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V4 BKA/BDA Voting, January '11
Just so everyone knows, the voting's gonna be short this month. The announcement is being delayed one day, until the second. You have until it goes up to vote. Sorry; we'll make sure stuff gets moving sooner next month.

In Theory, This Should Be Easy
"Well, well, well," Kimberly said with a grin. So, that's how it was gonna be, eh? Steven thought he could fuck with her some, thought he wouldn't have to put his money where his mouth was. Well, Kimberly knew words meant jack shit without actions, and whatever the fuck Steven was playing at, he'd just lost hardcore. He'd tipped his hand too far, offered too much, and Kimberly was gonna make him fucking pay for it. She was only mildly distracted when some other guy (Will, his name was, like she gave a fuck) came walking down the dock, nice and casual, gun in hand.

Things escalated pretty damn quickly. Of course they did. Everything escalated on this island. Kimberly just had to make sure it worked to her advantage. She had to make sure she walked out of this situation on top, in control. She didn't really need a better weapon, but hey, neither did these fucks.

Will was being silent. Ominous. Kimberly wanted to laugh. He was an amateur when it came to drama of that sort. A silent menace could hold out for a while, but it'd make you look pretty dumb if you didn't know when to break it. As the others talked, Kimberly took a couple lazy drags off her cigarette. She listened to them speaking. Steven sucked up to the guy with the gun. Predictable. He was afraid. If the island was an ecosystem, Steven was prey. Will, Will was probably a predator. Kimberly was pretty sure he'd been on the announcements. It didn't worry her. He wasn't a smart killer; had he been, he'd have started shooting right away. If he was going to hurt them, he'd talk first. Kimberly could step off the side of the dock if he did, though swimming to shore on one arm with a bag of stuff would fucking suck.

Steven introduced her and Aislyn, much to her consternation. Painted a nice, unflattering portrait of them, too. Beggars can't be choosers? What a fucking compliment that was. Well. She'd just have to see that they paid. Both of them. Aislyn was alright, but Kimberly was damn well pissed at the boys by now.

It came in a flash.

"Nah," she said, once Aislyn had finished talking. "Will's not calling any bluff. I am. Steven, you said you'd hand over your weapons if we thought we could do well with 'em. I do. I think a knife would be an awful useful tool, and I think Aislyn here would probably like that bat to dissuade anyone from taking a shot at her."

As she spoke, Kimberly cast a meaningful glance at Will.

Then she stepped up next to Steven, nice and close, getting into his bubble, nearly letting her side touch his, and reached her good arm in front of him, palm up.

"Come on," she said. "You're not a liar, right?"

V4 BKA/BDA Voting, January '11
Well, we're a bit late, but here's the BKA/BDA. Many thanks to Rocky for getting a lot of the bootwork done here.

Anyways, we are not DQing anyone for being late. This is half because we're late on this and don't have time to sort out who was and wasn't on time (props to the folks from midmonth rolls, who all were), and partly because, well, this is it: final warning. From now on, you have ten days from the roll, as normal, for deaths. That's exactly ten days, 240 hours, however you want to frame it. After that, you're out of BDA if you have no extension. It's your job to get deaths done on time. I know it's not easy. I know it's not always ideal.

Consult this post for more details.

This will not be up super long; I don't have a firm timeline, but please get votes in quickly, and please do read the kills and deaths and vote.

Not much else to say. Have at.

