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Lydia tried not to read too much into Chase's yawn, and pretty much succeeded, aside from a brief flash of doubt. She herself yawned a good deal, especially if she hadn't been sleeping too well.

She shivered a little bit as a particularly chill breeze slid past. Since the conversation seemed like it wouldn't be ending anytime soon, she packed her book into her pack as she replied to Chase.

"They're not stupid questions," Lydia said. She wouldn't exactly say that there was no such thing as a stupid question, but learning more about someone else or something new was usually a good thing for people who were into it. Besides, Lydia was having some fun talking about herself.

"I'm still getting the hang of things," she said. "You don't start with the tough stuff, 'cause then someone could get hurt. You learn how to be around horses, how to relax with them and talk to them and treat them, and some very basic riding at the start."

That was easier than going into a technical explanation, and provided a good summary of the basics. She figured if Chase wanted to know much more, she'd probably see if Rory would be willing to talk to him. It'd be better. Lydia wasn't a teacher. She wasn't much for taking the lead in general, and she didn't want to sell her hobby short with someone who could be legitimately interested in it.

Pretend This Thread Title is a Witty Lyrical Reference
"Nah, I was teasing," Steven said. "I know you're not the sort for scandalous affairs."

He rolled his shoulders and moved to the side a little, into the shade of the tree. He'd been standing in the sunlight for a good while, and it was starting to become a little bit too warm for comfort. As much of a novelty as that was this time of year in Seattle, he wasn't about to suffer discomfort just because it was out of the ordinary.

"And I came to watch the game," he said. Then, a moment later, he realized Sharon might not know what game he was talking about.

"Baseball," he clarified. "America's pastime. For a reason."

Steven wasn't sure if Sharon would share his investment in the sport, since he couldn't remember ever bringing it up around her. In fact, he rather doubted she'd have any interest in it. Baseball wasn't everyone's cup of tea, with many of Steven's friends finding his interest as bizarre as he found their total lack of amusement with the sport. He supposed that maybe some of it was that baseball lacked the potential for violence of hockey or football.

It wasn't important. If Sharon had no interest in talking about baseball, Steven wasn't gonna force the topic. Talking sports with someone who didn't like them was worse than not talking sports at all.

Guilty Gear Mafia Signups
Ricky: no quoting PMs is the typical default rule. T-Fox modified it for MLP mafia. It's generally agreed that allowing quoting PMs adds a ton of potential for unbalance.

Guilty Gear Mafia Signups
I'm in!

NaNoWriMo 2012
I've always believed that NaNo is a great project even if you don't finish, just because it gets you writing more than you otherwise would. NaNo is where I learned to push through mental blocks, which has been a large factor in my (usually ><) getting posts up on time in SOTF. Also, even if you end up with just a 5,000 word chunk, maybe you can at least turn it into a short story. At a bare minimum, it give you some practice with prose, which is always a good thing.

Jay Cassidy
Hiya! Just a quick interjection so you don't have to wait for Ricky for the next round of edits:

You've actually set the template off during the edits somewhere. Only one line should be skipped between Hobbies and Interests and Appearance, Appearance and Biography, and Biography and Advantages. Extra lines can mess things up on the wiki, which makes things a pain for everyone.

Post when those lines are zapped so the critique process can continue. Thanks a ton! :)

NaNoWriMo 2012
I've been considering doing NaNo again this year. After three years, I kinda burned out, especially since I was in a writing program in school at the time. I think this might be a good time to tackle a large project again, though!

Introduction Thread
Welcome to SOTF, Maraoone!

You can also feel free to PM me or any other staffer with questions (we have colored names). I know the site can be a bit overwhelming at first glance (I put off joining for about six months because of that, actually). We'll be glad to help you learn to navigate it, though. We hope you enjoy your time here!

Introduction Thread
Hiya, Ostrich, and welcome to SOTF!

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On SOTF, we do not allow incomplete profiles to be put in the submissions queue, as it greatly confuses the process and order in which staff critiques things. As such, I'm moving this to the Forfeited and Abandoned characters section, just to keep things clean and to let you post a fresh thread when everything is ready to go. If you wish to work on a draft of a profile on the site, rather than on your own computer, I recommend using the notepad function, found in your preferences bin here. Be sure to click "Submit" before exiting the window, or your changes will not be saved.

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Winona Faye Sutherland
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Drawn Pictures
Awesome! Thanks a ton. :)

Drawn Pictures
Those are totally awesome, Medic! It's really great of you to do this. :)

Do you mind if we put them on the Mini wiki?

Introduction Thread
Hiya, Uncia! Welcome to SOTF. Like Bikriki, said, there are lots of awesome resources to check out. V5 is totally still open, and the game itself is still a decent ways out. Mini's got a game that's getting ready to start very soon.

