaranta doesn't like running, finding it distasteful to break a sweat and isn't very strong. The dancing is a good match for her as she likes that it is flashy and elegant with more of an emphasis on repetition and skill than anything like strength or stamina.

Pageants take up a good amount of her time but she can't help but love getting attention for her looks. She loves winning over opponents and typically donates her winnings to the runner-up because she does not need the prize money and she receives even more attention for her generosity. The job she gets from receiving a trophy that official states her to be the best is enough.

She works hard in school, earning good grades in all of her subjects and maintaining a 3.7 GPA. She hates math and is more inclined towards English class. For all of her achievements and her aggressive competitiveness in all aspects of her life, which her father encourages, he still dotes more on Rebeca and this angers Amaranta. She makes fun of Rebeca whenever she can and plays cruel little pranks on her younger sister.

While her father pushes her and pushes her to be best without ever really returning the praise she wants for the things she achieves, her mother dotes on her constantly, telling her how special she is. This combination has made Amaranta very narcissistic. She honestly thinks that she is better than her peers most of the time and doesn’t bother with people unless she feels they are on her level.

Recently at the start of her junior year of high school the family found out that Anthony had cheated on Lidia. This affected the girls in different ways. Rebeca withdrew more, their mother became depressed and Amaranta was left to try and deal with the aftermath. It is of supreme importance to Amaranta that others think that her life and family are the best of the best so she took it upon herself to keep the house running by making sure errands were done, organizing the house staff, taking care to make sure Rebeca always looked presentable, and comforting her to keep up appearances. She does not honestly care about the emotional wellbeing of her sister and becomes even more resentful that she has to help her.

Her push to gain her father’s love and approval through accomplishments became even more manic starting senior year. She competes frequently in pageants, ran for student council, joined the debate team and works on the school newspaper. She chose activities that she felt would be seen as impressive by her father and others because of their positions of leadership or influence among students. In student council she is outspoken and sees the duty as almost something that she has to be a part of because she has the best ideas and will get things done for the student population. Increasingly, she hates her position at the newspaper, not liking that she has to ask people to talk to her or do work that she feels is beneath her to inform a student population she feels doesn't care. Originally she joined the newspaper because it was the closest activity she felt she could excel at that was also somewhat artistic, trying in vain to replicate the attention Rebeca gets from their father for her artistic endeavors, with little success. She keeps the activity on because she likes to see her work widely read and because she's too proud to quit. Out of all her activities, the one she truly enjoys the most is debate club. Mara likes to present positions and use clever turn of phrases to win out over opponents and if the topic is of interest, she doesn't really mind the research involved. She slogs through her other responsibility without much enthusiasm. Her love of debate has inspired her to look towards becoming a lawyer and she has been accepted to UCLA come next fall.

Despite all the numerous activities she takes part in, deep down, she’s afraid that he’ll stray again and this next time will leave the three girls for good. Her trying to be the best is her own way of trying to make sure that her father stays near and is an attempt on her part to control something that she, as a young girl, really has no control over.

When Amaranta feels overwhelmed or particularly stressed, which is often, she finds it relaxing to go the mall and shop. She loves to dress up and buy outfits, justifying occasions for her to wear said outfits, even if they are very specific. Her one love is truly shoes. She has a closet full of more shoes than she would ever realistically wear. She loves how expressive a pair of shoes can be and she finds buying them to be soothing.

Amaranta is friends with only the most popular and wealthy students at Aurora. She believes that this is the proper crowd for her and does not even consider ever hanging out with others. Her humor is mean spirited and part of making herself feel better about her situation is to make the occasional mean comment to a classmate. She is very vain as unfortunately, she finds her pageantry and the comments she gets about her beauty to build a lot of her self worth. She’s a smart girl, but her looks are what she thinks are her best attribute. If anyone should suggest that another girl, especially her sister Rebeca, is prettier, Amaranta will fly into a rage. She often tests her friends by asking them which sister they think is prettier and there is hell to pay should they answer incorrectly. She has had a few relationships, but it is difficult for her to trust boys after what has happened with her father. She also only pays any mind to only the most popular and wealthy boys, looking for flashy husband material.

Advantages: Amaranta is smart, determined, beautiful, aggressive and selfish. She knows how to take charge and perform in a leadership position.
Disadvantages: She hasn’t been the nicest girl in the world to people outside of the popular crowd and may have gained enemies. She truly thinks she’s better than others and as a result, she underestimates people constantly which could throw her off. She hates physical activity and isn’t very strong or fast. She has an explosive and very short temper. The past year has been a time of great stress to her and she may hit a breaking point with the addition of even more stress.

Designated Number: Female student No. 027


Designated Weapon: Seattle Seahawks Football Helmet
Conclusion: A useless weapon is a bad sign for an otherwise fairly promising contender. If she overcomes it, she may be able to to go a good ways. I think, though, she's more likely to fall victim to someone she's offended and not last far enough into the game to regain control. She's not as superior as she thinks, that's for sure. - Christina Stockton

B034 - Caputo, Joey[/DECEASED]

Name: Joey Caputo
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High
Hobbies: Weightlifting, football, and cooking.

Appearance: Joey is 5'6" and 240 pounds. He has a square face with a strong jawline. His face is always stubbled with hair, and he'll have a beard if he doesn't shave every morning. He is very strong, but his muscles are masked by a big round belly which juts out from under his strong chest. Joey is full Italian with olive skin, dark eyes, jet black hair. He keeps his hair spiked up with plenty of gel. He walks with his chest puffed out, shoulders back, and a slight waddle.

Joey likes to wear shirts with Seattle Seahawks logos, often with the sleeves torn off. Underneath, he'll either wear baggy jeans or sweat pants. He wears boldly colored high-top shoes which he polishes and cleans before school every day. On the day of the trip, Joey was wearing a black shirt with the Seahawks logo, jeans, and a studded belt.

Biography: Joey's was born to his young parents shortly after their wedding. Though his conception was the reason for their marriage, Lisa and Vincent have a very loving relationship. Because both of his parents dropped out of school to work full time, Joey grew up receiving a lot of attention from several caregivers. When Joey was four, his parents moved out of his paternal grandparents' house, and into their current apartment.

Joey's parents are very permissive, and he is very independent. He's close with his mother, who babied him as a child. She is an accomplished cook, and is still trying to break the habit of pinching his cheeks. Joey's mom has taught him the basics of cooking, and his genetics have taught him the basics of overeating. She showers him with praise for even the smallest accomplishments. His father also thinks very highly of him, but still recognizes his limits. Joey will be the first in his family to graduate high school, which is a very big deal to his family.

Joey's grandparents are immigrants. They too work low-income jobs and struggle to make ends meet. When Joey was born, his grandmother stopped working to take care of him. "Nonna" would spoil him and play with him the entire day, only stopping when he tired. Joey respects his grandmother much more that he respects either of his parents. While she is able to calm him down and to get him to listen, he is stubborn to everyone else. While Joey is not an aggressive person, he has trouble taking his youthful parents as seriously as he did his grandparents as a child.

In kindergarten, there was an incident where another child called Joey fat. Joey was, in fact, a rather large little boy, and he responded by pushing the boy down. Even as a child he had confidence in himself and never let himself feel inferior to anybody. When the teacher called home, Joey received praise. Joey is usually easy to get along with, but unnecessary jabs at his pride will provoke him. Through middle and high school, he's learned to take jokes better, but part of him still tenses up when he's teased, even in a playful manner.

Many kids used to think of Joey as a bully, given his stature. Fortunately, the kids who weren't too intimidated to talk to him found that he was actually a very friendly, playful, goofy guy. Joey is very charismatic, and quickly befriends anybody who gives him a chance. This trend has continued in high school; he quickly becomes chummy with anybody who introduces themselves, but misses out on meeting any of the quieter kids. His abundant confidence has also help scare away kids who don't enjoy drawing attention to themselves.

Coming from a very permissive family, Joey has never been under very much stress. He's been meeting his parents' relatively low expectations all his life, and has never applied himself very hard to anything. He's content with joining the working class, because it's what his family has always done. He's always gotten by in school doing the bare minimum, and would not find passion in anything until his sophomore year. This passion was weightlifting.

Joey's family has big into football and wrestling. However, due to their general laziness, their fandom ends at observing. Joey played football his freshman year, and discovered he was too slow and unmotivated. His second year he became the team's water boy. He enjoyed being on the field without having to run and tackle, but also felt like he was a joke. Quitting after the first game, Joey found his current passion in the weight room. He'd been strong beforehand, but now he's dedicated himself to pumping his guns even bigger and bigger.

Joey lifts big and eats big. He's gained muscle mass doing so. His body fat masks this, but when he flexes, his biceps swell up into baseballs. He is among the strongest in his grade. His sense of humor an charisma have made him popular with the ladies who can stomach his cockiness. Most girls are very opinionated in regards to Joey. Some consider him a cute butterball, others think he is an arrogant gym rat.

Joey is a bit of a meat head. He's big, he's relatively handsome, he's confident, and a little thick. His favorite period is lunch. He's too lazy for anything aerobic in gym, and doesn't even bother trying in academic classes. He's in sophomore level math, and just barely passing lit. He usually tries to charm his way to a C, but to no avail. Now that Joey's a senior, he's let himself fall even further behind. He's currently on the verge of having to repeat senior year. His aspiration is to manage a sports team, or to be some kind of coach. However, Joey doesn't know how to go about doing either.

Advantages: Joey is among the strongest of his class. He lifts six days a week, and has packed on serious muscles. This also contributes to an intimidation factor. Joey also has a large group of friends, and is always making new ones.
Disadvantages: Joey is literally a big target, and also slow. Brute strength isn't going to do him any good if he's being stalked by an assassin. He's also not the brightest kid ever. Having a large group of friends may also bite him in the ass when he has to kill one of his pals. His intimidating frame may also cause scared, trigger happy students to kill before he can greet them. Joey is also very boisterous, he's more likely to charge around than be sneaky.

Designated Number: Male student No. 034


Designated Weapon: Kukri
Conclusion: That's not a great weapon for brute strength, not if he can't get close. The stupid usually fall sooner than later, especially if they don't have somebody there to watch out for them. I predict a bloody out at the quarter-mark. - Christina Stockton


B032 - Roger Jr., Rutherford "R.J"[/DECEASED]

Name: Rutherford Graham "R.J." Roger Jr.
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12th Grade
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Drawing, Baseball, Video games

Appearance: Rutherford stands at 5'8" and weighs around 150 pounds, with a skinny but somewhat toned body structure. His whole body is more slender and softer than most other boys, and his body just seems more feminine, besides his muscles. He's very pale due to being ill and forced to stay in his own home frequently, and sunburns easily, especially during baseball season, and despite being half Mexican, looks completely white. His dirty-blonde hair is curly and wavy, comes in at medium length, covers most of his forehead, and stops a little past his earlobe. He plays with his hair when he's thinking, like curling a telephone cord around his finger.

He has a sullen look about him, even when he's not sad. His face is slender and clean, shaving his face regularly and taking care of his face to make sure he doesn't have any acne. His eyes are of a dark-blue color with a hint of gray, his eyelashes being long and dark, and his eyebrows are trim and slim. His nose is average sized and his face is heart like in shape. Due to these qualities he could be mistaken for a girl from a short distance away.

He usually wears a small hoodie with a sports-related t-shirt under it. He has several, in a variety of different colors, the light yellow one being his favorite. He also usually wears dark Levi jeans and his favorite pair of black converse all-star sneakers.

During the abduction R.J. was wearing the following: A blue Chicago Cubs shirt with his favorite light yellow hoodie over it, black jeans and black converse all-star shoes.

Biography: Rutherford Roger Jr. was born on October 4th, 1993, In Chicago, Illinois, to a Caucasian soldier and to a Mexican hairdresser. Ever since that day, Rutherford, or R.J. as known to family and friends, had a very weak immune system, and for the first few months of his life he could barely breathe without the aid of a oxygen tank due to terrifyingly bad asthma. Thankfully, when his father was stationed to Seattle, Washington, there were no negative health effects for the child. Growing up, it was a little tough for R.J. to keep up with his friends, always being the one that got tired first or had to go home early. His baseball playing has since fixed this problem, although his stamina and immunity is still nothing to write home about. Even though he has allergies to dogs, he absolutely loves them, and even owns a German Shepard named Spade at his father's house, along with the necessary medication to own said dog.

When he was barely 4 his parents divorced, for what reason he still doesn't know. While R.J., his mother, and her children stayed in Seattle, his father and other sister were stationed to their next post. Despite this he remains close to both of his parents, and even goes hunting and fishing with his father whenever he visits him for the summer, where the fresh clean air helps him with his asthma. He's also thought of joining the U.S. Military like his father after his time in college, leaning to becoming a part of U.S. Coast Guard.

Due to being the youngest of five children, Ruth had a very submissive and shy personality. His older siblings would pick on him, mostly because his parents would have to give him undivided attention when he got sick, which was often, and whenever his parents intervened his siblings would call him weak or a baby. When he started his school years he was never bullied, but he was always the end of jokes amongst his group of friends, since he was weaker and smaller than the rest of the kids, and very gullible, but Ruth knew it was all in good fun.

Ruth has an old embarrassing nickname of "Baby Ruth". People wonder whether his nickname comes from the famous baseball player or the candy bar, but in reality it comes from neither. He really only got it because he and his father had the same name, and it was just easier for his family to call R.J. "Baby Ruth", rather than call them both Ruth. Ruth doesn't really like the name, even though his own family barely calls him that, preferring to just cal him R.J., a name created by his friends Claire Monaghan and Kyran Dean. The only reason people even know about his old nickname is because his mother accidental let it slip around a group of his friends once.

Ruth does moderately well in school and gets mostly low A's or High B's, except in Math, where it's a low C, or in Art, Where it's an A+. He's also a bit of a daydreamer and often gets himself lost in his own thoughts...which gets him lost in real life, mainly because of a combined force of him always looking at the ground and just a general bad sense of direction, although it never gets worse than him being a little late to class. Ruth has a few close friends who are mainly people he met through baseball and school or he's already met in his early childhood. He'll often go to some of his more wilder friends parties, but is mostly a wallflower who enjoys drinking by himself.

Although not as bad as when he was younger, Ruth still gets sick quite a bit and has to be sent home. During his childhood, whenever he was unable to attend school he played video games, with fighting games like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter being his favorite, and he's become quite good at them. Although he's prescribed eyeglasses (nearsighted), he barely ever wears them, preferring to hang them around his shirt, since he believes that they don't look very good on him, preferring to only use them when reading or playing video games.

