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Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Doc's account is back. Sorry for the interruption!

Zetaboards fixed my goof. Leaving this up as a warning to staff about what happens if you cruise-control in the admin CP. ><

So, I was doing a routine pruning of members today, and was attempting to delete Lance, a zero posts member. When I entered this, the boards instead deleted DocBalance. There is no undo button.

Doc, I'm submitting a support ticket right now to try to get your account back. I am so incredibly sorry about this. I have no idea how/why the board defaulted to your UN, and I really hope Zetaboards can undo it. Just wanted to make this immediately and publicly known.

How does Vlad work? He's one I've never quite understood.

Memories of the City
Steven tensed as the point touched the base of his spine. The binoculars went click and his vision turned black. His mind raced, trying to figure out a good way to back down any killer behind him. They didn't want him dead right away, because he wasn't dead, and so he would figure the right trick, maybe leak some information on who it was he was watching, maybe invent a story out of whole cloth. It was vital that this not end here, not now, not when he hadn't had a chance to even take an honest go at stopping the two before him.

He turned slowly, words forming and dying in his mind, and only a second after his vision registered the girl did he figure out that he wouldn't need any of it.

"Don't need to watch my back when luck's on my side," he said. He chuckled, just a little, nervously, burning off the tension.

Sharon. It was Sharon, thank God, and so he wouldn't have to make excuses, except perhaps for abandoning her. She wouldn't delay him, wouldn't interfere. He could keep going, and he could accomplish what needed doing.

"How are you?" He smiled, then, after a second, turned back around and slotted another old quarter into the binoculars.

"I've got a couple killers scouted out. Take a look. Could be trouble."

And all the while, he was hoping Sharon couldn't tell how hard his heart was hammering. At least he hadn't started sweating. After all, he'd just changed into a nicer shirt.

Persy and Naft's Excellent Critique Adventure
Since I talked with you both in chat and you didn't balk, I'd love it if you'd take a look at Karen Ruiz who starts here. (Her pregame starts here; it's optional reading, like pregame typically is, but does set up quite a few things that happen later.) Thanks a ton for doing these!

Playing exclusively Lanewick on EUW is hilarious. I'm not great, but he's lots of fun and people can't really kill him.

Persy and Naft's Excellent Critique Adventure
This looks far too fun. Are you guys limiting it to V5 only?

The General Music Thread
Moved to GD on the ground that it is General Discussion rather than a spammy thread, the LoL thread was already here, and GD needs a purpose besides birthdays and introductions anyways.

General Video Game Discussion Thread
Moved to GD on the ground that it is General Discussion rather than a spammy thread, the LoL thread was already here, and GD needs a purpose besides birthdays and introductions anyways.

That is beautiful in many ways.

The General Music Thread
Cool! Makes sense, and yeah. I was curious if you meant The Animals' version (which I think has a certain claim to original for a lot of covers if they take the adjusted lyrics), the Bob Dylan version (which is not on YouTube, but has a claim to original since it had the chord progression The Animals used), or some ancient field recording.

Unified Site Restoration Timeline and Plan
That should be a semi-full restoration.

If you Help took over the end of your thread and you want to recreate it with your own posts, follow this procedure:

Start a thread in Fun and Games, beginning with the first post after where Help took over. Call it "THREAD RESTORATION: [Thread title here]". When it is complete, PM me. I'll deleted Help's posts to your thread, and merge your newly created ones in, leavinga thread with only handler posts.

If you don't care, just continue on from where Help left off.

ALSO: Everyone, please remember to exit your old threads! We've had a lot of characters move on before leaving old threads where their exit posts were eaten. If new exit posts aren't added in a semi-timely fashion, staff will just go through and do something like "Then Joe wandered off..." so people know how to follow, but that looks really, really silly when people are reading your character.\

ALSO ALSO: Remember, December 1st marks the start of new deadlines. This means, get out of DZs ASAP! We'll start the three-day timer there ticking on the first.