Best Kill:

Nick Reid for killing William Sears

Staffan Kronwall for Killing Darren Locke

Maxwell Lombardi and Clio Gabriella for killing Marybeth Witherspoon

Ricky Fortino for killing Isaiah Garvey

Reiko Ishida for killing Jimmy Robertson

Acacia Salinger for killing Roman Jackson

Sofia Martelli for killing John

Maxwell Lombardi for killing Marco Stonecastle and Duncan McMahon

Hayley Kelly for killing Jennifer Romita

Ilario Fiametta III for killing Timothy Skula

Marty Lovett for killing Michelle O'Cain

Tabitha Gweneth for killing Clio Gabriella

Liam Brooks for killing Raine Schwarz and Ridley Landon

Raidon Naoko for killing Victoria Logan and Jacob Charles

Hayley Kelly for killing Jason Clarke

Rob Jenkins for killing Lillian Hayes

Courtney Bradley for killing Ben Powell

Best Death

banthesun for the death of William Sears

Solomir for the death of Marybeth Witherspoon

Killervole for the death of Isaiah Garvey

decoy73 for the death of Jimmy Robertson

BetaKnight for the death of Roman Jackson

Acelister for the death of John Smith

JamesRenard for the death of Marco Stonecastle

Geno for the death of Richard Han

Super Llama for the death of Duncan McMahon

Killer_Moth for the death of Jennifer Romita

Greg The Anti-Viking for the death of Timothy Skula

Tythanin for the death of Michelle O'Cain

Inky for the death of Clio Gabriella

chibinanashi for the death of Raine Schwarz

KingKamor for the death of Ridley Landon

Yvaine for the death of Victoria Logan

Inky for the death of Jacob Charles

decoy73 for the death of Jason Clarke

Solitair for the death of Lillian Hayes

CorruptDropbear for the death of Ben Powell

Updated with new info: TV registrations are open.

I'm just going to go ahead and post a link here, in case some of our newbies aren't checking the Mini site all the time yet.

There is an interest check for SOTF TV up on the Mini right now. Since this helps us decide when we're going to run the Mini, responses are important. Right now, we have by my count 23 characters confirmed, and we won't run with less than 30.

So... yeah, check out the Mini and reply there if you're interested.

Introduction Thread
Hi Frozen and Mittens! Welcome to SOTF! Check out the chat and the Mini (which may have a game up soon). Feel free to direct questions towards us staffers (we have colored names). We hope you enjoy your stay!

Touhou Mafia: Game Thread
Hmm... foiled again. It seems my math was slightly incorrect.

Introduction Thread
Welcome, Sylizar! If you have any questions, feel free to hit up the staff (we have colored names). All the rest of my spiel's been stated already. A note: The Mini may have a game coming soon, and is awesome. For sure worth checking out.

In Theory, This Should Be Easy
((Just a friendly reminder to please keep to post order so everyone gets a chance to interact in turn. If you've got any post order questions, PM me.))

In Theory, This Should Be Easy
It was quiet. Subtle. The sort of thing Kimberly would never have picked up on, had she not been specifically prepared for it, listening for it with all her attention. She'd had a hunch someone would turn up. She was, after all, intentionally making herself a target, intentionally playing up the inattentive angle. It had a point; specifically, it would likely help her run a scam if she had to, get some help for her fishing experiment. Well, that and she'd really, really needed a minute to exhale the stench of the corpse.

She did not turn when she heard the first signs of the interloper. Turning would have been the easy choice, but also the stupid one. She strongly doubted most of her classmates would shoot her in the back. No, they'd need some form of provocation, some justification so that they could still sleep at night. There would be talking first. They'd have to paint her as the villain, or the helpless victim, or something of the sort. And, of course, the mystery stranger might well not have a gun, in which case they would likely approach striking range before opening the dialogue.

Sure enough. Creak. Kimberly smiled. Smiled wider as the voice spoke. So predictable. He had to get the first word in. Had to prove his innocence. Had to establish that he was not, in fact, the aggressor. He was a sheep, just another mindless drone lost to the game, whether as a killer or a target. Didn't matter which. Didn't matter if he was lying about his willingness to fight or not. Kimberly was gonna fuck with him a while, see if she could get anything useful from him, and then send him off to get killed on his own time. It was almost becoming routine, almost becoming boring, and that disturbed her. She didn't even have to think about her speech; she would call him out on his idiocy or lying, leave the choice of which label to accept to him, but force him into one of the categories.