From a young age Ruth had artistic talent. His drawings were the first things that somebody said Ruth was especially good at and he ran with it, although he believes people tend to over exaggerate. His art is mostly illustration and is inspired by artists such as M.C. Escher, Edward Hooper, and Chris Van Allsburg, and as such, tends to be more on the abstract end of things. Becoming a children's book illustrator is something that he's actually thought of accomplishing and making a career out of. He joined the art club in his freshman year of high school, but decided not to come back for later years, as he didn't really like having to draw what other people told him to, and simply prefers to expand his talents in the privacy of his home.

Ruth is raised Catholic and a closeted bisexual. He can't help but have feelings and notice that the other boys are reasonably attractive, although he's kept quiet about this, and has of yet not explored this. The only person he's ever actually told about this is his best friend Joey, his best friend since kindergarten, during a drunken night at a party. He knows that most of the student body wouldn't care, nor would most of Seattle, but it's Ruth himself who is the most troubled by it. He also likes girls though, and is very shy around the girls he has crushes on, but he has managed to find a girlfriend in Veronica McDonald, who is emotionally close to.

Ruth is a very nice kid, although its easy to take advantage of him due to his trusting nature, but he's starting to wise up a bit. His passiveness has his limits as well, as he will stand up for himself if he feels like he's getting pushed around too much. One example would be during the aforementioned party, where a somewhat buzzed R.J. beat up a very angry Travis Webster over the fact that a beer can accidentally hit Travis in the face. Some time after that, Travis and R.J. have let by-gones be by-gones and have even settled on being on friendly terms with each other.

Although he gets sick easily and is still somewhat frail, he loves and plays baseball (The Cubs being his favorite team) and acts as the starting third basemen for Aurora's Varsity baseball team, which has made his asthma better, and himself somewhat stronger and faster. When playing baseball or doing anything he's serious about, he becomes very focused, giving full attention to what he seeks to achieve. Interestingly, this gives him an ambitious side to him that most people don't get to see, because he wants to see for himself if he can be just as good as anybody else.

Post High School plans are smooth going at the moment as he has recently been accepted into the same University as his girlfriend thanks to an art-scholarship.

Advantages: His father has taught him some basic survival skills such as hunting and fishing, and he knows how to shoot a hunting rifle. He's also very quiet and could go unnoticed for some time.
Disadvantages: He has very low self-esteem, and he's very trusting of others which could get him into a trap easily. He could also die easily from an infection or an illness due to his weak immune system, and his asthma could also come back to haunt him. His day dreaming and bad sense of direction could get him lost frequently. He's near-sighted, and he can't see that well without his glasses.

Designated Number: Male student No. 032


Designated Weapon: MAT-49 (SMG)
Conclusion: This one's a study in contrasts. He's got the right skills to stand a chance, but the wrong attitude. Still, there's enough of an edge that I think he may be able to overcome it for a time. I'd say a more-skilled Eddie Sullivan than a more-pathetic Bryan Calvert, though. - Christina Stockton


B031 - Little, Mark[/DECEASED]

Name: Mark Delano Little
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Baseball, chess, random trivia

Appearance: Mark Little is everything his name implies he isn't. At 6'4", 215 lbs, he towers over the average student, and his already muscular frame is still filling out. His barrel-chested torso branches out into four longish limbs that are built like small tree trunks unto themselves, and a similarly long, thick neck. He carries himself incredibly well; his posture makes him seem even taller than the six foot four he already is. His always clean-shaven face is well-tanned, making his sharp blue eyes stand out even more than they otherwise might. He sports a nearly perpetual, friendly smile, set between a strong, square jawline and a straight, narrow nose, the whole ensemble topped off with a blond military-style buzz cut. His wardrobe is simple, favoring comfort over style, sticking almost exclusively to t-shirts and jeans when not on the field of play. On the day of the abduction, he was wearing blue jeans, white socks, black and white sneakers, and a Mariners jersey with his own name and the number 67 on the back.

Biography: Born March 15, 1994, in Walla Walla, Washington, and having lived in Seattle since age seven, Mark Little has never had to want for much of anything. He is the lone son of a pair of professional athletes, his mother, Melissa, having spent nine years as a point guard in the WNBA, while his father, Aaron, was a situational lefthander for three teams between 1996 and 2001, including the Mariners, for whom he had a career year in 2000. His lifelong dream has been to follow in their footsteps, something he's been given every opportunity to do. As such, all his life, his destiny has seemingly been laid out before him. Every year since he was old enough to swing a bat, he's been playing baseball in some form, from tee-ball to Aurora High's varsity team, quickly developing into one of the best catchers in his age group, if not the best, year after year. Even in little league, his skill at blocking the plate earned him nicknames like "The Great Wall of Walla Walla" and "The Immovable Object" over the years.

His home life has always been happy, if not always consistent; his parents love him unconditionally and do their best to show it when their jobs allowed them to be around. He was usually raised by babysitters in his early years, until his mother retired from basketball with an elbow injury and entered work in insurance when he was seven. His father never really left the sport, bouncing between minor and independent league teams until 2005 in the hopes of making it back to the show, which he eventually did, albeit in the front office rather than on the field, working as an advance scout for the Mariners, evaluating the team's upcoming opponents. For all this, Mark came out fairly well-adjusted, and has never shown anything but admiration for his parents, even when things weren't as stable as they are now.

Baseball is in his blood, and he's grown up around the sport all his life. In addition to his father, his grandfather, Steven Little, was a journeyman catcher for parts of fourteen seasons in the sixties and seventies, and was notable for being one of just two men to play for both of Seattle's Major League ballclubs. Both men still work for the team as scouts, a fact that, in addition to his impressive athletic ability, has placed him on the organization's radar for some time leading up to the 2012 amateur draft. Between his talent, the value placed on his position, and his signability, he was expected to be selected with the third overall pick by the Mariners on June 4th, and he went as predicted, intending to officially sign after graduation.

Despite the apparent pressure such a pedigree could reasonably expect to bring, Mark manages to take it in stride, not letting it go to his head. He's well aware of how fortunate he is, both to have chanced on his natural talent and opportunities to do what he loves, but he stays humble about it, and isn't content to simply rest on his laurels, believing firmly that he can always do better. As such, his work ethic is the stuff of legends; he can be found in the gym, on the field, or in the weight room almost as frequently as anywhere else combined. Success on the field is his primary motivation in life, almost, but not quite, to the detriment of having a personal life.

Mark is, after all, a person as well as a ballplayer, even if he tends to view himself as the latter first and the former second. Underneath the seemingly imposing jock, he's nothing if not friendly and outgoing, getting along easily with nearly anyone who will approach him. A perpetual optimist, he doesn't tend to see things in shades of gray, instead always looking for the good in others, and it takes almost an active effort to get on his bad side. The phrase "gentle giant" seems to fit him quite well. He doesn't quite conform to the dumb jock stereotype, but with only average grades and a naive outlook on life, he's easy to write off as such before getting to know him. In fact, he has a mind like a steel trap - he simply tends toward using it less for academic purposes than for memorizing scouting reports and assorted facts about nothing in particular, the latter of which he tends to spout off to fill in awkward silences or start conversations. It's not anything he goes out of his way to learn; he simply has a good memory, and tends to get lost in Wikipedia when he's bored. He's also taken to studying chess theory in recent years, operating under the belief that since baseball is a thinking man's sport, it benefits him to flex his mental muscles just as it does his physical ones.

His focus on success in his athletic pursuits hasn't really helped his academics, but neither has it hurt them. His focus on his mental development and the distraction from his studies that baseball poses effectively cancel each other out. On the field, he takes on a leadership role, as catchers tend to do, which translates to a rather personable character off it. His family's local celebrity status can make him intimidating to approach, but his attitude makes this fact easy to forget, and he makes friends easily, not particularly discriminating between one clique and the next, though he tends to gravitate toward the popular crowd, and he manages his time just well enough not to alienate others for the sake of his sport.

Advantages: When it comes to physical advantages, Mark is the total package. He's tall, with good reach, and his near-spartan training regimen gives him the edge over nearly any student in Aurora in strength and durability. Being able to absorb a full-body hit from an oncoming baserunner and shrug it off is the reality of his position on the field, and he's built accordingly.
Disadvantages: Mentally, he could not be less prepared for something like Survival of the Fittest. His naivete, optimism, and lack of anything resembling survival skills all but neutralize him as a significant threat. His size makes him an easy target to hit, largely negating the advantage offered by his durability.

Designated Number: Male student No. 031


Designated Weapon: Length of Rope (10 feet)
Conclusion: Like any sportsman, B031 should know how much of success is in the mind. Without a good mindset, all the skills and fitness in the world won't help him make anything of himself. A poor weapon draw exacerbates that situation, but even a good one wouldn't neutralize it. - Christina Stockton


B030 - Johanssen, Luca[/DECEASED]

Name: Luca Johanssen
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: 12th grade
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Government conspiracy theories, documentaries, browsing the internet, baseball, medicine, biology

Appearance: Luca stands 5'11" tall and weighs around 160lb, an average weight for his height. His body has a toned physique however, due to regular baseball playing that has built his muscles up, especially those in his arms and legs. Despite the time spent playing his favorite sport outdoors, his skin has a slightly pale tone, as he doesn't tan or freckle very easily.

Luca is very meticulous with his appearance and it shows; his dirty-blond hair is kept cut short and slightly gelled to keep its shape, with a short fringe that hangs in place over his forehead. He shaves every other day to keep the stubble around his jaw minimal, and uses anti-acne lotions to keep any breakouts of spots at bay. There are also rumors that he even plucks his eyebrows so they look neater, but Luca hasn't done anything of the sort and leaves them as they are; thick, straight and slightly darker than his hair.

His eyes are a deep shade of brown. Being slightly long sighted however, Luca will sometimes wear a pair of frame-less prescription glasses for when he's reading or working on the computer. His nose isn't remarkable, being straight, narrow and of an average size.

Luca has one piercing, a silver stud embedded with an emerald in his left ear lobe. He has no tattoos, but has a scar across his lower-left abdomen from when he needed an appendectomy at the age of thirteen. Luca can usually be seen around school wearing polo-neck shirts - usually in red, brown or any other warm colors - and black shorts that reach just below his knees. Footwear-wise, he is always wearing black trainer shoes. On the day that he was abducted, Luca was wearing a deep red T-shirt with a brown and orange stylized lion head taking up the front, his black shorts, grey socks and his black trainer shoes.

Biography: Luca Brian Johanssen was born in Seattle on 25th July 1994 to young parents Fredrik Johanssen and Valerie Kirkwood, a second generation Norwegian and a third generation Briton respectively. At the time of Luca's birth, his parents weren't married but were living together, and they didn't tie the knot until he was one and a half years old. Luca was to be their only child; with Fredrik's job as a carpenter and Valerie's unemployment, they believed that they couldn't cope financially if they were to have a fourth mouth to feed.

Growing up, Luca was an imaginative and inquisitive child, very interested in the workings of the world around him. If something caught his attention, he would ask his parents questions about it, though wouldn't always get an answer. He would also occasionally attempt to read up on the subject as best he could, though he was restricted to either books he had at home or children's books at the library. Around the age of seven, Luca stopped reading as much as before, complaining that he was having trouble making out the words. A trip to the opticians revealed that Luca was long-sighted and that he required glasses for reading.

Fredrik was a huge baseball fan, and so would often play a simple game with Luca in their backyard to keep him entertained. Luca enjoyed these games and developed a strong interest in baseball over the years, going on to practice his batting and pitching with his father at the local batting cages during the weekend.

When Luca was ten, the world was shaken by the first SOTF attacks. Several classes from American schools, as well as a few from other countries, went missing without a trace, swiftly followed by the broadcast of SOTF V1. Luca wasn't quite old enough to grasp the terror that it inflicted on the nation, nor the concept of children just a few years older than him being made to kill each other; all he knew was that people had died, and that was all his parents would allow him to know about it. It was only two years later, when V3 had arrived, did he realize to his horror just what had been going on over the past two years.

Approximately four months after Luca's thirteenth birthday, he came down with a sudden stomach ache. While initially believing it would pass, his parents quickly became concerned when the pains didn't dissipate and Luca began violently throwing up. They rushed him to hospital where Luca was diagnosed with appendicitis. Luca required emergency surgery to remove the inflamed organ and remained in hospital for a few days after the successful operation. While the episode lasted just under a week, it had an effect on the boy that would last a lifetime. Wanting to understand exactly what had happened to him, Luca took an interest to biology and began to study it more at school.

Around a year after that episode in Luca's life, it seemed as though SOTF's reign of terror had come to a long-awaited end. Several months after V4 ended, morbid curiosity drove Luca to look back at the details from the earlier versions. Though he didn't dare watch any actual footage from any of the aired versions, Luca browsed through other sources of information such as news articles, blogs and interviews. It was while doing this research that he came across some facts that just didn't add up. Although there was no official link given by the government, he believed that the many classes that vanished before V1's airing were linked to SOTF. He was also puzzled by the government's lack of involvement in any rescue attempt whatsoever, even during V4.

Putting the pieces together, he came to the assumption that the government were behind, or secretly supporting SOTF. He occasionally voiced his opinions on the matter online and to acquaintances, being met more often than not with ridicule and in some cases, hostility. There were a few people who actually believed him, however, which buoyed his confidence and kept his belief in the theories going. His interest has since spread from conspiracies solely concerning SOTF to other government conspiracies and determining if they were true or not, such as those concerning the JFK assassination and the Roswell alien crash landing. When researching these theories, he sources his facts from TV documentaries and from online sites related to the subject, wishing to be as clued up about the topic as possible. However, he tends to only pick sources that support his argument, and often overlooks or ignores those that contradict it. His general attitude to anyone who disagrees with him is that they're incorrect and uninformed, and he tends to come off as quite arrogant. If, however, his opponents are able to shoot down his theories with solid proof, he will back down, albeit reluctantly.

While he was growing up, Luca didn't feel a great deal of attraction to girls. Quite the opposite, Luca felt more comfortable in the company of other males, however throughout his life he had always expected to get married someday and have children of his own. During his mid-teens, he found himself being drawn ever closer to members of the same sex. Initially thinking that he just really enjoyed hanging out with other guys, he started to wonder after a while if he was actually becoming sexually attracted to them. Late in his junior year, Luca dated a girl, Louise Aitkens, who attended a different high school. Their relationship did not last long however; Louise broke up with Luca after only a month, feeling he wasn't really interested in her. To this day, Luca is still not one hundred percent sure of his sexuality, though he keeps it to himself.