Hollow Stars
((Lydia Robbins continued from What's Up, Dock?))

"So," Lydia said as they approached the hotel, "I guess it's just that singing with other people makes it all add up to so much more than just one voice. That's part of why I like it. It's a good way to do things."

She and Chase were near the hotel, and it was the third day, and things were still terrible but now they were bearable. It had been really tough, but she and Chase had talked more, eventually, and that was for the best. There were more people dead, more people she'd known and passed in the halls, and nice people were doing terrible things. Summer had gone and killed someone. That had rested heavily on Lydia, because she could have stopped it if only she'd known. They'd been right there, and she'd seen the weapon that must have done poor Naomi in.

She'd walked away, because it had felt right and Summer had seemed so nice, so normal. Was it wrong to trust in people?

Her faith in her classmates was waning by the moment, and what they came across next didn't help. They'd been walking around the edge of the hotel, staying close to the walls, looking for a way in. Lydia had thought the back end would be better, because the lobby might have jumpy people in it. It'd be better to just sneak in quietly, grab some supplies, scope things out, then decide whether to interact or not.

But just then, as she heard the bang, as the pool area came fully into view and she saw Ilya Volkov crumple, as she saw Max Sawyer standing there, three bodies in easy view around him, she wished she could've been anywhere else. Her purpose, well, the Lord worked in mysterious ways, but there wasn't much subtlety here.

Max was battered, bloodied, his own or someone else's she couldn't tell. His face was bruised and he had a crazy look about him, and just for a moment Lydia wondered if everyone in Hell looked like that.

"Oh," she said, and she blinked. She felt, for a moment, like she could and should just walk backwards around the corner, rewind her way back to to some other, better place and let all this flow from her mind.

But of course, that would be running, and she'd decided that that was not in the cards. Instead, she held up her left hand, to keep Chase back. She didn't need him, and she didn't want him too close. Max was obviously very dangerous.

And yet, that made it better and easier to do what came next.

Lydia raised her voice and her shotgun, and she broke into a jog. She didn't think Max could see her yet. He was doing something, wiping the blood from his face, it looked like, cleaning himself up. Whatever the case, he was distracted. That was good, because the closer she got, the more menacing she would be, and the more likely she would be to accomplish what needed doing.

"Drop the gun," she shouted, skidding to a halt and leveling her shotgun at the bloody boy. Her heart was hammering, every pulse pounding in her ears, but it was going to be okay. She would take his gun and then would figure out what came next. Stopping a killer was the important thing here, stopping him from killing again.

This was clear. It was easy. This wasn't Summer's smiles, wasn't vague and directionless. If Max had been defending himself, if in some way this could somehow be justified, well, he could tell her when the gun was on the ground.

Somehow, though, she didn't think that was what had happened here.

The General Music Thread
Nov 29 2013, 06:39 PM
Just heard Five Finger Death Punch's cover of House of the Rising Sun. Sounds close to the original but has the typical FFDP style which is cool. They did change New Orleans to Sin City so I'm thinking that was to make it more contemporary, still good none the less.
Which original, out of curiosity?

New League of Legends Thread
I got to dominate the earlier part of the game because the Jinxes decided to five-man push mid and let me free farm top for eight minutes. One finally turned up to lane three levels under me. And yeah, the ending cs was pretty absurd, especially since they brok all our inhibs while we wee pushing but then couldn't fight us, so all the Nasuses just sat in based farming.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving, folks.

New League of Legends Thread
After the first thirty minutes, it was glorious.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Grim: Could you run me through your current list of town/scumreads again, outside of Flare/Deamon? It'd be helpful for me to kick up some more discussion.

Unified Site Restoration Timeline and Plan
Quick reminder:

Guys, even if you're replacing old threads, please post them only in chronological order. If a thread is not done due to lost posts, do not move to a new one until it's complete. Doing so causes issues for wiki updates and for readers trying to track characters.