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Chicken Soup for the Soul
Markham read his textbook with some interest, the girls' conversation setting up a nice background noise for him to fully concentrate on his studying. Truthfully, this was all stuff he had read before and he had just brought out his book to do something that wasn't him looking like a total doofus. His attention was slipping, though, and he was getting mighty bored. He contemplated just following Trent's example and leaving, but he didn't want to sound like he thought the two girls were boring. Far from it.

But he really was bored. He took out his cellphone and flipped it open, alarm bells ringing in his head when he saw what time it was. 'I have an appointment with the psych teacher today! I totally forgot! Shoot!'

He hurriedly packed away his book and cell phone and stood. He gave the two girls a quick nod, adjusting his glasses slightly as he did so. "Thanks for the conversation, but something just came up. I'll see you later, I suppose."

With that, he took his tray and backpack and sped out of the cafeteria. He was going to be late. How distressing.

(Markham Connor continued elsewhere.)

Hunger Pangs
"Nothing wrong with just having fun in a competition though, right? I mean, sports really are supposed to be all good fun." Andrew reasoned, although a couple of events rang in his mind where he had been chewed out for a less than spectacular performance. He had been tired during that meet, having stayed up late studying for his classes, and his reflexes were so shot that he ended up last. 'That was not a good day for me. Ever. Ugh, hope I never have to experience something like that again. Suuuuuuucked.'

He saw Mercedes wave to someone and he looked in its direction to see another girl in the bleachers, watching the two of them. She was fairly short and not that bad looking, although it'd be a stretch for Andrew to call her a looker. He blinked a couple of times at the thought, frowning a bit. 'Man, I came out here to relax, not to think about how hot girls are and stuff. You have more than enough problems, Andrew. Don't compound on them.'

He wondered if he should wave back to be sociable, but it seemed like the moment was past as the girl waved back. He shrugged mentally, promising himself to chat with the newcomer for a little while when he was done with his exercise. 'Wonder how many more laps I should do? Maybe one more. It's not like this is practice or anything. Besides, it's almost time to go.'

He looked over to Mercedes when she said she would be stopping in a while. He nodded in acknowledgment, but continued forward at his same speed. "It was nice talking to you then. I'm gonna be doing another lap...got a few more stores of energy I need to drain before I'm done."

He grinned a little before putting on a small burst of speed. He hoped the two girls would still be there after he was finished, but if they weren't...well tough luck. Just like usual, actually.

Hunger Pangs
'Phew, she answered. At least she didn't like snub me or call me some sort of geek. Ugh, that would have sucked. Her smile is cute. I wonder if she has a boyfriend. Probably does, with my luck. Better not ask. The school year is almost over anyway. Oh shit, that's right. I don't have a date for the prom. Crap.'

Thoughts flew through Andrew's mind as he continued to jog beside the girl and he nearly drifted off in his own world again before a mental hand slapped him upside the brain and brought his attention back. Sometimes it sucked having an overactive thought process. He gave her a quick nod and smile as he replied, "Nice to meetcha, Mercedes. And yeah, I'm on the track team. A sprinter, actually. I can't handle the long distances, but I'm really good with quick bursts of speed. At least, I like to think that I'm good. I try not to get overconfident, you know?"

He laughed a little and turned his attention back to his running, his feet pounding against the sand as the track curved. He felt a lot better now than a couple of minutes ago, a lightness having settled in his heart. Talking to other people about unimportant things really was like a soothing medicine. It felt good to not worry about his problems, even for a couple of minutes.

"Anyway, enough about me. Do you do any extra-curricular activities? Like any of the sports teams?"

Hunger Pangs
(Andrew Mitchell's first post!)