Luca kept up his interest in baseball and continued to play it well into high school, getting into Aurora High's team during his junior year. While his batting isn't too shabby and he is quite a quick runner between bases, he really excels at pitching. Due to his strong opinions on controversial matters, however, Luca isn't a popular member within the squad. Lately, he has started to hold back on sharing his theories with his team-mates, if only for fear of being kicked out the team if he continues. As for his interactions with the rest of his peers, he comes across as more of an annoyance than anything else whenever he talks about his theories, and doesn't have a lot of friends around the school as a result. This doesn't bother him that much, however, as he prefers to have just a few friends who share the same interests as him. His parents, on the other hand, do wish that Luca would be more sociable with his peers.

As far as his classes go, Luca excels in English and gets high marks in biology, though he lags behind in art and geography. He has studied anatomy both at school and online, and also took first aid and CPR courses over the summer after his seventeenth birthday. When he's finished at Aurora High, Luca hopes to continue studying biology and medicine at the University of Washington, then move on to medical school. For hobbies, Luca also loves to watch baseball on television - his favorite professional team are the Seattle Mariners - and he recently took up jogging to keep himself in shape. Just over a week before his school trip, though, Luca collided with a cyclist whilst out for a run and was knocked to the ground, resulting in bruised ribs, a torn muscle in his left shoulder and his right knee being sprained.

Advantages: Luca is quite athletic due to his baseball playing, and has a good throwing aim. He is also intelligent, and his knowledge of medicine and first-aid will definitely come in handy should he or an ally require treatment while on the island.
Disadvantages: His beliefs about SOTF and the government have served to alienate him from his peers, so actually finding an ally in the first place would be easier said than done. His recent injuries, especially those to his knee, will also slow him down and prevent him from moving anywhere fast.

Designated Number: Male student No. 030


Designated Weapon: Replica Star Wars Lightsaber
Conclusion: Conspiracy theorists haven't had much luck in the game, historically. At least it provides a good opportunity to explore from the inside, right? I'm curious to see what B030 makes of this arena. I doubt he'll add much else of interest to the proceedings. - Christina Stockton


B028 - Mulcahy, Sean[/DECEASED]

Name: Sean Mulcahy
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Sailing, pirates, camping, big band and lounge music, various games (board, video, sport)

Appearance: Sean Mulcahy stands at 5'4" and weighs about 129 pounds. His body structure is small and wirey, but from what his muscles lack in size, they make up for in tone. His eyes are blue and his hair is a light, almost sandy shade of brown which contrasts well with his pale Irish skin. He wears his hair at a relatively short-to-medium length, insisting on having it regularly trimmed instead of shaved periodically. He has no facial hair to speak of. Other features of his face, like his ears and nose, have a petite and even 'boyish' quality to them, making him look more like a freshman than a senior.

Sean almost exclusively wears t-shirts and shorts to school and in his day-to-day life, even in cold weather. Just about the only time he'll wear anything else is when he's out on the water, at which point he'll wear a white bandanna on top of his head. He alternates between wearing regular sneakers and work boots, depending on the situation (sneakers are for school, work boots are for camping and other dirty outdoor activities).

On the day of the abduction, he was wearing a pair of khaki shorts fastened with a forest green belt, his white sneakers with blue trim, and an old Boy Scouts of America shirt. He had his bandanna tucked into the back left pocket of his shorts, available for wear, and his work boots were also taken inside a small drawstring bag for the trip.

Biography: Sean Mulcahy was born as the only child to Patricia and Michael Mulcahy, both Seattle natives. From his earliest years, Sean revealed himself to be a very energetic child who would constantly worm his way out of the watchful eyes of his parents and into some predicament that would give him a cut or scrape. This energy carried into elementary school, where Sean would often have problems sitting still or focusing on the lessons in class. On the suggestion of his teacher, Sean's parents brought him to a counselor who diagnosed him as having ADHD. Sean was prescribed some ritalin, and while his behavior hardly mellowed overall, he did receive better reports of in-class concentration.

Sean developed his rather strange obsession with pirates rather early in his life, starting with an old VHS tape of Disney's Peter Pan and continuing through Muppet Treasure Island, One Piece... any bit of pirate-related media he could find. Much of his fascination with the culture came from research conducted at the school library, where he found that many of the romanticized traits of the pirates that he read in books or saw on TV were actually not that much different than pirates that existed in real life. They were criminals, yes, but that wasn't what Sean focused on. He focused on the bits that had become famous in present day: the jolly roger, pistol-toting captains, sailors wearing eye patches.

Wishing to channel his peculiar interests into something active or productive, Sean's mother signed him up with the Boy Scouts of America, a national outdoor activities club. Due to his age, Sean started as a cub scout before becoming a fully-fledged scout, but the wait was well-worth it. As a real boy scout, he could go to summer camp and learn all sorts of skills to better himself. Naturally, the skills he prioritized were swimming (which was a requirement anyway) and sailing, which was offered at the camp's waterfront. Sean's seemingly boundless energy suited him well to an active life of camping, where his bouncy personality (and surprising talent on the climbing wall) earned him quite a few friends.

As wonderful as Sean's social life was going, life at home was not going so well. A rift had developed between Michael and Patricia, and the divorce finalized a couple months before Sean's 14th birthday. His father retained full custody thanks to his retention of the house and his middle-class financial status keeping him able to support his son, two things his mother lacked upon moving out. Nonetheless, she moved into a one-bedroom apartment on the other side of Seattle, meaning Sean was not too far from either parent at any given time. Given the short distance, Sean could and did visit his mother regularly, often spending weekends at her house (when she had court-rights to keep him). Even though Sean had to face the uncomfortable fact that his parents no longer loved each other, the situation was made a little easier by the fact that he could still see each of them a lot, keeping life almost as normal as it had always been. A little while later, though, Michael brought a man named Parker home and introduced him to Sean as his boyfriend. When Michael came out as gay to his son, Sean was understandably surprised, and it took him some time to fully accept the situation. He had been raised to be tolerant, however; just because his father was gay did not mean he stopped being his father. Sean learned to accept Parker as something of a third parental figure as well, though the two never really developed the same bonds that Sean had with his mother or with his father.

Sean left the Boy Scouts less than a year after finding out his father was gay, mostly due to personal issues with the organization's strict anti-homosexual policies. While he himself was not gay (and, in fact, regarded himself as asexual), he felt that discrimination based on sexual preference was intolerable. Such intolerance is one of the few things that can strike up Sean's normally non-existent temper. His love for sailing and outdoor activities remained, regardless of his status with the Boy Scouts. Though he didn't partake in any extracurricular sports in high school due to a desire to keep his schedule free, Sean took great enjoyment in gym class and any of the games they ended up playing. True to his carefree nature, Sean just loved games in general, no matter the type. While he favored physical activity heavily, he would even play the occasional board game or video game if it held his interest long enough.

Around high school, Sean's non-confrontational nature lets him interact with a wide range of social circles. Though he tends to call anybody who he's acquainted with a friend, he spreads himself a little too thin to actually spend a lot of time with most people. Romantic interests are about the furthest things from Sean's mind; he has never had a girlfriend or even a boyfriend, nor does he want one. Despite the fact that this does differentiate himself from many of his peers, he doesn't let his sexual interest (or lack thereof) define who he is. He does have a group of closer friends, dotted here and there from the many groups and cliques in high school. Keeping such a varied social web allows Sean to try many things, which is how he discovered his love for lounge singing and big band music, particularly the works of Frank Sinatra. While he can't sing very well, Sean has a keen ear for music and appreciates a well-defined melody, which caused him to develop a keener interest in the smooth, swinging beats and tones of Sinatra or Bing Cosby more than the cacophonic sounds of heavy metal and similar genres.

On the academic side of things, Sean struggles just to be an average student. While he is bright, he has trouble paying attention in class just like he had in elementary school, and is still prescribed ritalin in order to help with his learning disability. Certain subjects, mainly history and Spanish, can hold Sean's interest long enough to where he can score a B or even an A, though he is less than average in English and is absolutely dismal in math classes. While he knows that he'll probably never make a career out of sailing or actually being a real-life pirate (though he'd absolutely love to have been born in a century where that was possible), Sean is unsure of what to do with himself. He has some aspirations of possibly being a history teacher one day and running a cirriculum around the centuries of piracy, but doubts how realistic this dream is when his grades are sub-par.

Whenever Sean gets the chance and doesn't have school or homework, he can usually be found offshore. His father never owned a sailboat, much to Sean's disappointment, but he did own an old canoe that belonged to his father. After getting permission to use it and getting help from Parker, Sean attached a mast and small sail to the canoe, along with a small pirate flag attached to the top (which is fixed in place and cannot be raised or lowered). Sean frequents the coastline of Seattle in his boat, dubbed the 'Green Guppy', which he claims is "Seattle's smallest pirate ship". While this is the primary way in which he indulges in his still-persisting obsession, Sean also follows up on One Piece (a pirate-themed anime, he'd rather not read the manga) and all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The walls of his room are lined with old seafaring charts and anything else even remotely pirate-themed, and he's kept the partially-busted remains of a treasure chest piñata that was used for his thirteenth birthday.

Advantages: Sean is in excellent shape and has an active lifestyle, allowing him mobility and endurance to back it up. His high strength-to-weight ratio lets him climb trees or rock walls better than the average student, and his time spent camping and learning with the BSA lends him survival experience.
Disadvantages: Sean is, overall, a small and weak person who can easily be overpowered. His experience can be overshadowed with naivety of the situation, where he can fail to understand just which of the techniques he's been taught will work and which will fail. Because of his childlike nature, he does not handle being helpless well and can panic when presented with a dangerous and unfamiliar situation.

Designated Number: Male student No. 028


Designated Weapon: Katar
Conclusion: Avast, matey. Use that to dig some treasure out of some chests. - Shamino Warhen


G025 - McDonald, Veronica[/DECEASED]

Name: Veronica Lillian McDonald
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Internet, Archery, Reading, Cats, Hiking, Track

Appearance: Veronica somewhat stands out, standing at 5’8” and 146lbs, and has a tan complexion from spending too much time outdoors. Her usually straight, thick and shoulder-length ash-black hair is often messy and tied back into a ponytail. Her eyes are an icy, pale blue, and round, in contrast to the typical Asian stereotypes. Her nose is slightly small, and her eyebrows aren't really unusual: sort of a long-raindrop shape. Veronica has thin lips, and her ‘curves’ are almost non-existent.

At school, Veronica usually wears multicolored v-necks, gag shirts from Smosh or South Park, jeans or cargo pants, and the occasional loafers. On special occasions, like a senior trip or an important test, she’ll wear a golden locket, with a picture of her cat, Feather. On the trip she was wearing a Persian blue sweater, khaki shorts, and hiking boots.

Biography: Veronica is half Korean and half Scottish, born to Myung-Hee Song and Patrick McDonald (both computer technicians for US Foods) in Arlington Heights, Illinois. She has an older brother, Mark (Age 25) and two younger ones: Harris (Age 15) and Connor (Age 13). Veronica was born into the middle class, and her family was blessed with economic stability.

Veronica was somewhat mellow until age 5, when Connor came along. The new addition left six people under the same roof, and her parents were having trouble keeping up with four kids, especially when three of them are at the age when they needed attention. As a result, Veronica felt that her parents spent too much time on Harris and Connor, so she tried to draw attention to herself by acting up. A bonus was that she was ticked off by all the hectic schedule of the household, and this provided a way to vent out her anger. Her parents were concerned at first, and ignored her in hopes that she'd stop due to the lack of audience. This backfired, as Veronica was angered even more that they were ignoring her, and she continued. They eventually decided that this was probably a phase, and it would fade away eventually. It did, of course, but it left her an aggressive attitude.

She is generally proud of her heritage as a Korean, and takes every moment to brag about it. She embraces stereotypes and sometimes pokes fun at her own heritage. Her parents also tend to follow Korean traditions and etiquette, and Veronica embraces this as well. Veronica is also bilingual, and shows it off by occasionally speaking in Korean.

Ever since Mark was old enough to be a Boy Scout, Veronica was dragged around on camping trips and such. Her brothers followed in Mark’s footsteps, becoming Boy Scouts and adept at some skills by the age of 6. She loved these trips, but didn’t join Girl Scouts due to her stereotypical views regarding their effeminate nature. Veronica had a basic understanding of surviving in the wilderness, and generally liked to play outside.

Her family life is smooth. She and her parents often get along, and the relationship with her siblings is strained but durable. Despite their numerous arguments over the most trivial things, the McDonald siblings have a mutual respect for each other. Veronica prefers to be around Mark, mostly because she looks up to him and she argues with him the least.

When she was 11, she and her family moved to Seattle when her parents' employers relocated them. Her parent’s work lasted until 5:00, and then they had to take a 40 minute drive home. As such, her parents got home late at night, and Veronica increasingly spent more time at home with her siblings. This wasn’t a reality either, due to her siblings being much more social than her, and spending more of their time out with friends or on play dates than being at home. Veronica was liked at first, because the new kid is always interesting. Once the novelty wore off, though, she showed her true colors by acting the way she usually does. This earned her a terrible reputation and she assumed that the entire school body (not the majority) hated her, so she was harsh to everybody, even the minority of kids that actually wanted to befriend her.

As a result of having sociable siblings and parents who came home late, Veronica found her self alone a lot past the age of 13, when she seemed old enough to stay home alone. The time alone was often filled with aimlessly wandering the internet, mostly on Youtube, and maybe deviantArt and TvTropes. She loved to watch funny cat videos on Youtube and eventually developed a fondness for cats, but browsing the internet eventually went stale.

When she was 14, she found Harris’ old bow and arrow in the garage after school. Veronica knew the basics from watching her siblings do it, so she tried it herself. She was rather sloppy at first, but she progressively got better after getting tips off the internet and some Boy Scout guide books and magazines lying around her brothers’ rooms. Veronica was rather skilled, and this newfound hobby has evolved and has a big influence on Veronica’s life. She is often found at the local archery range, trying to perfect her skill.

A few weeks after Veronica found the bow, she hopped on her bike and went to the library. Veronica’s fondness in cats caused her to choose a Warrior Cats book and begin to read it. She instantly loved the book series, and deepened her interest in cats. She made offhand comments about wanting a cat, but her parents ignored her.