She didn't turn. Better, far better to play up the drama, to address him without facing him. Kimberly opened her mouth, ready to speak—the words from behind her closed her mouth in an instant, transformed her smile into a grimace of rage and disappointment. Really? He gave that speech with an ally? But... no. The person wasn't helping him, was actually lambasting him, stealing the words right out of Kimberly's mouth. She paused, still facing the sea. Could it be? Had someone else on this island finally figured out this whole fucking thing on their own? She wanted to laugh, but didn't let herself. Instead, she spoke.

"Of course he's a liar. C'mon, what the fuck do you think happens if I turn and take a run at him with a knife? If he was unwilling to use his weapons, he wouldn't have mentioned them. The implicit threat is designed to prevent aggressive action on my part."

Kimberly paused for a moment.

"Unless, of course, he's an idealist. In that case, he's fucked if I decide to turn around and throw him off the pier. A threat without force behind it is no threat at all, not if your target has a clue. And, you know what? He's just out of luck, because while I can abide liars fine, I just can't stand idealists."

As she had spoken, Kimberly had dug one of her cigarettes out of her pocket, as well as a match; now, she turned to face the two, striking the match on the coarse rope attached to her grappling hook, slotting the cigarette into her mouth, and lighting it, in a fairly smooth motion. She was getting used to having only one good hand. As she took a drag, she finally looked at the others. She knew their faces, but their names weren't coming to mind immediately. Whatever. Wasn't like she really gave a fuck who they were. All that mattered was that the guy was a chump and the girl had a clue.

And that... that mattered quite a bit.

Use this. It works still, and is actually more reliable than sixlabrats. Mods have mod powers if they use the secondary password. They know what I mean.

Touhou Mafia: Game Thread
I do not like the lack of evidence. I do not like that no one has responded to my attempts to get some backup for my role being town-aligned. This whole thing smells an awful lot like a frame.

That said, I said I'd hammer Dee, and dangit all I'd rather lose to the mafia right now than lose tomorrow through inactivity.


I'd like to kindly request that, if Dee is mafia or whatever, the vig not paste me tonight, as I really do think I can prove my good intentions. I'd also hope ban and Drop will consider the plan I pitched earlier.

Grumble grumble no responses.

Leaving Me Lonely Still
The girl in red was coming closer, and Nick was too. As far as possible outcomes went, this was pretty much optimal. No one was dead, no one was dying, and while surely everyone was armed, no one was whipping out weapons and preparing for a standoff or fight. It was going to be okay. Somehow, it was going to be okay. Well, maybe not okay, but no worse than anything else that could happen to them. She just had to not screw this one up. Every situation she had been involved with had gotten worse, more complicated, more dangerous. People had died around her. People had fought. It almost seemed to Jennifer that she was nothing but a spectator, a ghost drifting over the island, watching as others ended their existences. Of course, that was absurd. She had intervened, had fought herself, albeit only for a few seconds.

And then Nick opened his mouth to talk. For an irrational instant, Jennifer was terrified, convinced that spiders would come pouring from his mouth or something, or, worse, far worse, that he would be so changed as to be unrecognizable. Maybe he would act as though they had never met, maybe he would laugh at her foolishness, maybe he would threaten her, maybe her would give her some sort of awful ultimatum, tell her to kill this other girl (as she came closer, Jennifer could make out her features better. Samantha, she thought, someone she didn't know at all but had seen around school. And, hey, hadn't Samantha's name come up? It could be a real killer party here, just killers and Jennifer) or be killed herself.

But Nick wasn't that different, wasn't irrefutably insane or anything of the sort, didn't seem malicious in the slightest. Instead, he spoke awkwardly, shyly, sounding more like one of Jennifer's younger friends, one of the sophomores awkwardly asking her advice on inviting some pretty girl to Homecoming. It was enough for her to smile for half a second, though the smile died quickly when he completed his question. What had she been up to? That was... pretty loaded. He must not have been paying attention to the announcements. Probably didn't want to hear himself on them, or maybe he'd just forgotten who she had been traveling with, who she had patched up in back in the tunnels.

