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Club/Team Masterpost
Alton Gerow is in track and also the math club.

You Expected a New Topic But It Was Me, MW's V7 Relationship Planning Thread
Alton likes having a good time with good people

I Wordcounted V4
So, last week when I was opening the store at 6 am I wondered who the longest character in V4 was by word count and there was only one way to figure it out so I ended up word-counting every character in V4 and thought folks might find the results interesting, especially combined with some calculations I ran. That said, before we get into it, there are a few things I'd like to note:

First off, word count is in no ways an indicator of quality. It's an indicator of length. In that capacity, it's a much better one than thread count, as we'll see shortly, but is still flawed—a one-shot, for examples, is weighted the same as that many words of a character hiding while someone else reads the John Galt speech out loud in the posts between theirs, and the latter is clearly a much higher load/commitment (unless you skip the stuff not by the character you're following).

Also, V4 had a bunch of characters who shared posts. These are marked with an asterisk (*). This can mean a lot or a little. Some characters, like, say, Ivan, have two or three early posts shared with someone they're killing or something. Others, like Marty and Josh, are basically joined at the hip and have probably close to 30% overlap with someone else. I did not bother hashing out which paragraphs belong to who, though, unless it was super obvious; I just threw it all in the pot and added a *.

This list includes only V4 proper. It does not have Pregame, Post-Game, or the Epilogue. Adding that stuff would take a while and dilute the comparative element by adding a bunch of stuff done off deadline.

I have this list ranked in two ways. The first is by placement—this is the exact death order. The second is listed from fewest to most words. This second list retains note of where the characters died, for point of interest—you'll see if someone with few words made it to the finals or if someone went out with a ton early.

I've also color-coded things a little. The first is pretty self-explanatory; characters in green got pulled in the V4 Rescue. Characters in purple, on the other hand, held the word count record among eliminated characters at the time of their death/rescue; these characters were the longest out to date at that precise moment.

I've also run some averages, grouped by announcement, that may prove mildly interesting.

To preempt the inevitable: I do plan to do, at a minimum, V5 and most Minis. That said, I gave myself some finger/wrist strain doing this so it'll be a while. I may eventually do V6 but wanna let the ground there cool a bit first/the game actually end. I may also do V2/3, but quirks of the era combine with my own unfamiliarity to make that trickier. I will almost certainly not do V1; the V1 site is hard to read and Invisionfree lacks some functions that were pretty key to doing this without going totally insane.

That said, for a point of trivia/interest, I did do V1 Dodd. He weighs in at 155,250* including Endgame but not the Epilogue. Epilogue-inclusive, he's at 198,950*—nearly double the V4 high score. This does not include his V3 stuff.

List by Death Order

List from lowest to highest word count

List of rescued students only from lowest to highest wordcount

Top 25 longest of V4 sorted longest to shortest if you don't wanna sift


Note, in the averages, that each announcement's average grows with a few exceptions. There's a drop from the Fifth to the Sixth Announcement I'm gonna call "The Clio Effect"—Clio's stats were so much higher than anyone else at the time that she actually single-handedly pulls the average for the Fifth Announcement up. The Rescued characters also beat those who died for the Tenth Announcement, but I think that's due to the high proportion of characters in the rescue who were favorites to their handlers (which tends to correlate to more writing).

Fun trivia: V4 is roughly three times the size of In Search of Lost Time and roughly six times the size of Atlas Shrugged. It is longer than the entire Wheel of Time series. It is also longer than The Mahabharata. This count is excluding Pregame. ;)

I'll likely pull out more stuff for highlight and discussion later, but in the mean time have fun poking through the fruits of my pointless obsession.

You Expected a New Topic But It Was Me, MW's V7 Relationship Planning Thread
@Boogie: All sounds good. I'd be down for Lavender being an ex. Maybe she likes Depeche Mode now (funnily enough I've been pretty into A Broken Frame lately so I can sound not totally stupid about it). She'd probably still be on good terms with him unless he's a jerk about breakups.

@Un: Phillip would dig the compliments and while he's not huge on DBZ he recognizes a certain kindred nature in weird fandoms. Also sounds good with Yuri, and Alton would perhaps like to talk with her a bit about gambling. All else sounds good.