She started to take jogs around the neighborhood, and visited nearby parks after school. She slowly began to go out farther and farther as she grew older, eventually beginning to drive to nearby Cougar Mountain to hike when she got a license. They never really found out until she was a junior, when she was out until 10 pm. When her parents found out, they weren’t outraged. They were glad that their daughter took her personal time being out with nature. But a curfew was curfew, so they grounded her for a month. Her parents also wanted to reward her for staying fit, so they got her Feather, a light gray female kitty. She was overjoyed, and took great responsibility in Feather. She began to read more about cats and easily became her favorite animal.

Veronica, encouraged by their support and how they believed that she was good enough, joined track. Veronica was already a fast runner, but she was always afraid that she wasn't good enough to join. She turned out to be skilled at the sport, especially in the long distance runs and relay races. Being elected captain only buoyed her love for the sport, and takes pride in the team itself.

She has excellent history and science grades and average math and language arts grades. She takes school seriously, knowing that her grades could get her into a good college, and a good job, and economic stability. Though her grades are sagging lately (except PE) she’s good to go. She's not artistically talented, though, which reflects in her art grade.

Socially, she’s not so well-off. Her reputation at Aurora started off with her punching Jessiree Merridew in the face at age 14 for calling her a ‘dyke’ (She’s not a lesbian, but bisexual.). Thus, she got several detentions. This has led to verbal fights that stemmed into more verbal fights in and out of school. Veronica was seen as a hot-tempered person. She was at the point where she would jump the gun and argue over insults and such. Anybody who does seem likable to her will have a hard time gaining her trust, and will have to live with her hot-headed, rash and reckless personality.

The aforementioned bisexuality is a new thing to her. As she grew older, she realized that is was possible to like people of the same sex. Veronica found girls to be moderately attractive, and guys attractive as well. She was nervous at first and attempted to conceal it, but it eventually got out in her sophomore year. To her surprise, her parents were open-minded about it, and so was most of the school. It became common knowledge around school, and nobody really pointed it out. Veronica started dating Rutherford Rogers Jr. in her junior year because he seemed nice and looked feminine from a distance, appealing to both her attractions to boys and girls. Their relationship is going smoothly, and both are emotionally close to each other.

Veronica is stubborn, and holds her ground on an argument. She's yelled at a lot of people, leading to many enemies at school. She’s also fiercely loyal to her small group of friends, to the point where she'd defend a friend for the sake of defending them, no matter what the argument was about. Around her friends and track teammates, she's usually funny in a mischievous way, and often stays quiet, due to this being her 'down-time' to relax. Veronica believes herself to be an optimist, as she tends to look on the bright side as long as it seems possible. For the future, she hopes to find a sports scholarship at Arizona State or get a veterinary degree somewhere down the line.

Advantages: If she runs into a friend, they’ll instantly become allies. If not, she can run long distances in order to get away. She has experience with archery and Veronica can also scale rough terrain thanks to hiking experience.
Disadvantages: Veronica has made many enemies at school and is hard to get along with. She is hot-headed and her cockiness could cause her to butt heads with potential allies. Veronica is also rash and doesn't think of the consequences of her actions half of the time. This could lead to her jumping the gun and accidentally getting herself killed.

Designated Number: Female student No. 025


Designated Weapon: J.R. Rizzolo's Tire Iron
Conclusion: The note with the weapon says whose it was. You know who he was. You know what you have to do. Nothing more need be said. - Shamino Warhen


G024 - Sakurai, Yukiko[/DECEASED]

Name: Yukiko Sakurai
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Swimming, anime, manga, Japanese culture, biology.

Appearance: Yukiko stands at a below-average 5'3" and 127 lbs., which is mostly muscle from her swimming. She has a slim, toned body with lightly tanned skin. Her waist-length black hair is styled in a hime cut: straight in the back, with cheek length sidelocks and a frontal fringe. Her hair is naturally straight, and so she doesn't require a lot of time to maintain the hairstyle. She wears a pair of glasses over her dark brown eyes, which are used to correct her near-sightedness. Her face is round and flat, with a small round nose and thin lips. Her skin is smooth and fairly free of blemishes.

Yukiko likes to wear clothes that are loose and comfortable, but fitting for the weather. She has various sweaters, jackets, and long and short-sleeved shirts, as well a variety of pants, shorts and skirts. Most of the clothes she has are plain, with no logos or designs. However, the few that do have them usually revolve around anime, manga, or Japanese culture. She has a few hats that she wears on occasion, but only rarely.

On the day of the abduction, Yukiko was wearing a black Code Geass t-shirt, jean shorts with black tights, and a pair of blue running shoes. She was also wearing a dark gray newsboy cap with various anime related pins adorned on its side.

Biography: Yukiko was born to Masato Sakurai and Eri Watanabe on July 18 in Sapporo, Japan. She is the youngest of three children, with her brother Arata being five years her senior and her sister Kaoru being one year her senior. With her father working as an insurance salesman, the family was relatively well-off. Though not excessively wealthy, Masato made enough of a living to ensure that the children had what they needed, and most of what they wanted, within reason. Yukiko has always had a good relationship with her family. She loves her parents, as she feels she can regularly consult them over any problems she may have, and is willing to do what they ask her to. Her relationship with her siblings is good, too. Kaoru is one of her closer friends, and they shared many similar interests that they can discuss at length. Her relationship with Arata was slightly more distant, as the age gap was bigger, but it was still obvious that he cared for her, and she for him.

From an early age, Yukiko was fascinated with the water. Even at the tender age of three, she enjoyed splashing around in the small stream located behind their house, with Eri spending most of her time at home watching her energetic daughter. Kaoru and Arata would also play in the water, but soon they would dry off and read, or draw, or sleep, leaving Yukiko to play by herself. Not that Yukiko minded; she was always more fascinated with seeing how the water moved, and the life that it beheld.

When Yukiko reached the age of four, The Sakurai family moved to Seattle. The parents felt that moving to America would allow the kids a good future. Additionally, both parents were proficient enough in English that they could get new jobs in America. Indeed, the two found new jobs fairly early on in the move. Masato had connections with a few business friends who helped him get a job at an insurance company, while Eri managed to find work at a floristry shop. The move was slightly more difficult for the children, who weren't used to leaving their old house. In addition, the kids barely knew any English. Despite Eri's attempts to teach the kids English, as well as the ESL courses they took, they were still mocked for their accents. Eventually, as the kids grew more accustomed to the English language, their accents slowly disappeared, and the teasing began to dwindle. By the time she was ten, Yukiko was able to speak English fluently, though she still had a slight accent and had the tendency to trip over long and complicated words. Because of this, Yukiko spoke concisely, never using more words than she needed to.

One day in third grade, Yukiko arrived home to sounds of yelling by her parents. Earlier that day, Arata had gotten into a fight with another boy in his grade. Her parents scolded him extensively, telling him that violence was never a good thing, and that he should never engage in something like that again. Yukiko had never heard her parents that angry before, and it scared her. She ran to her room, crying. When Eri found her a few minutes later, she was still choking back sobs. Eri apologized, and reinforced to Yukiko that violence was not okay and that as long as she didn't partake in it, they wouldn't yell at her. Yukiko did not want to disrespect her parents, and it grew into a pacifistic attitude that she kept with her over the years.

It was when Yukiko entered middle school that she found her social niche. Early on she met two people, Miriam Castille and Chase Rodriguez, who she quickly made friends with. Yukiko was a naturally friendly person, so the group that she had found herself a part of was a welcome respite from the ridiculing she had received in the earlier years. By the time Yukiko was ready to enter high school, she had gained quite a few more friends and a fair number of acquaintances.

Yukiko's love of the water had never disappeared, even when the colder weather of Seattle would normally preclude swimming outdoors. She turned a local indoor pool into her new hangout, enrolling in swimming lessons and working her way up the classes. She spent a good portion of her free time there, getting exercise or just enjoying the water.

One thing that Yukiko kept close to her heart her entire life was her homeland's culture. Throughout her life in America, even as she became more and more westernized in terms of behavior and personality, she was always fascinated by Japanese culture. Yukiko felt that the culture was very unique in certain facets of everyday life, as well as the numerous holidays and special events that encompassed the year. This extended to anime and manga, which she really started getting into in middle school. Yukiko hopes to one day return to Japan and experience life in her former country.

Yukiko prides herself in her above average grades in almost every subject, easily getting A's in every subject. She excels especially in the sciences, mostly in biology. This excellence stems from her desire to be a marine biologist, or barring that, an oceanographer. The only class Yukiko has a dislike for is history. Being a true japanophile, she considers Japanese history to be fascinating, but this gives her a bias against histories for all other nations. Yukiko is aware of this bias, and although she tries to avoid it, it nonetheless manages to dampen her interest in American and World histories.

Yukiko is all-around friendly, if a little quiet. She tries to make friends with everyone, although her concise way of talking may be off-putting to some. She still has a habit of saving her words and not saying much more than the bare minimum of what needs to be said. She can be comfortable talking a bit more, but only around her close friends. Yukiko tends to do things passively, seldom one to get a conversation started, but more than willing to carry it on once it has already picked up. She hates conflict, and tries to solve any disagreements peacefully, and without resorting to physical means.

Advantages: Yukiko is a friendly person, and thus has many potential allies she can rely on. She is also quite fit and has a lot of stamina from her swimming.
Disadvantages: Her quiet directness may be off-putting and alienate potential allies. Her pacifistic tendencies may prove to be a detriment on the island.

Designated Number: Female student No. 024


Designated Weapon: Weed whacker with circular saw attachment
Conclusion: Of course a pacifist gets a weapon with so much potential for damage. We've seen pacifists snap before, but I don't think you'll do that, will you, G024? No, you'll just die so you can feel good about yourself and your morals, and so your friends will cry and say what a good girl you were, and you'll never even consider how much of a waste it all is. - Christina Stockton


G023 - Wright, Stephanie[/DECEASED]

Name: Stephanie Wright
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Tennis, reading, listening to music

Appearance: Although she hasn't been training for a while, Stephanie maintains a 160 lb weight on her 5'11" frame. Stephanie has a lean athletic build from years of sports and an average size bust. She is rather proud of her height, in part due to her advantage in sport. While she has no qualms about wearing heels, she prefers to stick to her tennis shoes.

Stephanie's dark brown hair falls to shoulder level , with bangs that stop just short of her eyes. She often wears her hair back in a ponytail held by a bright yellow ribbon. Her face is rounded, with a small nose, full lips and bright brown eyes that often look slightly unfocused. While she requires glasses, she prefers to do without them, only putting them on in class. Stephanie does use contacts but she finds them uncomfortable and rarely uses them outside of tennis. She uses minimal amounts of makeup, though she does make exceptions for formal events. She still wears an elbow sleeve as her arm has not fully recovered from her fracture. Another result of the fracture is a scar along her forearm, stretching from her elbow to halfway down the forearm.

Stephanie likes wearing jackets and is almost never seen without one. While she has always liked wearing jackets, she wears them more often nowadays to cover the scar on her forearm. Her favourite jacket is a red cropped motorcycle jacket that she had recently gotten from her brother.

Apart from her jackets, the rest of her clothes are comparatively drab. Her tops tend to be simple T-shirts, usually light colours such as blue or white. While she likes wearing jeans, she can rarely find any that fit well. As a result, she wears dark coloured skirts for the most part. For shoes, Stephanie often wears flats, such as her tennis shoes, as she doesn't want to stand out above the crowd too much.

On the day of the abduction, Stephanie was wearing her red jacket over a white t-shirt paired with a black skirt. She was also wearing ankle-length cotton leggings with a pair of dark blue canvas shoes.

Biography: Stephanie is the second and youngest child of Alexander and Victoria Wright. Alexander works as an officer in Seattle's police force while Victoria is an accountant at a local hospital. Her brother Ryan is three years older than her.

For most of her early childhood, Victoria and Alexander's jobs had kept them out of the house for most of the day and Ryan was at school. Therefore, Stephanie spent most of her time at home with a nanny. Her parents still tried to be involved in her life though, often reading to her before she went to sleep. While she did begin reading at an early age, it was Alexander, who was British and had earned a Bachelor's degree in English from Oxford who had been instrumental in improving her reading. His constant corrections of her mistakes, and his brilliant teaching of phonetics led to her being able to read at a much higher level than most of her peers. Stephanie would spend most of her time reading, partially because her parents didn't let her watch too much television. She would read just about anything she could get her hands on, reading though Dahl, C.S. Lewis and even a chunk of the Encyclopaedia Britannica and had even read through her textbooks on the day she got them.

As such, for most of elementary and middle school, Stephanie was one of those star students that achieved almost full marks on every test. While she was bright, her main advantage came from her reading. While her grades were brilliant, putting her at the top of the class almost every time, Stephanie often daydreamed in class, sometimes finding what the teachers were saying boring and little more than mere repetition of what she already knew. While she did have a few close friends, she didn't interact with them outside of class preferring to spend recess and lunch with a book.

Stephanie signed up for tennis in third grade at the behest of her parents. They had decided that it would be good for her to spend some time playing sports, especially after hearing the teachers' comments about her attitude in class. While she was not particularly good, she it wasn't long before she found a real interest in it. It was a simple game, a one-on-one confrontation that was as much mental as physical. It was spontaneous, fast and every moment, every movement counted for something. It was a good way for her to vent or to simply exert herself. Tennis became a huge motivator for Stephanie. She had a good time playing it and even made a few close friends there.

The transition to middle school didn't go too well for Stephanie. She was still as shy as ever, and rarely hung out with her few friends. Bullies would pick on her for sitting alone during lunch, often going out of their way to make trouble to try and get a reaction out of her. Stephanie would always do her best to ignore them but that never seemed to work.

The bullying continued on through most of middle school. While she didn't have a problem with self-esteem, she couldn't take this sort of treatment. While they were usually merely teasing her, she couldn't help but take each of those slights personally. She did try talking to the teachers about it and they had acted upon it, reprimanding the kids at fault. However, the teasing would always continue not long after.

But after bottling up her anger towards the bullies for so long, it didn't take much for her lose it. One day, while a couple of bullies were making fun of her, she simply walked up to them and punched them each of them squarely in the jaw.

Stephanie felt guilty for days afterwards, despite strongly believing that she was doing the right thing. The teachers never knew what to do with her. She was honestly repentant about the incident. In the mean time, her parents had sent her for anger management courses which seemed to work for a while but time and again she would end up in fights. In the end, it took a visit to the Principal's office and the threat of suspension that made her resolve not to fight again. Nevertheless, she still maintained contempt towards bullies even if she wouldn't act on it.

