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Buffy Mafia Sign-Ups
I would love to play this.

Reopen pregame!
I wouldn't object to them being used, since they've not been affected by any loss (minus one post in Meanwhile...). I can check with the rest of the staff, but since they fall outside the usual boundaries I don't see how any activity there could mess anything up.

The main reason other posting is on hold is that people can't participate, and that anything posted that either built on or ignored lost information would have the potential to throw continuity out of whack. Meanwhile... has the staff canon override clause, and Memories precedes the game, so I see neither being a big risk for trouble.

Reopen pregame!
As a quick reminder, Memories of the Past remains open throughout the game (and is still open now!). You can always set stuff up there (V4 saw several threads that even featured characters after their deaths). Reopening pregame proper would cause all sorts of continuity snarls, but I see nothing wrong with people using Memories and Meanwhile... during the downtime, since nothing's been lost there.

Hope this helps!

New League of Legends Thread
Def Not Rattlesnake
Oct 28 2013, 09:55 AM
Haha, Ryze used to be the counterpick to Sion mid. Poor guy.
He may still be; it's possible the guy just didn't know what to do with him. It took him the first half of the game to start to figure out that charging Sion = snare him now!

We had a pretty good chat after the game, though. I felt bad, because his whole team was trashing on him when they all actually sucked more (Aatrox would come up to gank, try to chase me, ult into my shield and deal no damage, then just sit outside turret range because he was scared to dive. Then I'd stun him and blow him up and get fed off of that).

New League of Legends Thread
I've heard a lot of it is which matches you win; if you win early ones you're in better shape than if you take later ones, since you're up against higher elo people at the start (once you lose for a while, you're facing people who suck). For me, I won the first and third, then the ninth and tenth,

That said, the sheer magnitude of trolls, ragers, and leavers was astounding. Leavers cost two games, and terrible picks hampered two more (Ashe mid vs. Akali single-handedly lost it for us by snowballing Akali into an unstoppable terror; Garen support was pretty bad but what really sunk us was everyone else raging at him rather than focusing on actually, you know, playing). Of course, to be totally fair, I got mega-carried on one of the wins, and did totally horridly on two of the losses, by any reasonable standards. The last two games were my best two, in large part due to 1. Ryze not getting I was going mid with Sion and thus picking Ryze into him which was a really bad idea because the ranges on our abilities were about the same and I punched about three times as hard after tanking all his stuff on my shield and 2. getting a good ADC for a change when I was support, so all I really had to do was ward and keep her alive instead of holding lane for half the game as Janna like usually happens. -_-

New League of Legends Thread
Yay, finished my placements so I get an icon!

Went 4/6, with the last two as wins, and ended up in Bronze I, which is better than I expected. May try to cruise to promos, since the worst that can happen is I end up in a lower strata of bronze.

In other news, nobody expects AP Sion mid! Was able to give both Ryze and Mordekaiser hard times.

New League of Legends Thread
AP Sion is officially hilarious. I ran it three times, and the only one who knew how to deal with me was a Silver II Midlane Jinx (pretty sure she shuffled over specifically because she could break my shield). She zoned me like crazy but couldn't kill me, and once we got to teamfights I rebounded by roaming to other lanes to clear waves and get fed on gold and XP.

Oh, and I also got wrecked in one lategame, but against a 20/1/4 Vayne that's kinda to be expected.

New League of Legends Thread
Oh right, that reminds me of the other one we lost. We were winning soundly throughout laning, but it was lasting a really long time. Then the enemy team started jumping people en masse.

Me at 20 minutes: "Hey, Vayne, maybe we should group up now."
Vayne silently keeps farming bot.
Other teammate at 30 minutes: "Guys, we need to group."
Vayne silently keeps farming bot.
Me at 35 minutes: "We need to group to stand a chance in teamfights!"
Vayne silently keeps farming bot.
Teammate pings for assistance at like 38 minutes. Vayne comes up for one teamfight, then goes back to farming bot.

Needless to say, we got stomped. And yes, we did try going bot to chill with Vayne, who went off to farm mid.

New League of Legends Thread
Anyone else review Tribunal cases, on that note? From all I've seen, "Report X for feeding!" tends to end in reports... of the guy being a jerk about someone else having a bad game. If someone is intentionally feeding/trolling, it tends to be painfully clear (five games with no items bought, or the 0/45/0 Rammus who spouted poetry about Master Yi in every single game).

Oct 20 2013, 03:13 PM
Not saying that bastard is bad, btw, it's just that I like MS's way of telling you "you need to watch out for certain things," because having to watch for cop sanities/lynchers/jesters/etc hugely changes how you approach the game.
The issue with this, I think, is that there are varying degrees of stuff to watch out for. As I see it, there's a world of difference between an insane cop or an unnotified miller and, say, Homestuck mafia's time shenanigans.