"Um," she began. "Um, I, uh, I don't know how to, um, Nick, Phil got killed."

The words were hard to speak. They felt like a betrayal, as if by acknowledging Phil's death now, she was making it true, making it real and irreversible and unchangeable. It was silly, though. Phil had been dead for a day. Nothing would change that.

"He, um, Jimmy Brennan killed him, and, um, and I..."

And she couldn't go on, didn't want to keep talking, didn't know what she'd say. I fought him? I tried to kill him? I let him go for no real reason? I don't even know what I'm doing anymore, Nick, and I envy you, because even if you've chosen to walk the killer's path, at least you have somewhere you're going, something you're trying to do? No.

No. She'd wait. She'd calm down.

"And, um, how about you?"

Yeah. Awkward. Awful. Something. She just had to hope he'd had a better time. She'd also, for that matter, have to hope Samantha didn't flip out, get scared and attack right there. Just now, Jennifer didn't think she could take violence. She just hoped Samantha would leave if she had problems, leave or run or hide or something, anything but more fighting.

Touhou Mafia: Game Thread
Oh, wow. We're only a vote away from a lynch. I'm going to UNVOTE because I really want to see if anyone can back me up here before the night phase. Also, we still haven't heard from some people, and we do not need to lose anyone else.

I'll be revoting before deadline. I just want to buy some discussion time. Also, more activity would be lovely all around. Inactivity means the mafia wins.

Touhou Mafia: Game Thread
EBWOP: Also, I'll repeat my request. Could someone with Touhou knowledge confirm whether a miller role makes sense, given my character assignment?

Touhou Mafia: Game Thread
No offense taken, Drop, but I believe you are being a bit hasty. I wish to propose, as an acceptable measure, that ban check out Drop over the night phase. If ban is paranoid (that is, turns up everyone as anti-town, regardless of actual alignment), then he can tell us tomorrow that Drop registered as mafia. I assume ban stating that you detected as mafia would be sufficient evidence to prove the fallibility of his information, Drop? (Unless, of course, you are mafia, but right now I rather doubt that).

I'd just request the vigilante not waste me tonight, as it would mess up the town's chances, and I think I've presented an appropriate method of determining that I am, in fact, not mafia.

In Theory, This Should Be Easy
((Kimberly Nguyen continued from Blackout))

It'd been a long day, not the least because Kimberly'd spent the first hour or so just waiting for her collar to go. She'd expected it, come to terms with it. Been all prepared to die in several ways. She'd had no regrets. And yet, at the end of it, they hadn't blown her up. Maybe Danya was smarter than she'd thought. Maybe he really understood. Actually, scratch that, this whole thing, this whole game, meant that he understood, in ways beyond what Kimberly could comprehend. It bothered her, it really did, because she was starting to understand Danya's thinking, too, and it almost made sense.

Of course, whether he understood or not, Danya was no good at his own game. Kimberly understood this now, too. Killing was the ultimate expression of defeat. Danya exulted in controlling other people, and popping collars meant he was letting them go. He probably hated that, probably got off on making his captives make those tough choices. And hey, everyone had hobbies. Kimberly actually shared that one, but was pretty sure it didn't make her a totally irredeemable person, especially since it had positive effects, too. She was teaching people, in a way. Sure, she was controlling them, toying with them, playing games with their emotions, but it all had a good end, a positive end. She was teaching them how to survive. She was taking them apart and reassembling them into the sort of people they had to be to live in this place, sparing them the weaknesses that had plagued her for the first day, that had cost her the use of her left arm.