However, rumours of her violence had spread throughout the school. The idea of a bully being taken by surprise by a quiet girl was far too cool of a story for it not to spread. It wasn't long before just about every student in school knew about what she had done. This compounded her difficulty in making friends during middle school.

The Wright family had always been close. Both Victoria and Alexander were adamant on spending time with their children. They would often go out on trips together on weekends and having dinner as a family was just about mandatory.

Ryan and Stephanie were close, perhaps in part due to her relatively secluded childhood. Ryan would often fetch Stephanie home from school. In high school, he would appear in his flashy red motorbike that he got on his 18th birthday and the two of them would speed through the streets of Seattle back home.

Ryan might be said to be the antithesis to Stephanie, his laid back attitude in sharp contrast with Stephanie's seriousness. Ryan had a sort of charisma around him, and he always got along well with his friends. His grades were never brilliant, but he always got by without putting in any effort.

Stephanie had always looked up to Ryan. While she was unable to make friends easily, Ryan did so effortlessly, and he seemed to treat just about anyone as a close friend almost instantly. His innately social character was something that Stephanie hoped to emulate but was often too afraid of social conventions and the perceptions of others to do so.

Stephanie did her best to change her reputation in high school. She spent more time hanging out with her friends and has made an effort to be more involved in social events such as parties. She tried to join other clubs for a bit and even joined the student council. Nonetheless, she still maintains much of her shyness and has difficulty with new people, preferring to stick to her usual group of friends.

Even in high school, tennis remained a major part of Stephanie's life. She was one of the hardest workers on the team, spending long hours training in the hopes of playing at a national level. Her efforts paid off in junior year, when she her coach decided to let her try for the US Open National Playoffs Sectionals. Stephanie was delighted. Winning the sectionals were a chance for her to enter professional play, something that she had always dreamed of.

Stephanie was sorely disappointed when her parents were unable to make it on the day of her first match but Ryan was there to cheer for her. She won her first match handily, and Ryan decided to take her out to town to celebrate her first victory. However, the celebration was cut short abruptly when Ryan crashed into a car that had suddenly turned into the road. Stephanie got off lucky, suffering only a elbow fracture, but Ryan bore the worst of it, breaking several ribs and his ankle.

Her dreams were crushed that day. Despite winning her first match, Stephanie had no choice but to forfeit from the competition. While the fracture is mostly fine now, the physiotherapy has taken a few months and she hasn't been back to training since the accident.

Her grades had already been falling due to her busy schedule but hospital time and physiotherapy have made this even worse. Compounding this issue was the fact that Stephanie believed in her own intelligence and that she doesn't need to study, resulting in her grades falling to a C-average that is the minimum requirement for a council.

As for romance, she is completely incapable of acting on her crushes. She has been asked out a few times and has gone on a few dates, but she is still unsure about romance. She does want a boyfriend but she is also at the same time hesitant about a serious relationship.

Stephanie is extremely goal-oriented and when she decides on doing something, she won't stop until she has completed it. She still takes things very personally and may get defensive when under stress. Her time in council has made her more self-confident, especially in speaking situations. Furthermore, Stephanie is extremely goal-oriented and when she decides on doing something, she won't stop until she has completed it.

Advantages: Stephanie's tennis training keeps her fit and agile. She can keep calm even in tough situations and thinks things though carefully before acting. She possesses strong determination and won't stop until she succeeds.
Disadvantages: Her right elbow still suffers from stiffness and pain and may pose a challenge to her. She can't stand bullies and jerks and may lash out at them causing more trouble than she can get out of. Her reputation as being violent hasn't quite gone away and this may discourage potential allies from teaming up with her. Her dislike of wearing glasses may also prove to be a problem.

Designated Number: Female student No. 023


Designated Weapon: Large spade shovel
Conclusion: The injury, her history, and that weapon all combine to suggest that G023 will not be long for this game. Maybe she'll beat the odds, though. Past G023s have always managed to do well for themselves, but never to actually make it out alive. Really, though, what' up with all the injured kids this season? - Christina Stockton


G022 - Carrol, Yasmin "Yaz"[/DECEASED]

Name: Yasmin “Yaz” Carrol
Gender: Female.
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Drawing, Photography, Music

Appearance: Yasmin definitely falls under the category of cute standing only 4”10’ and weighing 99 pounds. This makes her rather skinny. She has a fairly pale complexion that makes her long brown hair stand out against her face. Her hair reaches down to her shoulders and bangs hang over a blue headband that makes them stick out off her face keeping her hair away from her eyes. Her face is fairly straight and her eyes are a dark shade of blue and very rounded and she has a small button nose. Her mouth is quite small but always seems to be smiling. She tends to wear tight fitting t-shirts and jeans as well as purple and pink Vans and she always wears a black and white bead necklace.

On the day of her abduction Yasmin was wearing a tight-fitting black tank-top underneath a grey and pink Vans zip-up hoodie, three quarter length blue jeans and her purple and pink Vans. As well as her blue headband and her black and white bead necklace.

Biography: Born to Kimberly and Mike Carrol, Yasmin has lived in the same two bedroom house her whole life. It’s not that her parents can’t afford to move, it’s more that they are happy with where they are living. Her nickname of Yaz came when her parents were trying to make her learn her name and she could only say the first three letters. The name stuck with her parents using it and others picking it up when they visited, which has led to it becoming more used then her actual name. Yasmin has a very positive outlook on life and is very happy go lucky once people get to know her. She is shy though and will tend to be quiet around large groups of people or people she doesn’t know. She grew up as an only child so she didn’t have much social interaction with other children.

While she only interacted with a handful of other children in Elementary school, her time at the school could be considered happy and uneventful. Her hobby of drawing started at Elementary and she excelled in Art class. After moving to Middle school however Yasmin started to become a victim of bullying, because she was smaller than all of the other girls. While at first this distressed Yasmin since she had never been picked on before then she eventually adapted to it and managed to keep up her happy go lucky persona while in public. In private however she became increasingly more depressed and upset, beginning to spend much of her time at home alone in her room. It didn’t help that she entered puberty later than many of her classmates and as such remained small while they were all growing. Her parents, realising that something was going on with her took her to see a councillor, who got Yasmin to admit that she was being bullied at school. After her parents went to the school and explained what had been happening the bullying started to decline and Yasmin became much happier.

The bullying had the side effect of making her lonely at school. This led to her starting to draw much more than she used to while she was at home. This was because she didn’t have anything else to do apart from be alone with her negative thoughts, because she wasn’t talking to her parents about being bullied. Her drawings can be considered her way of expressing herself creatively or when she feels words won’t work. This can mostly be attributed to the bullying. The drawing was a way to channel her negative emotions into something that could calm her down while producing something that she enjoyed at the same time. Many people do tend to comment that her drawings are darker than what she would normally take photos of. She hasn’t told anyone why this is though because of her shy nature. When Yasmine started drawing she wasn’t very good but she has improved over the years through constant practice and taking it as a subject once she reached high school. Her drawings range from landscapes that are changed in some way, like the trees being dead to full portraits of monsters that feature warped dimensions that would make them tall if they were real. She does draw lighter pictures though and frequently finds herself drawing a cat she’s started to call Benny if she decides to randomly draw something happy. She assumes this is due to the fact that she likes cats and the idea of having one as a pet.

Upon entering high school she took up Art as a subject without a second thought and this is the subject where she applies herself most. She is also a very competent student in other areas of her education such as English and Math. Her grades are between average and above average, with Art being a class she is considered exceptionally good at. Art being the subject she puts the most effort into followed by English. Yasmin is hoping she will be able to go to college when she leaves high school and she is preparing a portfolio of her work for this purpose. She is also planning on using the portfolio in case she needs to become a freelance artist if she does not make it into college.

Her interest in photography started when she choose to study the subject and found she had a natural flair for taking photos of landscapes. The thing she enjoys about photography is the fact that a photo captures a moment in time. So she feels more like she is preserving something when she takes a photo of it; whereas she feels more like she’s creating something when she’s drawing. She enjoyed photography enough to turn it into a hobby which she actively pursues outside of school time. She can often be seen with her camera in its bag, so that she can take a picture of anything that she finds interesting. Some of the photos she takes will be kept as photos while she may take others and draw them out by hand, altering them in some way. She enjoys doing this and is determined to get a career in art, since it is a passion she has had for a long time. Although she can be self-deprecating at times about the quality of her work, she is aware that she is in fact a very good artist.

Yasmin frequently listens to music when she is engrossed in a piece. The style tends to stay around punk, indie rock and alternative. She says this helps her creativity, she even has specific playlists set up to get her in a specific mood for a piece. Her views on music are that it is a form of art you hear rather than view and she can sometimes find herself longing to be able to play an instrument so that she can produce music. She also frequently visits music stores to pick up new releases or see if there is anything interesting that she might like. In fact one of the things Yasmin wants to do if she becomes a full time artist is design the cover art for an album or be the photographer that takes the picture that is used on the cover.

Yasmin’s relationship with her parents is a good one; she can’t remember ever having a fight with either of them. They are both very supportive of her passion for Art and bought her a brand new camera for her last birthday, which is considerably better than the one she had been using. As well as paying for half of the cost of a laptop she’d bought the year before so that she could edit pictures better. They also supported her emotionally once they became aware that she was getting bullied. They would frequently check with the school to make sure that the bullying had died down as well as cheering her up if she was in a negative mood. Yasmin enjoys spending time with her parents and Saturday is a traditional movie night where all three of them watch a movie together.

Socially Yasmin can be very shy of a person that she has just met and will only say a few words to them because she is unsure of whether they will be kind to her or not. However once she gets past this initial awkward stage of meeting someone she is a very kind and supportive person. She has a small group of friends that she has mostly made through them being in the same classes. She is considered to be very trustworthy by the people she is friends with and while she is not the most active person to interact with in a group she makes an effort to be nice to everyone.

Advantages: Her small size means people may underestimate her and allow her to hide in places that others wouldn’t be able to reach. She also has a high degree of mental toughness after enduring being bullied in middle school
Disadvantages: Yasmin is not very strong so it would be easy for someone to overpower her and her shyness means it will be hard for her to talk people out of things.

Designated Number: Female student No. 022


Designated Weapon: Pillowcase Containing a Rock
Conclusion: Silly little girls having pillow fights have no place on the island. She won't last long, but early victims are necessary to get things moving. Close your eyes, G022, and maybe it'll hurt less. - Christina Stockton


G021 - Simms, Summer[/DECEASED]

Name: Simms, Summer Olivia
Gender: Female
Age: Seventeen [17]
Grade: Senior [12th]
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Socializing, politics, fashion, acquiring fame, acting, Student Council, yoga

Appearance: At 5’8 and fluctuating around 125lbs, Summer is a waif of a girl. Her build is slender, with graceful but distinct curves throughout her body. She goes to great lengths to maintain her figure, including a self-imposed vegan diet that many wrongly assume serves a moral purpose as well as avidly doing yoga; leaving her toned and relatively fit. Despite her Russian and Hungarian roots, Summer lacks any exotic features. Her face can best be described as ‘sweet’, attracting a fair bit of attention from her peers. Ovular in shape, it’s accented with soft angles; large green eyes; and a slightly sloped nose. Her teeth are straight and white, having endured several years of braces. She’s incredibly anal about her face, preferring that people not touch it and devoting a large chunk of her nightly ritual to facial routines, though her care for it has left her peachy skin silky smooth and very healthy. Her brown hair is thick and lustrous and reaches the small of her back and often pulled into different hairstyles; although she takes very good care of it to prevent split ends and damage. Summer’s ears are pierced and typically adorned with silver hoops or her favorite bright yellow feather earrings, as well as having her belly-button pierced.

Summer’s taste for the spotlight and desire to be noticed are reflected through her wardrobe, make-up, and accessories; specifically in the form of her bright clothing choices and various bizarre hair bobbles (such as oversized bows) and bags. It’s a rare occasion to find her without her favorite shade of lipstick staining her lips—a peachy-orange that few would even dare to try. On the day she was abducted, she was sporting her favored lipstick and her yellow feather earrings with her hair styled simply into two French braids. Outfit wise, she wore an above-the-knee bright yellow sundress accented with a thin tan belt and a navy-blue blazer along with a pair of caramel colored penny loafers. To complete her look, she brought along a purse she purchased just for the trip; a hollowed out teddy bear head with a zipper on the top, attached by a long golden chain and worn like a messenger bag.

Biography: Summer had what most children might call the ideal childhood. As the sole child in an economically comfortable family (her father a construction foreman, her mother a manager at spa), it wouldn’t be far off to say that she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, rarely having to hear the word ‘no’ or share her parents’ time with siblings.

Summer’s parents, Paul and Karina, have what some may call a dubious age-range, Paul being 16 years his wife’s senior; having met her when she was only 24. While others might see the age difference as bizarre or even disgusting, it was perfectly normal to both Paul and Karina; especially given that Paul has never been one to look his age. First introduced to Karina by his brother (whom knew Karina from college), Paul was immediately taken by her exotic features and sly wit, even more so when he found that the 24 year old was able to talk him under the table and match him tit-for-tat. Karina, on the other hand, took some time to warm up to him, initially finding him somewhat annoying. When asked about what made her accept date invitations, Karina will, to this day, answer that she’s not sure why she did it; just that she felt she should. Her gut paid off in the end and the couple was married 5 years later and had Summer the summer afterward.

Growing up, Summer was the apple of her parents’ eyes and came first in their books. Truthfully, from a young age Summer has worn the pants in the family, her word being law to parents whom wanted the best for their child. Whilst that kind of parenting had the chance to turn Summer sour, she learned young that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar and applied it to life, never the one to resort to temper tantrums or bratty remarks to get what she wants; instead using her charm and docile temperament.

The spotlight is something that Summer craved from a young age; modest beginnings of hamming it up to the camera blossoming into childhood plays and so forth. Her love of fame and attention is rooted in her childhood, having been raised with the likes of Shirley Temple and Annie and the like, whom lead her to long for the attention that they had. While she didn’t realize it until she was older, it wasn’t only the fame she wanted, but the universal love that they received as well; Shirley Temple in particular. Whilst her parents loved her unconditionally, it was never enough for Summer; she wanted the entire world to know who she was and love her for it, the same way that Shirley Temple was America’s Sweetheart. At Summer’s behest, the Simms’ got her an agent when she was 13, whom booked her several local commercials that’s she extraordinarily proud of, the last of which was when she was 16.