The problem here is, if you use a catch-all phrase that implies big stuff, people get way confused. If you go "This game may include insane cops and secret millers but nothing else!" that tips your hand pretty strongly. I feel that, rather, a game should be balanced to account for these things (I use millers often, but they're counted as a drawback for the town rather than an asset; the town gets more power or scum less to make up for that fact. Shaky cop sanity would be a similar calculation).

New League of Legends Thread
The worst of it was, the guy didn't even tell us he wanted Blitz! If he had, I could've nabbed to trade, since it was the once in a lifetime game where Blitz wasn't banned. Just, the other team got him first 'cause this guy was last pick.

Also, I'm becoming fond of TF. Need to get a little more used to his ult, but it can really mess people up and makes a good last-ditch escape.

New League of Legends Thread
Ranked game, all is going well, team picks are good, communication is good, everyone's happy. Then, last pick our support: Garen.

The explanation? "I was planning on using Blitz but they took him first."

In ranked, if your only support is Blitz, you'd probably better not call that role.

Anyways, everyone else flamed all game and it was a wreck. I held my own in lane against Mordekaiser as TF. Everyone was so distracted with Garen they didn't notice how much CS I missed at least, and I didn't have to let them know it was my second PVP TF game. ><

New League of Legends Thread
I figure I should link my team recruitment thingy here, too.

Also, hit 30 and played my first ranked game tonight! It went well, though top and our jungler were the real stars. My main contributions were warding stuff and holding lane while our ADC backed, but I did manage to go 1/0/5 and everyone was super friendly, even the enemy team in post-game, so that was very nice.

National Novel Writing Month 2013
I'm probably gonna pass this time, but I wish all those doing it tons of luck. It's a great project. Also, fun trivia: Irene's cousin lives like five minutes from the NaNo HQ, so we all went and posed in front of it for some pictures.

Zetaboards updated us yesterday, letting us know the recovery is moving along and we should have more info soon. Crossing my fingers for good news.

New League of Legends Thread
Had an odd ARAM game. Kayle on both sides; that usually doesn't happen, right? Also, got teamed with a four-lock who barely spoke English, but they put up with me barely speaking French and we kinda met in the middle with a hybrid pidgin form of communication. It was actually super fun and they were quite friendly, so maybe I need a smurf over on the European servers.

A few quick notes, may elaborate more later:

I played this one really differently from most games as scum in that I actually stuck my neck out for other members of my faction instead of busing them ruthlessly the second they slipped even a little. A lot of this was due to the lack of town pressure. As scum, iirc (and this may be wrong; it's been a while) we started by picking off those who were competent and moving in the right direction but didn't have enough of a trail set up to cause trouble as they dropped. Then, when people started roleclaiming, that took priority. We knew Ricky was insane, and I actually kinda wanted to see him get off another investigation to ideally clear me of suspicion, but the risk was too high that we might get messed up later on. I got roleblocked night one, I think, when I tried to lock down Keaka (this played into my suspicion of PA a bit; I knew Keaka had been left unchecked that night).

As to cult, that was actually just bad play due to half-recollections of an older games I played, where cult tended to default towards a secondary recruiter.

As to Vyse: I think the big issue there was, he cookie-crumbed super well, but scum had already realized nobody in town was following it (actually, I figured out Vyse was a tracker about half a day before he claimed, but sadly it was the day phase). Thus, I was able to soft-claim special bodyguard to him without worrying too much about people catching on. Ricky'd been gunning for me since the start, but that actually worked in my favor as some of it was more gut-hunch, and with Vyse and Ricky gone, it'd be easy to defend as "Of course I'm alive--mafia are trying to make you waste a lynch based on what the cop and the tracker said, and, besides, Vyse clearly implied I was not his target."

So, that's the very quick and rough on scum play.

Community Mafia: Game Thread
Now I can be unable to read for this week without feeling guilty, so I do not begrudge my killer. Best of luck to the town. :)

Official V5 Away Thread
Handler: MurderWeasel
Dates Away: October 6, 2013 - October 15, 2013
Days Away: Ten
Reason for Away: Family in town for a visit, at the same time as my busiest workweek of the semester. What fun!
Characters: Steven Salazar, Adam Morgan

Don't expect to see me in chat much/at all, since we're having a visit from someone a little weird with internet people. This also goes for Irene, but she has no characters so she's not posting her own.

Community Mafia: Game Thread
Also, remember we have three days for this, so there's no need to rush a hammer. I just want us to have an axe hanging in case time runs down, rather than scrambling last-second.