'I heard the people at the roleplaying club are going to be making a D&D game next...I wonder if I should join in for that or just watch. Watching is just as fun as playing with those guys. Perhaps roll up a rogue or something. Make him fast and stuff and he'd be a master of backstabbing.' Andrew thought to himself as he walked towards Bayview's outdoor track, not paying particularly good attention to his surroundings. The sprinter had just finished his last class and after being scolded twice for daydreaming, he felt like running a bit to help calm his nerves.

'I shouldn't have forgotten my pills...' He thought to himself, pausing only slightly to step around a stone pillar that he had nearly walked into. 'But I've got to concentrate as best I can.'

He shut his eyes tightly for a couple of seconds before breaking out in a short jog towards the track, his school bag banging against his back. He arrived within a couple of minutes and was surprised to see that he wasn't the only one around. 'She's not even from the track team either.'

He placed his backpack where he could keep a close eye on it and began jogging in a place, performing a few stretches to really get himself ready. He wondered if he should talk to the girl or just leave her alone. Andrew couldn't really place a name to her, having only seen her in a couple of classes, but it probably wouldn't be bad to just chat.

He ran up to the girl, a pleasant smile on his face as he kept pace with her running. She was a lot prettier close up than from far away. He gave her a small wave to get her attention. "Hey, I wasn't expecting anyone else to be out here at this time besides other track team members. Anything on your mind you wanna talk about or...? Oh right, my name's Andrew Mitchell."

"Huh? Oh...it's nothing." The girl responded with a shy smile, looking away for a moment before letting her gaze meet up with Andrew's. "There are just some things on my mind that've been bothering me. It's nothing important, really."

"You sure about that? You can tell me, I promise not to let the word spread. I'm as trustworthy as a locked chest that requires a DC 50 Open Lock check!"

'What the hell, how did a D&D reference get in there? Stupid.' Andrew broke out of his daydream and smacked himself on the cheek lightly. With a sigh, he began his run, sprinting up to the dark-skinned girl before reverting back into a nice jogging speed. 'It's now or never. And no stupid RPG jokes.'

"It's pretty rare to see other people out on the track. Anything on your mind? O-Oh right, my name is Andrew Mitchell. I'm on the track team so...I guess I came out here for a quick run, you know?" Andrew says with a slight smile, looking at her. Inwardly, he sighed. 'Things never go the way I imagine them.'

V4 Character Relationships
Hey, I'm back since I just finished by 4th character.

Andrew Mitchell needs a few friends or at least acquaintances that he knows beyond "Hey that kid is my class". While many of them should be from the track team, there should be at least one or two that aren't. I'd also like it if he had a girlfriend too, but that's less important. He's more extroverted, so he'll usually make the first move, and he's quite the cheerful and earnest young man.

Andrew Mitchell
Name: Andrew Mitchell
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Grade: 12th
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Mild interest in pen and paper games, strategy video games, comedy movies, and running

Appearance: Andrew is a fairly handsome young man standing at 5' 9" with thick auburn hair that's cut short. He has deep green eyes and his skin is tanned slightly from all the time he spends outside on Bayview's sports field. A small smattering of freckles coat his cheeks. Andrew has a thinner and lighter build from normal people, giving him an advantage in his preferred area of sports.

His clothes are a mixture of trendy and boring and he mixes the two depending on what the situation is. For school, however, he tends to wear colorful shirts of white and blue, usually untucked over a pair of blue or black jeans. A lanyard carrying his keys is looped around the belt holes and he can often be seen twirling it between his fingers. On the day of his abduction, Andrew was wearing a white Nike shirt, a pair of blue jeans, running sneakers, and a cloth wristband.

Biography: Born to Jonas and Rita Mitchell, Andrew was the second of three children. His older brother, Raphael, was two years older than him and was already showing signs of being an active young child while his younger sister, Gabriel, was born one year after he was. Andrew himself was a healthy child, showing an excess of energy and curiosity that worried his parents at times. His parents, while spartan in their lifestyle, provided more than enough for their young children and Andrew lived in a pleasant family-oriented environment.