Summer has always been very socially adept, able to find something to talk about with just about anyone. Much of it stems from her ‘honey’ approach, typically talking sweetly to people and laughing at all their jokes. It wasn’t until high school that Summer was introduced into the underbelly of social politics, discovering that she didn’t always have to be honest about her feelings or her personality in general to please people. Although she never felt good about hiding parts of herself from people, the immediate pay-off of people being more receptive to her made it easier to deal with. Her proficiency at climbing the high school food chain resulted in her desire to learn more about politics, although for what was probably all the wrong reasons. Never one to care much about the issues, Summer looked at politics as a challenge or a game, fascinated by the politicians ability to win votes and loyalty. This, in turn, led her to join Aurora’s student council where she ran for senior president, but ultimately lost.

Socially, Summer loves getting her name out there and being well known amongst her peers and refuses to limit herself to a single social group, though she does find herself flocking to the 'popular' group more often than not. While generally well-liked or tolerated, there are obviously people whom dislike her; which doesn't sit well with her. To Summer, one person hating her or even disliking her is enough to end the world. Subsequently, she will pursue said person at the cost of ignoring those whom do legitimately and genuinely like her. Stubborn as a bull, Summer doesn't typically take 'no' for an answer, believing that no matter what she can change people's opinions of her and typically won't give up talking to someone; even when it's clear they dislike her. Otherwise, Summer appears to be a bubbly, somewhat clingy, generally well-intentioned young lady whom can be misguided in her attempts to win favor. She doesn’t seem to take a person’s personal space into account and can be a little too touchy-feely with people. On the other hand, it seems Summer usually has a motivation for doing the things she does, being a very logic driven person, which can come off as fake to some people without her meaning for it to.

Academically, Summer maintains very good grades due to her study habits, which evolved from her desire to please her teachers. She has the most trouble with sciences and finds herself spending the most time on those assignments. Alternatively, she finds she's naturally better at Math and History, especially when she's interested in the subject at hand. Although her grades are good and she's been offered a math scholarship to Berkley, she doesn't want to pursue a career in academics and would rather pursue fame. Ideally, she wants to go to Julliard and move to Hollywood or New York afterwards, though she's yet to hear back from the school.

At home, Summer is still the sun and the moon and the stars. She shares a very close relationship to her parents, who don’t mind that she can get a little self-absorbed. In actuality, it’s the only place where Summer can really relax and not have to think before she speaks, never needing to worry about what kind of reaction she’ll elicit, because she knows her parents will love her no matter what. Summer is especially close to her mother, going so far as to consider Karina her best friend. Despite being exceptionally busy at work as of late, Karina still takes time to do things with Summer, being the first to introduce her daughter to yoga. While at first somewhat hesitant, Summer grew very fond of it; especially for what it did to her body. Although Karina hasn't attended in some time, Summer continues to take the classes, partially for the work-out and partially to calm herself down.

Despite being rather healthy and fit, Summer is allergic to a number of things and can have bad reactions to them. She’s allergic to both shellfish and peanuts, though at most she’ll suffer from hives if she were to ingest them. Bees on the other hand are lethal to her and will cause her throat to swell up, forcing her to carry an epipen around with her at all times.

Advantages: Summer’s biggest advantage is her social prowess, able to talk to just about anyone with little problem. She’s quick to put most people at ease with her docile nature and sweet disposition, so finding allies may not be hard for her. She’s relatively fit and active.
Disadvantages: Summer’s personality can also be a disadvantage, as she may annoy people easily or come off as fake to them. She knows next to nothing about combat or self-defense, nor about having to rough it in the wilderness and may be a sitting duck for students who are playing. Summer is deathly allergic to bees and without her epipen she could very well fall victim to one.

Designated Number: Female student No. 021


Designated Weapon: Bec-de-corbin
Conclusion: The bees! The bees! Don't pull a B063, Simms. - Shamino Warhen


G020 - Ramsey, Stacy[/DECEASED]

Name: Stacy Ramsey
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Cheerleading, modelling, partying and running.

Appearance: Stacy is 5’6” and weighs 120 pounds. She has long, golden blond hair that falls down to just below her shoulder blades, with long, side swept bangs that she occasionally changes to a middle parting. Stacy has piercing emerald green eyes which are deep set and almond shaped. She has a clear complexion and an oval shaped face with a square jawline, a straight nose and full, almost pouty lips. Stacy is very skinny with average sized breasts and a slight tan to her. With all of these factors combined she is seen as a very attractive girl. Stacy usually wears tight fitting, revealing clothes that enhance her figure, when not at school at least. She likes to wear makeup that boosts her beautiful facial features. She usually wears a bit of eye liner and mascara and a bit of lip gloss. On the day of abduction Stacy is wearing a white tank top and over that is a very loose and thin, dark red tank top with a golden pattern on it. She is also wearing a pair dark blue, skin tight jeans as well as a black leather jacket that comes down to her waist and a pair of red converses. In her bag, Stacy had a grey hoody as well as a pair of black leggings and a dark blue pair of hot pants that she was hiding from the teachers.

Biography: Stacy was born on the 9th of April 1994 to Samantha, who is the manager of a local clothes shop, and Alex, who is a lawyer. She has an older sister called Amy, who is two years older than Stacy and was born three weeks after Samantha and Alex’s wedding. Stacy was born two years after Samantha and Alex got married, when they were both 21, when they began to have marriage troubles due to continuous arguments. The birth of a new child was Samantha’s and Alex’s last chance to save their marriage in order to re-ignite their love for each other, and thankfully it did. However, over the years Samantha and Alex began to argue more again, which pains Stacy to watch as she hates to see her family falling apart. It makes her even more upset knowing that she is regularly the source of her parent’s arguments. Samantha and Alex usually get into arguments over small things that any other couple would overlook such as whose turn it is to do the cooking. Another thing that they frequently get into arguments about is the choices that their daughters make. Samantha’s is a lot more lenient and accepting of Stacy’s and Amy’s choices, but Alex is very much opposed to it. Luckily, with the help of Stacy’s sister, Amy, the family manages to defuse the arguments before they escalate into something more serious. In spite of this, Samantha’s and Alex’s marriage is slowly spiralling out of control again and Stacy has heard them talking about divorce.

Amy is Stacy’s idol; ever since Stacy was young she has strived to be exactly like her sister, who has shaped her into the person she is today. When Stacy was 12 she began to wear makeup and revealing clothes when she saw her sister had started to wear them. At first, Stacy started to wear tight fitting clothes and a bit of lipstick, but as Amy began to start getting more courageous with her clothes so did Stacy. What Stacy and Amy wear is another subject of argument that Samantha and Alex get into. Samantha supports what the girls wear and even buys clothes from her shop for them, where as Alex disagrees with what they wear and should wear clothes that look more modest.

Although Stacy and her parents often get into arguments they are still very close to each other and they have become even closer since Amy moved out. Amy moved out five months ago to the other side of Seattle to live with her boyfriend during February in 2012 and now works in Samantha’s clothes shop. Stacy and her parents have become closer because since Amy moved out Stacy has had no one to spend time with at home, so she’s resorted to spending the majority of her time when she is at home with her parents. She is closer to her mother than she is to her father as she feels that her mother is more supportive with what she does than her father is. Every year, Stacy and her family go on a family holiday, which she greatly enjoys as she loves spending time with her sister and parents.

Stacy adores her older sister, and considers Amy to be her best friend. They are often mistaken for being twins as they look almost exactly the same, as well has having an almost identical personality and interests. For example when Stacy and Amy were young they always used to practice cheerleading in their back garden. They both gained a passion for cheerleading when they saw a group of cheerleader performing in a football game that their dad was watching. Stacy loved the way they looked, how beautiful they were, and how they gracefully spun and flipped around the field. Since that day Stacy has loved cheerleading.

When Stacy was 16 she was scouted by a modelling agency whilst shopping in a clothes store in her local mall. She began to model for clothes magazines and has been doing it professionally ever since. However, she is not very well known as it is only small brands that she models for, but she intends to model until she is internationally famous. Modelling is yet again another thing Stacy’s parents argue about. Alex is afraid that if she becomes too famous, fame might go to her head and she might get herself into trouble. Samantha on the other hand, is very supportive with Stacy’s dream and encourages her to keep on doing it. Stacy has always been proud of her modelling, especially as it’s the one thing her sister, Amy, is jealous of.

When Stacy turned 17, Amy decided to take Stacy out clubbing with her. They both bought fake IDs and they managed to get into a club without any hassle. That night Stacy came back home drunk and vomited all over her bedroom floor. In the morning Stacy’s parents discovered what had happened and grounded her for a week, however this didn’t stop her from doing it again. Now, every other weekend, Stacy sneaks out of the house to meet up with Amy and go clubbing. However, because the majority of the time they are denied from entering the club, they both usually just settle for going to a house party instead.

Due to Stacy’s good looks and choice of clothing, as soon as she joined Aurora High School she became one of the most popular girls in school and is friends with the other popular girls and boys at Aurora High School. Stacy is one of the more flirtatious pupils at school and often unintentionally leads on a lot of the boys in school. This flirtatious personality is once again a creation of her sister that came about after years of seeing Amy flirting with boys who she brought back to their house. Flirting with boys is one of the major contributions on how people view her in school. However, she doesn't give herself up easily or sleep around; if someone wants to get into a sexual relationship they have to gain her respect. Stacy usually ends up dating good looking boys and because of this, most of her relationships don’t end well. This is because she picks looks over personality so as a result of this, a lot of the boys she ends up with tend to be jerks.

As a result of the clothes she wears and because of her flirtatious personality, a lot of the other pupils at Aurora High School think that she is a slut. Whenever she hears people calling her a slut, Stacy gets deeply upset and offended, as the people who call her this don’t know what she is really like. Stacy is actually a very kind and cheerful person, and would never dream of being intentionally hurtful or horrible to someone. People usually don’t know this side of her because they look at the people who she is friends with and automatically assume she is like them. Stacy knows that it is because of her dress choice and flirtations personality that people call her a slut, but she is not willing to change who she is just to impress people who don’t like her. Stacy is also a very sociable person and loves to go out with her friends to parties. Additionally, she has little confidence when it comes to standing up to someone and could in fact be seen as a bit of a coward. This is the one thing that her sister has and Stacy is jealous of, as her sister can easily stand up to people without batting an eyelid. As hard as she tries to be like Amy in this area of her personality, Stacy can never seem to gather up enough courage to stand up to someone.

Stacy never used to do too well in school, on average getting D’s and C’s with the occasional B. This is because she often used to talk during class and didn’t complete work set for her. Furthermore, due to not completing work in class and frequent talking she used to regularly get detentions. Consequently, the teachers at Aurora High School occasionally had to ring up Stacy’s parents to complain about her behaviour at school. This leads to more arguments between Stacy and her parents about why she does so badly at school. However, as a result of being threatened to be kicked off the cheerleading squad because of her low grades, Stacy decided to up her game at school. Stacy and her parents decided to get her a tutor in order to help her get higher grades in school. She now gets mostly B’s with occasional C. Stacy has a love/hate relationship with school. She loves the fact that she gets to hang out with her friends and goof off with them, but she hates going to classes because she finds them so boring. As soon as she joined Aurora High School Stacy joined the schools cheerleading team, which she greatly enjoys; as a result, her favourite class at school is gym. This is because she likes doing the physical activities in gym and greatly prefers it to just sitting at a table and working out equations. In particular she enjoys running. She found her passion for running when she first started doing gym at Aurora High school. Now, along with her cheerleading, she uses it as a regular use of exercise and goes running for twenty minutes every day after school.

Advantages: As Stacy is a cheerleader, she is very agile and physically fit. She could also use her good looks and flirtatious personality to get boys to protect her. Stacy may also find it easy making allies because of her kind and cheerful personality.
Disadvantages: Although Stacy is a kind person, not many people outside of her friendship group know this. Because of this, people may only see her as a stereotypical popular slut and could attack her on sight. As Stacy is a bit of a coward this could come at a disadvantage to her when she is faced against another people who are willing to kill her.

Designated Number: Female student No. 020


Designated Weapon: Bryan Calvert's SPAS-12
Conclusion: I don't see that gun living up to its legacy. Cheerleaders don't have a very good track record. I think the only way she'll make anything of herself is to ditch that nice attitude and take after Calvert's archenemy, and even then I doubt she'll make it halfway. - Christina Stockton


G018 - Monaghan, Claire[/DECEASED]

Name: Claire Monaghan
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Film, Television, Pop Culture, Internet, Criticism, Debate, Jogging

Appearance: Claire is a fairly average looking girl. She stands at 5'6" and weighs roughly 135 pounds, giving her some slight fat on her chest. Her arms and legs are fairly long and lanky, although this is mostly obvious if she is wearing clothing that exposes her arms and legs. All the time she has spent online has strained her eyesight a bit, and given her a sort of hunch on her back. None of these problems have been too detrimental to her health since she stays on top of her exercise and diet regiment, although she has a slight addiction to caffeine.

Claire has small golden brown eyes and wheat colored hair that lays flat, reaching around mid-back, past her shoulder blades. Her dark arched eyebrows tend to be hidden behind messy bangs. Her face is heart-shaped and pale, with a small nose and with some acne on her forehead. Her clothing tends to be very casual. She will usually wear t-shirts with some movie quote or popular character on it. Claire rarely wears skirts, preferring simple blue jeans. She also tends to wear a jacket of some kind over her shirts. Most of the time, she will also wear a brown beret, only taking it off if she is in a professional setting. She also began wearing small, oval shaped glasses in ninth grade, although her eyesight isn't bad enough for glasses. She found some glasses at a pharmacy and thought they made her look cool, so she's worn them ever since. She doesn't always wear the glasses, mostly choosing to wear them when she feels like it.

On the day of the trip, Claire was wearing a denim jacket over a Legend of Korra t-shirt, blue jeans, and black sneakers. She was also wearing her beret and glasses that day, along with a digital watch on her left arm.

Biography: Claire Emilia Monaghan was born July 18th, 1994, in Seattle, Washington. Her parents are Donna, a divorce attorney, and Patrick, a cardiologist. Claire is the third of four children. Her eldest sister, Emma, is twenty-four and is an elementary school art teacher in Tacoma. Her older brother, Mason, is twenty-one and is studying Animal Science at Washington State University. Her younger sister, Jessica, is fourteen and a Freshman at Aurora High School.

