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New General SOTF Discussion Thread
Awesome stuff, Keaka!

On a less happy note, yesterday when I was moving profiles, I noticed a couple are missing. We have 150 in the roster now, out of 152 kids. I have no clue which are gone, where, or why, though.

EDIT: Actually, one is missing, one misplaced, maybe?

It shows us as having 90 profiles in Living (but states it as 90/89) and 61 in Deceased (but states it as 61/63).

V5 Ninth Rolls
Surprise rolls!

We're hoping to get February's announcement up on the 14th or so because it's a short month, which means we need rolls a bit earlier to fit in BKA/BDA. So, here they go!

1. Rachael Langdon (Laurels) - Sophie McDowell (Laurels, Swap Card used)
2. Jaquilyn Locke (Locobrojoe)
3. Miranda Millers (KamiKazi)
4. Cooper Komorowski (Betaknight) - Summer Simms (Mimi, Hero Card used)
5. Sara Corlett (TurtleTyrant)
6. Deanna Hull (D/N) - Jesse Jennings (D/N, Swap Card used)
7. Katarin Tolstoff (Decoy)

As always, three days for cards, a further seven for deaths. Request extensions early, and remember that if you go past the start of the contest, even with an extension, you can't get in.


V5 Fourth Announcement

V5 Fourth Announcement
One day, two hours, and forty-three minutes for deaths. One week extensions to swirly and 'foxd, and five days to Rugga.

Try this!

Watched one of the random featured games, and I think I've finally found the jungler for me!

It's AP Sion, played in the jungle. ><

I should team up with a Riven mid player so they won't mind never getting Blue ever.

I offered to fill and ended up ADC both times. That is always a bad sign, because it means nobody's competent enough to carry.

First game, one guy calls support. Oops, Blitz is banned! Better play Soraka.

So, we're a Soraka/Twitch lane, v. Tristana/Leona. We've got a lot of trading power/sustain, but we don't want to get caught out at a bad time or we'll die.

So, of course, Soraka buys Spellthief's and constantly walks out of position to poke the bear, and dies repeatedly to absolutely nobody's surprise. She also spams starcall nonstop, messing up my cs while not getting any champs with it. Also, no wards anywhere ever.

Despite that, we sort of held roughly even and I was winning on cs, until 9/0 Kha'Zix rolled down from toplane and wrecked us both under turret.

I still almost went even that game, because Twitch can wreck in teamfights, and everyone was very polite, just woefully useless. Fun enough time.

Next game, literally every person calls mid or top except me. The support from last game is there. A discussion of who gets what ensues, leading to us having Fiora, Nasus, Pantheon, and Malzahar locked. And nobody has Smite. Nasus threatens to AFK. I suggest he dodge instead to lose less LP, but no, he wants to punish everyone. It is at this point that I screwed up by not dodging myself. Anyways, I'm Cait ADC with Panth support.

Sadly, it's the exact same guy from last game, only now he's also distracted raging at Nasus and Fiora! Everyone fights all game. Nasus is actually super competent when he bothers to play, or maybe he's just fed because he refuses to gank any lane other than mid and is just farming the jungle nonstop to the point the other team wondered in allchat if he was even playing. Panth loves to ult out to help mid every time the enemy bot lane goes in on me, leaving me to die again and again. No wards on the map except the ones I buy. We eventually lose a teamfight and get wrecked. Rage continues in post-game.

Malz finally blows his lid after being dead silent all game since his initial call of top or mid. I report everyone and move on.

Note to self: if queued with incompetents/trolls in ranked, do not immediately requeue after the game ends.

0-2 in placements at the moment, thanks Support Pantheon!

Also, the whole team raged all game.

SotF Murdercast
I don't even remember what I said. Hopefully it's not embarrassing.

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
This is part of why the exact starting time of versions is almost never announced. At the start of games, dibsing is common in chat because if you start writing and someone beats you to the punch with, say, a private thread, you may be out a lot of work. Better to minimize the rush of handlers online at the same time so as to avoid that.

crabCaptain draw stuff ;w;
These are all really awesome. Don't worry about speed; it's super cool for you to be doing them at all. :)

New V5 Reduced Activity Notices
I need to write about 13,000 words for next week and critique twice that much, and that's just from my first class. My courses are front-loaded, so after this week it won't be so bad, but don't expect a lot this week.

Adam started as the window was opened further with a groan. He'd gotten the bags up, gotten Maynard up, so of course it was now when they'd be found. Nothing could ever go wrong when there was still a possibility of getting out in a convenient fashion.

Looking up, though, the face he saw was not one which caused him immediate concern. He didn't know Michelle super well, but everything he'd ever heard and seen pointed towards her as a nice person. More than that, she just looked like a nice person. Even her reaction gave this impression, as she shrieked for others to come help them, dropping whatever she was holding to clatter against the floor. The names she called filled Adam with still more hope; none of them had been listed as killers.

"It's our lucky day," he said to Maynard. He tried to force a smile, but it didn't feel right after so long making himself keep a blank face.

He stood, and saw Virgil coming. When the boy offered him a hand, Adam nodded.

"Thanks," he said. He held up his bags, ready to pass them to Virgil and then climb in through the window.