@Fenris: Stuff looks overall good. Phillip would love to talk to Nia if she listens. Did you know that Miracles is a pretty straightforward message about approaching life with positivity and appreciating the little things?

Juliette would try for a decent relationship with Ivy--she doesn't really like fighting people pointlessly and besides, it's good to know folks who are dialed in.

Alton's totally down with parties and guitarists are pretty sweet. And Ivy can have a smile even if she's chilly.

You Expected a New Topic But It Was Me, MW's V7 Relationship Planning Thread
@CBP: Most of that sounds good to me! I'll hit you up on Lucas/Alton once Alton's a little firmer in my mind. Lavender may be a bit too liberal for Max given a lot of her stances, though she'd be willing to have legit talks with him about that stuff as long as he didn't say anything super insensitive.

@Backslash: That all sounds great to me. Phillip would love to tell Mercy about how her misconceptions about clowns are blinding her to a force of positivity in the world.

@Somersault: Mostly sounds good! I actually think Juliette might be interested in getting Janie in her corner if possible; they're both kind of moderate and it's good to have someone on your side who's not looking to unseat you.

@Ryuki: Good stuff! I think where Alton would land with regards to Zach would probably vary case by case and depending on his own whim.

Taking Requests for Character Art
Awesome! Thank you so so much. She looks great. I love that you got her nose. :)

Club/Team Masterpost
Lavender Ripley is on student council, the anti-bullying association, and is on the cheer squad.

EDIT: Tentatively sign her up for activism and GSA too.

I'll draw your character when I'm bored
Oct 24 2017, 01:21 AM
(....)but I'm super impressed by your ability to accurately draw the Ghostbusters logo from something other than a straight-on perspective.
sweats..... I actually did draw it from a straight-on perspective. Then I changed the perspective of this layer with a tool. [announcer voice] stay tuned for more tips and tricks for digital art.
Hey, that counts! That's cool. I didn't even know you could do that maybe it's time to upgrade from the version of Photoshop I've been using since 2002.

You Expected a New Topic But It Was Me, MW's V7 Relationship Planning Thread
Lavender believes in the legal process

Will reply to comments posted thus far in another post soon! Will try to get stuff for the other two (plus the other two mysterious individuals) soon.

Taking Requests for Character Art
If you're up for it, I've got another V7 character's appearance drafted up.

Juliette Sargent

Thank you once again for all your hard work on these. It's incredible to me just how many you do, how you keep them so distinct, and how you always manage to put tons of detail into them. You rock in a serious way.

You Expected a New Topic But It Was Me, MW's V7 Relationship Planning Thread
Also I'm totally gonna use this thread to post profile drafts to keep myself accountable and such. Feel free to read 'em or not. Everything's subject to change until staff approve it. This may be first drafty or I may submit it verbatim come apps. It'll be a surprise!

Juliette for Senior Class President 16-17

You Expected a New Topic But It Was Me, MW's V7 Relationship Planning Thread
So, I was gonna write all my profiles before starting V7 planning. Then I realized that's gonna take forever. As such, I'm gonna now make a thread for the four five six concepts I've got in passably settled shape and add the last two as they it come(s) together. What I'm looking for: friends, enemies, romantic partners, exes, dudes-who-sit-behind-you-and-cheat-off-your-tests, etc. Basically anything!

Fair warning: I am mercurial when it comes to concepts and my characters are never settled until their profiles are through the first draft (hence the delay in making this), so I reserve the right to change my mind or call renegotiations if stuff slides so something no longer makes sense.

Phillip Olivares is in most ways a fairly mild-mannered Christian kid but as his asthma prevented him from following the athletic footsteps of his brother and childhood friend group he found himself feeling somewhat isolated until finding a new community among fans of the rap group Insane Clown Posse. He managed to assuage his parents concerns about his juggalo interests by highlighting the Christian underpinnings of the group, and his improved grades and social life have led to them mostly accepting his fandom. Phillip is fairly thoughtful and enjoys analysis of stories and pursuit of meaning, often explaining the irony and subtle literary talent of his favorite musicians when he finds a willing audience. He's fond of telling jokes and occasionally dresses up rather wildly, but most of the time is content to slide under the radar.