She'd been thinking about her encounter with Liz in that light, and had come to realize just how well it had gone. She didn't even regret losing the gun. Easy come, easy go. There were plenty of guns here. She'd find another, if she needed it. Really, though, that was unlikely. She was pretty fucking confident she could call who would shoot her and who wouldn't by now. She'd survived offering two separate people—two separate killers—the chance, and she was still alive.

She was alive, and she was on the move. She'd caught a little sleep in the past few days. Not as much as normal, but fuck it, she didn't have time. She'd eaten most of her food, but there'd be corpses to rob. That was one taboo she'd pretty well kicked by now, after Daisuke. Of course, she had some other ideas, too, which was why she was headed towards the docks. It was possible, albeit unlikely, that some fishing equipment had been left behind. Kimberly didn't have the first clue about fishing, but Jeremy Franco had taught her the value of the fine art of bargaining, and she figured she could either split the haul with someone who did know how, or find another weapon and threaten them into helping her.

Kimberly was close, now, could see that there was a little bait shop at the shore side end of the dock. She walked over to it, and was hit by the smell. Not fish. Rot. This close to the sea, it was pretty bad. She nudged the door open, took a glance, and paused.

Okay, maybe she wasn't quite used to corpses yet. Especially not out of the tunnels, out in the fucking real world where she could think clearly, where it wasn't just a dream cast in the flickering of a flashlight. Kimberly backed away at a nice, quick clip, backpedaling down the dock until she was at its end, back to the water, breathing deeply the scent of the sea. Fuck it. That was no good at all. She'd have to take a few deep breaths, then march right back and search the place. After all, if it kept her out, surely the more squeamish students would stay far away too. There could be a real treasure trove of things to find.

That would be in a moment, though. For now, she turned and stood, looking out to sea, at the end of the dock.

Of course, she couldn't be too careful, so she was listening not to the pounding of the waves, but for the telltale creak of the water-saturated planks behind her.

Touhou Mafia: Game Thread
Nah, I was just a panicky last night when I saw the town potentially about to shoot itself in the foot and lose this phase. I'm not mafia (and would invite the other cop(s) to check me out). I was pretty sure that ban was barking up the wrong tree there. It's still possible. I'd like to propose the following:

We eliminate Dee. I'll back that up with a VOTE: Dee. There's nothing else to go on, so... Anyways, if Dee is innocent, I'll safely be exonerated and we might lose but if not we can, with any luck, turn this around.

Otherwise, well, I have a few suspicions. I might very well be a Miller (described here. It would actually make a great deal of sense for that to be the case, as, quite simply, I've been something of a pain in past games, and kinda expected to have some sort of handicap. If that is the case, I'm fairly well screwed any way this goes.

There's also the chance that ban's paranoid. I'll bug some of my friends who know what Touhou is about today and see if they can help me out on whether paranoia makes any sense given the context.

If it helps, I'll also go ahead and toss out my role, so maybe someone Touhou-versed can back me up on being not mafia and spare me from catching a trigger-happy vig hit.

Posted Image

Patchouli Knowledge

You're smart, smart enough that you could be a big help... if only you weren't sick all the time. As is, you've barely got the vitality to wonder across the room and grab a new book. You tend to be somewhat enigmatic and mysterious when people come to you for answers, often sending them away more confused than they arrived.

So... help, someone?

Touhou Mafia: Game Thread
Wow. This is a somewhat awkward bind, as the only way to prove my innocence is to tank someone who is, presumably, a townie. Yeah... That's not a great call, given that we're down to eleven players. If my math is right, we have very little room to screw up (assuming either two two-person mafias or a serial killer and a three-person mafia). Given three kills a night (vig, anti-town one, anti-town two) that means we'll lose another three, plus whoever gets lynched today. That brings us to seven players, which, if people don't hit right, means that a mafia may have a voting majority (if, as there often is, a double-voter exists).

So... we basically must hit an anti-town member this phase, or we're screwed.