There was that momentary feeling, like maybe handing over all his supplies for even a second was a bad idea, but these people were showing them an awful lot of trust by letting them in. They could've slammed the window. They could've kicked Adam off the balcony. All kinds of trouble they could have caused and had chosen not to. So they were, for the moment, worthy of trust.

And had someone mentioned Gwen, sometime before? The name stuck with Adam, but amidst the rain and cold he just couldn't figure out why.

Official V5 Rolling List
Updating now to get an idea where we are. May update again before next rolls if folks go terminal or whatever.

1. Juhan Levandi (Maraoone)
2. Paris Ardennes (Ruggahissy)
3. Rosemary Michaels (MrMissMrs Random)
4. Matt Vartoogian (BROseidon)
5. Zoe Leverett (Kalopsia)
6. Darren Fox (Ciel)
7. Tyler Lucas (Grim Wolf)
8. Jessica Sanders (MK Kilmarnock)
9. Joseph Chaplin (ChainmailleAddict)
10. Natali Greer (backslash)
11. KK Konipaski (Rattlesnake)
12. Mara Montalvo (Ruggahissy)
13. Yuan Stephanie Chan (Rocky)
14. Ruby Forrester (Fioriboy)
15. Takeshi Yoshikawa (Zabriel)
16. Gray Emerson (Deamon)
17. Ian Valmont (Currently Unassigned)
18. Marcus Leung (Currently Unassigned)
19. Hansel Williams (NotAFlyingToy)
20. Miranda Millers (KamiKaze)
21. Virgil Jefferson-Davis (BROseidon)
22. Alda Abbate (Currently Unassigned)
23. Veronica McDonald (leAloha)
24. Jacquilyn Locke (LocoBroJoe)
25. Madeline Wilcox (Turtle Tyrant)
26. Leona Van Camp (Outfoxd)
27. Zubin Wadia (Decoy73)
28. Sara Corlett (Turtle Tyrant)
29. Miles Strickland (Psychedelic)
30. Iselle Ovaelle-Vandermeer (Betaknight)
31. Stacy Ramsey (Will)
32. Janie Sinneave (Currently Unassigned)
33. R.J. Roger Jr. (Un-Persona)
34. Kam So’oialo (Namira)
35. Adam Morgan (MurderWeasel)
36. Ami Flynn (Ciel)
37. Joey Grey (Ares)
38. Aileen Abdallah (Bikriki)
39. Carlos Lazaro (Ciel)
40. Katarin Tolstoff (Decoy73)
41. Claire Monaghan (Laurels)
42. Cody Patton (MK Kilmarnock)
43. Sunshine 'Sunny' Cho Lee (Namira)
44. Eliza Patton (Skraal)
45. Travis Webster (Delroy)
46. Andi Victorino (Mimi)
47. Rebecca Kiesling (Betaknight)
48. Jessica Murphy (bacon)
49. Mirabella Strong (SansaSaver)
50. Cassandra Black (BROseidon)
51. Cooper Komorowski (Betaknight)
52. Jenna Rhodes (Fioriboy)
53. Cassidy Kant (LocoBroJoe)
54. James Wade (LordB)
55. Summer Simms (Mimi)
56. Christopher Harlin (Currently Unassigned)
57. Joachim Lovelace (Bikriki)
58. Kathryn Nguyen (Arscapi)
59. Joe Carrasco (Violent-Medic)
60. Sharon Austin (Jimmydalad)
61. Logan Cadegon (Arscapi)
62. Cammy Davidson (jimmydalad)
63. Alexander de Gaulle (JillyShears)
64. Garrett Wilde (DocBalance)
65. Deanna Hull (D/N)
66. Phoebe Cho (Mimi)
67. Matthew Young (Rattlesnake)
68. Oscar Trig (Currently Unassigned)
69. Michael Mitchellson (dmboogie)
70. Benjamin Ward (Currently Unassigned)
71. Garrett Cobbler (Polybius)
72. Timothy Abrams (Skraal)
73. Ian Williams (VysePresident)
74. Finn Grant (Will)
75. Kyran Dean (Psychedelic)
76. Sophie McDowell (Laurels)
77. Gwen O’Connor (Espional)
78. Owen Kay (Pippin)
79. Maynard Francis Hurst (SansaSaver)
80. Sean Mulcahy (MK Kilmarnock)
81. Rachael Langdon (Laurels)
82. Chase Rodriguez (Vyse President)
83. Corey Esposito (CondorTalon)
84. Stephanie Wright (Randomness)
85. Meera Stele (watcher in night)
86. Alice Gilman (dmboogie)
87. Jesse Jennings (D/N)

V5 Fourth Announcement
Past time for cards and DZs. The fluff has been added to the first post! For convenience, it is also spoilered below. Credit to RIcky for Lourvey.

Six days, twenty-two hours, and fifty-eight minutes for deaths.


Oh, was it? Someone told me that one was S0TF. Either way, yeah, someone else stole it later but now we have it back.

Guess what I camp-sniped?

Have team registered as tag SOTF, named Arthro Taskforce (you can tell the creativity was just flowing). I guess we have two tryhard SOTF teams now.

V5 Fourth Announcement
One hour and forty-nine minutes for cards and DZs.

V5 Fourth Announcement
Twenty-three hours and six minutes for cards and DZs. DZ enforcement's gonna be pretty strict.

V5 Fourth Announcement
One day, twenty hours, and eight minutes for cards and DZs.