Phillip's Connections

Juliette Sargent is a nice girl who's always there to listen and eager to help a friend in need. She also aspires to capture the role of class president, and to this end has turned to active campaigning for much of the year, making an attempt to leverage her generally good reputation and her interpersonal skills towards her ends. She comes from a somewhat troubled home life; her parents went through a messy divorce when she was young and her mom is in the process of splitting from her second husband, so Juliette finds some of the agency she lacks in her family by taking active roles with responsibility in her other hobbies.

Juliette's Connections

Alton Gerow is a charmer and a bit of a scoundrel. Raised by a single mother in a bad part of Denton, New Jersey, until near the end of middle school, his entire life turned around when his mom won a substantial sum in the state lottery and relocated them to Chattanooga due mostly to a romanticized picture painted by a song she knew from her childhood. Almost half a decade later, Alton still isn't quite settled into his new situation, having gone from scrambling by on food stamps to realizing that as long as he's content to live a fairly modest life he probably will never have to work unless he feels like it. His easygoing attitude and willingness to take interest in what others enjoy wins him a lot of friends, but his tendency to push boundaries can make some uncomfortable.

Alton's Connections

Lavender Ripley is the daughter of a mildly eccentric lawyer with a particular interest in civil rights cases, especially as pertains to the education system. Lavender has picked up this focus herself, and is very very keen on issues of civil rights. A member of student council and the cheer squad, she's popular and easygoing in most situations but turns dead serious when her buttons are pushed. One area in which she doesn't line up too well with her liberal cohorts is on the issue of guns; she's gone shooting with her family since she was fairly young and is a passionate fan of the sport.

Lavender's Connections

Library Vee is a quiet, philosophical artist struggling with the aftermath of serious injuries sustained due to his own negligence. Frustrated by what he sees as his loss of potential, he tries to coast through his days and considers it a win if nothing sets him off. He gets along best with really boring normal people who are willing to play Go with him and talk about art or ethics. He is perhaps just a little bit pretentious about these things.

Library's Connections

Misty Browder is a girl who holds more or less conservative/alt right views, with a few exceptions (she doesn't have any beef with homo/bisexuality and she's into witchcraft). She plays badminton and gets on well with other conservative kids. When it comes to those not on her wavelength, she takes a certain glee in winding them up and giving them grief. Looking for friends, people Misty has antagonized, exes, maybe some hobby/religion buddies.

Misty's Connections

Obsolete Disclaimer

I'll draw your character when I'm bored

What Yugi said! You did a super duper wonderful job with them, and got a ton of character into the poses and expressions. I'm constantly in awe of your talents. Also, this may be a weird thing to focus on, but I'm super impressed by your ability to accurately draw the Ghostbusters logo from something other than a straight-on perspective. I dunno, it's so smooth I almost didn't notice at first, but it really adds this element of depth and camera angle to it all, if you will.

Club/Team Masterpost
Juliette Sargent is on student council and is actively campaigning for class president.

Phillip Olivares is in book club probably.

I'll draw your character when I'm bored
All of this is super awesome and I'm super stoked for the group drawings but I think we all need to take a while to appreciate the majesty of that butt some more. I really love that it's basically just a butt. I also really love that you knocked out another really great version of Jay just to make a butt joke too.

The V1 Read-A-Thon

Another, if you will!

From the Foam to the Gravel
((Kimberly Nguyen continued from But I Might Die Tonight))

Fuck Josie Vernon.

Kimberly's forced calm had lasted just barely long enough to put sufficient distance between her and Josie and Josie's friend and whoever else had turned up to make mysterious noises and ruin Kimberly's night that she couldn't easily turn around and go back and give them a piece of her mind. That space was really all that stood between her and such a course of action. The shock of Liz's apparent success at finding a way to screw over everyone else had taken priority, and it still took priority, but Kimberly had the capacity to multitask. And oh was she pissed at Josie now.