In his younger years, however, a rift developed between his parents. Jonas and Rita began to disagree with each other regarding their children, Rita wanting to move out of Minnesota to give their children better learning opportunities while Jonas (a longtime resident of St. Paul) thought that their current home offered more than enough chances to make something of themselves. It came to a head when Andrew was five and his parents filed for divorce. Thankfully, the process was finished quickly and Andrew remained in Minnesota with his older brother while Gabriel and his mother left to live in New York.

The stress and anxiety of the event, however, stayed with him and combined with his tendency to daydream, began effecting his school life. He became inattentive during class, his thoughts straying towards his mother and sister, and while he showed incredible imagination during the creative portions, his concentration slipped drastically in other areas. He was almost labeled with ADHD until his father explained the divorce to his teacher.

As time passed, most of his scholastic problems disappeared except for his daydreaming and inability to concentrate for large amounts of time. Andrew's mind tended to wander when not being addressed and negatively impacted his studying. He also was more energetic and active than other kids his age, having also developed the bad habit of bouncing a leg up and down when seated.

Despite these disadvantages, Andrew continued to earnestly move forward, trying to make his parents proud. He put his excess energy to work by joining every school's track team from elementary to high school. His thin build allowed him to be a very good sprinter, although he lagged behind when it came to longer distances. He changed his study schedule accordingly, bringing a tape recorder to class to help him in note-taking and studying in only hour increments with short breaks in-between.

He still keeps in touch with his mother and sister in New York either through phone calls or internet programs such as AIM and every month the Mitchell family plans a "family reunion". During these times, the whole family goes to a fancy restaurant or theme park so that they can connect with each other and maintain good relationships.

When enrolled into Bayview Secondary School, he brought along these same habits. He immediately tried out for the Track Team, managing to get accepted in his second year. He also joined the school's (unofficial) roleplaying club after observing one of their meetings and deciding that he could put his overactive imagination to work designing some fun characters to play. Academics wise, Andrew proved to be an above-average student, making up for his mental disabilities through hard work and a strong will.

Andrew is also slightly extroverted and is willing to take the first step in introducing himself to others and becoming friends. However, his main problem in socializing with others stems from the fact he overthinks situations and dreams up future scenarios. He imagines what he'll say and what the other person will say in response, dreaming up an entire scenario that usually does not go the way he imagines it. While this has proven useful in his role-playing games, in real life he tends to be shocked and easily unnerved when the situation doesn't conform to what he imagined it to be. Nevertheless, he's a pleasant person once you get to know him and get past his quirks.

Advantages: He knows how to run, although he excels at sprinting across short distances.

Disadvantages: Andrew is flighty and easily distracted, unable to concentrate on one thing for too long. His daydreaming could prove to be deadly in a game like Survival of the Fittest.

Chicken Soup for the Soul
(OOC: Sorry for the delay.)

Markham nodded his thanks to Eiko as the Japanese girl went to talk to Sapphire and he settled into his cafeteria seat. Once again he contemplated leaving, but he decided to stay in order to listen to the girls talk. Rummaging through his backpack to find his Psychology textbook, he flipped to a random page and began to read.

'Erik Erikson was the man who developed the Eight Stages of Psychosocial Development...'

Grave of a Guardian
Violetta smiled slightly as Cyrille reassured her about that awkward speech she made. It felt good to hear that she did a fine job of it, especially since she had been freaking about it moments earlier. She let out a little squeak of surprise as Cyrille began dragging her to the car, her girlfriend saying it was time to tour France and her village. "Okay, okay! I'm coming and eager!"

'Well as long as she doesn't brood about the anniversary that much, I think this is gonna be fun! I wonder if she's just going to show me all around the village or take me to some specific spots. Oh, who cares. What comes will come and I know Cyrille will make it quite the experience. Oh boy, can't wait!'

She laughed as she got into the car with Cyrille, a wide smile on her face. "So lead the way, my dear!"