I know I'm not anti-town. If ban's paranoid (turns up anti-town every time), well, then Dee's as good a choice as anyone else. If he's insane (gets... switched results? Random results?) he's either totally opposite or random. If it's random, well, as good a chance as anyone else. If it's switched, and we follow him, we're screwed.

I'll back the Dee vote if there's no other compelling evidence presented. I mean, worst case, it shows my innocence and we hope to heck that a doctor can stop ban from getting pasted (though the mafia now won't target him because he'll be protected, but that means protection is best used elsewhere, but that means the mafia will hit him... argh...).

So... I will back the Dee vote if no one better presents themselves, but I also want explanations from two other suspicious folks. First off, ET.Requiem's been awfully quiet and below the radar, after being phenomenally suspicious day one.

Second off, Geno's come casting doubts on the experienced players every phase, including the joke phase. So... yeah, just curious as to why.

But, as I said, worst case I'll back the Dee vote and trust the doctor to make sure things hold together.

Touhou Mafia: Game Thread
Okay, everyone. This is clearly very, very bad. We've lost 1/3 of the players and have exactly squat to show for it. I think it is safe to say, given current evidence, that there is a vig out there. I will also posit that there are either two mafias at work here or a mafia and a serial killer. The evidence for that is that we lost only townies last night, meaning that there was no paranoid gun owner at work (unless townies have some targeted action I don't know about).

Inactive people are indeed suspicious. Unfortunately, two of our most active players just got wasted. We need to do some serious work to keep momentum up now.

Could Have Been Worse
Milo had Aaron's back, it seemed. Granted, this was at best a dubious vote of confidence, since Milo seemed rather lacking in the intellect department, but that was quite alright. Aaron could use an enforcer, someone who'd keep away the troublemakers and dive in front of bullets if need be. In a way, he was probably doing Milo a favor, anyways. Poor guy would have just wandered around aimlessly had he not stumbled upon the group. Heck, Rob would likely have killed him. He'd been more than ready to talk everyone else into doing it. Yeah, and here, Milo could serve a useful purpose, could be, in his own way, a bit of a hero. Especially if he bailed out someone important with his death.

Aileen was ranting at Aaron now, too. Going on about how lucky he was to escape. Blah blah blah. As if he hadn't planned things. As if he'd just set off on a lark, abandoned his team to their fates without making every effort to give them the best shot at surviving. Typical. So much ingratitude. It was rather frustrating.

"Aileen," he said, "luck had nothing to do with it. I know Jacquard. She was unstable before this mess. Then she killed someone. She's also a gimp. Used to carry a cane around in school. When I saw she didn't have it, I knew we could outrun her, and with Rob stalled, or dead, or whatever, we could easily effect our escape."

Framed that way, the whole thing came across not only as reasonable, but as rather brilliant. Some days, fate was kind to Aaron. It seemed he wouldn't look too bad after all. Sure, things would be a lot better if Lily turned up. Richard, too, even if he didn't exactly have anything to contribute to their little squad. Still, he'd cope. Even if they both got murdered by Nick Reid or something, he'd cope. Find Bounce again, and Alice and Will. Then he'd have actually competent followers, people he could rely on to watch his back without that tiny niggling fear that they were waiting for the right moment to put a knife in it (or a hammer in the back of his head).

Turning back to Milo, Aaron said, "What we do now is pull back together. Our next move is going to be complicated, and potentially very dangerous. We'll need to look around some, find an appropriate place, do a little reconnaissance. Maybe get hold of some people who can double check things. No point walking into a trap."

That was probably good enough to keep Milo happy, but vague enough to keep the terrorists and any spies nearby unsure of what exactly he was talking about. Aileen had seen enough of the plan to know he wasn't just blowing smoke. They'd stick around a bit longer, hold out just a little while for the others, then split. Follow the woods north, maybe check the swamp and try the tricky bits under cover of the vegetation assuredly growing there. Then, on to the sawmill, to link up with Bounce.

It was a plan indeed, and a darn good one.