It was cool on the mountain, and the slight breeze slipped in under the towel that covered Kimberly's left arm, raising goose bumps and making her wish that somehow the sleeve of her sweater could've been salvaged. The pain wasn't so bad just now. To an extent, it was probably familiarity; she remembered this experiment back in seventh grade science class where the teacher—and she couldn't remember who that teacher had been at all, maybe a man with a beard in his mid-thirties?—had made them sniff various vials and track how long it took until they could no longer actually smell the substances within. Before too long, even the most potent fumes would become undetectable. If something changed, though, or they had a moment to mentally reset, the odor would come right back. So maybe that was kind of how it was with the pain, because there were more important things to be focusing on, and the fact that her shoulder was irreparably fucked up forevermore was important to know and be reminded of from time to time but couldn't get in the way of her moment-to-moment survival. And of course, she was taking quite a bit of ibuprofen as well.

Everything smelled of pine trees and the dry needles crunched underfoot and made Kimberly think about the few times she'd really been in the wilderness. Her grandparents weren't much for the outdoors; they liked their life in the city and if they all drove out to one of the lakes to spend a day swimming and picnicking that was enough adventure for half a year or so. Far better, they thought, to go to a museum or a concert or a movie. Family vacations were rare, not because they didn't have the money (they did) but because it wasn't how her grandparents enjoyed themselves and it wasn't something Kimberly really pushed for. But she had been camping a few times, just with friends and their families instead of her own, and she'd enjoyed herself even if it had been well outside her comfort zone. She'd been kind of looking forward to the stupid class trip.

But now, the loose earth made her nervous. The pebbles and debris could give way with a misstep, and there was little chance of assistance if she sprained an ankle or caught herself wrong and broke her good wrist. It was dark and hard to see where she was going, even with the almost-full moon, and besides, who knew who could be lurking?

That last thought burned some, because it was Kimberly who should've been the shadow that scared others. It was just that Josie was so very fucking stupid that she couldn't understand subtlety or menace or threat, and that actually really hurt quite a lot. She'd just run off like Kimberly couldn't do anything, and she'd gotten away with it because Kimberly really couldn't do anything, and that made Kimberly feel, well, not exactly emasculated but something in the neighborhood.

She wished she could've hurt Josie. That's what happened when you didn't take people seriously enough: you got hurt. If Josie could treat Kimberly like a joke and just walk away without suffering any sort of repercussions, though, that meant that either she had in fact treated Kimberly with a suitable level of credibility (none) or that Kimberly had chosen to let her go, and try as she might to spin it as the latter that wasn't really how it had gone down.

It wouldn't have needed to be something major. Maybe make Josie really sweat about her friend, like really think that Kimberly was going to actually kill the lisping girl, or maybe just loop the rope attached to the grappling hook around Josie's pale little neck and strangle her a bit. The image came to mind easily—she'd choke and open her mouth wide like a fish's, scrabble at the rope, eyes bulging, trying to cry for help but not able to force air from her lungs. She'd thrash back and forth, kick and try to stomp on Kimberly's feet, but that was what thick boots were for preventing. They'd make eye contact and Josie would mouth out something—"please" had good ring to it—and Kimberly would smile sadly and shake her head a bit and Josie would ramp it up again and try harder than ever and still get nowhere, and then as her eyes started to roll back in their sockets like she was that girl in The Exorcist or whatever, Kimberly would release her hold. Josie would topple to the ground and cough and gasp and just as she sucked in her first big breath Kimberly would kick her really hard in the side and send her sprawling in the dirt and say fuck you, Josie Vernon, you should be careful because you never know who's a threat and you're really fucking lucky I'm not actually looking to murder your pathetic, naive, idiotic ass. And then Kimberly would light a cigarette and walk away with her head held high not because she was lying to herself but because she'd really earned that right.