Donna and Patrick knew that having a large family and balancing two high paying but time consuming jobs might strain their relationships with each other and their children. They always made sure to pay attention to the lives and needs of their children. Both Donna and Patrick would ensure that their family always ate dinner together and that their children were properly cared for but not spoiled, since the Monaghans are a fairly wealthy family. Being a cardiologist, Patrick always made sure his children were in proper health, taking family jogs in parks and neighborhoods while also watching their diets.

Donna and Patrick also realized that they should encourage their children in the fields that interest them and prepare them for the future. When they saw that Emma was really interested in art, they signed her up for art classes and took her to museums. When Mason expressed interest in caring for animals, they got him to volunteer at a local animal shelter and intern at a local veterinarian office run by their friend when he was in high school. When Claire was eleven, she finally made it clear what she wanted to do with her life: she wanted to make movies.

Before her passion for film, Claire's early life had been characterized by lots of talking and trivia. Claire was always interested in learning and sharing what she learned with others, even if the people already knew that fact. She caught a showing of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho and was immediately enraptured by it. Her parents had channels like HBO, Cinemax, and Turner Classic Movies on their TV, so Claire would situate herself in front of the TV on Friday and Saturday nights and watch what was on. To encourage her interest in film, her parents bought her a video camera for Christmas when she was twelve, and Claire began to make her own films.

Claire began to make various types of movies for her family and friends. Most of them were short films that featured her siblings or friends doing simple acts like running across a beach. She even helped Emma with a piece of performance art by filming Emma as she made a sculpture and then using video effects to play with the footage. When Mason showed Claire YouTube, she began to upload her videos online with the intent of showing the world her style.

It was also around this time that Claire began to get really involved with the internet. Mason was into a following a lot of websites and introduced many of Claire's favorite sites to her. Aside from YouTube, Claire began to explore websites that could enrich her film education. After school, Claire could be found surfing sites like Wikipedia, IMDB, That Guy with the Glasses, TvTropes, Tumblr, The A.V. Club, 4Chan, and more. If it could teach Claire more about film and offer suggestions for her to watch, she was all over it.

Going into high school, Claire continued to develop her love of film by getting involved in other subjects while staying on course in school. Claire would continuously earn straight-A's in all her subjects. Even though Claire has a habit of absorbing and releasing strange trivia and facts, it helped her learn quickly and efficiently, so she could consistently maintain her GPA. In school, she can have a hard time focusing at times, usually thinking about a movie or TV show instead. She tries to make up for it by studying a lot and reviewing her notes. Her best subjects are English and History, mostly due to the amount of writing and analysis involved.

Aside from academics, Claire found herself in other clubs to help with her interests. She joined Film Club to meet people with interests similar to her and debate subjects. She also joined the newspaper staff to write current movie reviews, most of which were edited and refined versions of the reviews she would post on her Tumblr account. She joined Debate Team because she found it helped her with public speaking. She also enjoyed being able to discuss topics dealing with media and freedom of speech. Claire tends to pick clubs she feels would help her break out into the film industry and tries to put as much effort into them as she can.

As for friends, Claire has many. Claire is a very outgoing and social person, so she tends to befriend people easily. Aside from being close with fellow Film Club members, she is also on good terms with kids with similar interests, such as Meg Gassert and Amy Bachelor. She also tends to hang around with some kids she knew from elementary school, such as Kyran Dean, Alex Ripley, and R.J. Roger, and spend time with them after school and on weekends. However, there are times when Claire can be a bit annoying to her classmates, often speaking too much or too loudly, causing them to feel a bit uncomfortable around her.

At home, Claire is close to her sister Jessica. Jessica didn't find a niche like her siblings, so for the most part, Jessica has latched onto Claire and aided in her filmmaking. Jessica often helps out with the writing and production of Claire's films, offering additional creative input and ideas. Claire can occasionally be a bit bossy towards Jessica, but she does value her input. With her older siblings, Claire is on pretty good terms with them. Emma may live out of town, but she's always interested in calling and talking to her about her life. Claire is much closer to Mason than Emma, as Mason introduced her to most of the websites she is fond of, and they would share anything they could find online. Claire is on good terms with her parents, although she tends to mostly see them at dinner and other family activities.

Claire usually locks herself in her room when she is home from school, surfing the internet, studying for school, or editing a movie. Her late night habits have also given her an addiction to caffeine, as she keeps a coffee pot in her bedroom and can burn through several cups of coffee each day. In 11th grade, Claire was prescribed Adderall by her doctor in order to help with her hyperactivity. She has forgotten to take it at times, resulting in periods of insomnia, although her father has made an effort to ensure she remembers to take it. As an additional brain stimulant, she would run on her father's treadmill for extended periods of time in an attempt to come up with a movie idea or a plot twist. She still goes on family jogs with her parents and Jessica, something that she has always enjoyed, although at times she feels like it gets in the way of time she could be spending online or working on a project.

Claire was recently accepted to UCLA, where she plans to spend her undergraduate studies in the School of Theater, Film, and Television, and hopes to attend graduate school to further her studies. She hopes to make her own studio films someday, but also would like to get a Ph.D so she can teach film at the university level as an alternative. Claire also began to capitalize on her filmmaking by offering her services to some of her classmates. Her costs usually depend on how many days she has to film and how many other people she brings in to work on the project. In her small business, she has helped make music videos and filmed sporting events, application videos, and a few other projects people have asked her to aid in.

Advantages: Claire is a very social person, so she might have a lot of people interested in allying with her. Her family's jogging regiment has helped her become fairly good at running. Debate team has also taught her to be a good speaker, so she might be able to argue and talk down others.
Disadvantages: Some people might find her annoying, and not want to put up with her referencing movies and stuff. Her addiction to caffeine and Adderall might also cause her to undergo withdrawal and experience some issues as well.

Designated Number: Female student No. 018


Designated Weapon: Shotgun Flashlight with one .410 shotgun round
Conclusion: Too bad there's a manual explaining what that does. G018 sounds like exactly the sort of person I'd love to see stare into her flashlight and jiggle the buttons to see why no light's coming on. - Christina Stockton


G016 - Pennington-Johannes, Venice[/DECEASED]

Name: Venice Pennington-Johannes
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Drumming, Volleyball Team, Swim team

Appearance: Venice is on the short side, standing at 5'2", and weighs about 125 pounds. Her light brown hair is silky and shiny, always combed and brushed religiously. Venice chooses to let her hair down most of the time, except during games or swim meets, where she decides to put in a bun. It's medium length, just barely going past her shoulders. She's in a healthy condition from playing volleyball and swimming, and her skin is nicely tanned. She normally wears tank-tops, t-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops. Whenever it gets cold, she'll usually wear a jacket with jeans and boots. She also wears a pink headband whenever she has a volleyball game or a swim meet on that day. Her face is rather child-like, especially her pert nose and large green eyes, and is ovular in shape. Venice also has small pink lips, thin dark eyebrows, and long eyelashes. Her body is proportioned evenly, except for her small chest. When she smiles wide enough, two little dimples can be seen on her cheeks.

On the day of the abduction, Venice was wearing the following: pink wife-beater, white pedal pusher pants, white flip flops, and her pink head band tucked away into her left back pocket.

Biography: On the 23rd of September, 1993, Venice Pennington-Johannes was born through artificial insemination to Daisy Pennington, a community college professor, and her wife, Mariam Johannes, a zoo keeper. They named Venice after the most beautiful place they went on vacation, Venice, Italy. Growing up in Seattle to two loving and wealthy parents, Venice had a mostly comfortable childhood. Venice's parents often have to work long hours, and growing up in a big upper-class household, she often felt lonely, having only an assortment of babysitters and no brother or sisters to spend her time with. Although Venice loves her parents dearly, she often wishes they would make more time for her. However, she does realize that they are busy, hard-working people, and finds enjoyment in the time they do have together. Whenever they have time, they listen to Venice's music or relax together with a quiet activity. Due to Mariam's unpredictable job hours and Daisy's responsibilities as teacher, it's often hard for them to be all together at once. However, Mariam's zoo-keeping allows her to be more flexible with her schedule compared to Daisy, so she's the one -who gets to spend more time with Venice, if only by a little amount of time.

Growing up, Venice was always looking for something to do, due to a combination of being bored and lonely. Her parents let her try many things they thought she might be interested in, but only a few really stuck with Venice; the drums, volleyball, and swimming. Mariam let her 8 year old daughter play with her old drum set she had in the garage. Mariam started off by teaching Venice simple techniques and rhythms, and eventually started teaching her more advanced techniques as she got older. Venice would listen to a song that she liked and would try to play along, but had trouble keeping up, and progressively got better as time went on. Her favorite song to play along to was "Hotel California" by the Eagles, and Don Henley is something of an inspiration for her. She doesn't play for the school band, preferring to play by herself. Venice mostly drums for her own enjoyment, and likes playing soft, mellow beats.

As for her hobbies of volleyball and swimming, they were things that had to grow on her. She was a regular klutz in the early days of her childhood, often tripping up on her own feet and falling down. Noticing this, Daisy signed her up for swim and volleyball classes when she was 10. Over time, Venice became quite athletic and skilled at these activities. She joined the school teams for volleyball and swimming during her time in middle school and high school, participating in the 100 and 200 m backstroke for swimming and acting as a libero for volleyball. Venice enjoys these activities to this day, loving the competition of the sports and the feeling of victory. She enjoys volleyball more than swimming, as it's more team oriented, and more fun for her.

Venice mostly sticks to swimming because of the friends she made and the fact that she is just more familiar with the sport. She knew more people at her school than her private teams, and has more fun with her friends than people who she mostly only saw during practices and games. Venice stopped playing in her private league once she joined the school's teams. She keeps in shape during the off-season by going to the school gym and swimming at the YMCA.

While Venice is competitive, she's almost never mean-spirited to her opponents, being an example of good sportsmanship. However, she hates when her opponents act unruly towards her and her team mates. During a particular game during her 8th grade year, in a rare moment of anger, Venice gave a rival player the middle finger gesture after said player had called someone on the team a bitch. Both girls got to ride the bench the rest of the game, and Venice had to go through a one game suspension because of it. Venice often reminds herself of this, and tries to keep her head calm and ignore her opponents during games.

At school, Venice does well, getting mostly As. Venice studies a bit more than her peers to keep ahead, except in English and extracurricular classes, where the concepts just come easier than the rest of her courses. She doesn't enjoy any particular class, but always tries her best so she can get into a good school after she graduates. Venice studies as much as a top grade student should, and she plans to study music at the University of Washington while she's there.

Venice hates being and alone, and since her parents are often busy, so she tries to make many friends at school. While most people would associate Venice with the popular crowd, she likes to be friends with almost everybody, not having a personal preference to who she hangs out with, as long as she isn't by herself. She understands that not everybody wants to be her friend, and she'll leave those people alone if they ask her to or if she feels like they don't like her very much. Whenever Venice does become friends with somebody, she is very loyal to them. Whenever Venice is hurt or betrayed by someone she thought of as a friends, she is deeply hurt. She often tries to give people second chances, but this has sometimes gotten her hurt even worse. Some of her more honest friends will tell her that she is too naive, and that some people just aren't looking out for her best interests. These warnings often fall on deaf ears, as Venice feels that people can change, and that it just takes time for that to work. As for love, Venice has always believed that everybody should go on their gut feelings, and shouldn't listen to what people have to say about it. While she doesn't like to label herself, the closest thing she would identify herself with would be bi-sexual. Venice found out that she was bi-sexual around her 8th grade year in middle school, as she started having crushes on people of both genders. Her parents were supportive when she told them about it, and most of her friends were too.

Advantages: Venice is an athletic girl, and that would help her through the physically challenging parts of the game. Venice also tries to have as many friends as possible, which could give her plenty of potential allies.
Disadvantages: Venice's biggest weakness lies in her trust issues, mainly in that she might accidentally trust the wrong type of person. She also hates being alone, and could potentially have to depend on someone that would use her.

Designated Number: Female student No. 016


Designated Weapon: Fireman's Axe
Conclusion: Clingy girls are nothing more than burdens. A decent pull won't change that, and G016 is exactly the sort of sniveling, dependent weakling who some poor boy will head into the finals trying to avenge. - Christina Stockton


B020 - Carrasco, Joe[/DECEASED]

Name: Joe Carrasco
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Medicine, mountain biking, cooking

Appearance: Joe is Hispanic and has olive-colored skin. He stands at 5'11" and weighs 152 lbs. He has a wiry build but is fit due to his regular biking activities, although any muscle is not obvious at a glance. His limbs are a bit too long for his body and he has a thin, gaunt face. Unlike the rest of him, his nose is large and pudgy. His thick, black hair always sticks out in odd directions regardless of how much he attempts to brush it, and it reaches past his chin. His eyes are light brown and often have dark shadows underneath them, usually from staying up too late. Joe requires glasses to read and can usually be seen wearing wire-rimmed glasses during school hours or while studying at home, though he removes them at other times.

Joe doesn't pay much attention to his clothes and wears whatever he finds convenient, and his clothes are consistently crumpled as if he'd slept in them. On the day of the abduction he was wearing a green hoodie over a white t-shirt, faded blue jeans and black sneakers.

Biography: Joe's parents, Matias and Fran Carrasco, as well as his aunt, Claudia, were born in Chile and moved to America only a few years before Joe was born. Matias and Claudia were from a family that only managed to earn enough money to send one of their children, Matias, to college. Matias worked hard and eventually became a doctor. Years later, he moved to America with his wife and his sister so that he and his family would hopefully be able to find better work, and in turn have the money to provide proper educations for any future family members. Joe was born in America and his parents gave him what they thought was an American name in order to help him fit in. Joe has only been to Chile once, in order to visit some relatives, and although he primarily speaks Spanish at home he has always considered himself an American rather than a Chilean.

Although Joe was always somewhat shy, this shyness became much worse when he started school. As he'd been raised by Spanish-speaking parents, when he started school he had difficulty with English and spoke with a heavy accent, despite his father's attempts to teach him rudimentary English. This got him mocked for talking funny at school, as most of the children were too young to know there was a reason for it. Although Joe picked up English properly and had adapted an American accent by the end of elementary school, he still has the subconscious idea that talking will get him laughed at, and as such tends to have trouble speaking to others.

Joe's parents were very insistent on Joe becoming a doctor as well and rigidly controlled what classes he could pick and what activities he pursued, always trying to guide him towards things that would help him become one. It started small, like constantly challenging him to games of Operation when he was little and giving him picture books on the human body. When he got older, he was presented with more detailed books, and by the time he entered junior high they were giving him medical dictionaries to read. Luckily for his parents, Joe loved reading about medicine even from a young age. Joe finds medicine fascinating and likes studying how everything in the human body fits together and what can cause it to break down. Being a doctor would be his ideal career if it wasn't for one thing; Joe is afraid of blood and tends to freak out badly whenever someone gets hurt around him. This extends to animals and even looking at squished bugs makes Joe feel sick.

Joe brought this fear of blood up with his parents once, and asked if they would mind if he tried for a less bloody occupation. The only occupation that he could think of that he'd enjoy besides medicine would be being a chef. Cooking was a hobby that he'd enjoyed since he was young. Whenever his mother cooked, Joe used to like to help out because he liked the smell and found it relaxing. When he brought up the possibility of being a chef to his parents, however, his father shouted him down, saying that he hadn't moved all the way from Chile just so his son could flip burgers in a fast-food restaurant. Joe never brought it up again.

From a young age, Joe's parents pushed him to excel in all subjects so that he'd get the necessary grades to get into a good college. If he wasn't excelling, they decided he wasn't trying hard enough. They would spend most of their time at home quizzing Joe to make sure he wasn't slacking off on his studies. If he wanted to do something besides study, he usually had to answer a long string of academic questions correctly before he'd be allowed to do so. If he got so much as a B he was in for long lectures. This rigorous training made him intelligent and hard-working, though it also caused him a large amount of stress.

Joe found out that he was gay in junior high. Until then, he'd assumed that he just hadn't found the right girl and that any odd thoughts concerning guys were just platonic admiration and curiosity. However, then he met a girl called Jamie, when they had a mutual freakout over a dissection in Biology. The two of them bonded quickly and Joe thought that Jamie was the right girl. However, their attempt at dating was extremely uncomfortable and they broke up quickly. Joe decided that feeling nothing for a girl that he liked as much as Jamie confirmed his interest in men. He kept this a secret because his family, including himself, were very religious Catholics. He and Jamie stayed friends during middle school, but went to different high schools and fell out of contact.

Early in high school, Joe's aunt introduced him to mountain biking. Aunt Claudia had always been a rough, energetic woman less concerned with academics, and decided he needed something to keep his mind off his grades. She took him to the mountains and taught him about mountain biking. Joe quickly grew attached to the activity. Mountain biking was exhilarating and made him feel more alive than anything he'd ever experienced. It became a regular activity that he either did alone or with his aunt. Injuries occurred regularly, but they were normally just bruises or cuts. Although Joe still got squeamish or nervous when he got a bloody cut, they were small enough to not scare him away from mountain biking. This lasted until his second-to-last year of high school. Late in the year, while Joe and his aunt were out biking again, his aunt crashed badly and broke her arm. It was an open fracture and very bloody. Although Joe managed to find his phone and call for help, he was unable to do anything for his aunt because he was too afraid to go near her. He wasn't even able to provide comfort. His aunt eventually recovered, although her arm never fully returned to normal. Joe felt guilty for not being able to help and, terrified at an injury like that happening again, has not been mountain biking since.

Just a few days after the incident, there was a major Biology test. He had slacked off studying due to spending most of his time visiting his aunt, and his mind blanked entirely on the answers. Combined with everything else, it was enough for him to have a mental breakdown. He fled from the classroom, screaming about how he was stupid, that he could never become a doctor and that he wanted to quit school right now. After this brief mental breakdown, there were several rumors around the school on the subject of Joe's mental health. These rumors were all untrue, as Joe is completely sane apart from some high anxiety levels. After the brief breakdown, Joe had to visit the school counselor regularly through the rest of that school year in order to talk about his problems. Joe repeatedly insisted it was just stress and these sessions stopped at the beginning of his final year of high school.

Because Joe didn't want to return home to face his family after the breakdown, after school he ended up hanging out with his best friend, Travis Webster. Because he was stressed, Travis offered him a joint and Joe accepted. He found that the weed helped distract him and numb the stress about his grades and parents, enough so that he didn't break down again when his father confronted him for skipping class and making the school believe he required counseling sessions. His father didn't notice the red eyes he had from smoking, and his mother assumed that it was because he'd been crying or something similar. Smoking marijuana would quickly become a regular habit. However, it only helped Joe delay the stress about his grades and parents. Whenever the stress would become too much, Joe would smoke so that he could ignore the problems entirely. It's an unhealthy way to solve the problem, and Joe has started to find that stress feels much worse when he isn't high than it used to be when he never smoked at all, especially given the extra stress of hiding it from his family.

Joe's grades are still high at the moment, being mostly As with the occasional B. As his last year is in progress, he is attempting to keep his grades as high as possible and tries to keep a clear head before or during a big assignment or test. After a big test, the first thing Joe will usually do is find somewhere safe to smoke. Joe intends to go on to study medicine at college, just like his parents want him to.

Due to how much pressure his parents put on him, Joe's relationship with them isn't very good. He does try to make them proud whenever he can, but constantly worries that he isn't good enough. His father is prone to loud rants when Joe isn't doing well enough, but he has his son's best interests at heart. His mother is just as strict as his father, but a lot calmer and easier to talk to. Joe is closest with Aunt Claudia, but has been more distant with her since the accident due to feeling guilty about not being able to help her.

Like his parents, Joe is a Catholic. He goes to confession every month and it's one of the few times he manages to talk fluidly to strangers, most likely because having a screen between him and the priest helps. He tends to feel guilty for a lot of different things, so if he didn't go he would break down from all the bad feelings. The priest has had to assure him at least twice that getting a bad grade isn't a sin, despite what his parents might say. Joe has felt little religious guilt for being homosexual, however, considering it an outdated idea since reproduction is possible via other methods.

Joe has a strong sense of curiosity. Curiosity was what kept him interested in medicine, despite his fear of blood. Although most of the studying he does is to keep his grades up, he's also prone to studying non-essential subjects just to learn more about the world in general. He likes learning just for the sake of learning, and prefers it to learning because he'll fail if he doesn't. His curiosity is also the reason why he will often try new things, such as smoking marijuana, with little hesitation, because he thinks it's good to try things at least once.

Joe's jittery, nervous behavior is worse during tests or assignments, but he's almost always somewhat nervous. He is only completely relaxed while high or when he's cooking. However, he has a surprisingly high constitution when it comes to other things that are often considered scary, such as heights and creatures like snakes and insects. It is mostly people and the idea of personal failure that makes him nervous.

Joe is a very shy, timid boy who tends to blend into the background most of the time. This makes it difficult for him to make friends. To the few people he considers friends, Joe is extremely loyal and would not hurt or betray them for the world. Towards everyone else, however, it's difficult for Joe to manage more than mumbling in a conversation. Joe is usually afraid that he's going to offend people if he says a single wrong word, as well as his subconscious belief that people will laugh at him for talking whether because of the content or the pronunciation, and as a result normally stays silent or has difficulty getting words out. But if people bring up the right topics, such as bikes or the theoretical side of medicine, that is usually enough to lure him out of his shell and make him talk extensively for a while, and once he becomes friendly enough with someone he becomes significantly more talkative. The only time he can easily talk to people is when he's high. Joe has never dated anyone, apart from the brief relationship with Jamie, and has yet to tell anyone that he's gay as he's scared of how people might react, as well as the information getting to his parents.

Even though he's too afraid to talk to most people he will almost certainly stop to help if someone needs help with something that doesn't require any talking, like picking up things they dropped or moving furniture. He's a gentle kid who just wants people to like him. However, he does have a strong pessimistic streak. If there is even the smallest possibility that something will go wrong, Joe will believe wholeheartedly that the worst-case scenario is going to occur.

While his various issues, including his debilitating shyness, fear of blood getting in the way of his enjoyment of medicine and the belief that he's not smart enough for his parents, contribute to terrible self-esteem, Joe has recently got frustrated with his inability to cope with these things and has been working to change. As college is approaching, he feels that it's most important to deal with his hemophobia, and has been subjecting himself to a form of exposure therapy by watching bloody footage, primarily of surgery, in an effort to adjust to the site. For this reason, he once attempted to watch Survival of the Fittest under the belief that he could deal with anything if he could watch that, but after only a few minutes he turned it off, threw up and never tried again.

Nowadays, Joe can look at most pictures and videos of blood and fluids without getting nauseous, but still cannot handle live blood. He intends, over the break between high school and college, to start some proper therapy, to get over both his hemophobia and fear of social situations, but has not started yet because he didn't want to take so much time out of studying to do so.

Advantages: Joe has always been careful not to offend, and thus wouldn't be likely to have made any enemies. He has a decent amount of medical knowledge. Joe is familiar with mountainous terrain due to his mountain biking activities.
Disadvantages: Joe can get very nervous and jittery, and would be liable to freak out in either a fight or a stressful diplomatic situation. Joe is not good with people and would be terrible at making allies. If he didn't have his glasses he would be unable to read any instruction manuals for weapons or maps. His fear of blood will also be a problem and render much of his medical knowledge useless.

Designated Number: Male student No. 020


Designated Weapon: Dressage Whip
Conclusion: We all know what happened last time someone afraid of blood got kicked around a bit. Somehow, though, I don't think B020 has the guts to go down that route. Bad parents don't breed winners, B020. It looks like you got the short end of the stick in so many ways. I wonder if they'll realize how they fucked you up when they see you die on TV? - Christina Stockton


B019 - Mitchellson, Michael[/DECEASED]

Name: Michael Mitchellson
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: 12th
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Literature, browsing the internet, Technology in general, Video Games, Tae Kwon Do, Tabletop RPGs, Book Club.

Appearance: Michael has short, spiky, light blond hair. He is a bit short, about 5''6', and weighs a healthy 140 pounds, with a medium frame. His full face is rather freckly, though acne-free. He has light blue eyes, thin, blonde eyebrows, and is clean-shaven. Michael has no piercings. He had braces for all of middle school and the first year of high school, resulting in his teeth being straight. His nose is about medium size. He is fairly muscular due to his martial arts training.

Michael loves wearing bright clothing, light green being a favorite. He prefers wearing button-down shirts, typically with the collar upturned. He tends to dress lightly, even during winter, not being bothered by the cold. He loved the Indiana Jones movies, and as such has recently started wearing dark fedoras, considering them to be the best type of hat. He was wearing this type of outfit on the day of the abduction, with a light green button-down shirt, jeans, and a brown, leather fedora.

Biography: Michael was born deaf, a fact that he tends to take in stride and ignore whenever possible. He usually communicates through his friends, (such as Daniel) whenever possible, though when caught alone he resorts to using text-to-speech utilities on his phone or, in truly drastic cases, a pen and pad of notepaper he carries with him at all times.

Michael sometimes gets annoyed by how he often has to rely on others to relay his words (though he doesn't take it out on them,) and as such often overcompensates by trying to charge through problems, and with the forcefulness of his speech, trying to pack as much energy as possible into his words and actions. He doesn't really think much about his deafness, aside from the occasional annoyance when it causes difficulty, mostly due to the fact that he's never known anything else.

He was an only child, raised alone by his father, Paul, after his mother died in a car accident when Michael was about five months old. Although Michael was born in California, after the death of Michael's mother Paul was forced to work increasingly hard to support the both of them. Paul worked as a full-time paramedic, but it is not a very lucrative job, and so was forced to move to Seattle where his parents lived, who were able to provide some much needed support.

Michael has a very close relationship with his grandparents, due to often being left at their house while his father worked. While Michael loves and respects his father, the two aren't very close, though Paul does his best to spend time with him. Michael's grandparents pretty much took over the role of raising him. Both of his grandparents are still alive today and while Michael spends a lot of his time alone at his house, he still visits his grandparents often.

Being a somewhat lonely child, only being able to communicate with his dad, grandparents, and teacher at school (there was a class specifically for disabled children, but none of the handful of other children knew sign language) he was thus overjoyed when, at the age of six, he met Daniel, his next door neighbor who understood sign language due to having a deaf sister. The two soon became close friends, with Daniel often translating for Michael.

Michael started reading at an early age, due to it being one of the few forms of media that had no auditory component (he had a hard time following the subtitles on TV as a child, due to their speed) and thus became a lifelong lover of literature, favoring speculative fiction such as Discworld and The Belgariad. During his freshman year of high school, he started a book club with Daniel (ignoring protests that it was pretty much what they did together normally, anyway) and has over the years assembled a small group of members.

He also fell in love with computers early on, using Paul's computer to play Edutainment games, (which eventually grew to a general interest in video games) though he couldn't use the internet without supervision. As he grew older, and was allowed to browse the web on his own, he found himself drawn to sites such as TV Tropes, where he was introduced to tabletop RPGs. He's still a dedicated Troper today, along with frequenting forums dedicated to tabletop games.

Michael mostly plays tabletop games online, due to the ease of communication, but enjoys playing in real life whenever he can drag Daniel along with him to translate. He doesn't really have a preferred system, as long as it works, and allows for creativity, he'll happily play it.

Paul, concerned with his son's tendency to stay indoors, enrolled him in a Tae Kwon Do class specifically for deaf children, in order to get him some exercise during elementary school. Michael resented it, at first, but soon discovered that he had a talent for it, having a blue belt as he entered his senior year of high school.

At school, Michael excels at English, computers, and math, though he struggles a bit in science and history. On average, he tends to get an equal amount of A's and B's.

Due to being in a special class, Michael doesn't know many of his fellow students, at the most vaguely recognizing the faces he's seen passing by in the halls. Because of this, he does not have very many friends outside of his book club, though he is on friendly terms with the handful of students who can speak in sign language. For the most part, Michael isn't bothered too much by the isolation, though at times the feeling of being singled out due to his deafness frustrates him.

He hasn't really had any relationships with the opposite sex, mostly owing to the difficulty of romance by proxy.

In general, Michael is cheerful, energetic and optimistic. He often unintentionally offends people due to the directness of his speech. Despite this, he makes an effort to be kind to others unless they insult him in some manner, after which he'll happily let loose a storm of insults which lose most of their impact due to the often deadpan delivery of his translators.

Advantages: Michael is healthy due to practicing Tae Kwon Do. He is also rather intelligent, and his optimism might make it easier to remain mentally stable.
Disadvantages: Michael is deaf, and has a tendency to charge headlong into situations without thinking things through. His direct, forceful manner may turn away some people.

Designated Number: Male student No. 019


Designated Weapon: Pancor Jackhammer, slightly used
Conclusion: B019 might stand a chance except for the fact that he's totally fucked the second danger zones and killers get announced. He better hope he never wanders far from anyone, because he'll need to know when to run to avoid blowing up. Maybe we should talk to Lourvey about making the collars more friendly to disabled students. - Christina Stockton