Feel free to send me (or any other staffer) any questions you may have. We hope you enjoy it here. :)

V4 Read-A-Thon: The Reboot
The Burned Handler
Oct 19 2012, 09:56 PM
Can I put Hilary back into the list and get rerolled?
Whoops! Missed this. Thus far, we haven't been allowing redraws to avoid people pick and choosing/avoiding specific characters.

Also, Bik, here you go!


Bikriki: Saul Fetteralf (V4 Start)

See with Eyes Unclouded by Hate
"I'm gonna work for the CIA," Adam said. His voice was level, calm. His eyes showed the depth of his seriousness as he confessed his life's ambition.

"My uncle works directly under President McAllister. He's the director. So, I've been learning how to use a rocket launcher. I'm heading to Somalia next year to take out a couple warlords and reestablish democracy, praise Jesus hallelujah."

He held a straight face for a few seconds more. His hands were running over the bleachers again, making that scraping sound once more.

"No, I'm shitting you. I have no clue what I'm gonna do when I graduate. That's what the summer's for."

It was, of course, a lot easier than sharing his real ambitions. Dreams were no fun when they absolutely weren't coming true.

V2: How It Could've Been
I think there is definitely some interesting stuff there, yeah. It fits quite nicely into the original Battle Royale setting (I found the Q&A that states that SOTF is set in the BR book canon especially amusing). That said, yeah, I prefer SOTF as its own separate thing. Very cool to get another look into the past, though,

Lark "Birdie" Finley
Hiya, Kamor! Before we give Lark a full critique, please make sure her profile conforms exactly to the template. Specifically, please remove the OOC note from the profile, as those can sometimes gum up the works when profiles are moved.

Post when that's taken care of, and we'll give Lark a full critique. Thanks! :)

See with Eyes Unclouded by Hate
"Everyone I've ever known who went to build schools for orphans paid a lot of money to do it and then just tossed that shit on their college resume," Adam said. Cynical, perhaps, but true. He'd seen quite a few rich kids go on glorified vacations and try to spin it like they were Mother Theresa herself, walking through a minefield to rescue a crippled kid carrying a whole litter of puppies.

He shrugged.

" 'sides, maybe there's breakthroughs to be had for you, but I'm pretty sure what I'm gonna do already," he said, resisting the urge to give the girls a big sarcastic grin. This conversation had managed to make its way into an area Adam was actually extremely uncomfortable with. He wasn't quite sure where all this depth of feeling around relative strangers had come from, but he was more than ready to do all he could to defuse the awkwardness and move things safely back into the realm of high school bullshit.

Really, he was getting kind of sick of all this small talk anyways.

Pretend This Thread Title is a Witty Lyrical Reference
"I can try to feel the pictures," Steven said. He had a vague idea what Sharon was talking about, but only insofar as he could relate it to writing. Sometimes, it was important to get a feel for a sentence, especially when bending the rules of grammar and style. There were very good reasons to drop into informality or slip in awkward constructions, but finding them required a solid base understanding of the right way to do things, as well as more than a hint of stylistic intuition. Most often, the writers who failed were the ones who broke rules just to break rules, or because they didn't understand the rules in the first place.

"And, unless you feel like like delving into the joys of physics with me, I think I'm pretty good on homework," Steven said. School wasn't really that tough for him, on the whole. Science could be a remarkable pain, but that was primarily because it combined the toughest aspects of several other subjects. It had all the complicated rules of math, combined with the unknown variables and starting subjectivity of an English course and the verifiable nature of some bits of history. Messing up in any of these areas could completely tank an experiment or, to a lesser degree, a homework problem. Steven was used to class being fairly easy, and science wasn't like that so much, which made adapting something of an adventure.

Sharon's ribbing probably came because of Steven's complaining about science at some point in the past, or maybe it had its origins in one of his more satirical takes on the academic situation at Aurora. He'd certainly framed himself as less competent than he was on an occasion or two, usually for humorous effect. It didn't really matter.

Steven took his camera out again, looking for something else to try to take a picture of. Almost as soon as he'd centered a tree in the sights, though, he allowed a frown to crease his face. He wasn't going to make any progress without paying full attention, and with Sharon here he wasn't about to pour all of his focus into trying to figure out what composition felt right. Instead, he turned the camera off and tucked it back into its case.

Now free of distractions, he turned his attention fully to Sharon.

"What brings you to the park, anyways?" he asked. "Anything worth writing about? Forbidden romance, perhaps?"

He made sure to keep his tone light and a smile firmly plastered on his face, so Sharon would know he was joking. He didn't want to risk offending her on the off chance she actually was here on a date, no matter how unlikely that seemed given her choice to approach him in the first place.