Come to think of it, maybe it was not such a bad idea after all to try to retrace her steps and figure out if Josie was still there. She had a good sense of direction. Yes, there was Liz out there gambling with the lives of everyone but herself as the stakes, and, yes, there was Kris out there still in need of a reckoning that would make anything Kimberly might be considering doing to Josie look like a mild lecture from a parent who feels obligated to express disapproval but whose heart isn't really in it. But the thing was, Liz and Kris could be absolutely fucking anywhere on this enormous island while Josie was probably still scratching her head with those other arrivals all introducing themselves like they hadn't been classmates for four years or more (assuming nobody had killed each other, of course) or else somewhere at least vaguely nearby that spot. It was a pretty big mountain, but not that big, and the girl and her lisping friend weren't especially quiet or sneaky.

Kimberly had actually turned around and taken two steps without fully realizing what she was doing, even while still vacillating as to which course of action she should be pursuing, when there came a crackling sound from all around. She stopped, crouched, let her good hand rest on the ground, pine needles and dirt pressing into her palm. The little ambient noises of insect life went silent, replace by the hiss of a microphone. The breeze returned to Kimberly's awareness like one of those scents in science class, making her shiver. She listened.

The voice was one she'd come to recognize, rather than a surprise like last time. Danya.

"Evening, children... my aren't we having a busy day? It seems that one of your number has no regard for the rest of you. Gee, I tried to warn you about that Liz Polanski, but she just won't stop playing roulette with your lives..."

Kimberly turned right back around, stood and moved as the words echoed from everywhere and nowhere. Her throat felt tight and she held her breath like somehow that would ward off the possibility that any inhalation could be her last. It was surprisingly easy to forget the collars at most times, even though Hermione's fate had made it uncomfortably clear that it was probably not very hard to trigger them, but right now all Kimberly could think about was her head being blown clean off. Would she remain conscious, she wondered, for a few moments, flying through the air and watching her own lifeless body crumple with blood spewing from the stump of her severed spinal cord? She'd read somewhere that a man had once blinked again and again after being executed by guillotine. How many blinks had he made it? Kimberly thought maybe thirteen or seventeen.

What were the odds she'd be picked as the next example? She was an injured girl who hadn't done a hell of a lot. She'd been with a group that was also looking to escape and had spent a lot of time trying to keep her alive after she got shot, so maybe her death would resonate with them and send them a message. On the other hand, she'd disavowed their plans, walked away from their likely-futile resistance to pursue something much more acceptable to those in charge; perhaps that was a point in her favor. She was all alone right now—would that help her or hurt her?

Her pace had elevated into a cautious jog, and she couldn't hold her breath anymore but wished she could, and the crunch of her footfalls was audible but what did that matter? Everyone on the island had bigger issues right about now. Sweat was prickling along her skin, especially her exposed arm, and surely the night air would make her regret that soon if she didn't die, but that was a problem she'd gladly face.

Josie was pushed aside again—accessibility mattered only to a certain point—and Liz and Kris came roaring back to the foreground. Kris was, of course, the real first priority, the one thing Kimberly truly wanted with all her heart to make sure she could deal with. Josie would be a temporary release, but a distraction; time spent on her would be time not spent finding Kris for the main event, and time was something she might not have that much of. And Liz? Liz had to be... stopped. That was a prerequisite to all the other things Kimberly wanted to do with the rest of her life; for her to be assured that any failure to catch up to Kris rested solely on her own shoulders, she would need the lottery of sudden death shut down. Everything else would keep, or if it didn't that'd be a shame but was an acceptable loss to get rid of that horrifying anticipation, that awareness of her own throat and the blood pulsing through her veins with every heartbeat and how easily it could spray out in a brief, sickly arc, leaving her nothing but a pile of cooling meat.

By the time Kimberly slipped out of the night air and into the stuffy, stale tunnels, some of her composure would have returned, and while flustered she would be able to approach the whole situation with a certain degree of analysis. But while Danya spoke, she felt even more helpless than she had while bleeding in the sand, and this feeling, like that one, was something that she doubted would ever entirely leave her.

((Kimberly Nguyen continued in Blackout))

The V1 Read-A-Thon
This is somewhat scattered and I didn't proof it. But here it is.

Nanami Nishida

I'll take another, please!

New SOTF Roll Archive/Rolls-Per-Character Breakdown
V7 Roll Count By Character

New SOTF Roll Archive/Rolls-Per-Character Breakdown
V7 Rolls: